• Dr. Deborah Birx – who helped shape the US response to Covid – doesn’t understand basic epidemiology or how clinical trials work

    Alex Berenson - Aug 10th 2022 12:38pm EDT

    You may still vaguely remember Deborah Birx. If not. In March 2020, Dr. Birx became the “response coordinator” for the White House task force on Covid, a job she held until Donald Trump left office. Birx has now written a book about her time at the White House, Silent Invasion. It came out in April […]

  • Denmark ends Covid vaccinations for anyone 18 or younger

    Alex Berenson - Aug 9th 2022 1:34pm EDT

    This announcement is both a statement of the reality that healthy kids are at essentially zero risk from Covid and a vote of no confidence in the long-term risk-benefit profile of the mRNA jabs: American vaccine fanatics, take note. You are hurting your kids for no reason except your own narcissism and anxiety. Powered by […]

  • The funeral business is doing great!

    Alex Berenson - Aug 5th 2022 5:20pm EDT

    And not because of Covid. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the good folks at Service Corporation International, “North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services” – handling 450,000 corpses* a year. (*not their word). Service Corporation’s earnings boomed in 2020 and 2021, thanks to Covid. Funerals are a solid but […]

  • The price of fear (Part 3, Canadian edition)

    Alex Berenson - Aug 3rd 2022 3:46pm EDT

    (Third in a series) Last month, I asked your for first-person stories of the way Covid and vaccine restrictions changed your lives. One subset was particularly striking – those from readers in Canada. Australia may have had stricter rules, but I’m not sure any democratic country did more to ostracize citizens who dared to question […]

  • The secret is there are no secrets

    Alex Berenson - Aug 2nd 2022 2:42pm EDT

    Anyone paying attention in August 2021 could see the rush to approve mRNA Covid boosters was politically driven and didn’t have much data behind it. Now we have proof from the inside. Emails released last week by the Food and Drug Administration show the agency’s vaccine regulators felt heavy pressure from the White House and […]

  • Long-term disability claims are soaring among pilots

    Alex Berenson - Aug 1st 2022 9:58am EDT

    The pilots union at a major US airline internally reports a 300 percent rise in long-term disability claims this year among its members, who are nearly all vaccinated. If you work at a big employer or union and have access to similar data, email me: alexberensonauthor at gmail. Would like to put together a full […]

  • More disappearing Covid vaccine data

    Alex Berenson - Jul 31st 2022 2:53pm EDT

    If at first you don’t succeed, hide the numbers. Until Thursday, the Canadian province of British Columbia provided a clear breakdown of hospitalizations and deaths by vaccine status. Each week, the BC Centre for Disease Control offered an updated count of vaccinated, boosted, and unvaccinated people who had been hospitalized or died. British Columbia presented […]

  • Catch-22, mRNA-style

    Alex Berenson - Jul 30th 2022 12:11pm EDT

    I used to spend my days thinking about problems big enough for John Wells. If you don’t know, Wells is the hero of the series of spy novels that I wrote from 2006 to 2019. He’s an ornery jerk with a big ego, a unique skill set, a willingness to shoot first when necessary, and […]

  • Five physicians – four 50 or younger – have died in the Toronto area in the last two weeks

    Alex Berenson - Jul 29th 2022 2:43pm EDT

    When I first started receiving emails that three physicians from a single health system in Canada had died in mid-July, I wondered if an Internet hoax had gone viral. The odds seemed impossibly long. Doctors generally take good care of themselves. But the emails that three physicians at Trillium Health Partners had died in a […]

  • URGENT: New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths

    Alex Berenson - Jul 28th 2022 2:02pm EDT

    Higher use of Covid mRNA shots correlates with a small but notable increase in all-cause mortality, according to a new paper from a Dutch researcher. The paper draws on Dutch city- and town-level data on vaccinations and deaths to show that areas with high Covid vaccination rates have recently had high rates of all-cause mortality […]

  • A whole world of mRNA vaccine side effect case reports

    Alex Berenson - Jul 27th 2022 2:40pm EDT

    The mRNA vaccines are as safe as they are effective. Physicians from around the world agree! Below are a handful of the post-vaccine side effects doctors have reported to medical journals for the mRNA shots in just the last few weeks. This is not your cousin telling you about how his sister’s buddy passed out […]

  • The danger of lying about mRNA vaccine failure

    Alex Berenson - Jul 26th 2022 11:30am EDT

    Joe Biden’s quick recovery from Covid will mark the end of the epidemic for all but the hardest-core hysterics. If a 79-year-old who can barely finish a sentence can beat the ro in a few days, even Molly Jong-Fast will have a tough time staying scared. Yes, another variant could change the calculus. But right […]

  • The vaccines have failed

    Alex Berenson - Jul 22nd 2022 5:52pm EDT

    The mRNA vaccines have failed. Provably. Indisputably. The risk estimates released by Centers for Disease Control are politicized garbage, based on hospital and state data that intentionally underestimate the number of vaccinated Americans who have been hospitalized or died. The raw numbers from other countries far are more trustworthy – and consistent. They show that […]

  • No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness

    Alex Berenson - Jul 21st 2022 2:04pm EDT

    mRNA vaccine advocates have one final defense against the failure of their billion-person experiment. Okay, the shots won’t stop you from getting Covid. Or spreading it. Or having symptoms. But they will stop you from getting very sick, and that protection lasts long after they stop working against infection. Only it doesn’t. Not against Omicron, […]

  • In case you haven’t already heard, Uncle Joe has Covid

    Alex Berenson - Jul 21st 2022 11:38am EDT

    Does this mean he won’t be as razor-sharp as we’re used to?

  • The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots

    Alex Berenson - Jul 20th 2022 4:28pm EDT

    This morning, the German Federal Ministry of Health posted a stunning tweet, admitting that 1 out of every 5,000 Covid jabs cause “serious side effects.” This figure is likely a sharp underestimate, given the fact that side effect reporting systems for drugs and vaccines are largely voluntary. Nonetheless, it implies that almost 300,000 Americans and […]

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Alex Berenson - Jul 17th 2022 4:05pm EDT

    I don’t want to make a regular practice of kissing readers’ rear ends. Whether it’s the vaccines, the Ukraine, or Donald Trump, I figure you’ve signed up to hear what I think, even if it’s not what you might like. I realize this stance qualifies as radical in today’s siloed media world, but so be […]

  • We need to talk about Australia

    Alex Berenson - Jul 16th 2022 5:57pm EDT

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  • Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid

    Alex Berenson - Jul 15th 2022 9:13am EDT

    Vaccinated people are now more likely to be hospitalized or die from Covid, even after adjusting for fact they’re older than the unvaccinated, according to official government estimates from the Canadian province of Manitoba. In May, the most recent month for which figures are available, only 9 percent of Covid deaths and 14 percent of […]

  • The sublime cynicism of the press for “Omicron-specific” Covid vaccines

    Alex Berenson - Jul 14th 2022 12:13pm EDT

    Since May, public health authorities and media outlets have started pushing a new generation of mRNA Covid booster shots, theoretically reformulated specifically against the Omicron variant. The new jabs supposedly fix the minor fact that the original mRNA jabs have proven all-but-useless against Omicron – which, at least for now, is the only variant of […]

  • How anti-Covid vaxxers will save the world from Donald Trump (and Joe Biden)

    Alex Berenson - Jul 12th 2022 5:56pm EDT

    At this point Joe Biden is a walking corpse – politically (maybe medically too, diagnosis at a distance is always tricky). The DEMOCRATS are begging him to promise he won’t run again. It’s only a matter of time before his approval rating falls into the 20s. He is the most ineffective President since at least […]

  • The price of fear (Vol. 2)

    Alex Berenson - Jul 12th 2022 11:28am EDT

    (Second in a series) Yesterday, I asked you to send in first-person stories of the way Covid and vaccine restrictions changed your lives. The stories continue to flood in – your honesty and willingness to share these painful moments is amazing. As I mentioned last night, because of their length, I am going to group […]

  • The price of fear

    Alex Berenson - Jul 11th 2022 7:10pm EDT

    Earlier today on Twitter I asked you for your own stories of how lockdowns and travel restrictions and vaccine mandates have touched your lives. So many of you have emailed already, and I must admit that the intimacy of these stories stuns me. Some of my closest friends are friends no longer, so I understand […]

  • The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: an occasional series

    Alex Berenson - Jul 10th 2022 11:10am EDT

    The Economist, July 9, 2022: “The damage from shutting down schools has been worse than almost anyone expected…” The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man, April 10, 2020 (yes, 2020): This has been The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: an occasional series. Subscribe now

  • I know what you did last summer (and fall)

    Alex Berenson - Jul 8th 2022 12:18pm EDT

    We’ve all blocked the malign forces that started to swirl around this time last year, haven’t we? The jabbed and the purebloods too, we’ve all just decided to pretend it never happened. Let me remind you. Because it’s important that we never forget. (A since-deleted tweet from Matthew Yglesias, founder of Vox, Bloomberg columnist, firm […]