• Turkey Restricts Exports to Israel Over Gaza Genocide

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 11:00pm EDT

    #Turkey restricts exports of 54 products to Israel until #Gaza ceasefire Turkey says it will impose restrictions on exports to Israel until there is a ceasefire and increased humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. The Turkish Ministry of Trade said on Tuesday it will no longer… pic.twitter.com/qMr962gPvZ — DOAM (@doamuslims) April 9, 2024 The only […]

  • AOC Claims Deepfakes Threaten People’s Lives, Wants “Victims” to Sue “Consumers”

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 10:09pm EDT

    This piece by @lorenaoneil talking to @AOC raises the same facts we’ve been talking about since December. The vast majority of deepfake videos online – 96% – are of non-consensual sexual material featuring women. It also quotes Mary Anne Franks, a legal scholar specialising… pic.twitter.com/KbdnfCVN5a — ControlAI (@ai_ctrl) April 9, 2024 Can victims sue consumers? […]

  • European Union Declares War on African Coffee

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 9:00pm EDT

    Well, they declared war on cigarettes. No one should have expected that coffee was safe. Coffee is the brother of cigarettes. The Guardian: The first white flowers are starting to appear on the branches of Habtamu Wolde’s coffee bushes in the Kafa region of southwest Ethiopia. They will bloom several more times before turning into […]

  • NYC Restaurant Employs Virtual Cashiers From the Philippines

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 8:14pm EDT

    Hahaha. New York Post: A new restaurant chain in New York City is outsourcing staff to the Philippines, using screens with virtual hostesses on Zoom calls instead of in-person employees to greet customers and help with check-out. The shops — which specialize in fried chicken and ramen — are taking advantage of the massive wealth […]

  • Elon Musk Responds to Claims Twitter is Filled with American State Disinformation, Agrees with Assertion

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 2:24pm EDT

    Elon Musk, who is fat and retarded, is pictured in the cramped back seat of one of his disgusting, cheaply produced cars, sweating on the plastic interior. Experts believe his sausage fingers are “completely useless.” Elon is responding to that shit I wrote yesterday about how he’s pushing “free speech” in Brazil so the US […]

  • UK: Man Convicted of Being Mean to Pro-Tranny Politician on Social Media

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 7:08am EDT

    The hateful bigot had a problem with the mulatto politician supporting trannies “breastfeeding” So, it’s illegal in the UK to be against trannies “breastfeeding.” They will arrest you and convict you of a crime if you complain about this on the internet. ITV: An internet troll who accused a Labour politician of being a paedophile […]

  • Australia: School Apologizes for Teaching 9th Grade Girls About Bestiality During Anal Lesson

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 6:45am EDT

    Some sickos at government child & adolescent mental health service ⁦@headspace_aus⁩ thinks high school “Respectful Relatonships” (Sex Ed) includes graphically describing to 14 year old girls that “beastiality is accepted in the LGBTQIA+ community” https://t.co/pDWAGXunz1 — Angela Jones (@angijones) April 4, 2024 This lesson is about anal, okay? It’s not a damn animal sex lesson. […]

  • Female Brute Shoots Random Drivers on Florida Interstate, Blames Solar Eclipse

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 6:35am EDT

    NEW: Woman goes on a shooting spree during the solar eclipse claiming “GOD” told her to do it; police say Taylon Nichelle Celestine allegedly fired shots at a passing car on the interstate The first male driver was grazed by a bullet on the arm and was struck with glass… pic.twitter.com/jXKlF3Ycn3 — Unlimited L’s (@unlimited_ls) […]

  • Female Diversity Hire Dies After Walking Into Air Force Drone Propeller

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 6:32am EDT

    Stephanie Cosme She just walked straight into it! Maybe if all the diversity hires die in ridiculous, Loony Toons style accidents, the military will collapse before there is even a war. If there is a war, then you’re going to have a very serious problem with these diversity hires. The people who the US is […]

  • CBP Says Only 125,000+ Unvetted Migrants Released Into San Diego in Past Six Months

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 6:28am EDT

    Over 125,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego County in the past 7 months. This isn’t just a local issue; it’s a national issue, as most people are going elsewhere in the country. Open border policies, without proper vetting, have dire consequences. We have already seen… pic.twitter.com/L43VV4AhrI — Supervisor Jim Desmond (@jim_desmond) April 8, […]

  • Netanyahu Says There’s a Date Set for the Start of the Rafah Slaughter

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 5:48am EDT

    BREAKING: CEASEFIRE NEGOTIATIONS IN CAIRO HAVE FAILED Netanyahu escalates his pledge to invade Rafah and says a date has been set for the Israeli invasion of Rafah, Gaza’s last refuge for displaced Palestinians. pic.twitter.com/pEAiB2wiux — Khalissee (@Kahlissee) April 8, 2024 Bibi did not miss a beat after the world flipped out over the soup kitchen […]

  • Utah: Teen Survives Heart Attack a Day After His 17th Birthday

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 10:49pm EDT

    That’s not something you see every day… I’m talking about a woman doing something useful. Don’t worry. This happened all the time. You just never heard about it. Now, anti-vax propagandists promote these stories. It was always happening, and no one talked about it, but now the anti-vaxers talk about it to push their anti-science […]

  • NAIA Bans Trannies From Women’s Sports

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 9:14pm EDT

    I didn’t know what the NAIA was. It’s some kind of hate group, like the KKK or the NRA. Reuters: The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics on Monday banned transgender women from competing in women’s sports, taking a more hardline stance than other athletic bodies that allow trans athletes to compete based on testosterone levels. […]

  • South American Gangs Using Ghillie Suits and WiFi Jammers to Steal From American Homes

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 8:14pm EDT

    NEW: “Burglary tourism” Illegals steal $8MILLION; exploiting visa waivers to target luxury homes while using GHILLIE suits and WiFi jammers Prosecutors say the break-in is part of a larger issue involving “burglary tourists” from visa waiver countries entering the US for up to… pic.twitter.com/lKKkwo3I3n — Unlimited L’s (@unlimited_ls) April 7, 2024 It’s hard not to […]

  • Cyprus Asks the EU to Help it With Accelerating Flood of Invaders

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 8:10pm EDT

    They’re gonna pay your pension, whether you like it or not Don’t forget: white countries are still being flooded with the most brown people ever. It’s not just the United States. European leaders are obsessed with trying to start a world war with Russia, so this issue is maybe not as prominent as it was. […]

  • Memetic Monday: Sorry About This

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 12:51pm EDT

    So, my interent is broken. I should have just done these memes tomorrow. Further: the site’s writing will be much better soon. Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week: And the Runner=Up: The primo collection follows (actually most of them are missing because I couldn’t save files because the internet is broken).

  • Yellen Says She’s Ordering the President to Stop Importing Chinese Products

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 12:48pm EDT

    WATCH: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned China that Washington will not accept new industries being decimated by Chinese imports, as she wrapped up four days of meetings to press her case for Beijing to rein in excess industrial capacity https://t.co/UxMyrpPutU pic.twitter.com/Ldm2Omr4E0 — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) April 8, 2024 U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on […]

  • Victims of Montana’s Cancer-Causing Asbestos Pollution Taking BNSF Railway to Court

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 3:46am EDT

    Why does the US government allow these corporations to give everyone cancer? Why is nothing regulated? They raised the smoking age to 21. They tried to force you to take a deadly gene therapy treatment. They will stop you on the road to see if you’ve had a beer. The US government goes to Africa […]

  • White House Disagrees with Soup Kitchen Founder That Jews “Waging War Against Humanity Itself”

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 1:00am EDT

    “This doesn’t seem a war against terror. This doesn’t seem anymore a war about defending Israel. This really, at this point, seems it’s a war against humanity itself,” José Andrés tells @MarthaRaddatz after seven World Central Kitchen workers were killed. https://t.co/pYbFw0dG52 pic.twitter.com/Vxwl8RkXf6 — ABC News (@ABC) April 7, 2024 Finally, we’re talking serious. Andres had […]

  • Woman Who Posed as 14-Year-Old to Have Sex With Teens Arrested Again, Hit With New Charges

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2024 2:45pm EDT

    23-year-old Alyssa Ann Zinger hit with Sex charges for posing as a teenager to have Sex with 12-15 year old boys. Zinger was arrested last November for allegedly engaging in at least 30 Sexual acts with a middle school student. Zinger would pretend to be a homeschooled,… pic.twitter.com/qpyrD8YAkD — GIDI (@Gidi_Traffic) April 7, 2024 Did […]

  • Michigan: Black Shoots Chipotle Employee in the Leg Over Guacamole Dispute

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2024 2:15pm EDT

    NEW: Customer shoots a Chipotle employee over a fight about guacamole at a Michigan Chipotle. After shooting the employee, the 32-year-old man fled the scene in his car. According to a bystander, the incident started when the man walked around the counter to finish preparing… pic.twitter.com/BXlYJ940IJ — Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) April 7, 2024 We all […]

  • Israel: Jew Runs Over Anti-Bibi Protesters With Car

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2024 2:36am EDT

    תיעוד דריסת המפגינים בתל אביב. 5 נפגעו. הנהג נעצר לאחר שברח מהמקום צילום: איתי רזיאל pic.twitter.com/t8Lc54tbfZ — Bar Peleg (@bar_peleg) April 6, 2024 Oh, Jews? I thought only the “Islamic terrorists” did this? RT: A car plowed into a crowd of protesters demanding the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on […]

  • Anonymous Right-Wing Social Media Users With Cartoon Avatars Obliterating Democracy

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2024 1:00am EDT

    Extremely concerning https://t.co/FvmiRXOWIA — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 2, 2024 “End Wokeness” is not even a good account. All of the good accounts are banned for various confusing reasons. Andrew Anglin was banned for masturbating to a half-naked picture of a man’s wife. Elon Musk has refused to outline what you are and are not […]

  • Jew-Owned US House to Vote on Denouncing Biden’s Call for Gaza Ceasefire

    Daily Stormer - Apr 6th 2024 11:03am EDT

    If you think Biden is a “King Kikesucker,” just wait until you meet the Republicans. These faggots are choking on kike. Axios: The House is scheduled to vote next week on a measure slamming President Biden for advocating an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza in a call with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. The vote threatens […]

  • Fat Retard Musk Says He Didn’t Cancel Plans to Compete with Chinese EVs

    Daily Stormer - Apr 6th 2024 10:44am EDT

    He’s fat. He’s retarded. He’ll ban you from masturbating. Reuters reported that the censorship overlord Elon Musk is canceling plans to make a cheaper Tesla to compete with the Chinese. Musk, who is fat and retarded, responded on Twitter to a post about this. Then – get this – Elon’s response to the tweet was […]