• A trip inside the mind of a Covid jab fanatic

    Alex Berenson - Oct 18th 2023 4:12pm EDT

    (Keeping it light and away from the Middle East, again. You know the news is baaaad when even I can’t deal with it.) Demand for mRNA Covid jabs has plunged. Americans have moved on from the virus. But not every American. Today we walk with Maggie Gordon on her quest to keep her Covid virginity […]

  • Nobody – but nobody – wants mRNA jabs anymore

    Alex Berenson - Oct 17th 2023 3:42pm EDT

    (I owe you more on Israel, but it feels like we all need a break from the awfulness. Some good news instead…) RIP, mRNA. The once-heralded vaccine biotechnology officially died last week after a long illness. Maybe myocarditis or Type 1 diabetes. Could have been a shingles infection. Or possibly just a mix of uselessness […]

  • It is not too early to discuss Israel’s failures

    Alex Berenson - Oct 13th 2023 4:00pm EDT

    (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW) PART 1: Last night, I bumped into the mother of a boy my son knows, an Israeli woman who now lives in New York with her kids. I’m just trying not to stay home, she said. To distract myself. I’m so angry. She didn’t mean at Hamas. Every Israeli – […]

  • The stunning cowardice of American academia

    Alex Berenson - Oct 12th 2023 2:40pm EDT

    On Saturday, as Hamas terrorists rampaged across Israeli towns, Vanderbilt University issued a statement condemning their atrocities. I’m kidding, people! Vanderbilt did nothing of the sort. Instead, its chancellor wrote: The deeply layered and nuanced complexity of today’s incidents reminds us that we must denounce violence, hate and prejudice in all forms… “The deeply layered […]

  • On Israel, Hamas, and what happens now

    Alex Berenson - Oct 10th 2023 2:01pm EDT

    (A side note: Many of you took issue with the “hammers and knives” line in Part 1. I didn’t mean to imply the Hamas attackers used only those weapons. Many had assault rifles. But by Western military standards, they were crudely armed. They depended on surprise – and the fact they were attacking civilians. A […]

  • On Israel, Hamas, and what to do when all the answers are wrong

    Alex Berenson - Oct 9th 2023 6:46pm EDT

    PART 1 OF 2 (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO BELOW) This time the mass killers of Jews didn’t need to round them up and run trains across the Polish flatlands. This time the Jews came to them. For a rave. The news out of the Israeli desert this weekend was so shocking and repulsive that you can […]

  • More on yesterday’s post on why most people just want to forget the mRNAs (and Covid)

    Alex Berenson - Oct 7th 2023 3:01pm EDT

    I can’t always tell which Stacks will land hard. Sometimes I put a ton of time on something I think is really important, and a relative handful of people comment on it. Then I’ll quickly spin out a column like yesterday’s – trying to explain the strange passivity about the mRNAs, the biggest biomedical experiment […]

  • Why a reckoning over the mRNAs is so unlikely

    Alex Berenson - Oct 6th 2023 1:53pm EDT

    Imagine two ways of thinking about the last three years. ALICE (SCENARIO A): I did my part to stop a dangerous virus! I stayed home for almost a year to slow its spread. It stunk, but I made it work. I didn’t want anyone to get sick because of me. When scientists invented a vaccine […]

  • Our briefs responding to the motions to dismiss in Berenson v Biden are coming…

    Alex Berenson - Sep 30th 2023 5:55pm EDT

    James Lawrence is working hard this weekend. James is the legal ace who represented me in Berenson v Twitter. He’s doing so ago again in Berenson v Biden, my federal lawsuit in Manhattan holding the government and Pfizer officials accountable for their conspiracy to censor me in 2021. A month ago, the Justice Department and […]

  • The media gets vaccines exactly wrong (again).

    Alex Berenson - Sep 29th 2023 4:50pm EDT

    The elite media has found the crisis in American healthcare. It’s not the decade-long tsunami of opioid prescriptions that unleashed an overdose crisis that has killed over 1 million Americans. Nor that healthcare costs so much in the United States that it can bankrupt people even if they have insurance. Or that Americans have years […]

  • Two more great tidbits from the Rogan interview

    Alex Berenson - Sep 27th 2023 5:51pm EDT

    First, Rogan’s plug for RFK. This actually got some offline attention last week – both Fox News and the New York Post wrote about it – but I stupidly failed to mention it. The clip is here. Second, a point I have hammered recently on Twitter and here. Public health experts keep arguing that people […]

  • Why and how did Tony Fauci secretly try to steer the CIA investigation on the origins of Sars-Cov-2?

    Alex Berenson - Sep 27th 2023 1:14pm EDT

    Dr. Anthony Fauci made at least one secret visit to the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia to “influence” the agency as it tried to figure out if Sars-Cov-2 had leaked from a Chinese lab. That bombshell allegation came yesterday from the Congressional subcommittee examining the origins of and response to the coronavirus pandemic. […]

  • On head girls, genius boys, and the mRNAs

    Alex Berenson - Sep 26th 2023 7:20pm EDT

    (Two for one special today since I haven’t written since last week.) My virtual German buddy Eugyppius has a fascinating Stack today on a paper showing smart people were more likely to take the mRNA jabs. The study drew on 750,000 Swedish men who were tested for their intelligence as part of their mandatory military […]

  • On cognitive bias, Zach Wilson, and mRNA jabs

    Alex Berenson - Sep 26th 2023 1:42pm EDT

    Your first loss is your best loss. This is simple, brilliant Wall Street advice, another way of saying, Don’t throw good money after bad. The best investors never get emotionally involved, especially when they’re down. They don’t panic if a stock goes against them. But they constantly reevaluate their positions as new facts arrive. If […]

  • When someone asks you about the mRNA Covid jabs, ask them if they can spare four minutes…

    Alex Berenson - Sep 21st 2023 9:27am EDT

    Joe Rogan had me on yesterday. Always a pleasure. This interview was a little more wide-ranging than the others – we talked aliens, gambling, and of course Covid. You can watch the whole episode, and I hope you will, but if you don’t have time – a Twitter user helpfully highlighted the most important four […]

  • The saddest defense yet of the insane US decision to push more mRNA on everyone

    Alex Berenson - Sep 19th 2023 1:06pm EDT

    American epidemiologists are feeling defensive. They’re embarrassed that people have figured out the new American push for mRNA Covid jabs doesn’t match what the rest of the world is doing. As you may know, most countries are not recommending Covid boosters for most healthy adults under 65 this fall. Meanwhile, the United States is pushing […]

  • Former Twitter executive Yoel Roth accidentally tells on Andy Slavitt and the White House

    Alex Berenson - Sep 18th 2023 12:39pm EDT

    This morning, Yoel Roth, the former head of Twitter’s “trust and safety” (or censorship) unit, offered these stunning words in The New York Times: It isn’t machine learning models and faceless algorithms behind key content moderation decisions: it’s people. And people can be pressured, intimidated, threatened and extorted. Exactly, Yoel! I couldn’t agree more. People […]

  • URGENT: New Pfizer-funded study shows properly dosed mRNA Covid jabs are useless in children under 5

    Alex Berenson - Sep 17th 2023 10:45am EDT

    The approved three-dose schedule of Pfizer Covid jabs for children under 5 did not reduce Covid-related medical visits in those kids, scientists reported Friday. Covid jab advocates claim the shots help people avoid serious illness from Covid, though they offer brief protection – at best – against infection. But the new study suggested that the […]

  • Why are US health bureaucrats pressing mRNA jabs on kids when other countries aren’t?

    Alex Berenson - Sep 15th 2023 12:43pm EDT

    They didn’t have to be this stupid. The Centers for Disease Control’s push for new mRNA Covid jabs for everyone is an awful medical decision – particularly for children. Healthy kids and teens are at tiny risk from Omicron but face real dangers from mRNA side effects. It is equally disastrous politically. Since Wednesday, my […]

  • American mRNA fanatics and health bureaucrats just made their worst decision yet

    Alex Berenson - Sep 13th 2023 1:16pm EDT

    How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? In April 1971, John Kerry famously asked the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that question. Kerry was talking about the Vietnam War, but he might as well have meant the mRNA Covid jabs. Once again, the American elite refuses to […]

  • URGENT: the Centers for Disease Control just admitted the truth – the vast majority of people now hospitalized for Covid are mRNA jabbed

    Alex Berenson - Sep 12th 2023 2:29pm EDT

    (Been busy researching for Berenson v Biden – I appreciate your patience – but this was too important not to write.) — An advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control is meeting now to discuss recommendations for the updated Covid jabs that the Food & Drug Administration approved yesterday. Spoiler alert: the committee is […]

  • A reminder for founding members whose subscriptions are renewing: YOU GET ANOTHER SIGNED BOOK (if you like)

    Alex Berenson - Aug 31st 2023 11:16am EDT

    That’s pretty much it. If you are – or are choosing to become – a founding member, don’t be shy. (Shy is not a word that usually applies to Unreported Truths members.) Just email me at signedpandemiacopy@gmail.com with your address – and let me know if you would like a copy of PANDEMIA, Tell Your […]

  • VERY URGENT: The mRNA Covid jabs damage immune responses to other viruses in children, a new study finds

    Alex Berenson - Aug 30th 2023 5:48pm EDT

    Kids who got Pfizer’s mRNA Covid jabs had a weakened immune response to other viruses and bacteria, Australian researchers reported in a study published last week. The diminished response appeared within weeks after the second Pfizer dose, the authors found. Blood taken from the children produced fewer crucial signaling molecules when stimulated with several common […]

  • A 10-point primer on why the mRNA Covid shots are different from and riskier than other vaccines

    Alex Berenson - Aug 30th 2023 1:29pm EDT

    A reader wrote yesterday: I have a question, or maybe a request.  Have you written, or could you write, a concise essay on why Americans should be cautious about getting vaccinated and/or getting boosted today? Our daughter is a 21 year old nursing student who had to get vaxxed in order to begin nursing school and […]

  • Thank you for supporting Unreported Truths the last two years

    Alex Berenson - Aug 29th 2023 3:21pm EDT

    Two years ago today, this newsletter became my refuge. And your voice. The night before, on Saturday, August 28, 2021, Twitter banned me, caving to pressure from government and Pfizer officials who did not want the mRNA shots questioned. For writing, “It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission,” I lost access to a megaphone which broadcast […]