• DiversityWatch (February 2, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 2nd 2024 12:30pm EST

    ~~~ The Two-State Delusion Israel comes closer to admitting that diversity does not work and remigration is the only survivable solution. Bananamerica: Lack Of Unity Killing America Softly 42% of Americans believe that the country is very divided. We cannot blame Biden for this; diversity did it, and Biden represents the pro-diversity side that refuses […]

  • White People Need Psychological Safety in Order to Survive

    Amerika.org - Feb 2nd 2024 7:32am EST

    Robert Putnam demonstrated with Bowling Alone that modern civilization had become lonely; equality meant a lack of social order, which meant no way to meet people other than jobs, in a society where jobs move us around constantly and we have no real connection to any single piece of land. He followed it up with […]

  • Justin Mohn Removes a Traitor

    Amerika.org - Feb 1st 2024 9:49pm EST

    https://www.corrupt.org/archive/justin_mohn/ynchaz.mp4 Warning: NSFL/NSFW, includes the severed head of his father. Intense stuff, worth thinking about. “Earn your place in Heaven by sending a traitor to Hell early!”

  • DiversityWatch (February 1, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Feb 1st 2024 6:17pm EST

    ~~~ As Africa’s voice becomes louder, the world can no longer ignore it It turns out the “multipolar world” is ethno-nationalism, and it is preserved by having a superpower (USA) give up on trying to force the world to accept MELD. Equity Is Justice, Redefined I forgot most people have not read the classics of […]

  • Leap Into Life (#23): Generation X Watched it all Fall Apart

    Amerika.org - Feb 1st 2024 7:32am EST

    My guess is that the 9/11 attacks resonated for more than just sheer terror. They were visually intense, and conveyed to us scenes like being in a plane under the control of insane people, noticing that it has turned, and looking out the window to see the building get larger as the engines speed up, […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 31, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 31st 2024 5:25pm EST

    ~~~ Explosive device found near Israeli embassy in Sweden, detonated by police Remember when bombs were rare in Sweden? Import the world, get a world war in your borders, and your original ethnic group gets genocided. Democracy has blood on its hands. FBI violated hundreds of Americans’ constitutional rights in Beverly Hills raid, appeals court […]

  • Email Jobs

    Amerika.org - Jan 31st 2024 7:32am EST

    The modern time offers us a paradigm in the form of work. Where people in the past spent more of their time working, they would find it baffling how we, with so many labor-saving technologies, spend more time on the job and have less secure careers. This occurs because employment is not actually productive, but […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 30, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 30th 2024 5:54pm EST

    ~~~ The Beltway Judge Hearing Trump Cases and Her Anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh Husband Diversity judges tend to vote against the host majority. This one is no different. Republicans Turn Themselves into the Open Borders Party Journalist gets confused: Trump is stopping Biden from putting a band-aid on a gushing wound, which is the usually Democrat means […]

  • Societies Die Through Careerist Conformity

    Amerika.org - Jan 30th 2024 7:32am EST

    The video game Palworld, which seems to have become the new Minecraft as an unexpected runaway success, upended what the industry considered established wisdom. Doubly so did its development methodology which eschewed version control, homebrewed the gameplay, and used inexperienced developers. Stories about the development team storing its files on buckets of flash drives, using […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 29, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 29th 2024 4:26pm EST

    ~~~ ‘Independent Contractor’ Rule Latest Dumpster Fire Exported From California The more humans try to “fix” (bro code, tikkun olam, equality, etc) Darwinism, the more they destroy and the higher costs go, all for the goal of salving our neurotic fear of insignificance manifested in self-pity projected onto others, such that we are terrified of […]

  • Confessions of a Failed “Racist”

    Amerika.org - Jan 29th 2024 7:32am EST

    People do well with tangible stuff like race wars and poorly with abstractions like policy. This means that communicating with the voters is nonexistent; at best you create a mental image, and then you induce an emotion and present what you want to happen as a pleasing contrast. Let me show you a vision: America […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 28, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 28th 2024 10:54pm EST

    ~~~ The one way to increase diversity in SC’s increasingly white, male judiciary Leftists demand relaxing standards so that more minority judges can ascend, apparently wishing to replicate the disaster in New York. Diversity acts against the majority. All non-WASP judges are more likely than not to sabotage historical America and our future. Editorial: Logan […]

  • Our Goal is to Make Sense of Our World

    Amerika.org - Jan 28th 2024 7:32am EST

    Like all species, humans attempt to adapt to their environment, a process made difficult because our brains handle abstraction and therefore greater awareness of time, place, and distant consequences. We think by principle, and until we find the principle behind how something works, it is a risk. Dave Snowden created a philosophy called sense-making, which […]

  • Welcome to the Christine Blasey-Ford Regime

    Amerika.org - Jan 27th 2024 7:32am EST

    When the newspapers announced that Donald Trump had been found liable in the defamation suit brought by notorious sexually depraved nutcase E. Jean Carroll, most Americans who were not Left-aligned simply sighed. It is ridiculous; we know it is ridiculous; they know we know; however, they are going to abuse their power to remind us […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 26, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 26th 2024 3:57pm EST

    ~~~ Logically dot AI of Britain and the Expanding Global Reach of Censorship Governments have outsourced censorship to private firms using AI to filter comments on social media, which allows them to further suppress noticing of the failure of diversity. Facial features linked to stereotypes and social class perception People identify social class by facial […]

  • Texas Prepares to Secede

    Amerika.org - Jan 26th 2024 7:32am EST

    A few years ago, it was impossible to go more than five feet without someone mentioning the social contract. When I was at Home Depot, the guys who cut glass talked of nothing else. Even the church ladies at our local stained glass sanctuary were opining on it. And of course, the internet was on […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 25, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 25th 2024 6:48pm EST

    ~~~ Governor Abbott Issues Statement On Texas’ Constitutional Right To Self-Defense When the federal government fails to serve a role, the spirit of the Tenth Amendment holds that the states can step up. It looks like Abbott has precipitated a sublimated conflict and attracted support which is going to drive us to a convention of […]

  • Freedom versus Enforced-Freedom

    Amerika.org - Jan 25th 2024 7:32am EST

    Every term in democracy gets turned into the opposite of its original meaning because democracy is based in inversion. That is, in a desperate attempt to feel smart and in control, people opt to avoid talking about the big important issues and make it taboo to mention them, which means any term must first mean […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 24, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 24th 2024 5:33pm EST

    ~~~ America First Legal Lawsuit Reveals CISA Knew About Mail-in Voting Risks in 2020 While Censoring Related Narratives as ‘Disinformation’ Diversity government, following a long trend of diversity governments like Tammany Hall, created a propaganda machine to cover up one of the methods of stealing election 2020. Alaska Airlines says it found many loose bolts […]

  • To Get Woke Out of the Schools, You Are Going to Have to Abolish the Schools

    Amerika.org - Jan 24th 2024 7:32am EST

    Recently Texas experimented with imposing ratings on books, like there are for movies or video games, to rank their harmful content including “woke” (i.e. neocommunist) propaganda about sex and race. The courts threw this down, as they probably should the ratings on video games and movies, but the question behind the bill lingers on. Parents […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 23, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 24th 2024 12:06am EST

    ~~~ Davos Turns Gently to the Right Even the internationalist industrialists are starting to admit that the Leftist experiment has failed and the Trump-era “return to Reagan” vibe works best. Wall Street opposition to Trump collapses, as ‘pipe dream’ of primary defeat ends Lobbyists hope they can drop in some dollars and make things go […]

  • If Trump Picks Tim Scott as His VP, It Will Be Biden in 2024

    Amerika.org - Jan 23rd 2024 9:50am EST

    The problem with conservatives is that we are all raped children. We grew up in a time of horrors with Mom and Dad fighting every night, and all we want to do is keep the family together, but the price of that is that we have to ignore Drunk Uncle (civil rights, socialism, equality) and […]

  • What Is the “Our Democracy” That Leftists Keep Talking About?

    Amerika.org - Jan 23rd 2024 7:32am EST

    Whenever things are going badly, trust people to trot out the sacred cows like democracy, human rights, and our Christian moral obligation to make every insane homeless crackhead equal to the most constructive creative genius and productive labor in history. Things are going bad in the worst way, which is that there are no jagged […]

  • DiversityWatch (January 22, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Jan 22nd 2024 7:23pm EST

    ~~~ House panel investigating Capitol riot wants access to files deleted before GOP took control This is the Clinton method: delete any data that might be culpable, burying your opposition under mountains of research to figure out what you might have known. Make sure you delete widely so you leave lots of question marks, knowing […]

  • Conservatives Need to Quit Screwing Around and Just Target the Sexual Revolution

    Amerika.org - Jan 22nd 2024 7:32am EST

    As a campaign approaches, the large stumbling bureaucracies of people who repeat opinions must define battle lines so they can begin generating partisan commentary to advance their sides. They have to do this in advance to keep all the troops repeating the same message, since repetition brainwashes voters. It is obvious to those who can […]