• China wants its balloon back

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 5:42pm EST (Archive)

    Beijing has called for the US to return debris from its alleged surveillance aircraft, which was shot down over the Atlantic The Chinese Foreign Ministry has requested that President Joe Biden’s administration return debris from the air balloon that the US military shot down off America’s east coast on Saturday, saying the aircraft “belongs to […]

  • Nearly two thirds of Americans say US headed wrong way – poll

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 5:13pm EST (Archive)

    President Joe Biden’s approval rating remains underwater ahead of his State of the Union address Nearly two out of three Americans – 65% – believe their country is on the wrong track, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll published on Tuesday ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. It’s a marked increase over […]

  • Vietnam war crime survivor gets justice in court

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 5:13pm EST (Archive)

    A Seoul judge ruled that US-allied South Korean marines had massacred civilians Almost 55 years after her village was destroyed by South Korean marines fighting alongside the US in Vietnam, a judge in Seoul ruled that Nguyen Thi Thanh was a victim of a war crime and entitled to compensation. On Tuesday, Judge Park Jin-soo […]

  • Church of England discusses gender-neutral God

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 4:07pm EST (Archive)

    If liberal clergy get their way, the Almighty Father may be stricken from the scriptures Liberal Christians are pushing the Church of England to abolish gendered references to God from scriptures and services, the Telegraph reported on Tuesday. Describing God as a man, they argue, is a “theological misreading.” The argument was brought up at […]

  • Americans threatened by dissent – Kissinger

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 4:07pm EST (Archive)

    The former US secretary of state said the country suffers from ‘domestic division and international disorder’ Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger chided the nation’s political establishment for its failure to demonstrate “domestic cohesion,” warning an audience at a Sunday event celebrating former president Ronald Reagan that the country could not afford to isolate […]

  • Twitter suspends US lawmaker’s account

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 3:37pm EST (Archive)

    Senator Steve Daines apparently ran foul of the social media platform by posting a hunting photo US Senator Steve Daines has been censored by Twitter for posting a profile picture featuring himself and his wife proudly posing with a dead antelope while on a hunting trip. The Montana Republican’s account was reinstated on Tuesday, hours […]

  • Death toll of Türkiye-Syria quakes rises to 6,000+

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 3:15pm EST (Archive)

    Rescue operations are now a “race against time,” says the World Health Organization The number of confirmed deaths from the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that devastated Türkiye and Syria keeps rising as rescuers dig through the rubble. On Tuesday evening, Ankara and Damascus listed a total of 6,246 dead and 33,226 injured.  By the latest count […]

  • Germany reveals how many tanks it will send Ukraine

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 2:08pm EST (Archive)

    14 Leopard 2 tanks will be joined by 88 Leopard 1 models from one factory and up to 99 from another The defense and economy ministries in Berlin announced on Tuesday that Germany had approved the export of up to 187 Leopard I tanks to Ukraine. Unlike the 14 Leopard 2 models taken from the […]

  • No quiet on the Eastern front: How the US has worked to prevent Russia and Japan from putting a formal end to World War Two

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 1:55pm EST (Archive)

    Russia and Japan have technically been at war with each other for almost 80 years. The US is the main roadblock to a peace treaty “Give back the Northern Territories! You’re illegally occupying our land!” Every year, on February 7, slogans like this blare out through loudspeakers opposite the Russian embassy in Japan. This is […]

  • Pentagon grounds aircraft after reassessing crash risk – media

    RT - Feb 7th 2023 1:43pm EST (Archive)

    The US military reportedly plans a clutch redesign for its tiltrotor V-22 Ospreys, months after concluding they were safe to fly An undisclosed number of the US military’s V-22 Osprey rotorcrafts have been grounded due to safety concerns, as the Pentagon works to resolve an issue with clutch failures, an unidentified defense official told Military.com […]