• Elon Musk issues WhatsApp safety warning

    RT - Jul 7th 2024 6:57am EDT

    Meta’s messaging service is “not secure at all,” the tech billionaire has said Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), has again attacked WhatsApp over its handling of personal data. On Saturday, Musk commented on a post on X; one of the users had asked: “If WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, why do we see […]

  • Energy, defense, diplomacy: What’s at stake on Modi’s Russia trip

    RT - Jul 7th 2024 6:00am EDT

    The upcoming summit between the Indian and Russian leaders will be followed closely by investors on both sides Russia, currently grappling with unprecedented Western sanctions, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of its time-tested ally, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. It will be Modi’s first visit to Russia since 2019, when he attended the Eastern Economic […]

  • Biden campaign prepared questions for ‘I’m a black woman’ interview

    RT - Jul 7th 2024 4:06am EDT

    The US president’s team has said “it is not at all uncommon” for guests to share topics they would prefer to discuss with journalists Two radio hosts who conducted the first interviews with Joe Biden after his disastrous performance in the June 27 debate against Donald Trump have said that they were provided with lists […]

  • Ruling, not governing? Ian Proud, former British diplomat

    RT - Jul 7th 2024 3:06am EDT

    One dictum that studying history teaches you is that everything works until it doesn’t. The brighter the golden age, the darker its aftermath, especially when one tries to avert the inevitable. With the latest elections in the West more and more vividly demonstrating voters’ disenchantment with the mandated course, what lies ahead for the West […]

  • Western mercenaries murdering unarmed Russian POWs – NYT

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 10:46pm EDT

    A German combat medic who served in Ukraine described several executions of prisoners of war Members of the so-called Chosen Company, an international mercenary group fighting on behalf of Ukraine, consistently engage in apparent war crimes by killing wounded or surrendering Russian soldiers, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing a German battlefield doctor. […]

  • Biden refuses to believe poll numbers

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 8:36pm EDT

    The incumbent says there’s nobody “more qualified” to lead the US, regardless of public opinion US President Joe Biden is struggling to dispel concerns over whether he is mentally and physically capable of leading the country for another four years following his halting performance in a televised debate against Republican rival Donald Trump. The oldest […]

  • Kiev issues demands to potential mediators with Russia

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 7:00pm EDT

    Any rhetoric about an “immediate ceasefire” is unacceptable, Zelensky’s aide has claimed Ukraine is ready to convey its conditions for peace negotiations with Russia through third countries, but potential mediators must align their public statements with Kiev’s position, Vladimir Zelensky’s top aide, Mikhail Podolyak, has said. Earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban embarked […]

  • America doesn’t have a president – Musk

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 5:26pm EDT

    The US executive branch has actually been lacking a proper head “for a while,” the billionaire entrepreneur has suggested The US does not have an actual president and has not had one “for a while,” Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has suggested. Musk took to his X (formerly Twitter) social media network to dip […]

  • Biden says he’ll only listen to ‘Lord Almighty’

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 4:39pm EDT

    Only God in person can convince Joe Biden he cannot beat Donald Trump, the US president has said US President Joe Biden has brushed off concerns that he will not be able to defeat his arch-rival Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, stating that only “Lord Almighty” would be able to convince him to drop […]

  • Are traditional international Institutions viable in the New World Order?

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 2:27pm EDT

    The likes of the G7 and NATO are designed to secure Western hegemony. How will they adapt to its end? One of the most significant challenges that the global community of nations is currently facing in relation to the end of Western hegemony is the concurrent risk of the collapse of the entire framework of […]

  • Biden says he’s ‘running the world’

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 1:20pm EDT

    The US president insists he needs no cognitive tests, given his leadership of the “essential nation” US President Joe Biden says he has been “running the world” and therefore does not actually need any cognitive tests to prove his fitness for office. The president made the remarks in an interview with ABC News on Friday, […]

  • War has become NATO’s agenda – Orban

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 11:19am EDT

    In an op-ed published on the same day as his visit to Moscow, the Hungarian PM warned that the military bloc risks committing “suicide” NATO has effectively made warmongering its raison d’être by jettisoning its original “peaceful” and “defensive” nature, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has claimed. Hungary’s leader, a vocal critic of Western involvement […]

  • New British PM assures Ukraine of ‘unshakable’ support

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 11:12am EDT

    One of Keir Starmer’s first phone calls after taking charge of the UK government was with Vladimir Zelensky London’s support for Kiev during the conflict with Moscow will remain at the same level under his leadership, the new Prime Minister of Britain Keir Starmer has told Vladimir Zelensky. Starmer replaced Rishi Sunak as the head […]

  • Why this NATO member wants to stay friends with Russia

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 9:52am EDT

    Diplomatic and economic pragmatism, as well as mutually beneficial relations, are what keeps Moscow and Ankara talking despite their differences On July 3, ahead of the SCO summit, a meeting took place in Astana between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The presidents of Russia and Türkiye met for the first time since […]

  • Democratic donors urge Biden to step aside – WaPo

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 7:52am EDT

    Frustration is growing among key backers, a week after the president’s disastrous debate with Donald Trump A group of 168 Democratic Party supporters, including major donors and academics, sent a letter to US President Joe Biden on Friday, urging him to drop his bid for reelection, the Washington Post has reported, citing anonymous sources. Over […]

  • US scraps military drills with NATO hopeful

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 5:14am EDT

    The indefinite postponement of ‘Noble Partner’ wargames comes a month after Georgia adopted a controversial ‘foreign agent law’ The US has suspended this year’s ‘Noble Partner’ military exercise with Georgia due to a “comprehensive review” of bilateral relations by Washington. The maneuvers, which have previously involved troops from multiple NATO member states, had been held […]

  • Hamas relaxes Gaza peace deal demands – Reuters

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 4:59am EDT

    The Palestinian armed group has agreed to a US timetable for starting talks on the release of male Israeli hostages, the news agency has said Hamas has accepted a US proposal to begin talks on releasing male Israeli hostages and soldiers 16 days after the first phase of a de-escalation process begins, Reuters cited a […]

  • Can Putin and Modi resolve this decades-old dilemma?

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 4:09am EDT

    While in Moscow next week, India’s PM will address the trade imbalance and establishing an alternative payment mechanism to sustain growing ties During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official state visit to Russia next week, one of the major issues on his agenda is bound to be the growing trade imbalance between the two countries […]

  • Julian Assange: Free at last

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 3:23am EDT

    Journalist Julian Assange is finally free after a plea agreement with the US government, a moment many see as a long-awaited victory for transparency. But at what cost? Host John Kiriakou discusses this with Misty Winston, an activist and podcaster well-versed in the Assange case. Together, they dissect Assange’s 14-year legal, political, and humanitarian odyssey, […]

  • Hunter Biden’s debauchery

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 3:11am EDT

    Hunter Biden, the first son of a sitting US president to be convicted of a crime, has been a focal point of controversy. His lifestyle, marked by substance abuse and involvement with prostitutes, came under intense scrutiny after his laptop was left at a repair shop, revealing his addictions and connections to foreign entities. Attorney […]

  • Julian Assange’s brother Gabriel Shipton on Julian FINALLY being freed: ‘A POLITICAL MIRACLE’

    RT - Jul 6th 2024 2:50am EDT

    On this special episode of Going Underground, we speak with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s brother Gabriel Shipton, producer of the ‘Ithaka’ documentary. He discusses the developments in the weeks leading up Julian Assange finally being freed from prison in London, the plea deal with the US Justice Department, and the grassroots efforts by the thousands around […]

  • Iran announces presidential election winner

    RT - Jul 5th 2024 11:44pm EDT

    A heart surgeon-turned-politician, Masoud Pezeshkian, has been elected the new president to succeed the deceased Ebrahim Raisi Reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian defeated his conservative opponent Saeed Jalili in the second round of the presidential election by nearly three million votes, according to the election headquarters. The election was called after President Ebrahim Raisi was killed in […]

  • Biden vows to beat Trump ‘again in 2020’

    RT - Jul 5th 2024 10:06pm EDT

    The US leader mocks his rival’s gaffe and immediately makes a new one US President Joe Biden once again misspoke in front of a crowd of supporters on Friday while trying to dispel concerns over his age and cognitive abilities, insisting that his rival Donald Trump also makes gaffes. Biden opened his speech in Madison, […]

  • Biden says every day is a ‘cognitive test’ for him

    RT - Jul 5th 2024 9:32pm EDT

    The US leader has insisted his disastrous debate with Donald Trump was just a “bad episode” US President Joe Biden tried to dispel concerns over his age and cognitive abilities after his lackluster performance during last week’s debate against Donald Trump, in an interview with ABC News on Friday. In the highly anticipated sit-down with George […]

  • EU state leader expresses ‘admiration’ for Orban’s Moscow visit

    RT - Jul 5th 2024 6:57pm EDT

    The Slovak PM regrets not being able to join his Hungarian counterpart’s Ukraine peace mission Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico made his first public appearance weeks after miraculously surviving an assassination attempt, which he blamed on radical elements opposing policies that prioritize Bratislava’s interests over those of major Western powers. During a public address at […]