• Cow dung gas can’t replace Russian fossil fuel, expert says

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 8:35am EDT

    Energy generated from organic waste won’t cover even half the gas Germany gets from Russia, a trade group expert says Despite some hopes, the gas produced from manure cannot alone rid Germany of Russian fossil fuels, a leading biogas expert has explained. Berlin has been rushing to find ways to replace Russian natural gas after […]

  • US makes aggressive move to tackle inflation

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 8:27am EDT

    The Federal Reserve delivered a second consecutive 75 basis-point rate increase The US Federal Reserve delivered another large interest-rate hike on Wednesday in an attempt to tame surging consumer prices. The 75 basis-point increase matched the move made at its previous meeting in June, and is the fourth time the Fed has raised its benchmark […]

  • Russia fines US-based online dating service

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 7:36am EDT

    Tinder, along with WhatsApp and Snapchat, has been ordered to pay millions of rubles for refusing to comply with Russia’s data localization law A Moscow court has fined the entities owning popular social media platforms Snapchat, Tinder and WhatsApp for refusing to localize the data of Russian users in the country, according to reports from […]

  • Timofey Bordachev: The UN is no longer fit for purpose, but should it be abolished or reformed?

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 7:28am EDT

    The global body was created by the winners of humanity’s most destructive war, but that was 80 years ago The United Nations is a product of Western intellectual common sense, which after the Second World War created relatively fair conditions in order to maintain its centrality in international politics. The fact that Western countries are […]

  • Austria hints at number of citizens fighting in Ukraine

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 7:12am EDT

    “Anyone who has lived through violence poses a risk” after returning home, an intelligence chief warns Only a small number of Austrian citizens are now fighting in Ukraine, but their return to the country still poses a security risk, Omar Haijawi-Pirchner, who heads the Directorate of State Security and Intelligence (DSN), has said. The security […]

  • EU wine harvest under threat from heat, wildfires – Bloomberg

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 7:06am EDT

    Output could be remarkably low, industry warns Winemakers across Europe’s vineyards are worried that their yield will be reduced significantly this year as record heat and wildfires hit the continent, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. With temperatures in Portugal and Spain reaching as high as 47 degrees Celsius this month, their output may drop by at […]

  • London warns of sleepwalking into war with China

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 6:31am EDT

    Miscalculation and Beijing’s “disdain” for arms control may lead to a global conflict, the UK’s national security adviser said Western powers and China are at risk of sleepwalking into nuclear war due to a miscalculation, the UK’s national security adviser warned on Wednesday. Speaking at a virtual event hosted by the Center for Strategic and […]

  • ‘Horror chart’ suggests Germany on brink of huge energy crisis

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 6:14am EDT

    Consumer prices for electricity are detached from reality, the editor of Die Welt says Germany is heading for a “huge energy crisis”, a senior editor at one of the country’s most influential newspapers, Die Welt, warned on Wednesday. “Not only [are] gas prices near record highs, but electricity prices in particular are signaling stress,” Holger […]

  • Brits receive energy price warning

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 6:10am EDT

    The end of deliveries of Russian gas to European customers could have “knock-on impacts” on prices in the UK, the National Grid says The end of Russian gas supplies to European customers could make already soaring UK energy prices even higher, Britain’s National Grid has warned. “While Britain is not reliant on Russian gas to […]

  • New York urges WHO to ‘immediately’ rename monkeypox

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 6:02am EDT

    Using the name further may have “devastating and stigmatizing effects” on vulnerable communities, the city’s health chief claims New York City’s health chief Ashwin Vasan is calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to speed up the renaming of monkeypox, as he claims the continued use of the term carries “potentially devastating and stigmatizing effects […]

  • America’s new third party emerges

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 4:09am EDT

    The Forward party was created by former Democrats and Republicans who vow to stand against “political extremism” Former Republicans and Democrats joined forces on Wednesday to create a new Centrist national party to meet the aspirations of Americans that say they are tired of the dysfunctional political system in the US. The new party, called […]

  • Sanctions on Russia could leave Britain without fish and chips

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 3:54am EDT

    There are fears that half of the country’s shops selling the uniquely British fast food may go out of business Around 5,000 of Britain’s 10,500 fish and chips shops may be forced to shut down over soaring prices for ingredients and energy caused by the sanctions imposed on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine, […]

  • Cheeseburger falls victim to cost-of-living crisis

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 2:01am EDT

    The McDonald’s staple in the UK sees first price hike in 14 years The British branch of the global fast-food chain McDonald’s has raised the price of one of its cheapest staples, the cheeseburger, for the first time in more than 14 years. Rising inflation has forced the company “to make some tough choices” over […]

  • Europe’s largest carmaker leaving Russia – media

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 1:45am EDT

    Volkswagen is reportedly preparing to sell its business in the country The world’s second largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen Group, has reportedly decided to sell its business in Russia and is actively looking for a buyer, two major Russian media outlets, Vedomosti and Gazeta.ru, reported on Wednesday. Kazakhstan’s Asia Avto has been cited as a potential […]

  • Iraqi protesters storm parliament (VIDEOS)

    RT - Jul 28th 2022 12:24am EDT

    No lawmakers were present for the raucous demonstration, which came amid stalled efforts to form a new government A large crowd of protesters forced its way into Iraq’s parliament building, demonstrating against government corruption and a prime minister candidate nominated some 10 months after the country’s last federal election. The demonstrators were captured on film […]

  • US leading world in monkeypox cases

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 11:00pm EDT

    Health officials are stepping up surveillance efforts after a recent surge in monkeypox infections The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported more than 1,000 new cases of the monkeypox virus over the last 24 hours, smashing daily infection counts while placing the United States at the center of the new outbreak. […]

  • German mayors want Nord Stream 2 opened

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 6:12pm EDT

    Leaders of Germany’s largest island demand Berlin rethink Russia policy Berlin’s policy of trying to give up imports of Russian natural gas is likely to create hardship and spark unrest, seven mayors from the German island of Ruegen wrote in a letter sent to the regional and federal governments on Wednesday. They also urged the […]

  • 75% of Democrats want Biden out in 2024 – poll

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 4:44pm EDT

    The numbers come as Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink Some 75% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters want someone other than President Joe Biden to represent the party in 2024, a new CNN poll found. Hammered over his handling of the US economy, Biden’s approval ratings have dipped below 30%. Published on Tuesday, the survey […]

  • Biden offers prisoner swap to Russia – media

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 3:00pm EDT

    Washington has reportedly offered Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange for the basketball player Brittney Griner and convicted spy Paul Whelan The Biden administration has offered to trade Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for basketball star Brittney Griner and convicted spy Paul Whelan, CNN reported on Wednesday. Moscow has not yet responded to the […]

  • Zelensky lectures Americans on inflation and Covid

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 2:53pm EDT

    The Ukrainian leader said that helping his country should be more important for Americans than domestic concerns Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has told British broadcaster Piers Morgan that inflation and coronavirus are “nothing” compared to Ukraine’s struggle, and Americans should support aid for Kiev “until we win.” As the US grapples with a 40-year-high inflation […]

  • Germany approves $1.7 billion arms deal for Kiev – media

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 2:20pm EDT

    Berlin is allowing a German company to produce as many as 100 self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine, according to Der Spiegel German arms manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has struck a deal with the Ukrainian government that would see the firm produce and supply Kiev with as many as 100 PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers, Der Spiegel reported […]

  • Pentagon prepares for ‘contingency’ near Taiwan – media

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 1:07pm EDT

    The US сould shift its forces in the region to protect US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she visits the island, AP reports The Pentagon could send additional ships, aircraft and surveillance systems to protect US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she proceeds with her plan to visit Taiwan, AP reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed […]

  • Kosovo set on EU membership application

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 12:23pm EDT

    The disputed territory faces a rocky road to joining the bloc Kosovo will apply for EU membership by the end of this year, Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla said on Tuesday. The EU has taken on four new countries as candidates in recent weeks. “We think that Kosovo meets all the prerequisites to be granted [official […]

  • Biden tests negative for Covid

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 12:22pm EDT

    The US president has apparently shaken off the coronavirus after five days in isolation US President Joe Biden tested negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday evening, his physician announced on Wednesday. Biden, who caught the virus despite having received a total of four vaccine doses, had suffered only mild symptoms. The president tweeted a picture of […]

  • Biden’s COVID-19 bout is somehow being spun as a good sign, but it’s not

    RT - Jul 27th 2022 11:41am EDT

    Despite the way mainstream media framed Joe Biden’s diagnosis as a positive, public health is failing in America The US is caught in a never-ending cycle of infection and reinfection with regard to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Though official statistics suggest the country is experiencing its seventh wave, it would be more accurate to say […]