• Heroic Figure Proves Society Doesn’t Exist by Walking Around Dallas-Fort Worth International in the Nude

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 8:45am EDT

    “I’ll just have 1 beer at the airport before the flight” 17 Beers later: pic.twitter.com/kIRpuCKiGp — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) September 19, 2023 There is really no society at this point. People have been walking around in pajama pants for years now, it’s sort of the obvious next step that people just wouldn’t bother to put […]

  • Arizona: Nursing Students Told to Ask 3-Year-Olds If They’re Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 8:25am EDT

    This is happening and it’s not stopping. It’s only going to keep getting worse. If you have kids, or are planning to have kids, all of your resources need to be put into figuring out how to leave America (or at the very least figure out how to get to a rural area where you’ll […]

  • UK: Town Gets Hideous Giant Sculpture Showing Woman in Hijab

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 7:03am EDT

    Why does everything have to be so ugly? Even if you were going to build a statue of a woman in hijab in Britain, why would it need to be this ugly? Doesn’t this just cause even more resentment? Like, if it was a traditional statue that looked nice, maybe people would be like “ah, […]

  • Armenians Finally Rising Up Against Traitor Government for Jacking-Off Azerbaijan, Doing Nothing to Stop Invasion

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 6:59am EDT

    I haven’t written much about the Nagorno-Karabakh situation, because I assume people don’t really care very much, and also because I find the whole situation personally frustrating. For those who don’t know: this is a disputed territory in the former USSR (exactly like Eastern Ukraine), where a territory that is majority Armenian (Christian) ended up […]

  • US Tranny Fired from Ukraine Government After Threatening Global Assassinations of Journalists and Writers

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 6:40am EDT

    Previously: American Tranny Ukraine Spokesperson Issues Threat to Assassinate Pro-Russian Journalists This seems to demonstrate that the Ukraine propaganda agenda is on the backfoot. After the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter, and the bombing of a journalist, Vladlen Tatarsky, at a coffee shop in Saint Petersburg, the Ukraine state made these exact same threats, saying they […]

  • Indonesia: TikTok S**t Gets Two Years for Blasphemy After Saying “Bismallah” Before Eating Pork

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 5:40am EDT

    It’s quite possibly this retard-ass hoe lived to be 40 without understanding that you’re not allowed to eat pigs in Islam. Indonesia has Bali with Hindus (no one understands how that happened, it’s apparently a remnant of a Southeast Asian Hindu Empire, which we also see remnants of in ancient buildings – like Angkor Wat […]

  • New York: Rando Walks Runway Dressed Like Crazy Hobo, Nobody in the Audience Notices

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 9:09pm EDT

    “The audience appeared not to notice he was an intruder” “The art world” is the most decadent homosexual scene this side of child trannies. Of course it’s impossible to tell the difference between a man dressed in random garbage and a real “runway model.” News.com.au: They say that modelling is not just beauty and a […]

  • Germany: Fat Woman Minister Wants to Let Rapefugees Vote in Local Elections 6 Months After Arrival

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 8:30pm EDT

    Frankly, if we’re following the ideology of “citizenship is just a piece of paper,” then there is no logical counter to the notion that any rando who walks across the German border should be allowed to vote in elections. Of course, the left wants this because they know the immigrants will vote for them. But […]

  • Watch: Mexican Doctors Say Alleged Mummified “Alien” Corpses are Legit

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 11:35am EDT

    Mexican doctors carried out several tests on the remains of alleged non-human beings, with the results showing that the purported bodies belonged to a single skeleton and were not assembled https://t.co/EgMtWPpyiO pic.twitter.com/3LqX3LSGz6 — Reuters (@Reuters) September 19, 2023 Previously: UFO Expert Shows Alleged Mummified Alien Corpses with Eggs Inside to Mexico’s Congress Well, if the […]

  • Watch: Female Officer Accurately Blames 11-Year-Old for Creating Porn of Herself

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 11:33am EDT

    If she made the video, it’s her fault. I don’t understand who else’s fault it would be. New York Post: Two Ohio cops are being investigated for their response to a sexual misconduct case involving a child after a video of them appearing to blame the 11-year-old girl for creating “child porn” went viral. Two […]

  • 98% of People in Europe Breathing Toxic Air, Experts Demanding Urgent Action

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 11:05am EDT

    Related: Study Shows Almost Everyone in Europe is Poisoned with High Amounts of BPA The real problem though is that carbon dioxide (what plants breathe) is going to make the weather 3 degrees warmer thirty years from now. That’s what we really need to be focusing on: the baseless theory that carbon is a pollutant. […]

  • Mid-Week Meme Mania: Meh. It is What It Is.

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 6:49am EDT

    Look, I’m just posting memes today. I don’t feel like writing anything important or interesting. I’ll spam the page with daily news stories about trannies and Ukrainians or whatever, but I’m basically taking the day off, more or less, because I need to relax and also have things to do. I’ve heard your cries about […]

  • California: More School Boards Rebel, Vow to Tell Parents If Kids are Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 6:24am EDT

    So, in California it’s the law that if a teacher manipulates a student into being a tranny, another teacher is not allowed to tell the parents about it. Just so we’re clear here: that’s the law in California now. Some people are saying they’re not going to follow it, and that’s cool. But let’s be […]

  • UK: Blacks Built Stonehenge, Children’s Book Claims

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 4:19am EDT

    You might not want to admit it, but all of your “white history” was stolen from the blacks. They did everything that mattered, from the dawn of time. The Telegraph: Stonehenge was built by black Britons, a new children’s history book has claimed. The illustrated book entitled Brilliant Black British History, by the Nigerian-born British […]

  • Chicago Mayor Wants City-Run Grocery Stores After Private Stores Flee Blacks

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 4:15am EDT

    There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s cleaning up the mess that white people have made of Chicago. Brandon Johnson means business. He’s bringing back grocery stores in a big way. If white racist grocery store owners don’t want to serve blacks, then the state will do it. We will use the money of […]

  • France Starts Fund for Embassies to Promote Anal Rights

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 10:08pm EDT

    The number one purpose of a country’s foreign policy is to promote gay anal fisting all over the world. Finally, countries are realizing this, and taking very serious action. France 24: Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna made the announcement at the 15th anniversary of an LGBTQ group at the United Nations at the start of the […]

  • Watch: Laughing Black Teens Attack Gas Station Cashier

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 5:08pm EDT

    #WATCH | Brutal assault on gas station cashier in Seattle. Six young men entered to steal while one of them savagely beat the woman. pic.twitter.com/1fNasXwIzW — VOZ (@Voz_US) September 19, 2023 Well, it’s… You know… They are only doing this because of what happened to George Floyd. New York Post: A Washington State gas station […]

  • Brandon Calls Putin a “Dictator” Again

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 11:12am EDT

    It’s not clear why “dictator” is such a bad word. Don’t we need leaders who dictate? RT: US President Joe Biden has described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “dictator,” claiming that his main political opponent, former President Donald Trump, would “bow down to” him if elected in 2024. The Democrat also touted himself as […]

  • Starfield is a Really Bad Game

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 10:59am EDT

    Going into Starfield, I was fully ready for a ridiculously woke experience. I think we all knew that was coming, and that’s just whatever. There’s nothing much to say about the fact that virtually every NPC in the game is nonwhite, and that they seem to purposefully make them all as ugly as possible. It […]

  • Afro-Cuban Woman Culturally Appropriates Renaissance Art, Adds Naked Black People

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 7:01am EDT

    Related: Canada: School Board Purges Library of All Books Written Before 2008 Bitch, just do your own art. Why are blacks so obsessed with theft? It’s not gotten them anywhere. Built your own shit instead of stealing! (Please note that no Indio-Cubans are doing this. Cultural theft, like street mugging, is an activity almost exclusively […]

  • Trudeau Goes Apeshit, Accuses Modi of Assassinating Sikh Leader in Canada

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 6:39am EDT

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this just perfect? This is exactly what the US did to Saudi Arabia, which triggered a series of events that led to them basically abandoning the West as an ally. This is exactly what I wanted to happen with India, who has been fence-riding for too long. Obviously, it’s irrelevant whether […]

  • Poland Getting Ready to Ask Russia for WWII Reparations

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 10:00pm EDT

    Poland is the most annoying beggar. Their entire economy is based on whining and demanding money from others. This is while they are claiming to be a very important country on the verge of reestablishing an empire. Germany is refusing to pay them any more money that they are already paying them through EU subsidies, […]

  • Afghan Former Student Sues Yale for $110 Million After Being Persecuted in Rape Hoax

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    Yale’s apparently been taken over by “extreme Jacobin leftists” People believe it because he’s Afghan, but go look at his picture. He’s (presumably) a Pashtun who basically looks like a white guy (Italian or something). This is just another standard rape hoax. Post Millennial: A former Yale student who was kicked out of the school […]

  • UK: Racists Whine After Resurfaced BBC Song Says Blacks Were Always in Britain

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 8:30pm EDT

    Some blacks can sing pretty well. This one ain’t one of them. There is no evidence Cheddar Man was even black. They admitted that at the time. They just came up with that out of thin air, based on nothing. In fact, the entire Cheddar Man thing could have been a hoax. It was all […]

  • Maine: Soros-Backed NGO Buys Biggest Newspaper Network in the State

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 8:15pm EDT

    Frankly, although I am generally pro-free market when it comes to these things, there absolutely has to be laws about foreign ownership of media, and there should really be laws about even out of state ownership of media. Obviously, there also need to be laws about media consolidation. Nothing good can come from massive corporations […]