• Joe Rogan slams mainstream media agendas

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 12:22pm EDT

    The podcaster has accused the US media of engaging in political point-scoring World renowned podcaster Joe Rogan has said that many mainstream news sources have become transfixed on the blanket coverage of topics like the January 6th, 2021 riots at the US Capitol at the expense of what he sees as other more newsworthy issues […]

  • AI could replace 300 million workers – Goldman Sachs

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 12:20pm EDT

    Two-thirds of jobs in the US and Europe are vulnerable to some degree of Artificial Intelligence automation, a report has claimed Artificial intelligence (AI) could cause “significant disruption” to the labor market and jeopardize millions of jobs around the world if it lives up to its capabilities, Goldman Sachs has said. Generative AI such as […]

  • Kiev discloses its military spending

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 12:04pm EDT

    Over $3 billion is allocated monthly from the state budget to cover costs of defense, according to the finance ministry Ukraine spends 130 billion hryvnia ($3.5 billion) a month on its military, Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko has revealed. The minister, who was meeting with the country’s European Business Association (EBA) on Wednesday, also disclosed that […]

  • Swiss ‘climate seniors’ sue for tighter emissions laws

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 11:49am EDT

    Over 2,000 elderly women claim their government’s insufficiently strict climate policies violate their human rights More than 2,000 elderly Swiss women have partnered with Greenpeace to sue their government at the European Court of Human Rights, alleging that its failure to confront climate change has harmed their quality of life and put their survival at […]

  • How the US and NATO reuse the 1990s Yugoslavia wars playbook in Ukraine

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 11:27am EDT

    If certain strategies and tactics seem familiar, that’s because they are over 20 years old The emotionally charged and often hyperbolic terms used by the US and its allies to describe the conflict in Ukraine gives the notion that it is something unprecedented and unseen since the Second World War. That is quite literally not […]

  • TikTok is China’s ‘Trojan horse’ – US spy agency

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 11:13am EDT

    The NSA claims the video-sharing app poses a cybersecurity threat The head of the US National Security Agency’s cybersecurity unit described TikTok as China’s “Trojan horse” on Monday, claiming the video-sharing app is being used by Beijing to collect Americans’ data. Rob Joyce urged Washington to start monitoring Chinese tech giant ByteDance, which owns TikTok, […]

  • US rejects calls to lower Russian oil price cap – Politico

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 10:30am EDT

    Washington is reportedly pushing for the ceiling to stay at $60 per barrel The US has opposed calls by some EU member states to lower the price cap on Russian crude oil in order to reduce Moscow’s revenues, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing sources. According to the outlet, Poland and the Baltic states have been […]

  • Pentagon prints playing cards ‘to train Ukrainians’ – NYT

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 9:10am EDT

    Deck of cards shows NATO-made weapons systems, including those shipped to Kiev to fight Russia, the newspaper said The US Army is to print a deck of playing cards featuring NATO weapons systems and will send them to states outside of the US-led bloc, including Ukraine, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. The cards […]

  • UK newspaper apologizes for slavery links

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 8:20am EDT

    The Guardian has expressed remorse after research showed its founder had ties to the 19th century slave trade The Scott Trust, the proprietor of UK newspaper the Guardian, has issued an apology after it was discovered that the publication’s founder John Edward Taylor, as well as the majority of its early financial backers, had demonstrable […]

  • India considering investment in Russian Arctic shipping

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 8:00am EDT

    The countries want to use the Northern Sea Route to transport cargo reliably and safely, a Russian official says Moscow and New Delhi are discussing the possibility of launching a trans-Arctic container shipping line and processing facilities along the Northern Sea Route (NSR), according to the Russian minister for the development of the Far East […]