• UK: Burglaries Becoming De-Facto Legal Because Cops Don’t Bother Solving Them

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2023 4:55am EDT

    The government is no longer even pretending to have an interest in protecting people’s lives or property. It’s funny. They’re very bold. LBC: Police have not solved a single burglary in nearly half the neighbourhoods in England and Wales in the past three years, analysis shows. In just over 48% of 30,100 neighbourhoods, no burglaries […]

  • Minnesota: Tranny Inmate Gets $500K, Transfer to Women’s Prison in Settlement

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2023 4:53am EDT

    Bet you bigots couldn’t even tell if I hadn’t told you Becoming a tranny and then getting sent to a woman’s prison is frankly a pretty good way to get laid. New York Post: A Minnesota transgender inmate is being moved to a women’s prison and will receive a vaginoplasty as well as $495,000 to […]

  • Manhattan: Black Woman Goes Wilin on Dem White B***hes

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2023 3:36am EDT

    A video shows a black woman going buck wild in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan over the weekend. She is pulling the hair of whites, throwing trash, and lunging at people. Blacks often refer to this behavior as “wilin” or “wilin out.” At one point, the black lunged at a woman holding an infant. It […]

  • Vaginal Abomination Nimrata Randhawa Wants WWIII If Ukraine Loses

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2023 2:36am EDT

    The vaginal abomination and H1-B presidential candidate Nimrata Randhawa is calling for World War III in the event that the Ukraine loses their war against Russia. Many people have pointed out that it shouldn’t matter much to her either way if there is a world war against America, because she will be able to flee […]

  • Retired US General Says NATO Couldn’t Win a War Against Russia

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2023 1:00am EDT

    It’s concerning that we’re even talking about Russia invading Europe. Despite the stupid lies of Nimrata Randhawa and others, Russia clearly has no plans to invade any NATO states. The only scenario in which this would happen would be if NATO declared war on Russia by “officially” invading the Ukraine to fight Russian troops. At […]

  • Jack Dorsey Says Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Beat DeSantis and Trump

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2023 11:38am EDT

    He can and will https://t.co/zrKLc2BKhz — jack (@jack) June 4, 2023 True but they seem to be more irrelevant by the day. — jack (@jack) June 4, 2023 Even more reason — jack (@jack) June 4, 2023 There are good right-wing arguments to be made that RFK Jr. is the better candidate. New York Post: […]

  • All Samples of Water Taken During Worldwide Ocean Race Contain Microplastics

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2023 10:59am EDT

    Pay no attention. The real issue is cows farting and people driving cars. The Guardian: Sailors testing the waters during the Ocean Race, which travels through some of the world’s most remote ocean environments, have found microplastics in every sample. Up to 1,884 microplastic particles were found per cubic metre of seawater in some locations, up […]

  • World’s Spy Chiefs Hold “Secret” Meeting in Singapore

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2023 10:54am EDT

    They should really release the minutes. Reuters: Senior officials from about two dozen of the world’s major intelligence agencies held a secret meeting on the fringes of the Shangri-La Dialogue security meeting in Singapore this weekend, five people told Reuters. Such meetings are organised by the Singapore government and have been discreetly held at a […]

  • Memetic Monday: I Refuse to Accept Anus Month, Shall Continue Normally

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2023 8:00am EDT

    It’s not Anus Month, guys. There is no Anus Month. Months are just a way of measuring time using astral bodies. A month can’t be an anus any more than a woman can drive one of those badass Polaris side-by-sides that I would just buy instead of a car, quite frankly. Make them start using […]

  • Anal Mastermind of the War on Russia Make Bold Prediction

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2023 4:32am EDT

    Now that’s what I call a normal looking person. Apparently, Jake Sullivan is in charge of executing the Ukraine war. It’s based on policy designed by Victoria Nuland, but as far as anyone can figure, Sullivan, who appears to be a very normal person, is the key coordinator. It’s not Lloyd Austin, who has turned […]