• Christianity Is White Nationalism

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 28th 2024 10:40am EST

    Most of my thoughts these days don’t pertain to the political realm, rather I tend to focus on the level of spiritual depravity that has led to our fallen state—our fallen state as individual people, due to our fallen state collectively as a people. To paraphrase Dostoevsky, there is a spiritual war going on between […]

  • The Dead Sea Karpman’s Triangle

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 27th 2024 11:55am EST

    For the last stubborn illiterates among us, here is the pattern that we should all keep in mind at all times — especially since October 7th: 1 –  An analysis of Dr Eli David’s vision At the very top, Islam is depicted as an enormous mass of water looming above our heads which the drawing […]

  • Matt Taibbi: Is the Electoral Fix Already In?

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 26th 2024 1:57pm EST

    Editor’s note. Love Trump or hate him, one struggles to find words to adequately describe the hatred for Trump emanating from elite politicians, elite media and the elite in general. They will not allow Trump to be president again, and they are perfectly willing to lie, cheat, steal, or far worse to achieve their aims. […]

  • The Cofnas-MacDonald debate continues

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 26th 2024 8:32am EST

    Here are interviews by Alex Murshak on the disagreements between Nathan Cofnas (who was interviewed first) and me. These interviews were conducted separately (Cofnas first) and neither of us had heard the other’s interview before we were interviewed. My interview: Youtube: https://youtu.be/P836lrcMopI?si=H4nzxcPcfJvbiwYG RSS: https://hackingstate.podbean.com/e/kevin-macdonald/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4CAfLAyCrBwdBYUSoD6idw Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hacking-state/id1689677076 Here are the links to Nathan Cofnas’ interview as well: […]

  • Post-Apocalypse America

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 25th 2024 8:59am EST

    Having lost a few (lots of) steak dinner bets on whether Trump would be the nominee (I said no), and nursing my bitter disappointment that it won’t be Florida’s miracle governor, Ron DeSantis, I asked one of the steak dinner champions his secret method. Me: How did you know??? How could you possibly have imagined […]

  • The Problematic History of the European Union: Review of ‘Eurowhiteness’

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 24th 2024 9:59am EST

    Eurowhiteness: Culture, Empire and Race in the European Project Hans Kundnani Hurst Publishers, 2023 Eurowhiteness is one of those books that immediately catches the attention of a “racist”. With a bright orange cover and a title like Eurowhitness displayed in large block letters, how could it not? Curiosity compelled me to take it down from […]

  • James O’Keefe Uncovers “Shadowy Network” Of NGOs Facilitating US Border Invasion

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 22nd 2024 7:00pm EST

    “I’M YOUR FATHER!” @okeefemedia EXPOSES secret ‘Alitas’ facility at 1150 W. Drexel in Tucson as well as ‘Alitas Angels’ located at 112 Park street inside old Bank Building in Nogales NOGALES — We just followed the trail of the migrant vans right to the source, visiting the… pic.twitter.com/9saIUWyHYh — James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 17, 2024 […]

  • Miracles of Migration: From Mechanical Marvels to Malevolents with Machetes

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 22nd 2024 9:50am EST

    The Welshman Aled Jones (born 1970) did something remarkable as a boy. He enchanted and astonished millions with the purity of his voice and depth of his musical talent. After that, he grew up and deservedly became a rich media star. Then he himself met a remarkable boy. Back in the 1980s, Jones had been […]

  • What Is White Culture? Flushing anti-White genocidal rhetoric down the drain once and for all.

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 21st 2024 9:11am EST

    It is often said by the [many] haters of the White race that there is no White culture, whether those haters be avowed wokeshevik elites or modern conservative rubes unwittingly attempting to please them. Just as these doofuses aggressively spread the lie that race is just skin deep, they also strive to reduce Whiteness to […]

  • This speech left the left establishment fuming! Dr. Bernd Baumann — AfD parliamentary group

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 20th 2024 12:38pm EST

    From an email list: Globalist democracy works like this: Anyone who has the popular majority behind them will be deposed by the globalist minority. Anyone who is loved by the people will be accused and imprisoned. Here is the AfD’s answer to it by Dr. Bernd Baumann, in the Bundestag (parliament), Berlin, Jan. 18, 2024. Dr. Baumann […]

  • Mint Press on United Against Nuclear Iran, yet another neocon advocacy group.

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 19th 2024 9:52pm EST

    Mint Press dissects United Against Nuclear Iran, a neocon advocacy group that clearly wants to destroy Iran because of its hostility toward Israel. These are excerpts. As usual with neocon groups, the money and most of the work is performed by Jews but they recruit a lot of sympathetic non-Jews in order to diffuse the […]

  • Liberating Lady Liberty A closer look at Emma Lazarus and her “New Colossus”

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 19th 2024 11:22am EST

    Editor’s note: Almost a year ago I posted a video by American Krogan titled “On Emma Lazarus.” He now has a Substack (please subscribe) under the name Wilhem Ivorsson and he has made the video into a written version, complete with citations. Enjoy. WILHEM IVORSSON “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning […]

  • The Next Million Fentanyl Deaths are on You, New Hampshire

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 18th 2024 10:12am EST

    Do you care about fentanyl, New Hampshire? Every year, more than 400 of your fellow Granite Staters die from drug overdoses, mostly from fentanyl.       Nikki Haley promises to keep the fentanyl pipeline open. You can’t have missed it — she says it at every speech, debate, town hall, roundtable, meet-and-greet, TV interview and casual conversation: — […]

  • A Glimpse at the Art World According to The New York Times

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 17th 2024 10:57am EST

    Aporia Magazine has some really good material devoid of typical leftist nonsense. This article, by Bruce Gilley posted on January 4, 2024, skewers sections on art from the New York Times issue of October 22, 2023. If you ever had any doubt that the Times and the art world in general are entirely on the anti-White left, this should […]

  • Steyn Sticks to Swine: How Mendacious Mark Steyn Collaborates with the Jews of Clown World

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 17th 2024 10:07am EST

    War is a great clarifier. First in Ukraine, then in Gaza, war has made it clearer and clearer to more and more Whites that the West is ruled by a hostile elite of Jews and their shabbos goyim. These kings and queens of Clown World are passionately committed to defending the borders of Jew-ruled Ukraine […]

  • The Occidental Observer - Jan 16th 2024 3:17pm EST

    A while ago I posted an article on deranged White women. The young White woman who much prefers Nikki Haley over Trump and even over Biden (“a little too old”) is unfortunately much too typical. Haley’s money is coming from Democrat donors, and of course, the neocons of both parties love her. WAR! And, as […]

  • What ‘Equity’ Means

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 16th 2024 3:11pm EST

    This is what they mean by “equity” pic.twitter.com/8q26DUuRd2 — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 15, 2024

  • From The Telegraph

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 16th 2024 11:30am EST

    Marine Le Pen already rules France                      Gavin Mortimer: When it comes to changing Prime Ministers, Emmanuel Macron has much in common with the Conservative Party. Both are on their fourth premier in seven years with the French President this week unveiling Gabriel Attal as the latest […]

  • Update on the AfD

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 15th 2024 3:17pm EST

    From an email list: Despite the unprecedented agitation against the AfD in recent days, the AfD candidate Uwe Thrum won the most votes in the district election in the Saale-Orla district this Sunday (14 Jan, 2024). Thrum received the most votes with 45.7 percent, followed by Christian Herrgott (CDU) with 33.3 percent, the SPD candidate Regina Butz […]

  • Eugen Dühring on the Jewish Question, Part 2 The Jewish Question

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 15th 2024 12:00pm EST

    Part 2: The Jewish Question One of the most important contributions of Dühring’s work to the history of anthropology and culture is the distinction he makes between the Jews and the other Semites so that all the features of the so-called “anti-Semitism” are in fact directed only to the Jews as a specific branch of […]

  • Eugen Dühring on the Jewish Question, Part 1: The German Socialism of Eugen Dühring

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 14th 2024 11:18am EST

    Part 1: The German Socialism of Eugen Dühring[1] Eugen Dühring (1833–1921) was born in Berlin the son of a Prussian bureaucrat. He studied law, philosophy and political econ­omy at the University of Berlin. Although he began his career by practicing law (1856–59), he was forced to give up this profession at the age of twenty […]

  • Paul Joseph on an AfD Bundestag Member Calling for Deporting Millions of Foreigners

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 13th 2024 2:24pm EST

    Paul Joseph Watson on the AfD’s increased support (24%), resulting in calls to ban the party supported by 47% of voters—in the name of democracy. The AfD’s great sin of course is that at least some among them are planning to deport foreigners. AfD Bundestag member René Springer has promised to deport foreigners from Germany […]

  • Tucker Carlson and the Racist White Ladies

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 12th 2024 1:02pm EST

    Rich white ladies pay $5,000 to be told they’re naughty little racists. What is that? Jason Whitlock knows. pic.twitter.com/rj2aQ6yUHi — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 15, 2023 White women are very difficult and intractable problem for our side. Here we have an account of White women, all of whom are undoubtedly wonderfully liberal and virtuous, accepting […]

  • Prove You’re Not ‘Easily Led,’ Evangelicals

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 11th 2024 10:12am EST

        In 1986, The New York Times described evangelicals as “more easily led than other kinds of voters.” Then in 1993, The Washington Post reported that evangelicals were “largely poor, uneducated and easy to command.” (The Washington Post issued a correction; the Times did not.)      For the past week, the media have been trying to […]

  • In response to: “The Way Forward: A New Christianity, Partition, and a General Operational Plan”

    The Occidental Observer - Jan 10th 2024 10:22am EST

    Amalric de Droevig’s “The Way Forward: A New Christianity, Partition, and a General Operational Plan” is not the first time that advocates of white interests launch attacks on Christianity. The writers for The Counter Currents and The National Vanguard — to name just two of them — are doing the same. Detractors of Christianity among […]