• Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in Greco-Roman Antiquity New Perspectives on The Lordship of Jesus, Judaism, and the “Truthiness” of Christianity, Part Two

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 1st 2023 9:52am EDT

    What Do We Know About Jesus and His Movement? For Christians such as Stephen Wolfe, the declaration that “Jesus is Lord” signifies that Jesus is God.  It is, however, not at all obvious that the historical Jesus considered himself to be a divine being, on a par with the ruler of all creation, the Lord […]


    The Occidental Observer - Sep 30th 2023 8:19am EDT

    Nimănui care citește asta nu trebuie să i se spună că evreii au avut o mare influență asupra Occidentului în ultimele decenii. Ceea ce ar putea să nu fie înțeles pe scară largă este efectul pe care l-au avut în mod specific asupra modului în care gândim. De-a lungul veacurilor, mintea occidentală s-a arătat a […]

  • Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in Greco-Roman Antiquity New Perspectives on The Lordship of Jesus, Judaism, and the “Truthiness” of Christianity, Part One

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 30th 2023 8:13am EDT

    Introduction On the dissident right down-under, the intellectual, spiritual, and moral bankruptcy of mainstream Australian “conservatism” is a well-worn topic.  Everyone expects conservatives to cuck when the question of White genocide or the great replacement is raised.  Should attention shift away from racial politics to the relationship between politics and religion, however, most conservatives and […]

  • Elon Musk: I’m aspirationally Jewish and ‘pro-semitic’

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 29th 2023 10:24am EDT

    Musk seems to be shoring up the defenses against the oncoming storm. From the Jewish Chronicle (UK): “My entire life is pro-Semitic,” Elon Musk said in the initial minutes of his live chat this evening with Ben Shapiro on Twitter/X. … The live chat comes off the back of weeks of controversy surrounding Musk’s rhetoric on his […]

  • Martyr-Cults and Meteor-Murders: How Leftism Inverts the Truth about Inter-Racial Murder

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 28th 2023 10:44am EDT

    BL? BS! That’s what I used to think. In other words, I used to think that the blood libel was bullshit. Then I read Ron Unz’s article “Oddities of the Jewish Religion” (2018). And it completely changed my mind. The blood libel is the accusation that wicked Jews kidnapped Christian children and ritually tortured them […]

  • Nikki Haley: Throw Out the Baby — Keep the Bathwater

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 28th 2023 9:48am EDT

      You’d think the one thing Republicans would have learned from the 2016 Trump campaign is that voters wanted something completely different from what the GOP had been offering.      For decades, Republicans had run on tax cuts, more military spending to fund the forever wars, and diversity-lite. But Trump proved that what voters wanted was […]

  • Save Homeschool Refugees from Being Shipped Back to their Persecutors

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 26th 2023 11:43am EDT

    Link: I stand with the Romeikes (hslda.org) 36,687 SignedNext goal: 100,000 Homeschool Freedom Religious Persecution #Stand4Romeike Why this petition matters The Romeikes are a homeschool family forced to flee Germany. They were being persecuted because of their religious conviction that they should be the ones directing their children’s education. In 2013, in the face of overwhelming public pressure to […]

  • Jews and the shaping of our thought

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 26th 2023 10:38am EDT

    Nobody reading this needs to be told that Jews have had a great influence on the West in the last few decades. What might not be widely understood is the effect they have had specifically on the way we think. Through the ages the Western mind has shown itself to be straightforward, positivist and empirical […]

  • My Correspondents Say Chinese Darien Gap Immivaders Better Than Other Illegals. I Say: SO WHAT?

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 24th 2023 10:49am EDT

    Patrick Cleburne In the various correspondence I have received after posting THEY’RE COMING! One Billion-Plus Chinese “Economic Migrants” Now Know About The Darien Gap, a recurrent theme has been that the Chinese will make far better neighbors than most of the other newcomers. (The Darien Gap is between Colombia and Panama, and economic ”migrants” use it as […]

  • Anarcho-Tyranny Rules America

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 21st 2023 2:09pm EDT

    Tou Thao became a Minneapolis police officer because he wanted to serve his community. And now this brave, conscientious, and honorable man is facing almost five years in prison for doing just that. Why? Because he was on duty at the scene of George Floyd’s death, and he worked to calm and hold back a […]

  • My Party: The Stupid Party!   

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 21st 2023 10:48am EDT

       House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is being pressured by idiots like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to impeach Biden for his son Hunter’s sleazy foreign dealings — and thus decimate the reelection chances of every other Republican in Congress. But MJT and Boebert will have tremendous fun doing it and get lots of […]

  • FolkTrove

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 19th 2023 10:41am EDT

    FolkTrove is a new website dedicated to digitizing older writing on the right. Very interesting and important history from a time before the Internet. From their About page: Folktrove is simultaneously two major projects working in conjunction with each other. On the one hand, we are actively searching out and locating rare artifacts of Third […]

  • Black people and morality

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 19th 2023 10:26am EDT

    Images of Black people are pressed on us so insistently these days, usually as models of some kind, that it is natural to ask just how admirable Black people are. For example, are they especially moral? Are they especially industrious, especially respectful of other people’s property, especially reliable, especially good to children, especially merciful, especially […]

  • Malik’s Moral Compass: A Free-Speech-Loving Indian Ethicist Ignores Brutal Censorship-by-Murder

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 17th 2023 8:41am EDT

    Kenan Malik is a British-based Indian intellectual who has written a “remarkable and groundbreaking book” called The Quest for a Moral Compass (2015). He claims to be passionately in favor of free speech and secularism, and just as passionately opposed to censorship and authoritarianism. Alas, he’s lying. And it’s very easy to prove that. Just […]

  • Break the Law Again, You’ll Get TWO Desserts!

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 15th 2023 3:59am EDT

    Days after Mayor Eric Adams said the migrant crisis was going to “destroy” New York City, we memorialized the last time immigrants tried to destroy it: The 9/11 attack. At least that was a one-time body blow.  The city suffered grievously, but survived because, luckily, the immigrants who flew planes into the buildings killed themselves in […]

  • Psychodrama: The Psychosis of Whiteness

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 14th 2023 9:45am EDT

    The Psychosis of Whiteness: Surviving the Insanity of a Racist World Kehinde Andrews Penguin, 2023 Britain has an unfortunate tendency to import the more questionable aspects of American culture, and so it is proving with Critical Race Theory (CRT). Both the literature and the practice have been in the UK for some time and will […]

  • Is There Really a Huge Spike in Anti-Semitism on X?

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 12th 2023 12:36pm EDT

    In Monday’s New York Times, there was an article (“Elon Musk Has Crossed a Line“) by David Austin Walsh who, perhaps surprisingly given his name, is a postdoc in the “Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism and author of the forthcoming book Taking America Back: The Conservative Movement and the Far Right.” In an […]

  • Meloni’s Betrayal of Italy: Mass Immigration and Naturalization

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 10th 2023 10:52am EDT

    Via Google Translate https://auf1.info/melonis-fluechtlings-politik-verrat-an-italien/ By Daniel Matissek September 9, 2023 Little remains of the election promises of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who took office as a hardliner in immigration policy: her policies now hardly differ from those of the ruling EU migration lobby. Now 800,000 migrant children are to be naturalized in Italy. Almost […]

  • Why America Has Fallen into Despair: A Very Short History

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 10th 2023 9:48am EDT

    The United States recently became the first medically advanced country with shortening rather than lengthening lifespans.  Princeton University economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton in their 2020 book Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism associate this decline in life span with economic inequality rising to levels not previously recorded. To find a very […]

  • The Lethality of Liberty: How Fanatics for Freedom Help the Cause of Tyranny

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 8th 2023 9:59am EDT

    Marxism belongs with necrophilia, bestiality and listening to Elton John. In a well-ordered world, indulging in any of those things would exclude you from respectable society for life. And would ensure that no-one ever took you seriously in any discussion of politics and morals. Elton John, homosexual purveyor of musical horrors (image from Wikipedia) Alas, […]

  • Couldn’t the Military Industrial Complex Make Its Money in Mexico?

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 7th 2023 12:26pm EDT

    It’s often hard to keep our Mexican atrocities straight, but would you happen to remember the 43 Mexican students in Iguala who disappeared off a bus in September 2014? At the time, there were claims that local police had abducted and killed them at the behest of a drug cartel — hard as it might be to […]

  • Thoughts on love and hate

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 6th 2023 1:38pm EDT

    The last time I saw the word “love” it was in the phrase “Love is love”, which, being meaningless, gave me no idea what it was supposed to be promoting. I thought it must be homosexuality because I’d heard Stephen Fry say the words, which was depressing enough. How could an intelligent man do something […]

  • More on the ADL-Musk Controversy

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 5th 2023 10:28am EDT

    Occidental Dissent has put together a compendium of tweets from the #BanTheADL hashtag on X. From today’s article in JTA: Elon Musk threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League for up to $22 billion on Monday as he joined a growing number of white supremacists and trolls in posting invective about the group. The legal threat of […]

  • Rolling Stone on #BanTheAdl

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 4th 2023 11:25am EDT

    Yesterday, Henrik and I had a discussion on the #BanTheADL hashtag which has become a phenomenon on X. Now the Rolling Stone tries to clean up the mess with a predictably leftist take: “Elon Musk Wades Deeper into Antisemitic Propaganda.” I am seriously starting to wonder why I was banned from X a few months […]

  • The Condensed Dugin: A Review of Alexander Dugin’s The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset,

    The Occidental Observer - Sep 4th 2023 10:13am EDT

    The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset Alexander Dugin London, Arktos Media, 2021 The Book If you are curious about the analysis of the Russian geopolitical philosopher Alexander Dugin, but do not want to tackle his Foundations of Geopolitics[1] or The Fourth Political Theory[2] you might consider this slim volume. The Great Awakening vs The […]