• UK: Number of Resettled Refugees Increases 56 Times in 2 Years

    Daily Stormer - Oct 18th 2022 1:00am EDT (Archive)

    I ain’t been seen a culture get enriched like this in a minute. Breitbart: The number of refugees resettled in Britain through official schemes has increased by 56 times over the past year compared to the average over the the previous five years, according to a report from Migration Watch UK. The think tank, which […]

  • Germany: 75-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Leading Right-Wing Terror Group

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 9:30pm EDT (Archive)

    Grannies are now a very big threat to the Jews. Grannies are doing terrorism now. No wonder the Jews are so paranoid – everyone really is out to get them, and for literally no reason. The Guardian: A pensioner believed to be the ringleader of a terrorist group planning to launch attacks on German politicians […]

  • Joe Biden Exposed (Final Straw, It’s So Over)

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 7:46am EDT (Archive)

    I’ve discovered these pictures of Joe Biden, and I’m going public. What the hell is Biden doing in these photos? How is Karine Le Pierre going to explain this? It’s over.

  • Michigan: Neo-Nazi Moslems Protest Against Tranny and F****t Stuff in Schools

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 6:48am EDT (Archive)

    We don’t have any room for these Moslems. We can’t tolerate it. They’re Nazis. We have to protect tranny faggot poop-eating children from this fascist sharia law agenda. Daily Caller: A Michigan school board suspended its Monday night meeting after members of the Muslim community called for the removal of sexually explicit books from the […]

  • Memetic Monday: Y’all Poked the Bear for Too Long

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 5:41am EDT (Archive)

    We’re on a serious winning streak here at the Daily Stormer. We’re celebrating scalps even as we scalp. The Jews are on blast like they haven’t been since 1945. Ye brought the goods, he delivered the goods, he punched the clock. Trump is backing him up, Russians are backing him up, the war is coming […]

  • Xi Says Beijing Won’t Back Down from Reunifying China, Use of Force Always on the Table

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 3:37am EDT (Archive)

    ‘China will never renounce use of force’ Chinese President Xi Jinping has opened the Communist Party Congress and says he wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but would never give up force as a last resorthttps://t.co/1kqSpeFaD9 pic.twitter.com/aZO8IOczOm — Sky News (@SkyNews) October 16, 2022 WATCH: Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping’s speech on Taiwan reunification triggered the biggest […]

  • The EU Blackmailing of Serbia is Unacceptable

    Daily Stormer - Oct 17th 2022 3:21am EDT (Archive)

    Serbia is the only white country not called “Russia” that has any balls left. Every other white country is gay, and the population does nothing but masturbate to tranny porn. But Serbia is willing to fight. RT: The EU’s pressure on Serbia is unacceptable, and the country’s citizens should accept that the bloc doesn’t want […]

  • Jewish Media Announces “Nightmare Covid” Finally Here

    Daily Stormer - Oct 16th 2022 9:57am EDT (Archive)

    At least the Daily Beast gave us a cool gif. According to the lying Jewish media, a new version of coronavirus has emerged, and this time it’s actually deadly. People will believe this gobbledygook. People are very stupid and they love being lied to by the Jews. Daily Beast: A new subvariant of the novel-coronavirus called XBB […]

  • Elon Musk Discusses Nuclear War with Kim Dotcom

    Daily Stormer - Oct 16th 2022 9:28am EDT (Archive)

    Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that he’s going to keep funding the Ukraine’s Starlink satellite internet access. It’s not clear why. Kim Dotcom confronted him about it. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, so … guess I’m just damned — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 15, 2022 I’m trying my hardest to de-escalate this […]

  • Daily Stormer - Oct 16th 2022 5:59am EDT (Archive)

    This is one of the most normal things I’ve seen in quite a while: At an event at Irvine Valley College in California this weekend, Joe Biden creeped up on a young slut and started talking to her about her sex life. The girl looks about 12. President Joe Biden grabs a young girl by […]