• How Journalists Became a Propaganda Weapon

    Amerika.org - Feb 21st 2024 7:32am EST

    At this point, the near-uniformity of Western journalism has even begun to convince moderates that our system is as controlled as that of the Soviets. Somewhere in the power structure, whether government or Leftist charities, the word goes out and then all of the major media sources repeat some version of it. Part of this […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 20, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 20th 2024 5:50pm EST

    ~~~ Texas Active Club Leader Blurred His Face But Forgot to Scrub His Socials A site that in theory keeps track of threats from dictators and terrorists has become a full-on propaganda organ for the Democrats under a Democrat president. It is important to separate Western Leftists from The West itself, since most people do […]

  • Clash of Economic Visions

    Amerika.org - Feb 20th 2024 7:32am EST

    Conservatives and liberals diverge in exactly the way you would think based on the names: conservatives conserve known working order, while liberals liberalize methods so that the individual owes less to known working order. We view different things as important and see the world entirely differently. This is why every “third way” and “hybrid system” […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 19, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 19th 2024 12:05pm EST

    ~~~ Mapuche Hunger Strike Reaches Crisis Point: Political Prisoners Fight for Madre Tierra Diversity raises problems in Chile as well as the reconquista warms up down there. New Poll Shows US Support for Ukraine Is Strong Republicans chose to target Ukraine aid instead of aid to Israel or the three-quarters of our budget that goes […]

  • Coin-Operated Humans

    Amerika.org - Feb 19th 2024 7:32am EST

    Over the past few decades, more of us have experienced the creeping sensation that something is not-quite-right with humanity at a level below the public choices people make, like belonging to this religion, political orientation, group, or social movement. Increasingly it has become obvious that the same people who have internal monologues are also able […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 18, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 18th 2024 10:18pm EST

    ~~~ Judge Dismisses Charges Against Brownsville ISD Honor Student Diversity school decides to arrest an 11-year-old for sending an email. Harvard Economist Needed ‘Armed Guard’ After Study Found No Racial Bias In Police Shootings Leftists were outraged to find no bias where they expected it. His previous study, showing that IQ was more determinant than […]

  • Why The Managerial State Can’t Manage

    Amerika.org - Feb 18th 2024 7:32am EST

    Amerikan business keeps a staff of employees that study Scientific Management. They sharpen their pointy little heads on a whetstone and memorize words from overpriced books. Occasionally, intelligent facts get by the low-pass filters and into the overpriced books being perused by the management themselves. One very interesting and perspicacious concept is known as Goodhart’s […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 17, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 17th 2024 12:39pm EST

    ~~~ Middle East crisis live: ‘Extraordinary’ chance for Israel to be integrated into Middle East, says Blinken Do you want to know how globalism forms? You can see it in action: you lure everyone in, make them sign treaties opening markets and supporting human rights law, which in turn guarantees socialist benefits, and then you […]

  • Balancing “Racism” and Racial Self-Interest Against Monoculture

    Amerika.org - Feb 17th 2024 7:32am EST

    The more one looks at our modern world, the more it becomes clear that it has gone off the rails. People are not happy in a rat race where the goal is to gather enough money to escape, everyone is trying to use each other, and there is no loyalty to anything but ideology, laws, […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 16, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 16th 2024 12:28pm EST

    ~~~ As Eric Adams scrambles to limit migrant chaos, lefties are bent on WORSENING it Leftists are compelled by their symbolic belief system to assert ever more of the symbol (=) and therefore can never stop the expansion of society toward a mob of grey race people. Symbolism is not reality! Just like in the […]

  • Cro-Magnid Supremacy

    Amerika.org - Feb 16th 2024 7:32am EST

    Maybe you have not heard yet, but “Out of Africa” — the idea that modern human life began in Africa and branched out — has just died. Over the last few years, more remains of pre-human ancestors have been found in Europe, suggesting that the evil racists were right all along and parallel evolution explains […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 15, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 15th 2024 1:44pm EST

    ~~~ ‘Migrant Crime Wave’ Not Supported by Data, Despite High-Profile Cases See also a decent counterpoint but note that even the ☭☭☭ NYT ☭☭☭ gives itself an out by noting (1) “Quantifying crimes committed by migrants is nearly impossible, because the police are not allowed to ask about a suspect’s immigration status” and (2) that […]

  • Living in a Suspended Reality

    Amerika.org - Feb 15th 2024 7:32am EST

    Perhaps others have noticed how we seem to be living in a suspended era. That is, we are circling through the same problems and attempts to solve them, always getting better but never getting anywhere. In the meantime, obvious problems pile up leading us to wonder if we are in denial. It seems to me […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 14, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 14th 2024 7:17pm EST

    ~~~ California Senate candidates spar over Dem’s proposal for $50 minimum wage: ‘Do the math’ The sane solution is to have no minimum wage; let people work for what is on offer. When you add a minimum wage, you drive costs up and those are passed on to the customer. You also establish a new […]

  • How Donald Trump is Unraveling European Socialism

    Amerika.org - Feb 14th 2024 7:32am EST

    Some people understand the concept of structure more than others. They realize that appearance is the surface, but underneath, a series of interactions and relationships denote the actual form of any object, process, or thought. For the average person, only categories and sensual attributes make sense. Structural thinkers appear in many different disciplines. In computer […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 13, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 13th 2024 5:32pm EST

    ~~~ Super Bowl 2024 was most watched US TV broadcast since 1969 Moon landing Does anyone else feel that all the statistics are a bit dubious? This year’s figures may have also been helped by the fact Nielsen has changed the way it counts people watching out of their own homes – for example with […]

  • Robespierre

    Amerika.org - Feb 13th 2024 7:32am EST

    Almost all political discourse is based on conversation. To convince someone that you are right, you portray your solution as a talisman — a single-point cure for all problems and fears — while portraying all other options as not just unworkable but actively evil, an enemy of all good things. This squeezes your audience. They […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 12, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 12th 2024 7:43pm EST

    ~~~ Meta Considers Restricting the Term “Zionist” No one can simply admit that censorship is immoral because it leads to stupid results, so instead they are splitting hairs and forming a bureaucracy around intricate rules of what can be said, what must not be said, and which things start a game of musical chairs based […]

  • Innovative LGBT Protest Site QueerAF Goes Dark Rather Than Give Money to Radical Islam

    Amerika.org - Feb 12th 2024 10:01am EST

    When you think of a funny domain name, you register it and only later run into the brutal truth about cyberspace: despite being described as a borderless interzone, the internet actually consists of someone else’s computer, or rather lots of them, and their electricity and wires too, so it can be controlled. Such is the […]

  • Take Your Country Back

    Amerika.org - Feb 12th 2024 7:32am EST

    We who are unfortunate enough to live in a modern time find ourselves caught between two forces which will not help us: socially-acceptable politics which thinks only in legal and political terms, and biologically-aware politics which does not recognize the need to address legal and political thinking. A saner approach is to look at the […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 11, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 11th 2024 1:33pm EST

    ~~~ Weaponized DOJ Is Biden’s Only Chance of Winning Dying empires adopt diversity and then use that new power base to take out the original population. The resulting society consumes itself because it is operating on illusions and then ends up a third world ruin. As pointed out here before, the Clintons took over the […]

  • What Forms a Writer?

    Amerika.org - Feb 11th 2024 7:32am EST

    If you wonder what makes writers tick, consider this anecdote from one of the most important ones: Bradbury often told of an encounter with a carnival magician, Mr. Electrico, in 1932 as a notable influence. Wreathed in static electricity, Mr. Electrico touched the young Bradbury on the nose and said, “Live forever!” The next day, […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 10, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 10th 2024 11:02pm EST

    ~~~ Netizens demand action against controversial Pro-Israeli political online influencer Ian Miles Cheong Leftists and radical Islam join together to persecute journalist for his support of Israel. It is the third world versus the first world now. Labour Has Given Up on the Climate Crisis Leftists are dropping any pretense of any ideology except staying […]

  • Orientation

    Amerika.org - Feb 10th 2024 7:32am EST

    When this quest started out for me, all that really seemed appealing was smoking weed and listening to death metal. Although education was both easy and rewarding, it held no answers, at least after the first couple years of college. It was clear this civilization was going the way of ancient Athens so there was […]

  • DiversityWatch (February 9, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 9th 2024 1:14pm EST

    ~~~ Transgender woman loses bid to sue ex for throwing out her surgically removed testicles In a dying society, people succeed or fail based on the optics, symbolism, and social emotions that their actions generate. For this reason, societies of this nature are driven by pretentious altruism which seeks out sacrificial token underdogs and pity-objects […]