• NATO: The Empire of Evil

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 29th 2023 4:08am EDT

    Listen by Red Bastion ZORAN ZOLTANOUS NATO, established on April 4, 1949 in the United States, is a military-political alliance aimed at safeguarding Europe against potential threats, particularly from the Soviet Union. The NATO Treaty, signed in April and enforced on August 24, 1949, united 30 member states, primarily located in Europe. Throughout the 20th […]

  • DHS Refuses To Disclose Number Of Illegals Let Go After Interacting With Border Agents

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 29th 2023 12:45am EDT

    Listen Tyler Durden The Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has refused to release monthly totals on how many illegal immigrants are allowed into the United States following encounters by US authorities at the border, according to Just the News, citing a former US immigration judge. Retired judge Andrew Arthur, who served for eight years at the […]

  • The Enjoyment of Vulgarity

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 28th 2023 8:01pm EDT

    Listen Trans. G. A. Malvicini One of the most indicative signs of the influence of the regressive processes that we have described in the preceding pages of this book [L’Arco e la Clava] with regard to customs and tastes, is the enjoyment of vulgarity, with its more or less subconscious undercurrent of pleasure taken in […]

  • Save The Rule Of Law By Destroying It?

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 28th 2023 7:46pm EDT

    Listen Victor Davis Hanson Some truths are so staggering in their ramifications that Americans simply shrug and tune them out as if strangers in a strange land. Is their current bewilderment because modernist America is unrecognizable —a nonexistent border, downtown homeless juxtaposed to hipster professional elites, DEI racial essentialism, cities reverting to precivilizational wastelands, millions […]

  • Fascist Economics And Socialism Of Duty

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 10:00pm EDT

    Listen Fascist Economics is economics subjugated to the Organic State and Duty bound to nourish it, it’s cells and organs, so that they too might fulfill their own respective Duties and realize their place in the Cosmic Order. The post Fascist Economics And Socialism Of Duty appeared first on Mind’s Eye Mag.

  • Civics Class For Radicals: The Rise Of The Dollar

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 7:02pm EDT

    Listen Walter Smolarek At the heart of the international economic order that allows U.S. capitalists to dominate the entire globe and accumulate vast wealth is their currency itself. When a government or enterprise in one country buys a key commodity like oil, wheat or microchips from another country, more likely than not they are making […]

  • Securing Europe

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 4:00pm EDT

    Listen The Second World War – an ideological confrontation   It is an undisputed fact that in Germany the historical view has always shown a western orientation, which has shown very little understanding of the course of history of the eastern region of our European continent. Only very few were aware of the fact that […]

  • No China’s Economy is Not Collapsing

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 2:00pm EDT

    Listen The Jewish media is claiming that China’s economy is about to collapse again. They’re just putting out all sorts of headlines about how their economy is supposedly slowing, crashing or not doing well. This is just propaganda. There is no evidence that China’s economy is collapsing or even slowing. Their economy might not be […]

  • Poor Men South of Richmond

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 1:00pm EDT

    Listen Andrew Anglin As everyone on earth is too well aware, a couple of weeks ago, a ginger-bearded hillman with gynecomastia and dogs took the world by storm with “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a song about how he is poor and it’s the fault of rich people. His name is Oliver Anthony or Anthony […]

  • Why Revolution Is Necessary

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 10:58am EDT

    Listen ONE OF THE MOST interesting developments that I’ve seen since September 11 is the public hinting by people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it really would be helpful to them if they were permitted to torture suspects or other people from whom they wanted information, like the police in Israel do. These […]

  • Fox News In Panic Mode After Failed GOP Debate

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 10:57am EDT

    Listen anon1556 The whole point of the first Republican debate was so they could show off Desantis as the new leader and dump Trump for him. Well, it didn’t go the way they intended it to. Trump didn’t show up since a candidate who’s been trailblazing everyone since day 1 doesn’t see it as worth […]

  • How We Met

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 27th 2023 10:47am EDT

    Listen How we met P.1 I first met Milky at an expensive, but still chic Italian restaurant off 54 and broadway called Bravado Italiano. Asuka, my good friend, and his girlfriend at the time, convinced me to join them on a double date there. I wasn’t dating then, so she set me up with a guy […]

  • The Majestic Aquila

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 26th 2023 11:00am EDT

    Listen Chad Crowley August 17, 2023 Introduction In ancient Rome, the majestic Aquila – the eagle – stood as an unrivaled symbol of the empire’s martial prowess and steadfast authority. This emblematic bird exemplified Roman imperium, personifying its unyielding power and unconquerable spirit. The eagle’s symbolic genesis hails from the prehistorical epoch of the Proto-Indo-Europeans, where it served […]

  • A Nostalgic Glance At American Shopping Malls Of The Late 1980s

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 26th 2023 5:10am EDT

    Listen In 1989, Michael Galinsky, then a 20-year-old student, took a month to traverse the U.S. Everywhere he went, he documented the same place: the shopping mall. The results are now an archive of a vanished world, simultaneously familiar and foreign, trivial and full of meaning. Starting in the winter of 1989 with the Smith […]

  • Ai Scores In The Top Percentile Of Creative Thinking

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 26th 2023 4:56am EDT

    Listen AI scores in the top percentile of creative thinking Creativity involves generating something new – a product or solution that didn’t previously exist. Maestria_diz/iStock via Getty Images Erik Guzik, University of Montana Of all the forms of human intellect that one might expect artificial intelligence to emulate, few people would likely place creativity at the […]

  • These People Will Pay For What They Have Done To Our King

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 26th 2023 4:56am EDT

    Listen https://t.co/MlIKklPSJT pic.twitter.com/Mcbf2xozsY — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 25, 2023 He’s back; this is late because I was celebrating with you! Nick already did a great show on the situation the other night. You understand the memo. Now is the time to unite and use all our resources to back Trump in his fight […]

  • 31 Years After Ruby Ridge, The FBI Is Still Killing Americans With Impunity

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 23rd 2023 7:00pm EDT

    Listen Joseph Jordan It’s been 31 years since the beginning of the FBI’s murderous siege on the home of the Weaver family. The deadly incident prompted enough outrage to spur Congressional hearings, protests from across the political spectrum, several dramatized TV portrayals and a promise from the FBI and Department of Justice that they would […]

  • The Destruction of Worthless Life

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 23rd 2023 1:00pm EDT

    Listen Tim Turtle Mini-competition for our readers! Turn this into a booklet PDF with custom designs and the best one gets published on The American Futurist! Submit at contactaf@hitler.rocks. Introduction: As a movement, we seem to have lost our focus regarding eugenics, which is an idea that I firmly advocate for and believe in. This has […]

  • Biden Regime ‘Welds Open Floodgates’ at Arizona Border to Allow Illegal Aliens to Pour Into U.S.

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 23rd 2023 2:04am EDT

    Listen Chris Menahan The Biden regime is allowing thousands of migrants to illegally invade America every day through “welded open” floodgates on our southern border in Arizona. The open floodgates in Tucson are now “the busiest point of illegal entry into the country,” according to the New York Post.   View this post on Instagram […]

  • We Fight For The Eternity Of Our People

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 22nd 2023 3:35am EDT

    Listen SS Handbook for the Ideological Teaching of the Troops – Topic 3 ”Our National Socialist program uses the blood- related and ground-bound people in place of the liberalist concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity. A very simple and succinct sentence, but of enormous impact. For the first time, perhaps, ever […]

  • Interwar Articles

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 21st 2023 8:24pm EDT

    Listen “Ernst Jünger’s early essays from the conservative revolution. “Before long, the age of progress will seem as puzzling as the mysteries of an Egyptian dynasty. In that era, however, the world celebrated one of those triumphs that endow victory, for a moment, with the aura of eternity. More menacing than Hannibal, with all too […]

  • On Christopher Columbus

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 21st 2023 8:10pm EDT

    Listen QUARTO ABEUNTE SAECULO ENCYCLICAL OF POPE LEO XIII ON THE COLUMBUS QUADRICENTENNIAL To Our Venerable Brethren, the Archbishops and Bishops of Spain, Italy, and the two Americas. Now that four centuries have sped since a Ligurian first, under God’s guidance, touched shores unknown beyond the Atlantic, the whole world is eager to celebrate the […]

  • The Theory And Practice Of Hell

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 20th 2023 6:23pm EDT

    Listen ”Eugen Kogon’s account of German concentration camps, when he was in the service of the Allied-American Psychological Warfare Division. On April 16, 1945, five days after the first American armored units had arrived, an Intelligence Team from the Psychological Warfare Division visited the Buchenwald concentration camp. Its mission w’as to study the situation and […]

  • Pagan Imperialism And Metaphysics Of War

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 19th 2023 1:25pm EDT

    Listen “Julius Evola’s Pagan Imperialism was originally published in 1928 in Italy. A greatly revised edition was prepared for publication in Germany in 1932. This translation is based on the second German edition. In addition, an Appendix has four essays that expand on the idea of “Roman Traditionality” and the role of mythology as the […]

  • Gold in the Furnace

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 17th 2023 10:36pm EDT

    Listen GOLD IN THE FURNACE is Savitri Devi’s first National Socialist book. It was written in Occupied Germany in 1948-49, much of it in the Werl prison were Savitri was incarcerated for distributing National Socialist propaganda. The book contains historical narratives of WW II and the Occupation, first person accounts of Savitri’s travels and the […]