• People Just Aren’t Worth Saving

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 17th 2023 8:00pm EDT

    Listen The human race sucks. human nature is smuthered out by society, jobs, and work and school. instincts are deleted by laws. I see people say things that contradict themselves, or people that dont take any advantage to the gift of human life. they waste their minds on memorizing the stats of every college basketball […]

  • Xbox Could Ban Players From Games They Purchased Under New “Hate Speech” and “Profanity” Strikes System

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 17th 2023 6:00pm EDT

    Listen Cindy Harper Xbox shakes up its disciplinary measures this week with the introduction of a new strike-based enforcement policy. While targeted at promoting clearer communication of its community standards and the penalties for not adhering to them, it is essential to explore the potential implications on free speech and the concept of censorship in […]

  • The Catholic Epistle Of St. James The Apostle

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 16th 2023 9:00am EDT

    Listen James THE CATHOLIC EPISTLE OF ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE This Epistle is called Catholic or Universal, as formerly were also the two Epistles of St. Peter, the first of St. John and that of St. Jude, because they were not written to any peculiar people or particular person, but to the faithful in general. […]

  • Impeachment Of Man

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 16th 2023 7:00am EDT

    Listen The acclaimed Aryanist and keeper of the Hitler flame (her book, The Lightning and the Sun, inspired such postwar Hitlerites as George Lincoln Rockwell) argues passionately for a society that transcends the human-centered to recognize the value of all living things. Vegetarian, anti-vivisectionist, and opposed to Jewish ritual slaughter, Impeachment of Man will infuriate, […]

  • God And Folk

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 16th 2023 5:00am EDT

    Listen translated from the Third Reich original Gott und Volk – Soldatisches Bekenntnis, which was published by the Theodor Fritsch Verlag in Berlin. The author describes himself as a youth of the Weimar Republic generation, soldier and National Socialist activist. But his name is not provided. Service to the God-given folk is proclaimed true meaning […]

  • The Kybalion

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 16th 2023 1:00am EDT

    Listen INTRODUCTION We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon this subject, not withstanding the countless references to the Teachings in the many works upon occultism, that the many earnest […]

  • Covid Jabs Linked To 2,500% Increased Risk Of Early Onset Dementia

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 15th 2023 9:00am EDT

    Listen Ethan Huff Investigator Steve Kirsch has dropped another bombshell pertaining to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” which he says are linked to a 2,500 percent increased risk of early onset dementia. Kirsch spoke with a charge nurse at a rehabilitation and long-term elderly care facility who has worked in nursing for 32 years. She told him that […]

  • German Man Pretends to Be Jewish to Spread Holohoax Tales

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 13th 2023 6:00pm EDT

    Listen A German man who is not Jewish reportedly pretended to be Jewish so he could spread Holohoax tales to troll Jews. Jonathan Greenblatt who is Jewish and the head of a major Jewish terrorist organization in America condemned this practice and said that it harms Jews. Inventing fake Jewish identities and false Holocaust narratives […]

  • From The Fires of Charlottesville

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 13th 2023 4:13am EDT

    Listen This week marked the sixth anniversary of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville. Many of us here today might not have even been aware of the event at the time until hearing about its brutal aftermath on the news. Too young, ignorant, or blackpilled to care. This happening is not only history-making for […]

  • A Brief History of The White Nationalist Movement

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 12th 2023 11:00am EDT

    Listen Hammer & Anvil Disclaimer: I have been informed from different sources that the information contained in this document is a compilation of material anthologized from over a dozen sources and writers, including the Meggido and Deguello Reports and written work by Louis Beam, the late Rick Cooper, Harold Covington, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Bill White, Maguire, the […]

  • In the Heart Dwelleth the Soul

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 12th 2023 9:00am EDT

    Listen And my ending is despair, Unless I be reliev’d by prayer… -Prospero in The Tempest ____________________ St. John tells us that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” and later he tells us that, “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…” It has […]

  • Specialized for Deception

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 10th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    Listen David Sims I’VE BEEN STUDYING the Jews’ techniques for deception for more than twenty years, and I probably still don’t know them all. Lying by omission is one of them. Direct prevarication is another; they don’t shy away from it. Deception by structure, which is burying the truth in the fine print, or at […]

  • ADL, Under Pressure From Elon Musk, Issues Tepid Condemnation of Anti-White ‘Kill The Boer’ Song

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 10th 2023 7:53pm EDT

    Listen Chris Menahan After Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk called out the Anti-Defamation League for staying “silent” on a South African black party chanting for the “literal genocide” of whites, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt issued a comically tepid condemnation of what he called the “crude lyrics” of their “historic protest song” which “could be interpreted as a call […]

  • Revolutionary Conditions

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 10th 2023 7:53pm EDT

    Listen Ryan Arthur “What will you do when the revolution comes?” is an often-discussed topic in NS circles. Idle talk about firearms, revolutionary fantasies that sound like they’re straight out of “Mad Max”, and talk about “who needs to be killed first” are standard fare. Before any revolution comes, however, we need to discuss revolutionary conditions. It is clear […]

  • Chainsaw Man Part 2: 136-138

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 9th 2023 5:00am EDT

    Listen Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man Part 2: 98-112 Chainsaw Man Part 2: 113-135 Source The post Chainsaw Man Part 2: 136-138 appeared first on Mind’s Eye Mag.

  • Anheuser-busch Forced To Sell Brands Due To Nobody Buying Their Aids Beer

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 9th 2023 12:53am EDT

    Listen anon1556 To be honest, I’m really impressed with this pushback against Busch and their Aids beer. I thought it would die after 2 weeks, like every boycott against a brand that goes gay or brown in the last 7 years. But the opposition is still going strong to this day. Nobody is buying their […]

  • What Liberals Don’t Understand

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 4:00pm EDT

    Listen I WAS WATCHING THE television news one evening several weeks ago, and Bill Clinton came on and made a few comments about the rash of burnings of Black churches across the South. Mr. Clinton announced that he knew that White racism was responsible for the burnings. Organized hatred was behind it, he said, and […]

  • Photography

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 2:00pm EDT

    Listen IN THE JULY ISSUE I remarked that while the latest technology had made it much easier to produce photographic lies, especially in cinematographic form, it had long been possible to produce mendacious pictures, that is, pictures that portrayed something that did not happen. This, of course, is quite different from using genuine photographs while […]

  • A Certain Scientific Railgun

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 12:00pm EDT

    Listen Thirty years ahead of the rest of the world scientifically and home to millions of students enrolled in the esper development program, Academy City never sees a dull moment. Here, espers are given one of five power levels, the highest of which consists of only seven members. Mikoto Misaka, a middle school electromaster, ranks […]

  • White Imperium

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 10:00am EDT

    Listen In the previous chapter, I have presented the almost unbelievable evidence that, faced with the ultimate catastrophe in all human history; the only response of most of our side has been to follow the enemy. Before I proceed with a presentation of what can and must be done to stop this suicidal insanity, I […]

  • The Strange Case of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 8:00am EDT

    Listen A Clockwork Orange is a short novella produced by Anthony Burgess in a very short period of time—yet the author had doubtless dwelt upon an entire zoology before producing it. One of the book’s characteristics, which even the most casual reader notices, is the experimental language or deliberate argot that Burgess develops for his retinue of juvenile […]

  • FBI Claims 200 “Adolescent” Trafficking Victims Rescued, Traffickers “Identified”

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 6:00am EDT

    Listen When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is not arresting Americans for protesting abortion or arresting Donald J. Trump for the 6th or 7th time, the FBI is on the case against Huggy Bear, or at least pretending to be on the case against the trafficking of women for the purpose of prostitution. The FBI announced the […]

  • YIMBYs Versus NIMBYs: The Jewish Proxy War On White Communities

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 8th 2023 2:00am EDT

    Listen Joseph Jordan There is no greater litmus test for human liberty than the right to decide what kind of community you and your family live in. Since the advent of the Great Migration of blacks from the South to the Northeast, California, and Midwest, and later the passing of the Civil Rights and Fair […]

  • How Racism Is Weaponized Against White People

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 7th 2023 8:00pm EDT

    Listen Klaus Arminius July 28, 2023 Two weeks ago, former Toronto District School Board (TDSB) principal Richard Bilkszto, an esteemed educator with 24 years’ experience, took his own life. The 60-year-old principal’s career as an educator spanned 24 years, in which time he was an advocate for anti-discrimination and racism in Canada. Richard Bilkszto, 60, died […]

  • Pineapple On Pizza

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Aug 7th 2023 6:00pm EDT

    Listen Folding Saw For followers of the American Futurist, this question is a recurring theme. It is divisive and everyone has an opinion on it. But why is it a recurring theme? What is the joke so many have been missing? Why do we ask guests on podcasts about it? Simple. The question is a […]