• DiversityWatch (September 16, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 16th 2023 5:28pm EDT

    ~~~ Neanderthal Genes Are Linked to Severe Covid Risk Our society lacks the maturity, objectivity, and honesty to talk about genetic differences between groups, whether it is sexes, races, social classes, sexual preference groups, or ethnic groups. That comes back to bite us on the ass; we knew from early on that COVID-19 was only […]

  • Sane People Ban Vagrancy and Outdoor Defecation

    Amerika.org - Sep 16th 2023 7:32am EDT

    England conquered an empire and London truly was once the shining city up on the hill. They achieved this by getting their bums off the streets and their defecation in sequence. Public sanitation caused British children to survive to adulthood at rates that were previously unheard of. Cleaning up the vermin and banning the presence […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 15, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 15th 2023 11:24am EDT

    ~~~ Judge expresses sympathy, but rules audit of Muslim charity should run its course In an unusual ruling, the race card is denied, which probably reflects a pro-CPA bias. Worse results and more drop-outs recorded when teaching is in English, Swedish study finds Children benefit from their national culture, do less well under internationalism. White […]

  • Societal Dysfunction Caused by Lack of Emotional Intelligence

    Amerika.org - Sep 15th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Humans require social organizations but cannot sustain them, leading to those organizations becoming inverted, or working against their ostensible purposes, and consuming society from within like a microbiome seeping out of an injured intestine. Many thoughts on why that is have been forthcoming for a very long time. Ever since formal education was implemented, some […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 14 PM, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 14th 2023 4:02pm EDT

    ~~~ Latinos in the US have the fifth-largest GDP in the world: Report Come to the West for the free stuff plus more stable social order with lots of productive people and less corruption, and you too can make a huge amount of money and send most of it back to Mexico. Canada has ‘addiction’ […]

  • Individualism Leads to Oligarchical Collectivism

    Amerika.org - Sep 14th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Individual liberties died as collateral damage during The American Civil War. Nowhere is this conclusion more supported than in how the Fourteenth Amendment gets used as an oligarchical crowbar by the elitist Left in postmodern Amerika. While the Union Army may have overwhelmingly destroyed the CSA military, they had utterly failed to change anyone’s mind […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 14, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 14th 2023 7:32am EDT

    ~~~ Immigrant amnesty could increase their wages and boost US economy: Report More broken window theory economics, this report believes that if we pay people more, we grow the economy, forgetting that we simultaneously devalue the currency unless the higher pay is backed up by higher production. Americans Are Divided on Whether Society Overlooks Racial […]

  • Impeachment

    Amerika.org - Sep 13th 2023 11:04pm EDT

    It is worth tossing in a few words in here about the Joe Biden impeachment: it is a show trial, it is designed to legally exonerate him while giving the GOP bragging rights, and it is the wrong way to approach the massive problem of the wrongdoing that has been perpetrated here. First, you are […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 13, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 13th 2023 7:38am EDT

    ~~~ Voter ID in England led to racial and disability discrimination, report finds If you demand an ID card, some people who would otherwise vote do not, and proportionately more of those are minorities, however this is not from “racism” but seemingly a dysfunction or disinterest filter. Majority of California voters do NOT support cash […]

  • In the Name of Equality, Our Justice System Becomes Inverted

    Amerika.org - Sep 13th 2023 7:32am EDT

    No one likes rapists. Rape is a serious crime, but in the days of sexual liberation, the boundaries become murky. Rape no longer ruins the lives of women through public shaming or whatever they tell us happened in the past. Oftentimes, it merely means consent revoked during or after the act. And now, thanks to […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 12, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 12th 2023 7:48am EDT

    ~~~ A football player, a killing and the elusive search for justice Coddled, wealth-insulated bourgeois Western liberals — these are normal in the W.E.I.R.D. societies, which are Leftist because “education” fills in the gaps with ideology where it has no answers — find it shocking that many people do not actually want to have sex […]

  • Green Energy Fails Spectacularly, Enriching the Middle East

    Amerika.org - Sep 12th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Many of us support all things green, but insist that they produce results instead of merely sabotaging our society in order to please the contrarians. On the other hand, the contrarians have only one agenda, which is absolute individualism with subsidies and no consequences to speak of, so they are not interested in results. If […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 11, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 11th 2023 7:48am EDT

    ~~~ Columbia professor wants more than $2 trillion in education reparations for blacks This will continue every decade unless we make reparations-with-repatriation our goal, which will require more money but will be less expensive and ineffective than the nearly three trillion we are spending yearly on the welfare state. By bringing the African Union to […]

  • 9/11 Revealed America

    Amerika.org - Sep 11th 2023 7:32am EDT

    The attacks on September eleventh stand out in American history for two reasons: on the surface, where optics and politics rule, as an example of a devastatingly effective attack on our economy; below the surface, where intuition connects to nature, we know them as a screaming warning of imminent collapse. Americans of the era grew […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 10, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 10th 2023 10:32am EDT

    ~~~ Denny’s waitress is fired over video of her ignoring two black cross-country truckers but serving white customers before calling cops on them for complaining She may have disliked them for reasons other than race, but our braindead legal system will not recognize this possibility. Migrant deaths crossing US-Mexico border hit 500, extra agents dispatched […]

  • As Democracy Winds Down in Failure

    Amerika.org - Sep 10th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Back when our house was in one of the city neighborhoods, the local Board called a meeting. Every time it rained, part of the main drag — the rest was cul-de-sacs, not as fun as “cull the weak” — would flood at the south part of the neighborhood. At first everyone blew it off because […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 9, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 9th 2023 7:38am EDT

    ~~~ Charles Darwin University students told to ‘reflect deeply’ on their career choice if they oppose the Voice Obey our diversity dogma or starve. Highland Park responds after criticism over ‘poverty simulation’ event In the name of equality, we decided on meritocracy through education, which means testing people on past scenarios and rewarding those who […]

  • Human Projection Creates a Fake Reality

    Amerika.org - Sep 9th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Human projection refers to the process by which we decide what we want to be real in contrarian opposition to what is real, and by projecting it or acting as if it is true, hope to make it come about in reality despite being unreal. To some degree, this works, just like for many simple […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 8, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 8th 2023 7:32am EDT

    ~~~ What was it like to be Jewish in East Germany? The Communist diversity program failed and was replaced with retaliation. Nordhausen: Another AfD mayor in Germany? Across the West, local areas are dropping out of the internationalist quest for diversity and socialism that 1920s intellectuals thought was the future. Poland ranks 2nd in global […]

  • Liberalism Makes Life Tedious and Ugly

    Amerika.org - Sep 8th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Nature might be perfect by being imperfect. Perfection, as humans intend the term, leaves no room for any kind of growth, change, or return to order. Instead it would be a constant order of no change, sort of like the Utopia that liberals want for us where everyone is equal. When humans attempt to make […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 7, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 7th 2023 9:59am EDT

    ~~~ Racial and socioeconomic differences still determine survival rates of premature babies in the US Poor communities produce little and tear down anything that is given to them, therefore medical care there is worse, not to mention the high mute load in such places guarantees higher infant mortality. A Hollywood-Detroit Crackup Unions sabotaged our industry […]

  • Far-Right Users Lead in Open Source Use

    Amerika.org - Sep 7th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Open Source software replaced ShareWare as the ideal way for hobbyist coders to give back to the community by making programs available for general use. Its unique contribution is that it insists on having the source code be made public so that users can modify any software to fit their needs. Mainstream adoption lags behind […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 6, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 6th 2023 7:38am EDT

    ~~~ French state schools turn away dozens of girls wearing Muslim abaya dress Europe will pussyfoot around with denying benefits to people who do not “assimilate” before realizing that assimilation itself is a false idea. We are all who we are; it is what it is; diversity does not work. Elon Musk to sue ADL […]

  • Why Your Governments Want Diversity

    Amerika.org - Sep 6th 2023 7:32am EDT

    In the past, it was assumed that the model of democracy involved active citizens paying attention to what government did. In reality, it turns out that they treat it like a sandwich shop: they demand special items, pay for the sandwich, and walk out without a second thought. This means that citizens to the five […]

  • DiversityWatch (September 5, 2023)

    Amerika.org - Sep 5th 2023 9:08am EDT

    ~~~ Is Now the Time to Invest in Emerging Markets? Democracy turned the citizens of the first world into brats who wanted unions and benefits, turning the first world into a subsidy state, so investors are moving on to places not yet infected with the democracy disease. Eritrean migrants battle in Norway with bats and […]