• Anti-Trump Jew Stand-Up Female Gets Pogromed on Stage

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 7:30am EDT (Archive)

    To answer the most obvious question, yes, I did pick up what was left of the beer and chug it. https://t.co/y6T0AWC1kQ — Ariel Elias (@Ariel_Comedy) October 9, 2022 Here’s the clip pic.twitter.com/soeG3dixP4 — Ariel Elias (@Ariel_Comedy) October 9, 2022 This Jew bitch was whining about how Donald Trump was persecuting the Jews – and she […]

  • Azov Member Posts Video of Bodies Being Rolled Into a Mass Grave

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 6:00am EDT (Archive)

    “Ukraine” Jewish neo-Nazis have posted a video of bodies being rolled into a mass grave somewhere in the Ukraine. Several bodies are half buried in a hold, and a nearly naked man is rolled down the hill into the pit. This video is gross. But you’re all adults. Or, you’re probably at least 11 or […]

  • Poland Tells Citizens to Flee Belarus “With Available Commercial and Private Means”

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 5:31am EDT (Archive)

    Apparently Poland is now threatening to invade Belarus. RT: Polish citizens in Belarus should leave the country “with available commercial and private means,” the Polish government has warned in guidance for travelers posted to its website on Monday. Warsaw published similar guidance for Poles staying in Russia last month. The alert comes as the conflict […]

  • The Ukraine Prepares Law to Fully Control Media, Block Internet

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 4:35am EDT (Archive)

    Activist protesting against censorship in Kiev. Here I thought that the media had already been totally shut down in the Ukraine. But they’ve found a way to shut it down even harder by blocking all websites they disagree with. RT: While fierce battles continue to rage between the Ukrainian and Russian armies in Donbass, Kherson […]

  • Australia: Climate Cultists Glue Hands to 282 Million Dollar Picasso

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 4:35am EDT (Archive)

    Picasso sucks, so it’s hard to take issue with this. If global warmers think Picasso sucks and they want to destroy his paintings, I support them. The Guardian: Two Extinction Rebellion activists glued themselves to a prized Pablo Picasso painting at the National Gallery of Victoria to draw attention to environmental causes ahead of the […]

  • Germany: Railway Network Sabotaged, Traffic Disrupted for Hours

    Daily Stormer - Oct 11th 2022 4:35am EDT (Archive)

    Is it the Russians?! Or the global warmers?! If Russia had railway issues, we’d say they did it to themselves to send a message. But Germany wouldn’t do something like that. Breitbart: Already exacerbated fears about infrastructure sabotage were dramatically underlined at the weekend when two apparently coordinated acts against the backbone system which controls […]

  • Kanye Drops 30 Minute Art Film Documentary on YouTube

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2022 11:41am EDT (Archive)

    Following all those things that just happened, Kanye West on Monday dropped a 30 minute art film slash documentary on his YouTube channel (where he is not yet banned at time of writing). I think the film is visually cool, but I don’t really understand what it means. Titled “LAST WEEK,” it starts out with […]

  • Rabid Jew Lunatic Michael Rapaport Attacks Kanye, Brags About Jew “Sugar Dicking” His Wife

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2022 10:20am EDT (Archive)

    If Kanye West was considering backing down in his war against the Jews, he’s going to do away with that idea after seeing this video of the disgusting rat Jew Michael Rapaport threatening him with a Holocaust and mocking the fact that a Jew destroyed his family and screwed his wife. I’m up going DEFCON […]

  • Australia: Powerful Fat Paki S**t Goes Ape After Being Told to Go Back to Pakistan

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2022 9:14am EDT (Archive)

    There are Pakistanis in Australia. They came there to gnaw on the furniture. They stayed for the free money and limitless power. The Guardian: The Australian Human Rights Commission has accepted Mehreen Faruqi’s complaint against Pauline Hanson over alleged racial discrimination and racial hatred for her incendiary “piss off back to Pakistan” tweet, with the […]

  • Virginia: Anal Activists Helping Kids Run Away from Home, Sending Them to Live with F****ts

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2022 9:02am EDT (Archive)

    Wait – the tranny agenda is all about homosexuals sexually exploiting vulnerable children? I never imagined…! Life Site News: An LGBT activist group in Virginia has promised to find homes with a “queer friendly adult” for gender-confused students who do not feel “affirmed” by their families. According to an investigative report by the Daily Wire, […]