• DiversityWatch (December 31, 2022)

    Amerika.org - Dec 31st 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    ~~~ World democracy — the driving force behind globalism — has run out of juice. It depends on a system where the third world makes everything, the first world shuffles paper, governments tax the inflated “profits” then borrow money, and we dump that money onto third world immigrants so they can buy more of our […]

  • Heresies of Modernity

    Amerika.org - Dec 30th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Over the years, any writer against the modern condition accumulates a series of heresies that in simple form undermine the illusions upon which the modern era is built. These are things that, while said plainly and in non-emotional form, still produce panic and disturbance among normies. Simple ideas of this nature provoke disturbance because they […]

  • A Parable From Apocalypse Now

    Amerika.org - Dec 29th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    From a synthesis of T.S. Eliot, Josef Conrad, and F.W. Nietzsche the movie Apocalypse Now questioned the humanist morality of the West and how it could oppose those who, like the Mongols, Huns, or Moors who invaded us in the past, had no such moral qualms. Instead it offered an alternative through the speech by […]

  • Identify the Enemy

    Amerika.org - Dec 28th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    In the Age of Symbolism, dueling sets of imagery war it out in a contest to convince the greatest number of people to support their respective organizations. Forget aiming for accuracy; we simply want your vote, purchase, or goodwill passed by word of mouth. The Left might be described as the religion of good social […]

  • Nihilism (#2)

    Amerika.org - Dec 27th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Nihilism divides many people. To recap, it consists of stepping out of the illusion of universalism and the consensual hallucination of thoughts or realizations shared by all humans. It simply refuses to participate in the social illusion that we are all one. We summarize it in this handy statement: Nihilism refers to the philosophy that […]

  • Avoiding Cults

    Amerika.org - Dec 26th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    In my view, there are two types of leadership structures: collaborations and cults. In a collaboration, you and others are working toward the same goal for an indirect reward; for example, your company becomes important and therefore, you become seen as competent for having participated. A cult on the other hand is like a good […]

  • Don’t Despair, Just Because it’s Christmas

    Amerika.org - Dec 25th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Like most holidays in the post-collapse West, Christmas comes as a bleak moment in which we drop out of the world we have come to see as hostile and celebrate with our families. Most of this results from pluralism, a natural offshoot of individualism and democracy, since we no longer have one culture and therefore […]

  • DiversityWatch (December 24, 2022)

    Amerika.org - Dec 24th 2022 11:44am EST (Archive)

    ~~~ Awareness of The Human Problem slowly begins to peek out from behind the blaze of distraction and affirmation that is our massive media machine. Somewhere, we are beginning to realize that something has gone wrong with us psychologically, both as individuals and groups, where we cleverly hide twisted motivations. Something is wrong with humanity. […]

  • Accepting Conflict Within a Framework of Culture

    Amerika.org - Dec 24th 2022 7:32am EST (Archive)

    Despite living in a unipolar world branded by a thousand-year peace banner, conflict and culture appear to have escalated instead of the decreasing as expected through the mostly peaceful submission by citizenries. Wars and civil unrest increased since the fall of the Berlin Wall while cultures are polarized between national and global paradigms. This process […]

  • Why Is Humanity So Lost?

    Amerika.org - Dec 23rd 2022 12:26pm EST (Archive)

    In the early 1990s, people feared spam would disrupt the internet. Those unsolicited messages posted to tens of thousands in the hope of finding just a few willing marks seemed like a threat to the information superhighway. Now, if my Google results are representative, spam has taken over, but done so legally. Instead of sending […]