• Sweden should address fundamental issues to join NATO – key memberRT - Jun 25th 2022 12:59pm EDT

    Stockholm has so far taken no ‘tangible’ action to address Ankara’s concerns, Turkey says The Swedish government should deal with issues of “fundamental importance” for Turkey to reach an agreement on its NATO membership bid, Ankara said on Saturday. The news follows a phone call between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Swedish Prime Minister […]

  • Exiled Russian driver eyeing F1 returnRT - Jun 25th 2022 12:39pm EDT

    Nikita Mazepin is plotting his comeback to top-level motorsport Nikita Mazepin remains confident that he will secure a Formula 1 seat in the future, several months after he was ditched by the Haas team in the wake of the onset of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine. Russian driver Mazepin, 23, was close to beginning […]

  • Russia trying to drag Belarus into conflict – UkraineRT - Jun 25th 2022 12:37pm EDT

    Ukrainian intelligence is claiming that “massive missile shelling” from Belarus’ territory was a Kremlin “provocation” Russia is “dragging” Belarus into its military offensive against Ukraine, that country’s intelligence agency claimed on Saturday, commenting on alleged shelling of several of its regions, which came from the territory of Belarus. In a statement on Facebook, the Chief […]

  • US congresswoman insults UK journalistRT - Jun 25th 2022 11:53am EDT

    Channel 4 reporter Siobhan Kennedy earlier tried to grill Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over gun violence in the US A US congresswoman, angered by a question from a UK reporter over a controversial gun control bill, suggested the journalist should “go back” to her country. Channel 4 representative Siobhan Kennedy confronted Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor […]

  • Footballer retires after neo-Nazi links discoveredRT - Jun 25th 2022 11:47am EDT

    Austrian international Martin Hinteregger announced his retirement at the age of just 29 Eintracht Frankfurt and Austria defender Martin Hinteregger has announced his retirement from football two weeks after a media frenzy was ignited following the discovery of links to an alleged neo-Nazi figure.  The 29-year-old, who recently won the Europa League with his German club, […]

  • EU nation calls for U-turn on fossil fuels – mediaRT - Jun 25th 2022 11:34am EDT

    Germany wants G7 nations to backtrack on plan to stop financing overseas fossil fuel projects Germany is seeking to convince other G7 nations to abandon a commitment to end direct international financing of overseas fossil fuel projects by the end of this year, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing people familiar with the matter. Berlin is […]

  • Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion has built a ‘state within a state,’ and it despises both Russia and the liberal WestRT - Jun 25th 2022 11:22am EDT

    The Ukrainian regiment adheres to its own brand of ‘National Idea,’ loosely modelled on Mussolini’s Italy Despite the surrender of the Azov regiment at the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works during the fighting in Mariupol, last month, the legend of this unit has turned out to be enduring. The Ukrainian command has already announced that […]

  • How Star Wars dumbs down real-world politics for the massesRT - Jun 25th 2022 11:04am EDT

    These days, you can’t even watch a fantasy space opera without a political lecture with a woke tint Is Star Wars political? If you asked fans of the original movies, they might give you an interesting answer – but if you ask the official Star Wars Twitter account, it most certainly is. It’s got “WARS” […]

  • Many EU countries are in ‘direct war’ with Russia – SerbiaRT - Jun 25th 2022 10:53am EDT

    Europeans are sending weapons to Ukraine and are angry that Serbia “is not in their shoes,” President Aleksandar Vucic claims Many EU states are in “a direct war” with Russia and are “angry” with Belgrade for refusing to go along with sanctions, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday. Speaking at a press conference two […]

  • Norway raises terrorist threat level to ‘extraordinary’RT - Jun 25th 2022 10:51am EDT

    Mass shooting at an Oslo nightclub might inspire further attacks, police warn Norway is facing an “unresolved terrorist situation,” national police chief Roger Berg told journalists on Saturday, adding that the nationwide terrorist threat level has been raised from “moderate” to “extraordinary.” The decision has been taken following a mass shooting at an Oslo nightclub […]