• “Died Suddenly”: Pro Wrestling Female Dead at 30

    Daily Stormer - Oct 8th 2022 11:00am EDT

    Another random athletic person dead “for no reason.” News.com.au: Sara Lee’s tragic final Instagram post was published just a day before her shock death — and revealed details of a recent health battle. (Note how they make that sound like the “health battle” was related to the death.) The WWE star passed away suddenly at […]

  • Three Dead in Crimea Bridge Terror Attack

    Daily Stormer - Oct 8th 2022 10:22am EDT (Archive)

    The Russians are yet to say if it was a suicide bombing, but this appears to imply that it was. They’re saying they know who the guy was, and not saying they’re looking for him or have arrested him. RT: Saturday’s explosion on the Crimean Bridge, which connects the peninsula with Russia’s Krasnodar Region, claimed […]

  • It’s Happening: Kanye Attacks Puff Daddy as a Jewish Shill

    Daily Stormer - Oct 8th 2022 10:14am EDT

    Just Kanye calling Diddy a tool of “the Jewish people” https://t.co/cz45zxehXg — Harry Siegel (@harrysiegel) October 7, 2022 It’s officially happening. Kanye West just started World War III. After pushing things close to the edge in attacking Jared Kushner on the Tucker Carlson show, Kanye has now just gone out there and said the absolute […]

  • Evil Whore: Gisele Destroys Her Family for No Reason! Summons Demons Into Her Car!

    Daily Stormer - Oct 8th 2022 7:02am EDT (Archive)

    In the middle of destroying her family, Gisele visits a fat witch to summon demons into her car. I use to say “America is a cesspit, but at least we still have the Brady Bunch – they’re the all-American family!” Don’t you remember them? It was so perfect! Now that stupid evil bitch Gisele has […]

  • UK: F****t MP Warns Anglican Church to Do More Anal or Else

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 7:46am EDT

    Hmm… That old Sam Hyde meme about “state-enforced homosexuality” isn’t even funny anymore, because it’s literally happening. The Guardian: The Church of England must move swiftly to welcome lesbian and gay people and embrace same-sex marriage or face mounting questions in parliament about its role as the established church of the country, a senior MP […]

  • The Science Demands Government Crackdown on People Who Opposed Child Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 7:39am EDT

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Some of those consequences may be federal prosecution for those things you said that Jews disagree with. Breitbart: Three of the nation’s leading medical associations asked President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and prosecute journalists and parents who are concerned with hospitals and […]

  • Officials Hail Czar Putin as the Savior of Modern Russia on His 70th Birthday

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 7:27am EDT (Archive)

    Hopefully, instead of only saving Russia, Putin saves the whole world by crushing the Anal Empire. Of course, in fact, he can only save Russia by doing that. Reuters: President Vladimir Putin turned 70 on Friday amid fawning congratulations from subordinates and a plea from Orthodox Patriarch Kirill for all to pray for the health […]

  • France: Local Socialist Councillor Hounded from Job by Diversity

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 7:24am EDT

    White people need to learn they place. They place in the gutter. Remix: A Socialist council member in the small central French town of Les Mureaux has been driven to resign from his position following a series of violent, racist attacks against him within his community. “Over the past two years — I’m referring to […]

  • Kanye Goes on Tucker, Defends White Race, Exposes Jewish Swindle

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 7:15am EDT (Archive)

    Following the row over his “White Lives Matter” T-shirts, Kanye West appeared this week on the Tucker Carlson Show and went further than he ever has before. Explaining that he’s been talking to Ice Cube, Kanye denounced the Jews as swindlers who only care about money, saying that Jared Kushner was only in the White […]

  • Friday Meme Platter: The Handlers Can’t Handle a Real Nigga

    Daily Stormer - Oct 7th 2022 5:42am EDT

    I actually wrote a really important essay about porno sluts today, so there is no reason for meme filler. But the people want memes, so okay. I can just do whatever. I guess. I guess I can do whatever. If people want memes, then that’s whatever, right? I can just keep posting them. pic.twitter.com/haMSJYnrXB — […]