• Conservatism Without White Men

    Counter Currents - Sep 8th 2022 7:38am EDT (Archive)

    Britain’s new “conservative” Prime Minister, Liz Truss (right), has just appointed the first cabinet in British history including no white men. 1,496 words In a 2009 essay for the for the London Evening Standard titled “Don’t listen to the whingers — London needs immigrants,” former Tony Blair speechwriter and Labour Party advisor Andrew Neather famously […]

  • President Gas: Putin & Power

    Counter Currents - Sep 7th 2022 11:56am EDT (Archive)

    The Nord Stream 1 pipeline: the actual ruler of Europe. 2,234 words You have to have a party When you’re in a state like this. You can really move it all . . . — “President Gas,” The Psychedelic Furs Raw power got a magic touch. Raw power is much too much. — “Raw Power,” […]

  • Let Them Drink Kool-Aid

    Counter Currents - Sep 7th 2022 11:28am EDT (Archive)

    Jackson, Mississippi’s Public Works Director and City Engineer Charles Williams Jr., PE, PhD, who is presiding over the city’s current water crisis. 1,663 words The coverage of the ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi signifies much that has become dysfunctional in modern America. If future historians (Hey, guys!) are ever searching for a symbol of […]

  • Annie Hall

    Counter Currents - Sep 7th 2022 11:03am EDT (Archive)

    1,449 words I remember a time — long ago, almost antediluvian — when a consumer could go on Amazon and simply purchase a Greg Johnson book. As an avid film enthusiast, one of my first Counter-Currents acquisitions was Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies. The book’s perspective was fresh, and the elevation of […]

  • Evola, Magical Idealism, & Western Metaphysics, Part Two

    Counter Currents - Sep 6th 2022 3:02pm EDT (Archive)

    4,214 words Part 2 of 3 (Part 1 here) 4. The Principles of Magical Idealism Evola’s critique of transcendental idealism, which we examined in the last installment, is insightful and interesting — though grand choruses of academic voices would be raised against every step of it, insisting that Evola has misunderstood idealism. That may be […]

  • Nicky’s Nullification: Schadenfreude in Oregon

    Counter Currents - Sep 6th 2022 11:36am EDT (Archive)

    2,158 words There is good news, and there is bad news. The good news is that Walter Duranty II, aka Nicholas Kristof, is not going to be Governor of Oregon — not soon, anyway. That’s good news if you believe that a man whose 37-year career consisting of scribbling for the New York Times and […]

  • Lenders Should Lose: Why Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Is a Bad Idea

    Counter Currents - Sep 6th 2022 10:17am EDT (Archive)

    1,327 words Author’s Note: On the August 28th, 2022 Counter-Currents Radio livestream, Gaddius Maximus and Sutton asked me to share my thoughts on Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan. Hyacinth Bouquet transcribed my answer, and I have edited it. I wish to thank all of them for their help. I still have student loan debts. […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 482 It Was a Very Good Year on The Writers’ Bloc

    Counter Currents - Sep 6th 2022 9:55am EDT (Archive)

    616 words / 2:02:20 The latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc was a celebration of Nick Jeelvy‘s first anniversary since his move to Counter-Currents, where he offered a show retrospective and did an Ask Me Anything. Topics discussed include: 00:00:30 The Writers’ Bloc celebrates one year at Counter-Currents 00:10:00 Nick Jeelvy has the best audience […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: August 28-September 3, 2022

    Counter Currents - Sep 5th 2022 11:14am EDT (Archive)

    Elana Dykewoman, a playwright who spent her life somehow navigating the difficult path between being lesbian and Jewish, and who recently passed away a half-hour before one of her plays was to be livestreamed. 2,385 words Hatred Toward Dirty Shitskinned Hindu Infidels Spreads Like Rancid Curry Paste Across the West New forms of hatred, or […]

  • Dugin’s Eurasianism is Incompatible with Nationalism

    Counter Currents - Sep 5th 2022 10:22am EDT (Archive)

    1,757 words Interview by Maxime Le Nagard for Front Populaire Front Populaire: You know Alexander Dugin. Can you explain to us who he is, especially on an intellectual level? What are his ideas, his philosophical and political influences, etc.? Alain de Benoist: Alexander Dugin, whom I have known for more than 30 years, is a […]