• Vote this week on US aid for Ukraine ‘in doubt’ – AP

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 9:14am EDT

    House speaker Johnson is working on a complex plan to tie Republican policies to Democrat-favored requests, the news agency said The chances that the US House would vote this week on a Ukraine aid package are becoming slimmer, as Speaker Mike Johnson faces internal Republican party pressure over his legislative plans, the Associated Press has […]

  • Indian supremacy: How the subcontinent intends to boost economic growth

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 8:28am EDT

    On this episode of Direct Impact, Rick Sanchez takes a look at India and its incredible economic growth in recent years as well as indicators for its growth in the next few decades. Can India become a rival to the economic powerhouse of China right on its doorstep? And could India become the third largest global […]

  • IMF sharply raises Russia’s economic growth forecast 

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 8:20am EDT

    The country’s gross domestic product is projected to grow 3.2% this year  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has significantly improved its growth forecast for the Russian economy in 2024 in its latest World Economic Outlook, which was published on Tuesday. The Washington-based institution has once again upgraded its estimate, and now expects Russia’s GDP to […]

  • Will the US Justice Department offer Julian Assange a deal?

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 5:41am EDT

    WikiLeaks cofounder Julian Assange has been held in London’s notorious maximum-security Belmarsh Prison for almost five years. Before that, he was in self-imposed exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. A few years ago, the CIA made plans to kill or kidnap Assange in broad daylight in the streets of London, if the US government’s […]

  • CrossTalk: New red line 

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 5:31am EDT

    Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel is a game charger. A new red line has been established. Tehran will no longer outsource its confrontation with Israel. Meanwhile, the Gaza genocide continues.  CrossTalking with Eric Walberg, Leila Hatoum, and Steven Sahiounie.

  • Japan to retain oil and gas interests in Russia  

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 5:09am EDT

    Japanese companies hold minority stakes in Russian fuel projects in the Far East    Japanese companies will continue to participate in Russian energy projects on Sakhalin Island due to their importance for Tokyo’s energy security, the country’s foreign ministry announced on Tuesday.  Tokyo will continue its “close cooperation” with the Group of Seven industrialized nations […]

  • US preparing new sanctions on Iran

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 4:08am EDT

    National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has described the punitive measures as a response to Tehran’s bombardment of Israel The US government is working on a new batch of sanctions on Iran in response to Tehran’s aerial attack on Israel over the weekend, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has revealed. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has […]

  • West exploring all options regarding frozen Russian assets – US Treasury official

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 4:05am EDT

    Even if Moscow’s money is seized, Ukraine will not be able to absorb all of it at once, a US official has told Reuters No option has been taken off the table as the G7 countries continue to discuss the possibility of using the Russians assets frozen by the West to aid Ukraine, Reuters has […]

  • ‘No evidence’ Iran developing nuclear weapons – IAEA

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 3:50am EDT

    The UN’s atomic watchdog has dismissed claims by Israel that Tehran is weeks away from acquiring a nuclear capability The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has no evidence that Iran has an active nuclear weapons program, Director General Rafael Grossi has told journalists. The senior official was commenting on remarks by Israel’s UN envoy, Gilad […]

  • Founder reveals who puts most pressure on Telegram

    RT - Apr 17th 2024 2:35am EDT

    Pavel Durov said both the main US political parties have tried to influence the messaging app’s developers Telegram received warnings from both the Democratic and Republican parties after the January 2021 riots in the US Capitol, Pavel Durov, co-founder of the popular messaging app, has said in an interview with Tucker Carlson. However, the most […]

  • US government wanted backdoor to Telegram – founder

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 10:14pm EDT

    Russian-born IT entrepreneur Pavel Durov said that he was “pressured” by the FBI during his stays in America The US government had wanted a backdoor to Telegram in order to potentially spy on its users, the social media platform’s founder Pavel Durov said in an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson. The attention from the […]

  • NATO member explains why it will bar Ukraine from joining

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 8:48pm EDT

    Kiev’s accession will risk a global war, Slovakia’s prime minister has warned The risks of a global war will only increase if Ukraine becomes part of NATO, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Tuesday, promising to block Kiev’s accession.  Accepting new countries into the US-led military alliance requires unanimous consent from all of its […]

  • EU country sacks official after bizarre X tirade

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 6:17pm EDT

    The deputy governor of a Polish province got into a flame war with critics Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has relieved the deputy governor of Lower Silesia, Jacek Protasiewicz, after a series of bizarre social media posts, including “homophobic” insults. Protasiewicz is a member of a political group allied with the Polish People’s Party (PSL), […]

  • Ukraine conflict makes Czech arms dealer rich

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 5:46pm EDT

    Czech arms maker CSG has seen its profits explode, with the company benefiting from refurbishing old tanks to sell off to Ukraine The owner and chairman of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG), Michal Strnad, has now become a billionaire, reaping profits from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Bloomberg reported on Monday. The company saw its revenues surge amid […]

  • Brussels police attempt to shut down conservative conference

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 4:47pm EDT

    Authorities said the event attended by Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage presented a “possibility of disorder” Belgian police barricaded the entrance to a conference of national conservatives in the capital of the EU for several hours, in what participants denounced as censorship and political repression. The event, dubbed NatCon, drew populists from both Europe and […]

  • IMF lambasts US over ballooning debt

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 4:10pm EDT

    The Biden administration’s fiscal policy is a cause for concern, according to a report The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised concerns about overspending by the US government, warning it has been reigniting inflation risks and undermining financial stability around the world. The US federal budget deficit jumped from $1.4 trillion in fiscal 2022 to […]

  • Ivan Timofeev: Is neutering NATO is the next Russia-China project?

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 3:31pm EDT

    The Euro-Atlantic region has not experienced a crisis like today’s since the end of the Cold War; that has created an opportunity for real change On February 29, 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, emphasized the need for a new framework of equal and integral security in Eurasia. […]

  • Israel urges more sanctions on Iran

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 2:26pm EDT

    West Jerusalem has announced a ‘diplomatic offensive’ against the Islamic Republic Israel’s foreign ministry has called for international sanctions on Iran to be tightened, following the Islamic Republic’s attack on the country over the weekend. Tehran carried out a massive airstrike on Israeli territory on Saturday in response to the bombing of the Iranian embassy […]

  • Erdogan blames Israel for Iranian attack

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 2:13pm EDT

    Western hypocrisy helped bring about an escalation, the Turkish leader has said Iran’s first direct attack on Israel is the fault of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu first and foremost, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. In a televised address after a cabinet meeting in Ankara, Erdogan said it was unfair to look at […]

  • Poland wants to join European air-defense shield project

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 2:07pm EDT

    The proposed system is intended to protect member countries from drone and missile attacks Poland plans to take part in the development of a European air-defense system that would protect states against potential drone and missile attacks, Prime Minister Donald Tusk has announced. The so-called European Sky Shield Initiative was first announced by German Chancellor […]

  • Scholz has one trump card in talks with China, but he’ll never use it

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 12:59pm EDT

    The German chancellor has a weak hand to play against Beijing, and he won’t dare do the only thing that could give him leverage German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is on a three-day visit to China. He is not traveling alone. A large delegation of German business representatives, including from flagship companies such as Mercedes, Siemens, […]

  • Israel calls for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to be designated as terrorist organization

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 11:49am EDT

    EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says there are legal hurdles preventing such a move Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has called on allies to recognize Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization following the massive aerial attack on Israeli territory late on Saturday. However, the EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell […]

  • Washington tells Israel it won’t support attack on Iran – ABC

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 10:52am EDT

    The US does not intend to take part in any potential retaliatory strike on Tehran on West Jerusalem’s behalf, unnamed officials told the outlet The US will not help Israel retaliate in the wake of Iran’s missile and drone attack by launching offensive military operations, Biden administration officials have been privately warning, according to ABC […]

  • US politicians ‘don’t care’ about Ukraine – Zelensky

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 10:46am EDT

    The stalling of American aid is a “disgrace,” the leader has claimed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has accused US politicians of playing political games around the issue of aid for Kiev, claiming that they do not care how many people in his country are dying. Zelensky’s comments come as US lawmakers prepare to vote on […]

  • Putin speaks with Iranian president – Kremlin

    RT - Apr 16th 2024 10:31am EDT

    The Russian leader has called for “reasonable restraint” in the Middle East Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken with his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, following Tehran’s drone and missile attack on Israel, the Kremlin has said.  Iran launched scores of drones and missiles against Israel on Saturday, as “punishment” for the bombing of the Iranian […]