• Great Satan to Spend $690 Million in Plan to Spread Anal Values Worldwide

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 3:47pm EDT

    This is what it’s all about, folks: licking, fisting, pounding the anus. This is the whole game. It is what defines America. When all of these freaks, from Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson to Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer, say “our values,” they are talking about gay anal activities. Man-on-man and man-on-boy anal action. Reuters: […]

  • Collapse of American Infrastructure and Supply Chain Threatens Anal World War Agenda

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 3:36pm EDT

    Biden says Americans didn’t know what a supply chain was before COVID and would “look at each other with a blank stare” when it came up pic.twitter.com/RHggYx6ypf — Washington Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) March 28, 2023 How are these Jews planning to start a war with China when they already have these supply line issues? What […]

  • Convicted Black Genius Uses Wakandan Intellect to Invent Machine for Push-Up Workouts

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 1:31pm EDT

    Raashed Hall using his invention This guy didn’t invent this! This is Wakanda gibberish from the media! The Guardian: After spending nearly two decades in prison, a Washington DC man is striving to rebuild his life by marketing and selling a workout machine he invented while serving his sentence. Raashed Hall, 40, is getting his second chance […]

  • ADL’s Greenblatt Says Nothing About Trans Child Murder, Praises Nick Cannon’s Blowjob Skills

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 6:08am EDT

    ADL head and former bottled water scammer “Jonathan Greenblatt,” a Jewish terrorist Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, is “the mass shooter guy.” He is talking constantly about mass shootings – usually blaming white people but also sometimes blaming anti-Semitism (if the shooter is black). Greenblatt calls for gun control, […]

  • Ireland: Small Town Continues Battle Against Government-Run Colonization

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 5:17am EDT

    The Ireland invasion program is spinning out of control. The Irish are some of the first to actually protest the invasion, but to be fair, Ireland is the first country since Germany that openly started that they were going to flood the country with millions of low IQ and illiterate brown peasants in order to […]

  • New York City Bill to Ban Discrimination Based on Height, Weight

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2023 4:56am EDT

    Short men: it is time to move to New York and demand that very attractive women have sex with us. We are handsome, we are in good shape, and the only reason these women will not have sex with us is that we are under 6′. This ends now – by order of the City […]

  • Another Train Wreck! More Chemicals Spilled!

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2023 5:03pm EDT

    What? RT: A Canadian Pacific Railway freight train derailed in North Dakota on Sunday, spilling hazardous liquid asphalt from containers. The crash is the latest in a spate of derailments across the US, one of which caused a devastating release of toxic chemicals. The incident took place near the town of Wyndmere shortly after 11pm […]

  • US Replaces Russia as Europe’s Top Oil Supplier

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2023 4:51pm EDT

    It’s great that the US is able to get so rich while only doing what is moral. They press their moral agenda, forcing everyone on earth to do gay sex under threat of invasion, and just by coincidence, they get very rich. RT: The US has become the top oil exporter to the EU, replacing […]

  • Brandon Threatens Mexico, Demands They Open Energy Markets to US Companies

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2023 3:54pm EDT

    Mexico has been getting really uppity lately. They might just side with China and create some very serious problems for the Anal Empire. Big Anus can’t respond to any problem with anything other than threats. RT: President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly opted to escalate a trade dispute with Mexico, making plans to demand that […]

  • Germany: Dealing With “Racism” in Saxony Worse Than Living in a War Zone, Apparently

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2023 8:31am EDT

    What kind of mongrel even is this? We’ve got a lot going on with virus hoaxes, wars, and trannies. But we should always remember that we are still being ethically cleansed more and more aggressively every year. Germany is ground zero for the program of rapid racial replacement of whites by brown people from wherever. […]