• Belgium: Moslems Vandalize, Burn Down Schools After “Sexual Education” Made Mandatory

    Daily Stormer - Sep 16th 2023 9:00am EDT

    “Four schools burned in one night” I’m really starting to think that an Islamic takeover of Europe may be the only solution. Just as long as I can still worship Jesus and import ultra-refined reposado, I don’t really see any downsides AP: Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Friday that he will seek […]

  • Denver: Homeless Entrepreneurs Set Up Bars and Brothels in Tent City

    Daily Stormer - Sep 16th 2023 4:00am EDT

    Homeless encampments are a real party. This is a lot more fun than any shitty middle class suburb I’ve been to. New York Post: A decked-out, open-air tavern for the homeless that also rents out tents for prostitution has popped up in downtown Denver, according to police. The pop-up speakeasy — which features lounge chairs, […]

  • The Guardian Says Democracy Fails If People Have Free Access to Information

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 8:41pm EDT

    Okay, so… If “democracy” can’t survive without mass internet censorship, then it seems to me that democracy is not a valid system. The entire concept underlying modern democracy – which is universal suffrage democracy (as opposed to a traditional American-style system where only land-owners can vote) – is that every person in society, including even […]

  • Florida City Offers “Safe Place” for Anti-Heterosexuals, Way to Report “Anti-LGBTQ Crimes”

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 11:45am EDT

    Red Ronny is turning Florida into an anal hellscape. He’s against the wokies complaining that his state is too gay. After all – we’ve established that Dems are the real homophobes. The Guardian: A central Florida city is moving forward with plans to join the popular national Safe Place initiative protecting LGBTQ+ people and others, […]

  • Study Shows Almost Everyone in Europe is Poisoned with High Amounts of BPA

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 11:16am EDT

    BPA is a synthetic estrogen. That is to say, it makes men behave like menstruating women. It really explains a lot, no? Euronews: Exposure to the synthetic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) exceeds acceptable health safety levels, a European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing said. Europeans are exposed to levels of Bisphenol A (or BPA) that exceed […]

  • Cops Arrest Real Madrid Players for Distributing Video of Consensual Sex Recorded Without Consent

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 5:01am EDT

    Spanish men have a history of getting all romancey and then being destroyed. You’d think they’d have learned by now. Related: Spanish Serial Kisser Resigns as Australian Police Vow to Investigate Illegal Peck There’s a really easy way to not be exposed as a dirty whore – don’t be a dirty whore! The Guardian: Spanish […]

  • Canada: School Board Purges Library of All Books Written Before 2008

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 1:12am EDT

    We’ve been saying forever that there will need to be a “year zero” for this revolution, because basically everything in history violates the current “universal morality” created by the “rules-based order.” That year is going to need to be a lot later than 2008. You could definitely still make tranny jokes, for example, long after […]

  • UK: Blacks Protest Racist Paki Shop Owners Not Letting Them Steal Stuff

    Daily Stormer - Sep 14th 2023 7:31am EDT

    White people are probably to blame for this, somehow After all that Pakistan has done to the Africans, it seems to me that the very least the Pakis could do is let the Africans steal from them. But of course, we’re not living in a fair world. We’re living in a world of hate, run […]

  • Moronic 80-IQ Ukrainian Says Chinese are Stupid

    Daily Stormer - Sep 14th 2023 7:09am EDT

    Your standard Ukraine genius We’ve run the math on this “Ukrainian” IQ issue. Just to refresh: “Ukrainian” is a bastard language, a cross between Russian and Polish. Before the 2014 coup made it the national language, it was only spoken as a primary language by the lowest peasants. All of the wealthy and middle class […]

  • NASA’s Mars Rover Generates Enough Oxygen for a Small Dog to Breathe for 10 Hours

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 2:47pm EDT

    You guys think this is real? I don’t really have an opinion on it. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if it was fake or real. New York Post: A breakthrough instrument on NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover is considered a mission success after producing enough oxygen for a small dog to breathe for about 10 hours. The Mars Oxygen […]

  • California Bans Banning Tranny Books in Schools!

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 2:44pm EDT

    This is a book called “Being You” and the suggested age range is 2-5 years old. It teaches toddlers that there are many genders and that they can be trans. When they say “we’re coming for your kids”, they mean it. pic.twitter.com/vw4uXN9bg1 — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) September 12, 2023 Hahaha! They’re giving tranny books […]

  • Iran’s New Bill to Jail Women for 10 Years If They Repeatedly Defy Mandatory Hijab Law

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 9:37am EDT

    In Iran, a woman arrested for alleged non-compliance with the state’s repressive forced-hijab law was subjected to violence during her arrest, reports Manoto. Iran’s forced-hijab law is not just discriminatory; it fosters violence against women and must be abolished.… pic.twitter.com/IEP9bGuZGA — IranHumanRights.org (@ICHRI) September 10, 2023 Quite frankly, sluts should just be in jail right […]

  • Italy: Neo-Nazis Attack Diversity After South American Fire Ants Found in Europe

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 7:24am EDT

    Since 2017, the fire ant population of Italy has been an absolute majority. Absolute majority. Folks like me, of black ant descent, are going to be an absolute minority. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s the source of our strength. The Guardian: An invasive non-native ant species has become established in Italy and could […]

  • Rhode Island: Local Newspaper Demands Providence Erase All Mentions of Lovecraft

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 5:52am EDT

    Old British man visiting Providence’s only tourist attraction It was only a matter of time before they came for Lovecraft. He didn’t really love black people or the Jews. The Post Millennial: Providence, Rhode Island has officially designated September 10 Edward Mitchell Bannister Day as a tribute to the trailblazing 19th-century African-American painter. While some […]

  • Watch: Drug Addicts Acting Like Zombies in Philadelphia

    Daily Stormer - Sep 12th 2023 7:10pm EDT

    This is Philadelphia. pic.twitter.com/2xKFei0w7m — Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) September 10, 2023 This utopia is starting to get really gross. New York Post: Distressing new video shows addicts stumbling in a trance-like state along sidewalks strewn with burning trash heaps at the epicenter of Philadelphia’s “tranq” drug epidemic. The Kensington neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia, which has become […]

  • S**t Running for Office in Virginia Claims Re-Uploading Her Camwhore Videos is a Crime

    Daily Stormer - Sep 12th 2023 7:08pm EDT

    Women are such stupid whores. Instead of just saying “yeah, I did some porn – most women under the age of 40 have sex videos somewhere on the internet” she is acting like these were private videos. AP: A candidate in a high-stakes legislative contest in Virginia had sex with her husband in live videos […]

  • Danny Masterson Court Sketch is the Best Meme Face Since Smugler

    Daily Stormer - Sep 12th 2023 11:15am EDT

    ATTENTION – OFFICIAL MEME ANNOUNCEMENT I read the latest Danny Masterson news every day. There is a bit of a backlash, with people coming out and saying that sentencing a guy to live in prison for alleged date rapes that were not reported until 14 years after they allegedly occurred is a bit extreme. A […]

  • UK: Terminally Ill 19-Year-Old Denied Care by NHS Banned From Speaking in Public

    Daily Stormer - Sep 12th 2023 10:39am EDT

    If the government decides you can’t have health treatment, that decision is final. You can’t just go around talking about it. That’s totally against the law in a democracy. Breitbart: Healthcare providers in the United Kingdom’s socialist medical system have sought to block a seriously ill teenage girl from extending her life-saving care, prevented her […]

  • You Should be Seeing This

    Daily Stormer - Sep 12th 2023 4:00am EDT

    The site was down for most of yesterday, so I’m going to do updates a bit late today. You can see this stuff from yesterday now, then come back in the late morning or early afternoon for new stuff.

  • Canada: “Conservative Tranny” Quits Party After Vote Against Child Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 10:39pm EDT

    How are conservatives ever going to get the tranny vote if they keep opposing the mutilation of children’s genitals? Don’t they realize that you have to play politics if you want to win??? CP24: The first openly transgender person to run for the federal Conservatives warns that a policy adopted by the party over the […]

  • Germany: Government Passes Green Heating Law That Might Cost Economy 1 Trillion Euros

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 9:40pm EDT

    It’s a small price to pay for democracy. Or for trannies. Or to change the weather or whatever. Who even knows anymore. Whatever it is, it’s really, really good and important. Remix: After six months of fierce debate, Germany’s left-wing government has passed the country’s controversial green heating law, the Building Energy Act (GEG), with […]

  • BREAKING: Women’s Vaginas are Rotting

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 5:39pm EDT

    pic.twitter.com/UAwTYnUZ4a — BIacks Taking L’s (@NsPostingFs) August 6, 2023 Well. I actually already knew this. Mabel Banfield-Nwachi writes for The Guardian: “Us girls, we have a lot of problems down there and it’s an absolute nightmare,” one influencer says on TikTok, like a seasoned teleshopping host. She reels off a list that includes thrush, bacterial […]

  • Student Who Had Sex With Female Teacher to Get $2.25 Million From California School District

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 10:55am EDT

    Laura Whitehurst When young people ask me what it’s all about, I tell them one simple thing: “pussy and paper is poetry, power and pistols and plotting on murdering motherfuckers before they get you.” It really is that simple. New York Post: A southern California school district will shell out $2.25 million to a sex […]

  • Netherlands: Thousands Detained After Climate Cultists Block Highway to Change the Weather

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 10:03am EDT

    One of the most popular ways to change the weather is to block the highway. People are very fat these days, so they want the weather to be colder so they don’t sweat so much. Therefore, blocking the highway has become very popular. Euronews: Thousands of climate activists blocked a Dutch highway over the weekend […]

  • Memetic Monday: Wishing everyone a happy 9/11! Never forget the Holocaust! 

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 7:31am EDT

    Hey, hey, hey! It’s Mon-mon-day! Wishing everyone a happy 9/11! Never forget the Holocaust! (Because if it would have been real, 9/11 never would have happened!) I’m really busy today NOT PLAYING STARFIELD BECAUSE IT IS A NIGGERFEST. Actually, it’s a decent simulation of what it is like to live in a space empire filled […]