• Late German billionaire ‘lives in Moscow with mistress’ – media

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 5:48pm EDT

    Karl-Erivan Haub, former head of retail chain, might have faked his own death to escape to Russia, broadcaster RTL claims Karl-Erivan Haub, the former head of a German retail giant Tengelmann Group, disappeared at an Alpine ski resort six years ago. Now, German broadcaster RTL claims that the businessman, who had long been declared dead, […]

  • EU member worried about ‘underground’ mosques – media

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 5:28pm EDT

    Italian police worry about radicalization among Muslims in Rome and elsewhere Italian security services are monitoring 53 “unofficial” Muslim prayer sites in Rome, concerned about radicalization and terrorism, according to a news report. Improvised prayer spaces have proliferated as the number of Muslim immigrants in the Italian capital grew, opening up in warehouses, garages, apartments […]

  • US house speaker announces ‘new axis of evil’

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 5:00pm EDT

    Mike Johnson reverted to Republican orthodoxy as he vowed to get weapons to Ukraine as a matter of “critical” importance In a dramatic break from his party’s hardline conservative base, US House Speaker MIke Johnson this week praised the country’s deep state, named Russia, China, and Iran as an “axis of evil,” and vowed to […]

  • Confiscating Russian assets has ramifications, IMF warns

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 4:26pm EDT

    Seizure of immobilized reserves could undermine global financial system, according to the International Monetary Fund Any steps towards seizing Russia’s frozen reserves should be backed by legal support, so as to avoid the risk of undermining the global financial system, Alfred Kammer, Director of the IMF European Department, has said. The EU and other G7 […]

  • US Congress greenlights vote on Ukraine funding

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 2:58pm EDT

    With help from the Democrats, the Republican speaker is set to put the $60 billion bill to a vote The US House of Representatives introduced a rule on Friday that would allow the vote for a $95 billion foreign aid bill, including $60 billion earmarked for the government in Kiev.  Requested by President Joe Biden […]

  • Man sets himself on fire outside Trump trial (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 2:07pm EDT

    The victim collapsed to the ground before the flames were put out A man has set himself on fire outside the ‘hush money’ trial of former US President Donald Trump in New York City. The blaze was eventually extinguished, but it is unclear whether the man died from his injuries. The dramatic incident took place […]

  • US has found a surprising military frontier against Russia and China

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 1:47pm EDT

    An increasingly multipolar world means Washington’s influence over the continent will wane as alternative strategic partners emerge Justified Accord 2024, the US Africa Command’s (AFRICOM) largest exercise in East Africa, ran from February 26 to March 7 and was hosted in Kenya, Djibouti and Rwanda. The Africa-US joint military exercises have been in existence for […]

  • Impending event could push price of Bitcoin into stratosphere

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 1:46pm EDT

    The quadrennial slashing of the crypto reward, known as ‘halving,’ is expected to take place this week The price of Bitcoin, the world’s highest-valued cryptocurrency, surged past $64,000 on Friday, rebounding from a drop below the $60,000 mark. The crypto continues to experience volatility ahead of an upcoming ‘halving’ event, which has sparked controversy over […]

  • NATO ‘one step away’ from sending troops to Ukraine – Orban

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 1:20pm EDT

    The conflict could drag Europe “into its depths,” the Hungarian prime minister has warned The leaders of the EU and NATO are potentially ready to deploy forces to Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed on Friday. Brussels sees the conflict between Moscow and Kiev as its “own” and is failing to consider the risks […]

  • EU sanctions Israeli ‘extremists’

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 1:12pm EDT

    Brussels has accused settlers of human rights abuses against Palestinians The European Union announced on Friday it was sanctioning four individuals and two entities over human rights abuses – including torture – of Palestinians in the West Bank. The measure was announced by the European Council, invoking its 2020 decree establishing the Global Human Rights […]

  • Blinken reveals US stance on Israel’s invasion of Rafah

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 11:27am EDT

    A major offensive would have “terrible consequences,” the US Secretary of State has said The US believes that Israel could achieve its military objectives in Gaza without an invasion of the city of Rafah, which Washington will not support, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said. The statement was made on Friday at a news […]

  • Musk weighs in on Israel’s strike on Iran

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 11:19am EDT

    US tax dollars were used to help West Jerusalem target Tehran’s American-made F-14 fighter jets, the SpaceX CEO says Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took aim at Israel’s strikes on an Iranian airbase, suggesting that West Jerusalem used US money to attack American-made jets, which had been sold to the Shah during the Cold […]

  • Russians fear losing jobs to AI – poll 

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 11:16am EDT

    Employees in banking and finance are particularly concerned about being replaced by innovative technology The majority of Russians believe the world will be dependent on artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future, while 39% fear their jobs could be replaced by the technology, a survey by VTB bank has found.   According to the poll […]

  • Israel downgraded by another rating agency

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 11:14am EDT

    The country’s confrontation with Iran has raised geopolitical risks, S&P has said International ratings agency S&P Global downgraded Israel’s long-term credit rating on Thursday, citing the risk of a military escalation with Iran. S&P has become the second major US credit ratings agency to do so after Moody’s lowered Israel’s credit score in February due […]

  • Israel targeted Iranian airbase – NYT

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 11:00am EDT

    Both Tehran and West Jerusalem have downplayed the event Explosions near the Iranian city of Isfahan on Friday morning were Israeli strikes on a military airfield, the New York Times claimed on Friday, citing anonymous sources. Neither Israel nor Iran has officially commented on the incident. Israel vowed to “respond” to last Saturday’s drone and […]

  • Biden condemned for cannibalism comments

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 10:59am EDT

    Papua New Guinean tribes are unlikely to have eaten the US president’s uncle, an academic has told The Guardian Academics from Papua New Guinea have criticized US President Joe Biden for suggesting that their countrymen ate his uncle after a wartime plane crash. Local tribes “wouldn’t just eat any white men that fell from the […]

  • Apple removes popular messaging apps in China

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 10:15am EDT

    The tech giant claims it was ordered by Beijing to pull WhatsApp, Threads, Telegram, and Signal from the local AppStore Apple has pulled several popular messaging apps from its storefront in China at the request of the government in Beijing over alleged national security concerns, the US-tech giant announced on Friday.  Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads […]

  • Oil prices spike after Israel strikes Iran

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 9:05am EDT

    Escalation of conflict in the Middle East will send energy prices skyrocketing, analysts have warned Global prices for crude oil jumped by as much as 3.5% shortly after Israel carried out a series of strikes on Iran in the early hours of Friday. Both oil benchmarks soared over $3 a barrel in early trading before […]

  • Infrastructure strikes, Donbass push and anti-drone warfare: the last week in the Ukrainian conflict

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 8:42am EDT

    Moscow has reported making new gains in Donbass, while continuing its campaign against critical Ukrainian facilities The past week in the Russia-Ukraine conflict has seen continued active combat at multiple locations along the front line, with the most intense hostilities in Donbass, where Moscow continues its effort to push westwards. Russia also launched large-scale, long-range […]

  • EU still needs Russian gas – energy watchdog

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 8:31am EDT

    The bloc’s regulator has urged caution in the reduction of liquified natural gas imports from Russia as the transit deal with Ukraine nears expiration The EU’s energy regulator has warned against drastic reductions of imports of liquified natural gas (LNG) from Russia, despite the bloc’s ambition to completely end its reliance on fossil fuels from […]

  • Euro hits historic low in SWIFT transactions

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 6:57am EDT

    Share of EU single currency dipped below 22% in March, data shows The share of the euro currency in global cross-border settlements via the SWIFT messaging system last month declined to an all-time low, transaction data compiled by the global financial service showed on Thursday. The portion of transactions involving the European single currency amounted […]

  • Boeing whistleblower threatened with ‘physical harm’ – CNN  

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 6:41am EDT

    An engineer claims he has been targeted by the company for raising concerns about “no safety culture”  Hundreds of people could die unless American aerospace giant Boeing addresses critical safety issues, a whistleblower has told the US Senate, also claiming that he was threatened with “physical violence” for going public, CNN has reported.    Sam […]

  • Major bank says EU trying to force it out of Russia

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 5:33am EDT

    Raiffeisen says it expects to be asked by the EU Central Bank to further reduce operations in the sanctioned country Raiffeisen, the largest foreign-owned bank in Russia, said on Thursday it is being pressured by the EU regulator to more rapidly reduce its presence in the country. Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) said it is expecting […]

  • Macron tells Ukraine why it can’t have Israel-style air defenses

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 3:45am EDT

    It took West Jerusalem decades to deploy a comprehensive system to protect its skies from all kinds of threats, the French president has said It is impossible for the West to provide Ukraine with a version of Israel’s famed Iron Dome air defense system, because it has neither the time nor the resources to accomplish […]

  • No Plan B without US – Kiev

    RT - Apr 19th 2024 3:27am EDT

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said this was the message he relayed to American counterpart Antony Blinken Ukraine does not have a ‘Plan B’ for the conflict with Russia if the US Congress refuses to approve more military aid for Kiev, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said. The diplomat told Ukraine’s Rada broadcaster on […]