• EU will back Ukraine without the US – Borrell

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 6:11pm EDT

    Brussels “regrets” the US Congress decision not to include military aid for Kiev in its spending bill, the EU top diplomat says The EU’s military aid to Ukraine will not depend on the decisions taken by the US, the bloc’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, told journalists during his visit to Kiev on Sunday. Brussels plans […]

  • EU nation blasts Zelensky for forgetting who helped Ukraine ‘most’

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 4:02pm EDT

    Statements made by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the UN General Assembly were “very inappropriate,” Warsaw says Kiev should never forget which nations helped it “most,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Sunday. The official blasted Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky over his speech at the UN General Assembly and warned Ukraine against closer relations […]

  • ‘My people have bigger problems than Ukraine’ – EU state’s election winner

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:56pm EDT

    Further casualties in the conflict between Kiev and Moscow benefit nobody, says Slovak party leader Robert Fico The Slovak Social Democracy (SMER-SD) party will not support further military aid for Ukraine, its leader, Robert Fico, told journalists on Sunday. Fico’s party took the lead in the parliamentary elections held over the weekend and is now […]

  • US border more important than Ukraine – Republican leader

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:55pm EDT

    The Biden administration has sent approximately $46 billion in aid to Ukraine since February 2022 House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said in an interview with CBS on Sunday that while he remains committed to helping Ukraine throughout its conflict with Russia, addressing the United States’ border security issues should be a bigger priority for US […]

  • US Secretary of State’s ‘history lesson’ gets corrected by X users

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:55pm EDT

    Antony Blinken’s knowledge of a pivotal Second World War event was called into question by social media commenters Users of the social media network X (formerly Twitter) have fact-checked a statement made by United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken in which he said Vladimir Putin’s government “manipulates” the details of massacres in Kiev in […]

  • Syria shows the way to fighting imperialism, thanks to Russia and China

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:38pm EDT

    Damascus and Beijing’s “strategic partnership” is good for the world – and an embarrassment to the West Syrian President Bashar Assad arrived in China’s Hangzhou last Thursday, his first visit to the East Asian giant since 2004. His talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping culminated in the announcement of a “strategic partnership” between the […]

  • Türkiye expects nothing from EU – Erdogan

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 11:13am EDT

    Ankara has kept all its promises, while Brussels has not reciprocated, the Turkish leader claims Türkiye no longer expects anything from Brussels, having waited for decades to become an EU member, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. “We have kept all the promises we have made to the EU, but they have kept almost none […]

  • Italy’s working population set to dramatically shrink – data

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 10:43am EDT

    Over a third of Italians will be over 65 in 2050, ISTAT predicts More than a third of the population of Italy, the Eurozone’s third-largest country, will be over 65 by 2050, up from about a quarter last year, according to data released by the national statistics bureau ISTAT earlier this week. The report predicted […]

  • Democrats want to ‘bleed Ukraine dry’ – US senator

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 10:37am EDT

    Ohio Senator J.D. Vance claims that Democrats have ulterior motives for approving Ukrainian military aid packages Figures on the political left in the US blame Russia for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election victory and have committed to “bleed Ukraine dry” in retaliation, according to Republican Senator J.D. Vance. “Sorry, this needs to be said,” he […]

  • Most royal of UK boroughs declares it’s nearly broke

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 9:18am EDT

    Berkshire council, home to the royal address, is more than $240 million in debt and runs high risk of insolvency The United Kingdom’s Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is on the brink of bankruptcy as the country’s increasing interest rates have sent the cost of servicing its debt of £203 ($240 million) soaring. The […]

  • Egypt ramping up Russian grain imports – Bloomberg 

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 8:40am EDT

    Cairo is negotiating the purchase of 1 million tons of wheat, the outlet has said Egypt is negotiating imports of Russian wheat through a government-to-government deal, Bloomberg reported this week, citing sources familiar with the matter.    The North African country reportedly wants to buy 1 million tons of Russian wheat with delivery scheduled for […]

  • British PM clarifies stance on troops in Ukraine

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 7:33am EDT

    Training of Ukrainian soldiers will continue on British soil, Rishi Sunak says British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the UK has no plans to send military instructors to Ukraine to train local troops, claiming there was “some misreporting” of comments by Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, who floated the idea. DETAILS TO FOLLOW

  • Several dead in Spanish nightclub fire

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 6:38am EDT

    Officials have warned that the death toll could rise, with several people unaccounted for At least seven people were killed in a fire at a nightclub in the southeast Spanish city of Murcia in the early hours of Sunday, local authorities said. Emergency services have warned the death toll could rise. “The number of deaths […]

  • Russia can’t keep up with inflow of Chinese imports – Bloomberg

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 6:09am EDT

    Bilateral trade is expected to top $200 billion this year   Shipping containers with goods from China are piling up in Russian rail depots in a sign of surging trade between the two countries, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. Currently some 150,000 excess containers are stacked up, due to China sending so many goods that Russia […]

  • EU launches world’s first carbon border tax

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 5:29am EDT

    Brussels is set to impose CO2 emissions tariffs on carbon-intensive imports including steel and cement The EU launched the first phase an emissions tariff scheme on Sunday, with a planned import tax on steel, aluminum, cement and fertilisers, as part of its bid to become a climate-neutral region. During the first phase, until 2026, Brussels […]

  • ‘US lacks power and wits in showdown with independent countries’ – N. Korea

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 4:04am EDT

    The North Korean deputy foreign minister has rebuffed Washington’s criticism of Moscow-Pyongyang relations North Korea’s deputy foreign minister has accused the US of “unjust and outrageous hostility” towards Pyongyang and Moscow, saying it shows Washington’s hegemonic mentality based on Cold War logic. “The US ill-minded repugnancy toward the North Korea-Russia relations only reveals that it […]

  • Blast rocks Turkish capital

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 3:30am EDT

    The explosion occurred outside the Interior Ministry building, local authorities say A suicide bomber has detonated an explosive device outside the Interior Ministry headquarters in the Turkish capital Ankara, local authorities have reported. DETAILS TO FOLLOW

  • Escalation and elevation? Friedrich Glasl, conflict researcher

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:39am EDT

    The study of war is one of the oldest academic disciplines, but it encountered something new with the conflict in Ukraine. Pursued for years in a proxy form, it spilled into the open in 2023, affecting countries half a world away. What can it tell us about the nature of war? To discuss this, Oksana […]

  • Russia boosts cross-border settlements in yuan

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 2:31am EDT

    The currency has even reportedly been used as a means of payment with the UK, US, and EU Russia is increasing the share of the Chinese yuan in foreign trade and not exclusively with China, RBK reported on Thursday, citing a data from the Economic Development Ministry. According to the ministry’s calculations, in the first […]

  • South American country boasts world’s fastest-growing economy

    RT - Oct 1st 2023 1:33am EDT

    Guyana’s GDP is expected to surge about 115% in the next five years Guyana’s economy is on track to more than double by 2028, on the back of high profits from oil production and the export sector, CNBC reported this week, citing expert analysis. Sandwiched between Venezuela and Suriname, the former British colony with a […]

  • Why Trudeau values his extremist allies over India’s goodwill

    RT - Sep 30th 2023 11:25pm EDT

    Canada, with US support, provides cover for Sikh separatists while launching unfounded accusations at New Delhi Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a grave blow to his country’s ties with India last week by stating on the floor of his parliament that there were “credible allegations” that the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a local […]

  • Pro-Ukraine government losing NATO country’s election – partial results

    RT - Sep 30th 2023 10:34pm EDT

    The Social Democracy party made it abundantly clear that it would not unquestioningly follow the US dictate if elected The Slovak Social Democracy (SMER-SD) party has taken a major lead in the parliamentary elections held on Saturday, according to official results from 95 percent of the districts showing it over 7 percentage points ahead of […]

  • Biden demands uninterrupted cash flow to Ukraine

    RT - Sep 30th 2023 10:02pm EDT

    The US leader blasted “extreme House Republicans” for “manufactured crisis” President Joe Biden has welcomed a bipartisan short-time budget deal that will keep the US government open for the next 45 days, but was disappointed that none of the billions of dollars in various aid to Kiev that he had requested made it to the final […]

  • Ukraine absent from emergency US government funding deal

    RT - Sep 30th 2023 7:42pm EDT

    The Senate has until the end of the day on Saturday to keep the government open The US House of Representative approved a stopgap spending bill on Saturday. The proposed resolution would keep the government open for the next 45 days at the current spending level and adds billions of dollars in funding for US […]

  • British defense chief wants to send UK troops to Ukraine

    RT - Sep 30th 2023 7:13pm EDT

    Grant Shapps sees an “opportunity” for London to “bring more things” into Ukraine The newly-appointed Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps, has unveiled ongoing discussions about expanding the UK-led training program for Ukrainian troops and potentially relocating British instructors into the country itself, as well as offering Kiev unspecified naval support in the Black Sea. “I was talking today […]