• Who’s Afraid of “Critical Race Theory” and “Systemic White Racism”? (#2)

    Amerika.org - Nov 26th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    The Night of Walpürgis With that backdrop sketched out, Greg and Alicia will be thrown into the lion’s den of corrosive academic politics at the Hernsteins. The minds and attitudes of our youth were in their hands as university professors.  How they interpreted national and world events would shape the future to the extent that […]

  • Who Rules America

    Amerika.org - Nov 25th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Democracies generally last for a couple centuries or so. By the time that a system has become well-established, those who write and manipulate the rules gain the upper hand, and soon the actual purpose of the system is forgotten and it is replaced with a manic need to “keep order” by conserving control. At that […]

  • IvT

    Amerika.org - Nov 24th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Something new is coming. It is just around the bend. This terrifies almost everyone who likes the false “change” of the present time, where everything decays, because it leaves only the individual standing and the individual is not obligated to change his own thinking. We live in the age of individualism versus tradition. Individualism says […]

  • DiversityWatch (November 24, 2022)

    Amerika.org - Nov 23rd 2022 11:13am EST (Archive)

    ~~~ To some degree in this world, you either rely on the world or cling to hope. The rely-on-the-world types tend to like time-proven solutions, demonstrable working models, and a general sense that life tends toward the good despite having some very dark places. The cling-to-hope crowd believe life is bad and therefore are always […]

  • Boycotting Thanksgiving

    Amerika.org - Nov 23rd 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Normally, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering in their mortgaged homes, glad for a day off from their relentless jobs where whoever is most capable receives all the work and everyone else slacks off. Meeting their relatives for the mandatory once-yearly sniping over who has the better job and car, they sit down to eat. At […]

  • Why You Should Never Give an Online Service Your Phone Number

    Amerika.org - Nov 22nd 2022 10:33am EST (Archive)

    We knew it would happen: Twitter has re-banned me. Their new clever form of banning is to lock you out until you provide a phone number. Like Truth Social, Twitter has built its system on the presumption that forcing people to be public about their identity prevents abuse. In reality, just as with drugs and […]

  • Twitter Entropy and Mastodong Energy

    Amerika.org - Nov 21st 2022 12:30pm EST (Archive)

    Although Elon Musk has recaptured Twitter for everyone other than dogmatic Leftists, the biggest change he has made consists of the knowledge that the subsidy years are over. Social media funneled money into anyone who was diverse and Leftist enough to make connections inside the system and get hired to do nothing. By dropping at […]

  • Bernard Parks Gets Hammered

    Amerika.org - Nov 20th 2022 7:32am EST

    Once the drinker peels off the label from a partially consumed beverage and leaves it on the bar as if it were a bearskin rug, the night has turned sad and ugly. It was only maybe a quarter to ten as Parks peeled off his third label. An Asian woman who went by the sobriquet […]

  • Who’s Afraid of “Critical Race Theory” and “Systemic White Racism”? (#1)

    Amerika.org - Nov 19th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Preface According to the adage, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Edward Albee, a playwright of the first order, portrayed conjugal discontent and academic hypocrisy in one of the memorable plays of our time “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” We are not truly imitating but rather seeking inspiration in this explosive dramatic work.  Consequently, […]

  • Neurotic City

    Amerika.org - Nov 18th 2022 5:32pm EST

    Modern people now divide into two groups, the willing victims and the counter-victims. The willing victims have rationalized that their egos will hurt if they recognize that this society is failing, so they endorse the dominant paradigm (equality, diversity, entitlements) despite it being suicidal. They do this because it makes them feel good. If they […]