• Biden brushes off MI5 warning

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 7:23am EDT

    The US president has vowed that he won’t be “kept out” of Northern Ireland US President Joe Biden has claimed that the decision by the UK’s main domestic security service to raise the terrorism threat level in Northern Ireland will not prevent him from visiting the region. “No. They can’t keep me out,” Biden said […]

  • Poland not ready to ditch zloty for euro

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 7:06am EDT

    Keeping the national currency allows Warsaw to maintain independence and sovereignty, according to the central bank Poland’s central bank governor, Adam Glapinski, has urged the government to not allow the abandonment of the national currency, the zloty, in favor of the euro. The current government has opposed joining the Eurozone for the foreseeable future.  Maintaining […]

  • JPMorgan boss to be questioned over bank’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein – media

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 6:08am EDT

    CEO Jamie Dimon faces judicial examination over the financial giant’s links to convicted sex offender Jamie Dimon, the longtime CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, faces judicial examination in two civil lawsuits that claim the investment bank profited from links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, several media outlets reported on Tuesday, citing sources. The […]

  • ASEAN looking to dump dollar and euro – media

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 5:06am EDT

    The regional economic union reportedly wants to protect transactions from “possible geopolitical repercussions” The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is set to discuss dropping the US dollar, euro, yen and pound sterling from transactions and moving to settlements in local currencies, according to the news magazine Tempo. An official meeting of ASEAN finance ministers […]

  • Iranian cars to hit Russian roads – media

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 2:56am EDT

    The first deliveries are scheduled for summer, a representative of the official dealer has said Major Iranian automaker SAIPA will launch car sales in Russia on June 1, the head of the Best Motors company, Aleksandr Stepanov, announced on Monday. Iran’s second largest car producer by volume will deliver a total of 45,000 vehicles to […]

  • EU countries seek protection from Ukrainian grain

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 2:44am EDT

    Poland and Romania want local farmers to be safeguarded against a flood of cheap imports Poland and Romania have appealed to the European Commission to set an export tracing mechanism for Ukrainian grain, the countries’ respective prime ministers, Mateusz Morawiecki and Nicolae Ciuca, revealed at a business conference in Bucharest on Tuesday. According to the […]

  • CrossTalk: Long war?

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 2:01am EDT

    Kiev has made it abundantly clear it cannot wage a counteroffensive without more weapons and ammunition from the West. The West, especially Washington, has shown no interest in a negotiated end to the conflict. In the meantime, Ukraine becomes smaller and smaller. CrossTalking with Nick Brana, Ray McGovern, and Lawrence Wilkerson.

  • China issues warning over Taiwan leader’s visit to US

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 1:35am EDT

    Beijing vowed to take countermeasures should the Taiwanese leader meet with the US House speaker Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen is set to travel to the United States, planning a stop in New York and another in California, where US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would meet with the leader despite warnings from China.  Tsai […]

  • Elon Musk spats with Bill Gates over AI

    RT - Mar 29th 2023 12:53am EDT

    Tesla CEO has criticized Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, a company he helped to found in 2015 Elon Musk has taken fellow billionaire Bill Gates to task for his “limited” understanding of artificial intelligence, suggesting he has a poor grasp of the emerging technology after the Microsoft founder said he has been involved in the field […]

  • Netanyahu tells Biden to stay out of Israeli business

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 10:40pm EDT

    Israel will not tolerate meddling in its internal affairs, even from the “best of friends,” the PM said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded after President Joe Biden voiced concerns about proposed judicial reforms in Israel, insisting his country would make its own decisions and not succumb to “pressure from abroad.” In a series […]