• Travis Bickle, American Hero

    Counter Currents - Oct 15th 2019 5:19am EDT

    2,254 words Taxi Driver is the defining film for every bastard child of our times. How many men today can relate to Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), a fucked up, lonely loser trying to make rent and find love in a disgusting, criminal, and uncaring concrete hive? The guy is nuts, but who could blame […]

  • Video of the Day This is Terrorism: Millennial Woes & Frodi Midjord on the Antifa

    Counter Currents - Oct 15th 2019 4:37am EDT

    101 words / 8:57 The antifa turned up at the Scandza Forum conference that was held in Copenhagen last Saturday and attempted to disrupt the proceedings throughout the day. While the conference went ahead as planned, a number of the attendees were prevented from entering the venue because the antifa blocked the entrance and assaulted […]

  • Remembering Friedrich Nietzsche: October 15, 1844–August 25, 1900

    Counter Currents - Oct 15th 2019 3:43am EDT

    717 words Friedrich Nietzsche was born this day in 1844 in the small town of Röcken, near Leipzig, Saxony, in the Kingdom of Prussia. He died in August 25, 1900, in Weimar, Saxony, in the Second German Reich. The outlines of Nietzsche’s life are readily available online. Nietzsche is one of the most important philosophers […]

  • Counter-Currents Loses Its Payment Processor Yet Again

    Counter Currents - Oct 14th 2019 12:21pm EDT

    345 words Last week, we were cut off from yet another credit card processor – at least the fourth time just this year that this has happened. This means that for the time being, we are not able to receive payments for books or donations from credit cards. We are working full-time to set up […]

  • Trolling as an Art: Travis LeBlanc Interviews Porsalin

    Counter Currents - Oct 14th 2019 9:11am EDT

    3,862 words Porsalin is no mere drama channel, and if it, it’s Drama with a capital D. A documentarian and Internet cultural critic, his videos are not merely collections of random, boneheaded moments, but in-depth character studies which cut through to the essence of the of their target with white-hot, witty insults. After starting out […]

  • Columbus Day Special The Autochthony Argument

    Counter Currents - Oct 14th 2019 5:54am EDT

    Michelangelo, Unfinished Slave 2,115 words Translations: French, Spanish One of the perennial accusations against white colonial societies around the globe—in the Americas, Africa, and the Antipodes—is that they are morally illegitimate because other people were there first. This is what I call the “autochthony argument,” from the Greek “αὐτόχθων,” meaning “springing from the land,” i.e., indigenous.  […]

  • Columbus Day Special The Memory of Columbus in the Western Diaspora

    Counter Currents - Oct 14th 2019 5:35am EDT

    Christopher Columbus vandalized in Detroit 2,766 words Commemoration of the 15th-century European discovery of the Americas has seen better days. From Seattle to Caracas to Buenos Aires, the Spanish-Italian explorer Christopher Columbus is increasingly considered a villainous embodiment of pure evil. While the American government still observes October 9th as Columbus Day, that hasn’t stopped […]

  • Columbus Day Special Indigenous Peoples Day

    Counter Currents - Oct 14th 2019 5:24am EDT

    1,647 words Editor’s Note: This essay is from Michael Polignano’s book Taking Our Own Side, available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book here. Multiculturalism is not an attempt to “enrich” White cultures by adding sundry non-White cultures. It is an attempt to replace White cultures with non-White cultures—or, more precisely, with fantasies, lies, and sanitized half-truths […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 251 Uppity White Folks & How to Reach Them

    Counter Currents - Oct 12th 2019 8:47am EDT

    76 words / 45:14 To listen in a player, click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” This is the audio of Greg Johnson’s talk in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Sunday, September 22, on the occasion of the publication of the Swedish translation of The White Nationalist […]

  • Remembering Aleister Crowley: October 12, 1875–December 1, 1947

    Counter Currents - Oct 12th 2019 4:41am EDT

    Aleister Crowley by Charles Krafft 382 words Aleister Crowley was an English poet, novelist, painter, and mountaineer who is most famous as an occultist, ceremonial magician, and founder of the religion and philosophy of Thelema. But ironically Crowley’s supposed Satanism and Black Magic are far less frightening to most people than his politics. For Aleister […]