• Safety is the Fixation of Leftist Cowards

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 10th 2023 8:10pm EDT

    James Tucker An obsession with safety marks an ill society as an outbreak of blisters mark a sick man. When everything worth living for is lost, the only purpose left is to cling dearly to life no matter the cost. During the COVID pandemic freedom, normalcy and even the most basic joys of social interaction […]

  • For God, for Hearth, and for Race

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 10th 2023 5:08pm EDT

    The noon-day train will bring Frank Miller If I’m a man I must be brave And I must face a deadly killer Or lie a coward, a craven coward Or lie a coward in my grave. -from “The Ballad of High Noon” _____ The Europeans have been to the mountain and have stood on holy […]

  • Scientists Have Created A Human “Entity” That Has No Mother Or Father

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 10th 2023 4:51am EDT

    Michael Snyder Scientists all over the world continue to “play God”, and we are all going to have to live with the consequences. Every single day, incredibly bizarre experiments are being conducted in secret laboratories all over the planet.  I have frequently warned my readers about the very deadly diseases that are being developed in […]

  • The Talmud

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 9th 2023 5:33am EDT

    Image Source The Talmud (/ˈtɑːlmʊd, –məd, ˈtæl-/; Hebrew: תַּלְמוּד‎, romanized: Talmūḏ) is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law (halakha) and Jewish theology.[1][2] Until the advent of modernity, in nearly all Jewish communities, the Talmud was the centerpiece of Jewish cultural life and was foundational to “all Jewish thought and aspirations”, serving also as “the guide for the daily life” of Jews.[3] The […]

  • Dividing The Race

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 8th 2023 5:47am EDT

    WHEN IT WAS CITED by Niccolo Machiavelli early in the 16th century, it already was a strategy which the enemies of our people had used successfully against us more than once, and it is the strategy which is responsible for our present peril: Divide et impera. (ILLUSTRATION: Jewish “feminist” Andrea Dworkin) Surprisingly, the division of our […]

  • Rabbinical Center Demands Armenia To Stop Calling A Siege As Genocide

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 8th 2023 5:28am EDT

    Anon1556 Remember, kids, there is only one genocide to ever happen in human history, and it was the Holocaust. Calling anything else a genocide is going to get you in trouble because you are stealing the spotlight from the Jews who died on roller coasters and masturbation machines. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war […]

  • Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 7th 2023 7:00am EDT

    Andrew Anglin Jonathan at ADL kicked off a massive Twitter boycott campaign less than a week after the acquisition closed. Literally nothing had changed about the site. Our US revenue is still 60% down from that campaign, but slowly improving. pic.twitter.com/7vh5dtdDqi — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 6, 2023   My personal story is a long and confusing […]

  • Judge Finds Trump Guilty BEFORE Trial in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case, Jury Will Only Decide Damages

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 7th 2023 4:24am EDT

    Chris Menahan Former President Donald Trump was effectively declared guilty before trial on Wednesday in New York by a biased Clinton-appointed judge in a second defamation lawsuit brought against him by E. Jean Carroll. From CNBC, “Trump suffers big loss in E. Jean Carroll defamation case, judge says he’s liable”: A federal judge on Wednesday ruled […]

  • Chainsaw Man Part 2: 139-141

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 6th 2023 3:56am EDT

    Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man Part 2: 98-112 Chainsaw Man Part 2: 113-135 Chainsaw Man Part 2: 136-138 Source The post Chainsaw Man Part 2: 139-141 appeared first on Mind’s Eye Mag.

  • What Really Determined The Future?

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 6th 2023 3:08am EDT

    Image Source Jews did a good job of creating a universal humanist identity. This could’ve been the ruling identity of the planet for all of time, but now people mostly see it as a Hobbesian nightmare. If Jews were just a little less impulsive and paranoid, they could’ve gotten away with it. It’s interesting how […]

  • Coming Home

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 5th 2023 2:44am EDT

    Image Source The mysterious homing instinct of animals, and the human sense of home and homeland THE Manchester Guardian may have been a liberal publication when it was founded in 1821. When I first began to glance occasionally at copies of it, a hundred and thirty years later, it had already become an evangel for “Liberal intellectuals,” […]

  • Mary Phagan Was Raped and Murdered by Leo Frank of B’nai B’rith on April 26, 1913

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 9:12pm EDT

    Know Your Enemy Leo Max Frank – born April 17, 1884, was a violent Jewish serial child molester, pedophile-rapist, adulterous whoremonger and vicious strangler known for the 1913 ritual murder of 13 year-old Mary Phagan. Born to a jewish-American family in Texas, Frank was raised in New York and earned a degree in mechanical engineering from […]

  • Visit New York City

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 8:41pm EDT

    It’s another day and I’m in New York City for work. This place is the type of shithole that would frustrate me into an early grave granted I couldn’t find the words to describe it. A small job contract led me here, not desire. Looking out the window of this cafe makes me nauseous. The […]

  • Chemical Burn

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 8:38pm EDT

    Chapter 9 Tyler’s saliva did two jobs. The wet kiss on the back of my hand held the flakes of lye while they burned. That was the first job. The second was lye only burns when you combine it with water. Or saliva. “This is a chemical burn,” Tyler said, “and it will hurt more […]

  • The Social Consciousness

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 5:00pm EDT

    A letter from Charles Manson, 1970 The social consciousness is clouded with much confusion. When is a lie a lie? If most people want to believe what they’re told, it then becomes a part of the social consciousness. If the people who are already mesmerized by the news media want a mad dog, they create […]

  • Playing The Ball As It Lies

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 4:17pm EDT

    Painting by Zhiyoung Jing “We are a parliamentary party by compulsion,” said Adolf Hitler during the Kampfzeit period in Germany from 1925 to 1933. Because Germany was still essentially sound under the surface in 1923, the open revolt did not work, nor catch on with the populace (apart from being betrayed from the inside by […]

  • Mob Psycho 100

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 3:56pm EDT

    Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. “Mob”) is a 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends […]

  • Pissed

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 4th 2023 3:56pm EDT

    http://members.aol.com/rebdomine/pissed.htm Philosophy: My belief is that if I say something, it goes. I am the law, if you don’t like it, you die. If I don’t like you or I don’t like what you want me to do, you die. If I do something incorrect, oh fucking well, you die. Dead people cant do many […]

  • Amazing Old Photos That Capture The Everyday Life In New York City In The 1940s

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 2nd 2023 4:25pm EDT

    These incredible black and white photographs document everyday life in New York City in the 1940s and offer a glimpse into a long-gone era. From street peddlers selling fish or fresh ears of corn, to cars stalled under mounds of snow, scenes are both familiar and nostalgic. The New York City that emerged from World […]

  • Why You Are Feeling So Much Poorer

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 1st 2023 4:00am EDT

    Listen Jeffrey A. Tucker We are living through the largest pillaging of the American middle class in a half-century. It’s not in the headlines. This is extremely strange. In fact, this might be the first and only article you have read about it. This could be for a reason. If people knew what was happening […]

  • Battle Royale

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Sep 1st 2023 3:49am EDT

    Listen Battle Royale (Japanese: バトル・ロワイアル, Hepburn: Batoru Rowaiaru) is a Japanese dystopian horror novel by journalist Koushun Takami. Battle Royale is the first novel from Takami and was originally completed in 1996 but was not published until 1999. The story tells of junior high school students who are forced to fight each other to the death in a program run by a fictional, fascist, totalitarian Japanese government known as the Republic of […]

  • Now They’re Trying to Ban Energy Drinks for Teens!

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 31st 2023 2:10pm EDT

    Listen Andrew Anglin Most energy drinks do not even have as much caffeine as coffee. The problem is not the caffeine, it’s the sugar – which is the same as in any other soda, and actually often lower. You should have to be 18 to buy sugary drinks. In fact, sugary drinks should have a […]

  • Virulent Daily Beast Jew Claims America is Doing Great

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 31st 2023 1:44pm EDT

    Listen A virulent Jew named David Rothkopf has put out an article for the Daily Beast claiming that America is in much better shape than we think! Time and time throughout our history, when America was on the ropes or even been counted out, we found the inner resources to rebound and even emerge stronger. […]

  • Vinland Saga

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 29th 2023 8:00am EDT

    Listen Vinland Saga (Japanese: ヴィンランド・サガ, Hepburn: Vinrando Saga) is a Japanese historical manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The series is published by Kodansha, and was first serialized in the boys-targeted manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine before moving to the monthly manga magazine Monthly Afternoon, aimed at young adult men. As of June 2023, its chapters have been collected in 27 tankōbon volumes. Vinland Saga has been licensed for English-language publication by Kodansha USA. […]

  • A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season!

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 29th 2023 6:00am EDT

    Listen Ron Paul Just four and a half months since President Biden declared an end to the Covid “emergency,” the media is suddenly full of stories about the return of Covid. This time a new “variant” is being rolled out and the media, in collusion with big Pharma and the fear-industrial complex, are churning out […]