• High School Blacks Shoot Security Guard in the Back of the Head During Football Game

    Daily Stormer - Sep 11th 2023 7:05am EDT

    Security guard shot in the head and passed away in Utica ny proctor high school football varsity game pic.twitter.com/6BUTioxzQW — Unknown (@FromTheU315) September 9, 2023 Utica school security officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head while trying to break up a fight in the parking lot after the Proctor High football […]

  • Total Confusion: Hanoi Joe Cut Off Mid-Sentence by Aide, Music

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 6:56pm EDT

    WATCH: Joe Biden’s staff cuts off a rambling Joe Biden mid-sentence and abruptly ends his news conference. I have never seen this occur with any other president. pic.twitter.com/LqvW2VsESH — Andrew @ Don’t Walk, RUN! (@DontWalkRUN) September 10, 2023 I don’t want to be the “hey, check out this new clip of Joe Biden being senile” […]

  • Lavrov Says America Failed to “Ukrainize” the G20 Summit

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 9:32am EDT

    The US is definitely losing it’s grip. I don’t think anyone can deny that at this point. RT: The West failed to make the G20 summit in New Delhi revolve around the Ukraine conflict, thanks in no small part to the efforts of developing countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has noted. Speaking to reporters […]

  • Female Teacher Faces 25 Years Over “Raping” 12-Year-Old and Befriending Former Students

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 9:03am EDT

    Alissa McCommon was arrested outside her home Friday No one really understands why these teachers keep having sex with school boys. Honestly, I don’t even understand it. I think the basic matter is that everywhere a woman goes, she turns it into some kind of sex fiasco, because sex is the only way a woman […]

  • Just an Average Day Living in the Society…

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 6:54am EDT

    Somehow, I ended up on the homepage of “Vogue” this morning. This was the top story: We are being absolutely buried with this stuff. You can’t get away from it. It is everywhere, all the time. Something related to gay anal is the top story on every news site, every day. I just checked, and […]

  • Woman in a Coma Since She Was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 5:04am EDT

    Previously: Good News! Woman in Vegetative State Gives Birth to Healthy Baby, We Don’t Need Them Conscious We REALLY Don’t Need Them Conscious: Experts Weigh in on Vegetative-State Pregnancy I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce. Women – at […]

  • Germany: 80% of Ukrainian Refugees Still Jobless After a Year and a Half

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 6:59pm EDT

    “BEHOLD!” Most people won’t work if you give them free money. Maybe Germans will. But most other groups will not. RT: Only 20% of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Germany after the outbreak of the conflict with Russia are currently employed, Die Welt has reported. According to the UN, just over 1 million Ukrainian refugees […]

  • Trump Condemns Plans for Electric Tanks and Fighter Jets

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 2:49pm EDT

    Trump: We are a nation that wants to make our army tanks all electric so that despite the fact That they will not be able to go very far either. Few pollutants will be released into the air as we blast our way through enemy territory. pic.twitter.com/VDuj4XBYYk — Acyn (@Acyn) September 9, 2023 For a […]

  • California Declares August Tranny History Month

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 2:41pm EDT

    The history of trannies is what? Suicide and child molestation? The Post Millennial: California became the first state in the nation to make history with the trans-identifying community on Wednesday by officially recognizing the month of August as Transgender History Month. The alleged goal of Transgender History Month, which will be celebrated for the first […]

  • Ukraine Denounces Pope as Traitor to Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 2:26pm EDT

    Mikhail Podoliak is demanding the Pope get off his tits The Ukrainians abandoned their religion of 1000 years to embrace Westernism, and the dang Pope turns around and bends them over. It’s so sad the way the Ukraine goes around the world asking for help, genuinely believing that people have good hearts, and everyone just […]

  • Drag Queen Principal Once Charged With Possession of Child Porn Still Working at Elementary School

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 6:02am EDT

    You can’t make this up. Shane Murnan, Principal at @wh_isd, who’s also a drag queen, has another drag queen working for him as a Kindergarten aide. They both use their drag Facebook accounts to communicate about their work in the elementary school. Disturbing! https://t.co/qFEvQvOMIx pic.twitter.com/9YX9rZr1bz — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) September 7, 2023 Everyone knows […]

  • Chicago Housing Hundreds of Migrants at Busy Airport Behind Black Curtains

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 5:53am EDT

    The city of Chicago has been sheltering groups of migrants at O’Hare International Airport, where asylum seekers say the living conditions are inhumane. MORE: https://t.co/wmECWWEQuJ #MorningInAmerica pic.twitter.com/fZninLDeEL — NewsNation (@NewsNation) September 5, 2023 VIDEO: This is what’s happening behind the black curtain. Our @NewsNation team obtained video of what migrants describe as “inhumane” conditions at […]

  • Rapper Confesses to Murder in Music Video, Gets Arrested

    Daily Stormer - Sep 9th 2023 5:47am EDT

    Kenjuan McDaniel, 25, was arrested on August 29 after police said lyrics in one of his recent music videos included details about a murder that had not been publicly released pic.twitter.com/3YeYBTYVsm — No Jumper (@nojumper) September 8, 2023 Well. This is not the way it’s supposed to work. If niggas be get charge they song, […]

  • Care Bears Rushing to Protect Illegal Migrants in El Paso, Help Them Invade

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 9:20pm EDT

    Push the button and the Love Police, also known as the Care Bears (formerly the US Border Patrol) will come to assist you shortly. New York Post: Migrant deaths while crossing the US-Mexico border have hit 500 this year, with 134 in just one area alone. Extra Border Patrol agents have been dispatched to the […]

  • “That 70s Show” Actor Sentenced to 30-to-Life for “Rape” That Allegedly Occurred 20 Years Ago

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 12:24pm EDT

    This is why they locked Danny Masterson up pic.twitter.com/JrsGQUiGRE — Alia Dax (@AliaTheReycist) September 8, 2023 I told you all in 2020, when the Harvey Weinstein sentence came down, that there was no possible thing that was impossible in terms of rape hoaxing. Since that verdict, we’ve seen exactly what I foresaw: a lunatic push […]

  • Ukraine Official Says Elon Musk “Committed Evil” by Not Activating Starlink During Doomed Offensive

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 9:45am EDT

    Sometimes a mistake is much more than just a mistake. By not allowing Ukrainian drones to destroy part of the Russian military (!) fleet via #Starlink interference, @elonmusk allowed this fleet to fire Kalibr missiles at Ukrainian cities. As a result, civilians, children are… — Михайло Подоляк (@Podolyak_M) September 7, 2023 They’re coming at Elon […]

  • Poland: Soros Buys Majority Shares in Media Outlet to “Defend Independent Media”

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 5:30am EDT

    This man loves us, even if we hate him for no reason While the US government in league with Jewish groups shuts down opposition media – they are currently totally at war with Twitter and you see what they’ve done to the Daily Stormer – the Jews claim “free speech” gives them a right to […]

  • Minnesota: Indian Female Politician Who Wanted to Defund the Police Whines About Getting Carjacked

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 5:18am EDT

    Everyone knew that these dumb whores who were whining about the cops – demanding they be defunded – were going to start whining even harder when the blacks started victimizing them on the streets. It’s very funny. I mean… it’s racist for this privileged Indian to complain about being attacked by the blacks, isn’t? After […]

  • New York: Black Mayor Attacked for Saying Greatest Strength is Destroying His City

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 5:09am EDT

    The dawn of the age of the based black guy has… begun. The Guardian: The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has said an increase in migration would “destroy” the city, seemingly blaming the Biden administration for failing to provide federal support as much as the Republican governors who have sent asylum seekers north. Adams […]

  • California: Judge Blocks School District’s Policy of Telling Parents If Their Kids are Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 11:06pm EDT

    The mongrel attorney general seems very proud of himself These parents all ignored what was happening in the schools until they finally realized that the schools were secretly turning their kids gay, and parents were not being told. Now we’re at the point where not only can teachers keep it a secret – they are […]

  • Kim Jong Un to Ride Into Russia on Stylish Bulletproof Train

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 10:06pm EDT

    With its signature green paint, Kim Jong Un’s train is believed to include more than 20 armored cars. It’s equipped with a communications system and a special cabin for Kim where he has been seen at work. Here’s more on his preferred mode of travel: https://t.co/3vCdsr1E8U pic.twitter.com/lRTlGJCRyH — Reuters (@Reuters) September 7, 2023 Very cool, […]

  • Mexico: Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    Oh this will be very good for sluts and companies that sell parts of fetuses to bio-research firms. Not so good for anyone else. But sluts come first. That’s called “democracy.” The Guardian: Mexico’s supreme court has unanimously ruled that state laws prohibiting abortion are unconstitutional and violate women’s rights, in the latest in a […]

  • Federal Judge Rules Texas Must Remove Floating Toy Barrier from Rio Grande

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 3:44am EDT

    A federal judge ordered Texas Governor Greg Abbott to move the floating barrier from the center of the Rio Grande to the riverbank by September 15. Texas plans to appeal the ruling. pic.twitter.com/3Bto9dcAhR — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) September 6, 2023 This fight ain’t over. It’s only just begun.https://t.co/uGVcn5QSJ4 via @nypost — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) […]

  • Adopted Man from the Ukraine Kills American “Parents”

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 3:40am EDT

    Don’t ever do adoption. If your wife can’t have kids, it’s legal in Christianity to get the marriage annulled. Find a woman who can have kids. Adoption always ends in some kind of tragedy. We only hear about the extreme tragedies, but every adoption ends in some sort of tragedy. New York Post: A man […]

  • Poland: Birth Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since WWII

    Daily Stormer - Sep 7th 2023 3:32am EDT

    So much for your weird masturbation (coomer) fantasy about Eastern European trad wives, you dumb idiot. Polish sluts are going into ultra-overload slut mode, and you’re so gay for thinking they were hardcore trad wives. What a faggotish fantasy. Were you going to marry one, dumbass? Remix: The demographic situation in Poland is deteriorating rapidly, […]