• SNUBBED: Chuck Schumer Refuses to Shake Joe Biden’s Hand

    Daily Stormer - Aug 9th 2022 11:54am EDT (Archive)

    Joe Biden shakes hands with Chuck Schumer and then immediately forgets he did it and tries again. pic.twitter.com/QN0Mv4TeKk — Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) August 9, 2022 In the above video you can witness the disgraceful and evil Jewish rat refusing to shake hands with Joe Biden. This is some kind of event or something, who the […]

  • Just to Be Clear – The Trump Siege Wasn’t Even About January 6

    Daily Stormer - Aug 9th 2022 11:46am EDT (Archive)

    I just want everyone to be clear here: the Siege of Mar-a-Lago (2022) was not even about January 6, or in fact about any of the other various crimes that Donald Trump has been accused of by the Jews. This is all sort of confusing right now, 24 hours out from the event, but the […]

  • Based Ugandan Government Cracks Down on Faggot Pressure Group

    Daily Stormer - Aug 9th 2022 6:07am EDT (Archive)

    Of course… Africa is more civilized than all Western countries based purely on the fact that they don’t have anal celebrations. I am frankly tired of right-wingers calling Africa a “nigger shithole” and so on. Say what you want about the blacks – they hold down the faggots. BBC News: Ugandan officials have banned a […]

  • Germany: British-Style “Non-Crime Hate Incidents” Coming to Country’s Most Populous State

    Daily Stormer - Aug 9th 2022 6:05am EDT (Archive)

    I bet the krauts are gonna be even goofier than the Brits at this Just because it’s not a crime doesn’t mean it isn’t pure hatred of the color of the skin. Or, for that matter: hatred of the length of the nose. Life Site News: In North Rhine-Westphalia, a heavily populated state in western […]

  • Alleged Serial Killer Targeting Moslems in Albuquerque

    Daily Stormer - Aug 9th 2022 5:59am EDT (Archive)

    Serial killer? More like serial awesome. I joke, joke. I disavow killing Moslems. Although, it’s really hard to care. These Moslems have been killing us for a long time. A long time. NBC News: Sharief Hadi, a halal market and cafe owner, left Afghanistan in the 1980s and settled in the United States for what […]

  • Russia Shuts Down Treaty for US Inspection of Their Nuclear Sites

    Daily Stormer - Aug 8th 2022 1:40pm EDT (Archive)

    Cue the guitar riff. RT: Moscow has informed Washington of a “temporary withdrawal” from the inspection regime under the START nuclear disarmament treaty, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday. Citing treaty provisions for “exceptional circumstances,” Russia is saying the Western sanctions have prevented its inspectors from performing their duties, thus giving US inspectors an unfair advantage. Once the […]

  • Memetic Monday: Meme Friendly, Invite Friends

    Daily Stormer - Aug 8th 2022 1:33pm EDT (Archive)

    I’m late again. I mean, it’s still Monday. I had technical problems again. Not with the site, but in my actual real life. Please remember to send crypto. I do have an editor’s pick, however: And a very worthy runner-up: Here are the rest. Bonus Information: Nick Fuentes currently going viral on TikTok right now. […]

  • CBS Deletes “Arming Ukraine” Documentary, Says the US Government Told Them To

    Daily Stormer - Aug 8th 2022 9:52am EDT (Archive)

    This is the top of yesterday’s article about CBS’s “Arming Ukraine” At some point in the last 24 hours, following the blow-up of CBS’s “Arming Ukraine,” the entire thing has been memory holed completely. In an article earlier today, I was trying to embed it in the article and it wasn’t appearing. I clicked through […]

  • #FreezeForUkraine: Millions of Germans to be Unable to Afford Heat

    Daily Stormer - Aug 8th 2022 9:05am EDT (Archive)

    Freezing to death is a small price to pay to protect the vibrant democracy in the Ukraine. RT: At least a third of Germans on low incomes may not be able to pay increasingly high energy bills, the German Tenants’ Association (DMB) has warned, urging the government to make changes to housing programs. “That’s a […]

  • Democrats Pass Large Tax Bill to Change the Weather in the Middle of a Recession

    Daily Stormer - Aug 8th 2022 9:05am EDT (Archive)

    Remember: you’re life might be hard, but it’s going to be a lot harder when the weather finally changes and everyone gets really hot with swamp ass. We have to act now to change the weather and make it colder so that you will not have to deal with a sweaty ass in years to […]