• News (June 24, 2022)Amerika.org - Jun 24th 2022 11:02pm EDT

    ~~~ Let us recap: When a civilization achieves its primary goal, namely being self-sufficient, it stops striving because having attained its goal, it no longer has a goal. Such is the nature of life. When you do a task well, you move it aside and, behold! there is another one right behind it. Fix the […]

  • Holy Mackerel, the Confederacy Just WonAmerika.org - Jun 24th 2022 11:57am EDT

    Back in the 1860s, America fought a civil war over states rights. While the touchstone issue for the North was slavery, for the South it was tariffs and other laws favoring the northeastern factories that mostly employed Irish people. Naturally Abraham Lincoln, a student of the modern State in the European sense, found it easy […]

  • How Diversity Crushed the Spirit of AmericaAmerika.org - Jun 23rd 2022 7:02am EDT

    Up through the 1990s, America was mostly ruled by its founding group, ethnic Western Europeans a.k.a. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, a way of saying people from the West side of the Hajnal Line who are essentially unbroken Cro-Magnid in descent. As the hippies of the 1960s took control, the WASPs were deposed by a group of […]

  • White GuiltAmerika.org - Jun 22nd 2022 11:01pm EDT

    Egalitarian societies, by the nature of needing to deplete the strong in order to shore up the weak, find themselves obsessed with victimhood. When the goal of society is to make the weak equal, only being weak guarantees that one is safe from attack and entitled to free things. This means that guilt controls these […]

  • CenterlessAmerika.org - Jun 21st 2022 11:04pm EDT

    Has it struck anyone who without a center and any grounding civilization has become? We expect somewhat of a directionless aspect to Late Stage Democracy, when the last man comes out and demands nothing more than equal bougie comfort, but now we are seeing the effects of loss of culture and with it, anchoring. Politics […]

  • Leaping Across the American Geopolitical ChasmAmerika.org - Jun 21st 2022 7:02am EDT

    Geoffrey Moore wrote a book named Crossing the Chasm in 1991 which made him an example of American civilizational success because he was able to synthesize history into a model predicting the future. Because his clients were successful, the deduction can be made that his model is therefore successful and could quite readily be applied […]

  • Inverse JuneteenthAmerika.org - Jun 20th 2022 10:14pm EDT

    When we were young, growing up in Texas, we all celebrated Juneteenth. The reason was that no one really liked slavery and the thought of buying people in a foreign homeland, bringing them here, and then keeping them in servitude. At the same time, driving by the Black, Amerind, Hispanic, Asian, or Russian parts of […]

  • What the “Third Way” Really MeansAmerika.org - Jun 20th 2022 5:29pm EDT

    What we might realize, looking over history, is that almost all of it involves social posturing and jockeying for importance between individuals, and almost none of this considers anything larger than the individual and his quest for advancement. Only aristocrats did otherwise by thinking of eternity, but that betrayed them once things started going badly, […]

  • Equality Means Diversity Which Means CensorshipAmerika.org - Jun 19th 2022 7:02am EDT

    For a brief recap: equality comes to us from individualism, or the idea by individuals that no social rules should hold them back, barring a few commonsense big no-nos like murder, violent theft, assault, and rape. They want the benefits of civilization without the accountability or need to maintain it. This lets them use society […]

  • When Is Reality Supposed To Kick In?Amerika.org - Jun 19th 2022 7:02am EDT

    My own life is intuitively spent not on a conquest of the New World or new worlds but on the search for reality. Despite schools now preparing young children for a Martian world while normalizing the presence of un-identified flying objects, future reality might turn out to be completely different. Western Education has unilaterally decided […]