• Drone incident hindered US intelligence gathering – CNN

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 7:08pm EDT

    The Pentagon has rerouted its spy drones over Black Sea following an encounter with a Russian jet A decision by President Joe Biden’s administration to reroute drone flights over the Black Sea to avoid provoking a direct conflict with Russian forces has curtailed intelligence gathering on the Ukraine crisis, a senior US military official has […]

  • Baltimore blocks East Palestine toxic water dump

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 5:52pm EDT

    The contractor hired by Norfolk Southern to clean wastewater from its Ohio rail accident must find another destination A Baltimore contractor has agreed to relocate the processing of hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic wastewater from the site of last month’s Norfolk Southern train derailment after local officials mounted strong opposition to the disposal […]

  • US admits to another failed hypersonic test

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 5:43pm EDT

    Air force chief Frank Kendall has told federal lawmakers that this month’s launch of an ARRW missile was “not a success” The US Air Force has revealed at least the fourth failed test of a hypersonic missile system made by defense contractor Lockheed Martin, suggesting that it’s more likely to adopt a competing system built […]

  • Germany reveals reason for boosting aid to Ukraine

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 5:11pm EDT

    Letter to Bundestag seeks 15 billion euros over the coming years, citing Kiev’s battlefield losses Heavy losses of equipment in battle mean that Ukraine’s military needs more tanks, artillery and air defenses, as well as maintenance for them, according to a letter from the German treasury to the parliament revealed by Der Spiegel on Tuesday.  […]

  • US state passes bill banning property sales to ‘foreign adversaries’

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 5:04pm EDT

    South Carolina lawmakers have approved legislation barring citizens of China and Russia from buying property in the state South Carolina’s Senate has passed legislation that aims to prevent the state’s real estate from falling into the hands of people or corporations from China, Russia and other countries deemed to be “foreign adversaries.” The bill, which […]

  • US values in sharp decline – poll

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 4:38pm EDT

    Americans no longer find patriotism, religion, children, or community involvement important, a Wall Street Journal survey has found The number of Americans who consider patriotism, religion, and other key “American values” important has fallen since the late 1990s and plummeted in the last four years, if a new Wall Street Journal poll is to be […]

  • Nashville shooter hid seven guns at home – police

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 3:55pm EDT

    The killer was being treated for an “emotional disorder” and should not have owned weapons, according to parents Audrey Hale, the transgender person who shot and killed six people at Covenant School in Nashville, was being treated for an “emotional disorder” when the 28-year-old purchased seven guns from five different gun shops and stashed them […]

  • Asian leader cuts ties with International Criminal Court

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 3:06pm EDT

    The Philippines has severed communications with the tribunal after clashing over an investigation of its drug war Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has broken off his government’s contact with the International Criminal Court (ICC) after the tribunal rejected an appeal to halt an investigation of his predecessor’s bloody crackdown on drug dealers. “That ends all […]

  • Paris protest turns violent (VIDEOS)

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 3:01pm EDT

    Black-clad demonstrators hurled rocks at police, who responded by baton-charging the crowds A pension reform protest in Paris degenerated into violence on Tuesday, as groups of masked rioters clashed with heavily-armored riot police. Authorities say nearly 100,000 people marched in the French capital, as public anger over the government’s pension reform plan refuses to subside. […]

  • ‘We are all Chinese’ – Taiwanese ex-president

    RT - Mar 28th 2023 2:30pm EDT

    Ma Ying-jeou has begun his controversial visit to the mainland by pointing out shared ethnicity, calling for peace Former Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou has set the tone for his historic 12-day trip to China by calling for more peaceful relations between Taipei and Beijing and pointing out the common ancestry of their people. “We are […]