• France: Complaining About Noise is Racist Hatred

    Daily Stormer - Oct 14th 2022 8:10am EDT (Archive)

    White people need to learn to sit down, shut up, and listen to brown people making a racket. White people have no right to complain about all the noise that colored folk make – not after what they did in the Holocaust. White people changed the eye color of the Jews. They don’t tell you […]

  • Germany: Leftists Go Full Democracy, Demand AfD be Banned

    Daily Stormer - Oct 14th 2022 7:57am EDT (Archive)

    Germany is going full-democracy. This is like democracy on steroids. Remix: Members of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Left party (Die Linke) are calling for a ban on the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) party just as it surges in the polls, raising fears that Germany, which prides itself on being democratic, will attempt […]

  • Jew Blackballer Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz Harasses White Woman Opposed to Tranny Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - Oct 14th 2022 5:33am EDT (Archive)

    Jon interviewed Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General, about why her state banned gender-affirming care for minors – ignoring the guidelines of major medical organizations and taking the decision out of parents’ hands. Watch the full interview on @AppleTVPlus pic.twitter.com/4SoH3orWa6 — The Problem With Jon Stewart (@TheProblem) October 7, 2022 Last week, Joh “Stewart” Leibowitz, a […]

  • 21-Year-Old F-to-M Tranny on the Verge of Suicide Whines About Hair Loss!

    Daily Stormer - Oct 14th 2022 3:18am EDT (Archive)

    Just for some perspective: this is what almost five years of hormones does to a teenage girl. Remember, I’m 21. pic.twitter.com/DZh1ycVt6O — KC Miller (@KCMiller1225) October 9, 2022 In the above video, “KC Miller,” an f-to-m tranny, whines about her hair loss. It’s a pretty shocking video, and its gotten 5 million views in the […]

  • Stolen Valor: Brandon Falsely Claims His Son was Killed in Iraq

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 11:37am EDT (Archive)

    #TRENDING NOW: [Misinformation] Joe Biden Claims his late son Beau ‘lost his life in Iraq.’ pic.twitter.com/JJyP780b51 — Trending 911 (@trending911) October 12, 2022 At an event this week, Joe Brandon falsely claimed that his son “lost his life in Iraq.” This is totally false. His son died of cancer, which is believed to have been […]

  • Hoholistan Shells Russian City Using American Missiles

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 8:34am EDT (Archive)

    This is what democracy looks like! Remember when America said they got a guarantee from that Jew rat Zelensky that he wouldn’t use American missiles to attack Russia? I remember that, but the Jewish media forgot. What’s more: of course they just attack people’s apartments rather than any legitimate military target. By the way, thus […]

  • More Pro-Lifers Raided by FBI Goons!

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 8:19am EDT (Archive)

    This is just getting goofy at this point. They are just crushing us, and everyone is standing by slack-jawed. Life Site News: The FBI raided the home of pro-life activist Paul Vaughn in front of his children and arrested him, charging him with “conspiracy against rights secured by the FACE Act, and committing FACE Act […]

  • Jury Orders Alex Jones to Pay $965 Million for Exposing Sandy Hoaxsters

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 8:04am EDT (Archive)

    Infowars host Alex Jones must pay a collective total of $965 million to the family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims for falsely claiming the massacre was a hoax pic.twitter.com/VIhud0sh6d — NowThis (@nowthisnews) October 13, 2022 America, by the way. Free speech, by the way. RT: Controversial radio host Alex Jones has been ordered by […]

  • The Science Demands Animals, Trees and Rivers be Given Legal Rights

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 7:16am EDT (Archive)

    Now ask this fat bitch what she thinks about abortion When you attack God and remove Christianity from the social order, any ridiculous and stupid thing becomes possible. The Guardian: Granting legal rights and protections to non-human entities such as animals, trees and rivers is essential if countries are to tackle climate breakdown and biodiversity […]

  • REAL NEWS: Video Games Can Give Your Kid Heart Attacks!

    Daily Stormer - Oct 13th 2022 6:27am EDT (Archive)

    Dang. I almost had a heart attack just watching this. The list of things that don’t give you heart attacks gets shorter every day, but the safe and deadly vax will always be there. The Sun: Video games could trigger heart attacks in children with undiagnosed heart issues, new research has revealed. Some kids are […]