• NATO state wants to fast-track training of Ukrainian tank crews

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 10:00pm EST (Archive)

    Polish instructors believe five weeks is enough to master German Leopards While the basic training course to operate German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks takes around ten weeks, Polish instructors claim it is possible to cut that timeframe by half to get Ukrainian crews ready for battle in just over a month. After leading the […]

  • US to arm Ukraine with ‘longer-range’ missiles – Reuters

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 8:18pm EST (Archive)

    Washington is reportedly preparing a new $2 billion aid package, including munitions that can strike deep in Russian territory President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly decided to send longer-range rockets to Ukraine, giving Kiev’s forces the capability to hit targets farther behind the frontlines, just as a top Ukrainian intelligence official threatened more strikes deeper […]

  • The battle for lithium: China plants its shovel in the US’ back yard

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 8:01pm EST (Archive)

    Superpowers are scrambling to control ‘mineral of the future’ supply chains Lithium is the essential mineral for renewable energy resources, and is gearing up to become to the 21 century what coal was to the previous two centuries. The mineral is the key material in producing lithium-ion batteries, which power everything from mobile phones to […]

  • FBI searched Biden’s think tank for classified docs – media

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 5:19pm EST (Archive)

    Unlike the search of the president’s home, the agency’s visit to his think tank in Washington was not publicized The FBI searched the offices of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank where US President Joe Biden kept an office in between stints in the White House, at some point […]

  • Man with both legs amputated shot dead by police

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 5:08pm EST (Archive)

    Officers in southern California have killed a stabbing suspect who was running away from them on his stumps Law enforcement officers in a Los Angeles suburb have fatally shot a stabbing suspect who was trying to run away from them on what was left of his amputated legs. The incident stirred fresh outrage over police […]

  • US spending too much on Ukraine, quarter of Americans say

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 4:00pm EST (Archive)

    With Republicans souring on Washington’s blank check for Kiev, fewer respondents to a Pew poll now think it should give even more A growing number of Americans believe that the US is sending too much aid to Ukraine, with more than a quarter now saying that the administration of President Joe Biden is being too […]

  • Watchdog finds $5.4 billion in potential Covid loan fraud

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 3:42pm EST

    Nearly 70,000 nonexistent or questionable Social Security Numbers were used to secure the coveted handouts Fraudsters using fake social security numbers may have walked off with $5.4 billion in pandemic loans from two of the US’ Covid-19 relief programs, according to a report published on Monday by watchdog group the Pandemic Response Action Committee. The […]

  • NATO member condemns Sweden’s response to Koran burning

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 3:15pm EST

    Hungary’s top diplomat has argued that Stockholm should “act differently” if it wants to join the US-led military bloc Sweden’s response to a Koran-burning demonstration that angered Türkiye – jeopardizing a key approval needed for the Nordic country’s bid to join NATO – was “just plain stupidity,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has claimed. The […]

  • US accuses Russia of violating nuclear treaty – media

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 2:30pm EST

    Washington has reportedly claimed that Moscow breached terms of the New START accord by refusing on-site weapons inspections US President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly accused Russia of violating the last remaining nuclear weapons treaty between the two countries by blocking on-site inspections. The US State Department made the allegation – marking the first US […]

  • British authorities withhold Chelsea proceeds from Roman Abramovich

    RT - Jan 31st 2023 2:08pm EST (Archive)

    The Russian national ultimately sold the football club for over for $3 billion Roman Abramovich was forced to sell Chelsea Football Club in May last year, following the British Government introducing sanctions against him and shutting the Club down by preventing ticket sales and any operations of the stadium. Abramovich ultimately sold the Club to […]