• Latin American president removed from office

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 7:21pm EST (Archive)

    Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was impeached by the Congress he tried to dissolve Peru’s Congress has impeached and ousted President Pedro Castillo from office after he tried to temporarily shut down the government’s legislative branch and call for new elections. Lawmakers moved ahead with their impeachment trial on Wednesday, ignoring Castillo’s decree to suspend the […]

  • Merkel confirms Ukraine ceasefire was a ploy

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 6:45pm EST (Archive)

    Minsk agreements were to “give Ukraine time” to “get stronger”, said former German chancellor The 2014 ceasefire brokered by Berlin and Paris in Minsk was an attempt to give Kiev time to strengthen its military and was successful in that regard, former German chancellor Angela Merkel argued in an interview published on Wednesday.  In an […]

  • China scolds UK for failing to fulfill ‘international obligation’

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 5:18pm EST (Archive)

    Beijing has called for British officials to reverse a ruling that’s blocking the construction of a huge new embassy in London China’s Foreign Ministry has accused UK officials of shirking their diplomatic obligations by blocking Beijing’s plan to build a massive new embassy near Tower Bridge in London. “It should be pointed out that host […]

  • UK city defends new ‘climate lockdown’ policy

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 3:23pm EST (Archive)

    A ‘traffic filter’ program that fines residents for traveling outside their neighborhoods too often is raising eyebrows The city of Oxfordshire has embraced the concept of limiting citizens’ personal travel to fight climate change, an idea once dismissed as a conspiracy theory. The Oxfordshire County Council’s so-called ‘traffic filter’ system, adopted last week, has gone […]

  • Middle East country boasts world’s most powerful passport

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 3:18pm EST (Archive)

    The UAE has risen to the top of rankings for restriction-free access to countries around the world Citizens of the United Arab Emirates now wield the globe’s most powerful passport, enjoying easy visitor access to all but 9% of the world’s countries, according to the latest Passport Index ranking by Canadian financial advisory firm Arton […]

  • Ukraine conflict ‘transformed’ Germany – ambassador

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 2:35pm EST (Archive)

    A remilitarized country with better ties to the US is worth the economic hardship, writes Berlin’s envoy in Washington The conflict in Ukraine has fundamentally transformed Germany for the better, Berlin’s envoy to Washington has argued, while acknowledging her country has been far more affected by the economic backlash of anti-Russian sanctions than the US. […]

  • Study reveals George Soros’ media ties

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 1:12pm EST (Archive)

    A watchdog group has found that the leftist billionaire has financial connections to at least 253 news outlets around the world Billionaire George Soros has financial ties to at least 253 media organizations worldwide, helping him to mold public opinion and insulate himself from criticism, a new study by a conservative US watchdog group has […]

  • Lawmakers reject bid to audit US aid for Ukraine

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 1:09pm EST (Archive)

    House Republicans vowed to try again later after their resolution was narrowly defeated A resolution calling for an audit of US military and economic aid to Ukraine has been narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives. The measure, spearheaded by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and backed by multiple fellow legislators, was rejected by 26 […]

  • Shark Week not diverse enough – study

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 12:44pm EST (Archive)

    The popular Discovery program features more commentators named ‘Mike’ than women, and over 90% are white The Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’, a 34-year-old initiative showcasing the marine predator and the people who study it, is overwhelmingly white, according to a group of researchers. They published their conclusions with the Public Library of Science last month […]

  • Musk loses crown as world’s richest man – Forbes

    RT - Dec 7th 2022 12:27pm EST (Archive)

    The Tesla boss has been overtaken by LVMH’s Bernard Arnault, the outlet reports Elon Musk has lost his title as the richest man in the world, according to a Forbes report on Wednesday. The business outlet cited a steep decline in the value of the billionaire’s stake in the electric-car company Tesla and a $44 […]