• The Goddess of Philosophy

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 15th 2023 11:18am EDT

    One of my most powerful speeches, from a donator livestream 14 July 2023. Join the community at https://freedomain.locals.com/

  • Why Parents Abuse

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 13th 2023 11:17am EDT

    Wednesday Night Live 12 July 2023 My parents were neglectful, not physically or verbally abusive in any way. There was just… nothing. My mom left the family and was out of my life from 8-18. My dad remarried and 5 more children. I have a lot of feelings of loss and sadness within that extended […]

  • Breaking Up with Self-Destructive Girlfriend? Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 10th 2023 3:49pm EDT

    EMERGENCY CALL-IN! I’m in an extremely toxic relationship about to have children I need your help so I do not make the biggest mistake of my life – to have kids with the wrong woman and destroy the lives of the children. We are completely toxic for each other but for some reason, I love […]

  • The History of Philosophers Part 21 – Bishop George Berkeley

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 9th 2023 5:26pm EDT

    For those who don’t know, I’ve been working on a truly epic History of Philosophers series – I’m on episode 21, which I’ve decided to release to everyone. If you would like to access the whole History of Philosophers feed, please subscribe below: https://freedomain.locals.com/support/promo/UPB2022


    Freedomain Radio - Jul 8th 2023 3:39pm EDT

    ANNOUNCEMENT OF MY NEXT BOOK! Have you been bullied for being good? The most oppressed group… As a man, do you show weakness? Hi Stef, you have said that philosophy is about prevention. How does a person who discovered philosophy late in life, and without the knowledge made mistakes. Like divorce and children for one. […]

  • The Truth About Mysticism

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 7th 2023 1:33pm EDT

    IT IS A GATEWAY TO MENTAL ILLNESS! Listener objections: I also think it’s perfectly reasonable to not continue paying attention to Stef if this basic query is not responded to. I owe a donation when I’m back in work. But as far as following further I do not see the reason to respect someone that […]

  • SOUND OF FREEDOM – Movie Review

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 7th 2023 12:32am EDT

    Philosopher Stefan Molyneux dissects the powerful new film…

  • The History of the West from the 1950s to the 1980s

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 6th 2023 10:45am EDT

    Philosopher and historian Stefan Molyneux takes you on a rapidfire overview of the hidden history of the West from the 1950s to the 1980s – focusing on the decade from hell, the 1970s. Please help support philosophy – https://www.freedomain.com/donate

  • Freedomain Movie Review: ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 4th 2023 2:25pm EDT

    Philosopher Stefan Molyneux reviews the new movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ with his 14-year-old daughter.


    Freedomain Radio - Jul 3rd 2023 11:05am EDT

    Philosopher, author, novelist and poet Stefan Molyneux teaches you how to activate your creativity TODAY!

  • What Women Spend on Makeup!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 1st 2023 10:38am EDT

    You literally will not believe it! I’m a shrink, and 100x better for listening to you. Long time listener and donator. 1: how can one dare to love, and be loved, after a terrible childhood and a severely abusive relationship?. Patient of mine is struggling with this. Receiving any kindness or love triggers anxiety. Would […]

  • Propaganda vs Free Will

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 30th 2023 12:38pm EDT

    Philosopher Stefan Molyneux lays out the answer to the question: how much free will do people subjected to mass propaganda have? Donate

  • Death to the Ego – Long Live Wisdom! Freedomain Livestream

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 29th 2023 12:17pm EDT

    Question concerning discussion from a prior livestream concerning propaganda. Your description of women being the victim of statist propaganda in regards hyper-materialism, surface aesthetic obsession, misandry, collectivism, etc. was of interest. Your explanation in my humble opinion sounded very much in line with leftist victimology. Perhaps I missed something. Are individuals to be held responsible […]

  • Life and Your Enemies! Freedomain Livestream

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 28th 2023 11:12am EDT

    Freedomain Livestream 19 May 2023… What’s your opinion on the whole sigma,alpha,beta personality types? Hey Stef, After listening to your most recent call in with the guy who felt guilty for leaving his parents, I’ve begun thinking about how I too have an attachment issue and have since moved on from applying it to my […]

  • “I’m A Stripper and My Boyfriend Won’t Commit!” Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 26th 2023 5:30pm EDT

    Hi Stefan, I am a 29 year old female, and my relationship with my boyfriend of 8 years is falling apart. For the last two years, we had been fighting quite savagely and despite being engaged together, he told me two weeks ago he isn’t sure he wants to have a future with me. This […]

  • The Psychology of Trolls – Freedomain Livestream

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 26th 2023 1:28pm EDT

    Stef what do you think about the recent Bitcoin rally? Should I try to find married friends if divorced friends and forever bachelors drive single women away? DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN SOME PEOPLE FAIL? I warned a guy not to marry someone. He got pissed I wasn’t invited to the wedding. Recently, he reached […]

  • @everyone

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 24th 2023 6:46pm EDT

    StefBOT-AI Listener Questions! The good, the weird and the hilarious questions that Freedomain listeners have asked my AI avatar!

  • The Inappropriate Show!

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 22nd 2023 9:54am EDT

    INAPPROPRIATE SHOW! www.fdrpodcasts.com is an incredible resource, I spend a lot of time finding great stuff there. Thank you Been talking with my parents about my experience of my childhood. It’s difficult conversations but they have been mostly receptive. Thank you for providing the words and ideas to help me solidify my thoughts and have […]

  • Izzy and Stef Movie Review: Elemental

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 21st 2023 3:27pm EDT

    The are no words that can truly encompass this movie…

  • Stop Thinking You Are Ugly!

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 20th 2023 11:10am EDT

    Philosopher Stefan Molyneux answers questions from listeners, such as – why do people so often think they are ugly, and what makes a great teacher?

  • My Father was a Predator, and my Wife is a Witch! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 19th 2023 6:46pm EDT

    Freedomain call in show…

  • Hot Fitness Wife Fears Cheating! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 18th 2023 5:48pm EDT

    Is it normal for my husband to be adding attractive/provocative women on his social media and liking their posts? I am confused as I check all the boxes of what an attractive moral woman should be. And yet, I find myself questioning “Am I enough?” “Will he leave me?” Is this normal behavior and I […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 17th 2023 2:37pm EDT

    Are you scared of women? Why you are trained to hate sales and jocks! Well, I guess my perfectionsim that I complained about before, has finally paid off – I saved up for a bigger tip instead of tipping you 1 dollar a week. I wanted to thank you for what you’re doing – you’ve […]

  • Izzy Questions StefBOT AI!

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 17th 2023 11:19am EDT

    Philosopher Stefan Molyneux feeds his daughter’s questions to an AI trained on his books and articles – with hilarious results!

  • Sexual Obsessions! Wednesday Night Live

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 15th 2023 11:55am EDT

    Whats the end goal of state run education? Hi Stef, a few months back, I asked a question about feeling a lack of integrity accepting inheritance from my abusive parents, to which you asked something along the lines of ‘why not accept what comes rolling down to you?’ The other night on a stream, I […]