• Turkey: Hundreds of Freaks Arrested at Faggot March in IstanbulDaily Stormer - Jun 28th 2022 8:10am EDT

    At least Turkey actually arrests faggots. I don’t understand why they can’t just be stoned to death. If you’re marching in a faggot parade, you’ve already convicted yourself of a crime that in both the Bible and the Koran carries the death penalty, so what is the point of arrests? France 24: Turkish police on […]

  • Supreme Court Says Football Coach Can Pray on FieldDaily Stormer - Jun 28th 2022 7:37am EDT

    We’re stopping abortion, we’re packing serious weapons, and we’re praying on fields. We’re taking America back from the Jews. It’s all happening – now! AP: The Supreme Court said Monday that a high school football coach who knelt and prayed on the field after games was protected by the Constitution, a decision that opponents said […]

  • Joe Biden Helped Hunter Pay $30,000 Bill for Over-Priced HookersDaily Stormer - Jun 28th 2022 2:03am EDT

    What kind of a person pays for prostitutes with a debit card? Are you not afraid of being over-charged? Also – $30,000 worth of prostitutes is what? Outside of like, New York City, the most expensive prostitutes in the world are $300. The average price in Russia or the Ukraine is $50. Assuming he was […]

  • Amazon’s Alexa Gets Experimental Feature to Mimic Voices of Dead PeopleDaily Stormer - Jun 28th 2022 12:51am EDT

    I’m sure this is fine. Breitbart: Tech giant Amazon has revealed an insanely creepy experimental feature for its AI assistant Alexa that allows it to mimic the voices of its users’ dead relatives. The Verge reports that Amazon has revealed an experimental feature for its Alexa smart speaker AI assistant that allows the device to […]

  • Jews Again Say Not Killing Babies is a Violation of Their ReligionDaily Stormer - Jun 27th 2022 1:50pm EDT

    NEW – Some Jewish groups blast the end of Roe as a violation of their religious beliefs, claiming most sacred texts view a “fetus as a soul only once it’s born.”https://t.co/WVIDk4X3gS — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) June 27, 2022 Jews are again claiming that not being allowed to kill babies is a violation of the Jewish religion. […]

  • US Sending Robot Dogs to the UkraineDaily Stormer - Jun 27th 2022 11:52am EDT

    You know things are getting desperate when they’re sending in the robot dogs. RT: The US Army has reportedly agreed to provide a robotic dog to help a charity clean up the battlefields in areas around Kiev. HALO Trust, a US-based demining organization which has received multiple government contracts to work in Ukraine, will reportedly […]

  • 29-Year-Old Tranny Beats Teen Girls in Skateboarding TournamentDaily Stormer - Jun 27th 2022 5:32am EDT

    Thankfully, skateboarding is not joining the troubling trend of removing trannies from women’s sports. We need to lobby to have trannies returned to their rightful place as the leaders of all women’s sports, and we especially need an all-tranny soccer team to defeat CIS supremacist scum in women’s FIFA, which is a bastion of CIS […]

  • Disney’s Lightyear is a Lighthearted and Fun Family Film About Gay SexDaily Stormer - Jun 27th 2022 1:00am EDT

    Buzz Lightyear makes a triumphant return and breathes fresh air into the vacuum of bigotry. Millennials now in their thirties have fond memories of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise. In Disney-PIXAR’s Lightyear, Buzz isn’t a toy anymore – but he might have a few sex toys in his cargo deck. The film reimagines […]

  • After Zelensky Says He’s Already in NATO, Spain Says He’s Not Welcome (Anti-Semitism)Daily Stormer - Jun 26th 2022 1:15pm EDT

    Anti-Semitism. In 2022. RT: NATO has invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to take part in its upcoming summit in Madrid, but that does not mean that the bloc plans to invite Kiev to join its ranks any time soon, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares told the newspaper El Pais on Sunday. The question of […]

  • I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will WinDaily Stormer - Jun 26th 2022 11:16am EDT

    A few days ago, I started reading the BBC Ukraine live thread. It’s a surreal experience, contrasting it with what is actually happening. Even if you weren’t contrasting it with anything, it would still be surreal, as there are so many different conflicting claims. This is significantly more information than gets published in the New […]