• Russian oil giant reports almost 50% profit surge

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 10:06am EST

    Rosneft’s revenue in 2023 rose beyond analysts’ expectations Net profits at Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer, jumped by 47.2% last year, hitting 1.3 trillion rubles ($14 billion) despite sweeping Western sanctions on Russian oil, the company announced on Monday.   Crude oil and gas condensate production reached 193.6 million tons in 2023, Rosneft said, adding that […]

  • Russia is defeating the West – Maduro

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 9:58am EST

    The Ukraine conflict has become unsustainable for the US, the Venezuelan president said Russia is defeating the US and its allies on the battlefield, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said, referring to the backing of Kiev by the West in its fight with Russia.The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is an “immoral war,” which has […]

  • Ukraine military aid delayed over NATO funding row – media 

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 8:49am EST

    Bulgaria vowed to provide 100 Soviet-era armored personnel carriers to Kiev months ago  A Bulgarian pledge to deliver 100 Soviet-era BTR-60 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine is facing delays over Sofia’s request for NATO to pay the transportation costs, Euractiv reported on Tuesday.  The Bulgarian parliament authorized the transfer of the vehicles last November, after […]

  • ‘Israel’ scribbled out in baby’s birth certificate in UK

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 8:24am EST

    A probe has been launched into the incident, Home Secretary James Cleverly said Activists have demanded action from the UK Home Office after a birth certificate was apparently returned to a baby’s parents with the word ‘Israel’ scribbled out. The Campaign Against Antisemitism, which tracks hate crime against Jewish people in Britain, issued a post […]

  • Afghan forces blocked from UK resettlement – BBC

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 8:04am EST

    The move could reportedly prevent witnesses of alleged UK wrongdoing in Afghanistan from giving evidence British special forces have intervened to reject applications by elite Afghan troops to resettle in the UK, despite evidence that they fought alongside them in operations against the Taliban, a report by the BBC has claimed. There are concerns among […]

  • Polish farmers blocking defense aid from reaching Kiev – activist

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 7:50am EST

    Agriculturalists have been staging protests at the border for months, decrying the flow of cheap Ukrainian produce into the country Polish farmers demanding an end to the inflow of cheaper produce are blocking trucks carrying Kiev-bound military aid, a Ukrainian activist has claimed. The protesters had earlier vowed to disrupt the transportation of goods not […]

  • Chinese competitor to Boeing and Airbus makes international debut

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 7:28am EST

    The C919 passenger jet staged a flyby at the Singapore Airshow China’s homegrown passenger jet, the C919, made its inaugural flight outside China on Sunday at the Singapore Airshow. The airliner, which took to the skies for its first commercial flight in May, has so far only been authorized to fly in its home country.  […]

  • World leaders no longer working toward peace – Serbian president

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 6:47am EST

    Munich Security Conference participants acted like “football fans” instead of looking for solutions, Aleksandar Vucic has argued The international community is no longer interested in ending conflicts, and instead views peace as an “unwanted” ideal, President Aleksandar Vucic has claimed in an interview with TASS published on Tuesday.   His comments follow last week’s annual Munich […]

  • Beijing criticizes proposed US sanctions

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 6:22am EST

    Chinese business interests will be protected from “illegal” restrictions, the Foreign Ministry has said Beijing has responded to reports that Washington is planning to impose “broad” sanctions on the country, vowing to defend Chinese businesses from measures intended to target firms for allegedly helping Russia. The proposed sanctions were discussed on Monday by CNBC, which […]

  • Superstition and taboo: Germany retreats into the Middle Ages as its economy declines

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 5:31am EST

    An abandonment of reason is among the symptoms of a nation suffering from a collapse in the prevailing narratives Bloomberg recently foretold the end of Germany’s days as an industrial power in an article that begins with a depiction of the closing of a factory in Dusseldorf. Stone-faced workers preside with funereal solemnity over the […]

  • EU extends Russia sanctions

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 4:43am EST

    The restrictions introduced after the start of the Ukraine conflict will be in place for another year The EU has extended sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine for another year, according to a European Council decision published on its website on Monday. The restrictions will be up for renewal again […]

  • US legislators propose revised Ukraine aid package – The Hill

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 4:25am EST

    Republicans in Congress have blocked foreign aid to Kiev for months, demanding the inclusion of funds to secure the US southern border A bipartisan group of representatives has put forward a reworked foreign aid and border security package that includes support for Ukraine, The Hill reports. Republican Brian Fitzpatrick and Democrat Jared Golden allegedly urged […]

  • Ukraine growing weaker ‘by the day’ – Musk

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 3:47am EST

    A peace deal should have been struck a year ago, the billionaire believes Elon Musk has reiterated his belief that Ukraine will lose its conflict with Russia, arguing that Kiev’s position in any future peace talks is weakening with each passing day of the hostilities. Commenting on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, the billionaire said […]

  • Out with the old, in with the new: How Africa can overcome the post-colonial challenges that France left behind

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 3:06am EST

    The unity of the continent built on regional integration will help strengthen the economic and political autonomy of its states France’s historical presence in Africa dates back to the 16th century with the beginning of the exploration and colonization of the continent by Europeans. Over the centuries, France extended its influence in many regions of […]

  • Trump’s legal drama

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 1:55am EST

    Former President Donald Trump is facing four criminal cases and 91 indictments. But the cases are starting to fall apart. On this episode of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes speaks to a panel of experts (Alan Grayson, Former US Congressman; Angie Wong, Co-host of the Final Countdown; Angela McArdle, Chair of the Libertarian Party Committee) and […]

  • Small EU country becomes Russia’s biggest whisky supplier – media

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 12:21am EST

    Latvia is serving as a middleman for the import of Western spirits into the Russian market, experts say Latvia became Russia’s top supplier of whisky last year, reaching $250 million in sales and outpacing all other exporters combined, RIA Novosti reported on Monday, citing industry data.    The Baltic nation ramped up shipments of spirits […]

  • Germany likely in recession – Bundesbank

    RT - Feb 20th 2024 12:21am EST

    Economic output is expected to decline again in the first quarter of the year, the country’s central bank warns The struggling German economy may shrink further in the first quarter of 2024, the country’s central bank warned in a monthly report published on Monday. According to the forecast, Germany’s external industrial demand is likely to […]

  • Taliban boycotts UN-sponsored meeting

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 11:33pm EST

    The Islamist group that rules Afghanistan has made “unacceptable” demands, UN chief Antonio Guterres said The Taliban has refused to attend a UN-sponsored conference in Qatar, insisting that their delegation should be recognized as sole representatives of Afghanistan. According to the Associated Press, the Taliban wanted to exclude Afghan “civil society members” who were invited to […]

  • Biden’s ancestor court-martialed for stabbing fellow soldier – WaPo

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 10:39pm EST

    Historic records reportedly show that the US president’s great-great-grandfather was sent behind bars and then pardoned by Lincoln Newly discovered government documents have reportedly shown that an ancestor of US President Joe Biden was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln after being court-martialed for stabbing a fellow Union Army employee during the Civil War. President Lincoln issued […]

  • Ecuador abandons Ukraine weapons transfer plan

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 8:17pm EST

    The country will not send arms to a conflict zone, Quito’s top diplomat said Quito will not supply Ukraine with outdated Russian military equipment, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld said, walking back her government’s previously announced plans.  “Ecuador will not send any war material to a country that is involved in an international armed conflict,” […]

  • US changes position on Gaza ceasefire – Reuters

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 6:14pm EST

    Washington has reportedly proposed a UN resolution opposing Israel’s planned Rafah offensive US President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly dropped its opposition to a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and proposed a UN resolution calling for Israel to cancel its planned military offensive in the Palestinian enclave’s last refuge for displaced civilians. The draft […]

  • Ukraine to get $12 million from Japan – Kiev

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 5:56pm EST

    Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has visited Tokyo, meeting his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida to discuss aid Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged his support to help rebuild Ukraine’s economy after the conflict with Moscow ends, making the commitment at the Japanese-Ukrainian reconstruction conference in Tokyo on Monday. A massive Ukrainian delegation of over 100 […]

  • Losing Russian nuclear industry will cost EU billions – IAEA

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 4:55pm EST

    Agency head Rafael Grossi has voiced doubts that the bloc would sanction Russia’s Rosatom The European Union is dependent on Russian uranium deliveries and sanctioning them would be unrealistic, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head Rafael Grossi said on Monday. Grossi was in Brussels, briefing EU foreign ministers on the Iranian nuclear enrichment program when […]

  • Hillary says Trump will sic military on Americans

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 4:53pm EST

    The failed presidential candidate has insisted her rival is a “wannabe dictator” who will pull the US out of NATO Former US president Donald Trump plans to use the military to round up and terrorize Americans, failed US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CNN on Saturday.  The Republican frontrunner would become a “dictator on day […]

  • Biden brands US Republicans ‘shocking’

    RT - Feb 19th 2024 4:15pm EST

    The president has blasted lawmakers for failing to approve more aid to Ukraine, even after the death of a Russian activist US President Joe Biden has condemned Republican lawmakers for continuing to oppose sending more weapons and money to Ukraine, saying he can only hope the death of Russian political activist Alexey Navalny will help […]