• Comrade Krieger and the Kiev Campaign, Part 2: A Small VictoryThe Occidental Observer - Jun 25th 2022 11:15am EDT

    We pick up where we left off with Comrade Krieger and his unit making their way south during the Kiev campaign. If you want to follow the hero of our story, you can follow him on his freshly-minted Gab account. The next day, after the counter-attack that never came, we left the field because it […]

  • They’ve Learned Nothing and Forgotten NothingThe Occidental Observer - Jun 24th 2022 10:30am EDT

    Bill Barr, two-time attorney general and one of approximately 2.5 members of the Trump administration to leave with his reputation intact, has also written one of only two books about that administration worth reading, “One Damn Thing After Another.” I’ve read ’em all. At least partially. Most did not merit more than a quick skim. […]

  • Degas and the JewsThe Occidental Observer - Jun 23rd 2022 11:10am EDT

    Edgar Degas: Self Portrait 1865-66 It is customary in our political circles to link cultural modernism (and its negative social consequences) to Jewish influence. While there are strong grounds for this stance, things are sometimes more complicated than this narrative would suggest. Take, for instance, the group of painters who made up the French Impressionist […]

  • The Great Russian Restoration X: A Purge in the Russian Orthodox ChurchThe Occidental Observer - Jun 21st 2022 12:05pm EDT

    The Russian Orthodox Church has been affected by recent events as much as the rest of Russian society has. Now, more than ever, the Church is being asked to support the government and this has had ripple effects on church politics. The biggest story is the unceremonious demotion of Metropolitan Hilarion. Once the Russian Orthodox […]

  • Heretics and Halfwits: Furedi’s Freedom-Fighters and the Lethality of LibertarianismThe Occidental Observer - Jun 19th 2022 11:45am EDT

    Enigmas. I’ve been beset by them recently. Last week, I added six piranhas to my big tropical-fish tank. The piranhas were going to look magnificent, sliding in a sleek silver school between the gleaming, multicolored shoals of gentle neon tetras and guppies. But I didn’t have time to watch the piranhas right then. No, I […]

  • Jews and their Long History of Hysteria and OverreachThe Occidental Observer - Jun 17th 2022 11:40am EDT

    Jews and their Long History of Hysteria and Overreach By RockaBoatus If you’ve been around Jews for any period, you’ve likely discovered their tendency to exaggerate whatever they feel passionately about. Hyperbole seems to come easy to them. The sky is always falling. Doom is right around the corner. And, of course, it’s always directed […]

  • Dinesh’s Stupid MovieThe Occidental Observer - Jun 16th 2022 9:40am EDT

    As much as I’m enjoying the January 6th committee’s careful assembly of evidence proving former President Trump is a douchebag, I wasn’t seeing much in the way of a criminal offense until this week’s underreported story about how Trump used his “STOP THE STEAL” fundraising appeals to grift his supporters out of $250 million, none of […]

  • Looking Over the Wall to See What a Stranger is Up ToThe Occidental Observer - Jun 15th 2022 11:06am EDT

    These days, very near the end, images from long ago pop into my head, seemingly on their own; I don’t know what prompts them, and I let them take me where they will.  A couple of days ago, it was of a moment from the mid- to late-1980s in Burlington Vermont. In another life, I […]

  • California’s Homelessness MagnatesThe Occidental Observer - Jun 14th 2022 5:17pm EDT

    Well, that didn’t last long. Chesa Boudin, the “progressive” district attorney of San Francisco, was recalled in a landslide election on Tuesday. Evidently, even that city’s progressive voters finally got tired of replacing their car windshields. (On the upside, once out of office, Boudin can keep prosecuting as many criminals as he did while in […]

  • Paul Edward Stephenson Interviews Andrew JoyceThe Occidental Observer - Jun 13th 2022 11:31am EDT

    Andrew Joyce was interviewed recently on Odyssey. I can’t figure out how to get it to play here, but here’s a link.