• Americans on Left and Right think their side is losing – poll

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 4:49pm EDT

    Republicans and Democrats alike believe their political rivals are winning on the issues that matter Nearly three quarters of Americans – 72% – believe their political side is losing more often than it is winning on the issues that are important to them, according to a Pew Research poll published on Monday. Less than a […]

  • Iran comments on drones in Ukraine

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 4:12pm EDT (Archive)

    Reports about UAV deliveries to Russia are “unfounded,” Tehran says Tehran is neutral when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine and considers reports of supplying combat drones to Russia baseless, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Monday. Ukraine has expelled the Iranian ambassador over what Kiev called the “unfriendly act” of providing drones to […]

  • Former Pentagon advisor points to Nord Stream suspects

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 2:52pm EDT (Archive)

    The US or UK likely sabotaged the pipelines to block Germany from quitting the Ukraine crisis, an ex-colonel has claimed Washington and London are the most likely culprits behind last week’s attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines, former Pentagon advisor and retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor has claimed. He said the sabotage ploy would […]

  • Italy hopes to resolve Russian gas supply halt

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 1:40pm EDT (Archive)

    Energy giant Eni is working with Gazprom on the issue Italian energy company Eni suggested on Monday that Russian gas supplies to the country could be restored this week. The stoppage was caused by regulatory issues in Austria and not by geopolitics, it said. “The situation could be settled before the end of this week,” […]

  • Switzerland resists handover of Russian assets to Ukraine

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 1:35pm EDT (Archive)

    The country will not confiscate frozen property to support Ukraine, the Economy Ministry has said Switzerland does not support Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s request to hand over frozen Russian assets to Kiev, a spokesman for the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Fabian Maienfisch, told RIA Novosti on Monday. “For the Swiss […]

  • UK defense secretary predicts if Russia will use nukes

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 12:56pm EDT (Archive)

    It is “highly unlikely” Putin will use such weapons in the Ukraine conflict, Ben Wallace has said UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said he does not believe Russian President Vladimir Putin will resort to using tactical nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict, PA Media reported on Sunday. Speaking at a fringe event organized by […]

  • Hurricane Ian relief gets political

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 12:52pm EDT (Archive)

    US media target Republican senator for previous vote on emergency funding As Florida counted the deaths and damage caused by Hurricane Ian, Senator Marco Rubio found himself questioned by ABC and CNN about another storm a decade ago. Both outlets brought up Rubio’s vote against Hurricane Sandy funding, asking if he will vote against helping […]

  • Iran names countries behind riots

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 12:22pm EDT (Archive)

    Anti-government unrest was “a design” of Washington and Tel Aviv, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said In his first public statement following weeks of violent protests across Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the US and Israel of inciting the unrest, with the help of “traitorous Iranians abroad.” “I say explicitly that these riots and […]

  • Ports, mines, agriculture: What can new regions give Russia’s economy

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 11:53am EDT (Archive)

    The former Ukrainian territories have large industrial and agricultural potential On Monday, Russia’s State Duma has ratified the treaties on the accession of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, to the Russian Federation. The territories overwhelmingly voted to join the country in referendums in September.  Economists […]

  • EU state suffers unplanned nuclear reactor shutdown

    RT - Oct 3rd 2022 11:44am EDT (Archive)

    An investigation has been launched at Belgium’s Tihange 3 while the reactor is closed One of Belgium’s six functioning nuclear reactors has shut down unexpectedly, the plant’s operator Engie told VRT News on Monday. The reactor, called Tihange 3, underwent an automatic shutdown at around 8:25am local time at which point “employees then brought the […]