• Migrants clash with cops in the Hague (VIDEOS)

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 6:49pm EST

    Hundreds of Eritrean rioters set cars ablaze in the Dutch city Police in riot gear have been deployed on the streets of the Hague in an attempt to quell violent clashes that broke out between two rival groups in the Dutch city late on Saturday. Two groups of Eritreans clashed in the Opera conference hall […]

  • Biden blames Republicans for the fall of Avdeevka

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 6:33pm EST

    The US president has claimed lawmakers caused the loss of a Ukrainian stronghold to Russia by failing to approve more aid to Kiev US President Joe Biden has identified the alleged culprits behind this week’s loss of a Ukrainian stronghold to Russian forces: the Republican lawmakers who have refused to approve his request for $60 […]

  • Trump supporters launch fundraiser to pay his fraud damages

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 5:32pm EST

    An online campaign wants to cover a $354 million court judgment against the former US president Fans of Donald Trump have started a crowdfunding campaign seeking donations to cover the $354 million that a New York judge ordered the former US president to pay for fraudulent business practices. A GoFundMe page was set up for […]

  • EU to get ‘defense commissioner’ – Von der Leyen

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 3:55pm EST

    The European Commission president suggested that an Eastern European could fill the role European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will appoint a dedicated “defense commissioner” if she retains her post after EU elections in June, she said on Saturday. The precise duties of the role are unclear. “If I would be the president of […]

  • Biden’s anti-Moscow tactics have failed – US war hawk

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 3:33pm EST

    John Bolton has argued that Washington’s policies and rhetoric have only emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin US President Joe Biden’s efforts to punish Moscow over the Ukraine crisis have failed, and his rhetoric and weak leadership have only encouraged more aggression by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, ex-White House aide John Bolton has claimed. Bolton made […]

  • Make Europe great again – Orban

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 1:44pm EST

    A combination of events this year could increase Hungary’s relative power on the continent, the prime minister has said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has forecast a right-wing resurgence in Europe that will “occupy Brussels” and “Make Europe great again.” Hungary will take over the EU’s rotating presidency in July, after European Parliament elections in […]

  • Israel making aid deliveries to Gaza unsafe – US envoy

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 1:43pm EST

    West Jerusalem has allegedly jeopardized humanitarian cargoes and failed to provide evidence of Hamas diverting them US President Joe Biden’s administration has offered a rare criticism of Israel’s handling of aid shipments to Gaza, saying that killings of local police in the besieged Palestinian enclave have made it “virtually impossible” to safely deliver humanitarian supplies. […]

  • US transfers seized Russian assets to Estonia

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 11:16am EST

    The move allowed America to dodge its own laws against sending the money to Ukraine The US Justice Department has handed almost $500,000 in forfeited Russian funds to Estonia, where they will be used to help repair Ukraine’s power grid. The transfer was the first of its kind, and used Estonia as a middleman to […]

  • France warns of ‘economic shock’ from Russian victory

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 9:56am EST

    Control over Ukraine’s fertile lands would allow Moscow to “attack” European farmers, FM Stephane Sejourne has said A potential Russian victory in Ukraine could deal an economic blow to the West because Moscow would gain control of vast resources, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne has said. In an opinion piece for the French daily Le […]

  • EU plagued by new hidden inflation – MP

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 9:54am EST

    European Parliament member Biljana Borzan has urged the legislative body to look into the phenomenon of ‘skimpflation’, which she says began with the Ukraine conflict The quality of goods and services is suffering across the EU due to ‘skimpflation,’ European Parliament member Biljana Borzan from Croatia warned this week. The term refers to a cost-saving […]

  • Germany blocked EU boss’ NATO bid – Welt

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 8:44am EST

    Ursula von der Leyen is too hawkish on Russia for the job, Olaf Scholz reportedly told the White House German Chancellor Olaf Scholz intervened last year to prevent European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen from becoming NATO’s next secretary general, Germany’s Die Welt newspaper has said. Scholz reportedly felt that von der Leyen’s hardline […]

  • China demands US lift ‘illegal unilateral sanctions’

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 6:15am EST

    The country’s foreign minister has warned that “decoupling from China” will eventually backfire on Washington Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to remove sanctions on the country’s businesses when the two met on the sidelines of the 60th Munich Security Conference on Friday. The meeting is the latest in […]

  • West not prepared to wage ‘endless war’ against Russia – Hungary

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 6:04am EST

    Budapest will continue to refrain from supplying weapons to Kiev, Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky has said The West is not ready to supply Ukraine with weapons for its conflict with Russia indefinitely, Hungarian Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky said in an address at a Business Leaders Forum in Budapest on Friday. Kiev has been asking its […]

  • West could upend global financial system – Russian central bank

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 5:19am EST

    The seizure of the country’s reserves would jeopardize the “immunity” of national assets worldwide, Elvira Nabiullina warns The global financial system would be disrupted if Brussels and Washington go through with threats to use Russian sovereign assets to help Ukraine, the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, warned on Friday. Nabiullina noted that […]

  • Predator drone deal: How US keeps snubbing India, the country it’s trying to court

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 4:06am EST

    The Biden administration has publicly disclosed sensitive details of a potential UAV sale to New Delhi, drawing the interest of its hostile neighbors Indian Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande concluded a four-day visit to the US on Friday. During the trip, he held high-level talks with his American counterpart Gen. Randy George and other senior […]

  • Pakistan crisis: Shandana Gulzar on Biden’s coup against Imran Khan, crackdown on PTI, Gaza genocide

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 3:43am EST

    On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Shandana Gulzar, Member-Elect of the National Assembly of Pakistan, the first ever woman elected to represent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the former Joint Secretary of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party. She discusses the results of Pakistan’s elections in which she alleges fraud by the Sharif dynasty’s PLM(N) and the […]

  • Asia-to-Europe shipping costs up 400% – EU commissioner

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 3:41am EST

    Disruptions in the Red Sea have also increased delivery times on some routes by up to 15 days, Paolo Gentiloni has said The disruptions to shipping caused by Houthi rebel attacks on vessels in the Red Sea have raised the cost of transporting goods on some China-to-Europe routes by around 400%, according to European Economy […]

  • US planning to send bombs to Israel – WSJ

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 2:49am EST

    Reported deliberations over shipments come as West Jerusalem says it is preparing a new offensive in Gaza The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing to transfer a batch of bombs and other military equipment worth tens of millions of dollars to Israel amid its conflict with Hamas, the Wall Street Journal reported on […]

  • Israel behind attacks on Iranian gas pipelines – NYT

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 2:26am EST

    The covert operation required deep knowledge of the country’s infrastructure, a source has said Israel conducted clandestine strikes against two key natural gas pipelines in Iran this week, marking an escalation in the years-long standoff between the two states, the New York Times has reported. “Israel has long targeted military and nuclear sites inside Iran,” […]

  • Triggering a whistleblower

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 12:37am EST

    On this episode of the Whistleblowers, John Kiriakou speaks with whistleblower and former Swiss banker Pascal Najadi. They discuss what triggered his whistleblowing and his many outlets as a whistleblower including Twitter, which continually got him banned before Elon Musk. Plus, they talk about some of his detractors.

  • Woke movies

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 12:37am EST

    Hollywood has evolved over the years, whether through technological advancements or through the art of acting. However, the storylines have also changed and it appears that a sort of ‘woke’ ideology has become the precedent for some movies. Direct Impact’s Rick Sanchez discusses this trend with cartoonist Ted Rall.

  • Moscow lifts Ecuador banana ban   

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 12:20am EST

    The restrictions were imposed after a dangerous pest that carries cholera was found in shipments of the fruit   Russia has lifted its partial ban on imports of bananas from Ecuador, the Russian food safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor announced on Friday.    “We authorize these five Ecuadorian companies to supply [bananas] under guarantees of Ecuadorian services, […]

  • Thousands of German luxury cars seized in US

    RT - Feb 17th 2024 12:20am EST

    The customs authorities claim that a part found in the vehicles was made using forced labor in China Thousands of Volkswagen Group luxury cars have been seized by US customs due to alleged violations of forced labor laws, the Financial Times reported this week. Several thousand Audis and around 1,000 Porsches, as well as several […]

  • Big Tech promises to prevent AI election-meddling

    RT - Feb 16th 2024 11:58pm EST

    Industry leaders pledged to combat uses of artificial intelligence that could “deceive voters” Twenty major technology companies have vowed to stop misleading AI-generated content from disrupting elections around the globe, with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Meta and Google saying they would work to detect and counter ‘deepfakes.’  In a press release published on Friday, […]

  • Ecuador reverses plan to sell Russian weapons to US – RIA

    RT - Feb 16th 2024 11:26pm EST

    Moscow previously slammed the transfer as a “rash decision” that was never authorized by the Kremlin Ecuador has scrapped a planned sale of outdated Russian and Ukrainian military equipment to Washington in exchange for $200 million in new gear, according to Moscow’s envoy to the South American state. US officials had suggested the arms would […]