• Jeff Bezos: Batten Down the Hatches

    Daily Stormer - Oct 20th 2022 5:40am EDT

    Yep, the probabilities in this economy tell you to batten down the hatches. https://t.co/SwldRdms5v — Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) October 18, 2022 Jeff Bezos is in a much better place than a lot of rich people. A lot of rich people could be looking at complete annihilation. Everyone is more or less doomed.

  • SADS: 17-Year-Old Dies Suddenly While Singing Choir Solo at School

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 11:39am EDT (Archive)

    BREAKING REPORT: 17-Year-Old Naperville, Illinois High School Student Daniel Moshi DIES SUDDENLY AFTER COLLAPSING During Choir Rehearsal.. WTF… — Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) October 18, 2022 NOW: “17-year-old boy..West suburban high school student dies after collapsing at Naperville North choir event”https://t.co/XTowD47NveNaperville vaccination clinics were widely available since May 2021:https://t.co/GJSv8Ji0lo pic.twitter.com/9aKQSZtLZY — VaccineMole (@JosefSa39957439) October 18, 2022 […]

  • Meme Wednesday: These Aren’t Even Memes, But I’m a Bit Sleepy

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 9:33am EDT (Archive)

    pic.twitter.com/4VD5YKrOFs — No Context Dr.Umar (@nocontextdrumar) October 18, 2022 Riddle me this: when is a meme not a meme? When it’s like, a Japanese painting of a cityscape. AI generated imagery is memes though. It’s meme, we checked, it’s confirmed meme. I have to work every day, regardless of the day, and I haven’t taken […]

  • Virginia: State Delegate Wants Felony Charges Against Parents Who Don’t Trannify Their Kids

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 6:30am EDT (Archive)

    What even is this? This bitch showed up from Peru a couple years ago, then she immediately went into the government and started pushing the most extreme tranny agenda of anyone, ever. Breitbart: Parents in Virginia could face felony or misdemeanor child abuse charges if they refuse to “affirm” their child’s gender identity. Virginia state […]

  • Netherlands: Fat Heir to Throne Can’t Leave House Because Diversity Wants to Kidnap Her

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 6:21am EDT (Archive)

    These creatures are pathetic. Just look at the guy’s face! How is it possible that the media can report on “rising organized crime” and not mention that it’s all immigrants? There is no such thing as white organized crime, other than the Italians (who did not make a huge mess or threaten to kill royalty). […]

  • Germany: Giant Mosque in Cologne Blasts Conqueror’s Call in City for First Time

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 1:30am EDT

    (VIDEO) Germany’s largest mosque in Cologne broadcast the Muslim call to prayer over its loudspeakers for the first timehttps://t.co/cZwELFqBzX pic.twitter.com/ul20ptCiAM — ANADOLU AGENCY (@anadoluagency) October 14, 2022 Some “fact-checker” somewhere is already getting together something along the lines of “no, stupid goyim, that’s not a ‘conqueror’s call,’ that’s just the call to prayer. Stop being […]

  • JP Morgan Chase De-Banks Religious Freedom Group, Demands Donor List

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2022 1:00am EDT (Archive)

    I guess banks are doing investigations into Christians now. Kinda weird. I wonder if it’s because banks are run by the Jews? Life Site News: The chairman of faith-based nonprofit National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF) last week said major banking institution JPMorgan Chase and Co. cut ties with his organization without reason, then allegedly […]

  • New York: Police Drop Case Against Black Hobo Who Killed Dog for No Reason

    Daily Stormer - Oct 18th 2022 10:40am EDT (Archive)

    If you don’t think police should exist to protect white people, it seems like we should all be able to agree they should exist to protect dogs. Someone has to protect the dogs from the blacks. They can’t protect themselves. New York Post: Police are no longer looking for the crazed vagrant in Prospect Park […]

  • LOL: British Told They Power Will Go Out When It’s “Really Cold”

    Daily Stormer - Oct 18th 2022 9:40am EDT (Archive)

    Yes, the power is going to go out when it gets the coldest. Old people will die because of this. But remember: we have to do this so that children in the Donbass can be taught to become trannies. That’s our values of who we are in a rules-based order. RT: The “deepest, darkest evenings” in January […]

  • Jewlash: Following Ye Interview, House N****r Noreaga Sucks Jew Cock Live on Video

    Daily Stormer - Oct 18th 2022 5:02am EDT (Archive)

    Peter Rosenberg, Jew from the streets Major backlash has ensued following Ye’s interview with Noreaga on Drink Champs. The backlash is entirely Jewish, but the Jews are hiding behind the blacks, saying that the problem was that Ye said Derek Chauvin didn’t really stand on George Floyd’s neck. Following the Jewlash, that house nigger Noeraga […]