• Anti-racism’s victory over the British police

    The Occidental Observer - Aug 7th 2023 9:42am EDT

    Anti-racists have never approved of racial impartiality. Only discrimination in favour of non-Whites, especially Blacks, is acceptable to them. They especially object to any lack of pro-Black discrimination in the police. For fifty years it has been their goal to get the police to ignore Black crime. They have largely achieved it. In 1981 the […]

  • Re-Potting Penelope: A Scientist’s Vindication and Random Meditations

    The Occidental Observer - Aug 5th 2023 8:53am EDT

    Penelope was an orchid that I brought to the Vanderbilt University Medical School Emeritus Office to decorate our conference room.  Our secretary named her. Dr. Bud Friesinger, former head of the Gerontology unit in the Department of Medicine, loved her. I got the impression that he’d never before enjoyed an orchid, close up. Bud had […]

  • Breaking: Trump Still an Idiot

    The Occidental Observer - Aug 4th 2023 10:08am EDT

    With the latest indictment of Donald Trump, special counsel Jack Smith has delivered a comprehensive and well-documented case establishing beyond cavil that Trump is a clown. Well, that’s something we’ve never heard before! Oh no, sorry, I mean we’ve heard it every day for the past 2 1/2 years: It seems that — stop me […]

  • Hammerbound: Celebrating Our European Heritage

    The Occidental Observer - Aug 2nd 2023 12:12pm EDT

    A friend of mine has established a website dedicated to pride in our European heritage but in such a way that wearing their clothes won’t immediately get you shunned by all but the most woke. HammerBound features well-designed men’s and women’s apparel emphasizing designs celebrating the different European peoples (Anglo-Saxons, Celts, English, Germanic, Baltic, Slavic, […]

  • Hunting GB News

    The Occidental Observer - Aug 2nd 2023 10:54am EDT

    The two seismic elections of 2016, Donald Trump’s Presidential victory and the British “Brexit” referendum, were linked by the common thread of a phenomenon they served to expose. Trump’s win and the ensuing resistance in his own administration showed the existence of a “deep state” that could be mobilized against an undesired political outcome in […]

  • The anti-racism of Ibram X. Kendi

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 31st 2023 10:44am EDT

    One only needs to hear an anti-racist like Ibram X. Kendi speak to sense that he is a trickster. Below is a description of his anti-racism in the context of anti-racism as a whole that will explain this intuition. Where institutions are concerned, anti-racism has only ever had one aim and made one argument. The […]

  • GOOGLE, les Névrosés et les Psychopathes

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 30th 2023 9:10am EDT

    Si les médias nous manipulent, il faut bien se dire que ce n’est pas par nos bons côtés, ce n’est pas par nos côtés sains, lumineux et forts qu’on peut nous mener par le bout du nez, c’est forcément par nos mauvais côtés, nos mauvais penchants, notre versant sombre, nos points faibles et inavouables. D’autre […]

  • Machines Like Gods: Artificial Intelligence versus Jewish Power and Leftist Lies

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 29th 2023 10:45am EDT

    All things must pass, say Hindus and Buddhists. Jews expand and alter that sentiment. They say: All things must pass a simple test. And the simple test runs, of course, like this: “Is it good for Jews?” That test has a corollary that runs: “Is it bad for Whites?” Thanks to Jewish power in politics […]

  • An Exchange with a Newspaper Reporter

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 28th 2023 9:37am EDT

    In the first half of May, 2023, I received an email from John Terhune, a reporter for the Portland Press Herald newspaper in Portland, Maine, who was working on a story about White racial activism that resulted in an email exchange between us.  I’ve decided what we wrote each other might be of worth to […]

  • GOP Pledge: No More Talking About Trump

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 27th 2023 9:50am EDT

    The media are so desperate for Republicans to nominate Donald Trump that they’ve turned over 96.7% of their programming to covering him, with brief interruptions for Emmett Till updates. Like dogs playing a game of fetch for eternity, they never tire of rehashing Trump’s legal troubles, his behavior on Jan. 6 (which has now been […]

  • Why do intellectuals support affirmative action?

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 26th 2023 8:50am EDT

    The Supreme Court’s ruling against affirmative action in college admissions met with dismayed, hostile and sarcastic reactions from intellectuals, meaning the media, academics and others who make a living out of conveying ideas to the public.[1] This was predictable, but why are they like this? Why do intellectuals support affirmative action?[2] Many do so out […]

  • Tom Sunic interviews Richard Lynn on Race and IQ

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 25th 2023 9:42am EDT


  • Political Communication for Dissidents

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 24th 2023 9:50am EDT

    Stregoneria Politica: Comunicazione politica non convenzionale [Political Witchcraft: Unconventional Political Communication] Guido Taietti Rome: Altaforte Edizione, 2021 Guido Taietti, MA in political science, is an Italian patriot active in CasaPound. In addition to the book under review, he is the author of a Trattato sul sovranismo [Treatise on Sovereignism] (2019) and many articles in Italian […]

  • Emil Kirkegaard: Eulogy for Richard Lynn (1930-2023)

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 22nd 2023 4:30pm EDT

    Editor’s note: This eulogy is from Emil Kirkegaard’s Substack. Richard Lynn was truly a pillar of the hereditarian thrust in psychology which is under assault or ignored by most academics now. I have cited him extensively in my writing. The good news is that researchers like Emil Kirkegaard are carrying on this tradition. The last […]

  • The Occidental Observer - Jul 22nd 2023 10:37am EDT

    Surprising to see this bit of Jewish paranoia in Newsweek. And don’t get me started on what Hollywood does with roles for playing real-life Jewish villains. Ask Edmund Connelly. When it comes to casting, should it matter that Oppenheimer was a non-observant Jew, a Jew who essentially denounced his Jewish identity? It should not. Judaism […]

  • Meloni’s failure

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 22nd 2023 10:18am EDT

    From Google translate: Italy’s right-wing government cannot limit mass immigration Even with some tightening of the law, Italy’s right-wing government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has not succeeded in reducing the influx of illegal migrants. Instead, she obviously stabs her voters in the back. Not only is the number of illegal migrants increasing: she also works with […]

  • Nick’s Pics: The Amazing Atheistic Adventures of Sleazy Semitic Sex-Pest Nick Cohen

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 21st 2023 2:15pm EDT

    Nick Cohen is a Jewish journalist who loves atheism, neo-con wars, and non-White migration. Naturally enough, he also hates Russia, Brexit, and White nationalism. While pursuing his loves and hates at the staunchly feminist Observer, sister-paper of the Guardian, he became notorious as a serial groper and sex-pest. For decades, the newspaper’s management did nothing […]

  • Trump’s Endorsement Got DeSantis Nothing

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 20th 2023 9:25am EDT

    Donald Trump is indignant that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would dare run for president when he KNOWS Trump is running. According to the former president and big baby, this is a betrayal of epic proportions because Trump endorsed DeSantis during his first gubernatorial run. (Whereas winning the presidency by promising to build a wall, and then reneging, is a […]

  • Tuberville’s Tormentors: Sens. McConnell (R-PRC) and Schumer (D-Israel) Veto American Whites Protecting Their Interests

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 20th 2023 9:18am EDT

    As James Fulford noted in Tommy Tuberville Vs. Chuck Schumer on ”White Nationalism”—Or Americanism, we were all very surprised to see this objectively weak Con Inc. replacement for Alabama’s great Senator Sessions taking an interest in white Americans: …the reporter asked Tuberville, “Do you believe they should allow white nationalists in the military?” Tuberville said, “Well, they call them that. I call […]

  • How diversity and immigration annihilated historical Poland

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 18th 2023 9:42am EDT

    6618 words Few countries, if any, have had their borders redrawn so many times and so thoroughly. Few nations, if any, have been entombed for more than a century, subjugated and humiliated, and resurrected. I intend to tell you a story about how immigration and diversity annihilated a nation’s statehood and almost obliterated a nation. […]

  • The Parasites’ Paradox

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 16th 2023 10:32am EDT

    In this vale of tears, there is an almost Newtonian nature to life and events not only in their physical aspects but in their moral ones as well: that is, any action by individuals or groups that pushes their society down a particular path in any direction—whether one leading to freedom, stability, wealth, thrift, and […]

  • How the media spread transgender ideology

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 14th 2023 9:32am EDT

    Introduction The idea that the media exist to impart information might hold good when the news is something that no one is in a position to deny. In such cases they can state their message plainly, as in: “Reckless driver arrested” or “Body of fourth victim pulled from lake”. The more questionable their message is, […]

  • Hunter’s ‘Love Child’ and Conservative Madness

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 13th 2023 10:09am EDT

    Right-wingers (and The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) are browbeating President Biden for not embracing his son Hunter’s illegitimate child — the result of drug-crazed, unprotected sex with a stripper. Conservatives are so enjoying bashing the president that they’re taking a strikingly unconservative position. We don’t believe in polyamorous three-person “families” or “Heather Has Two Mommies” or “Junior, meet your half-brother from […]

  • Subscription problems

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 12th 2023 10:54am EDT

    People have been complaining that they aren’t being notified of new articles. A reader tells me that if you resubscribe on the site, you will get the notification. You then have to select the title text and click on it to open. Comment here on how that works.

  • A Collision at the Intersection

    The Occidental Observer - Jul 12th 2023 10:03am EDT

    The American term “intersection”, what the British call a “crossroads”, is both a practical solution and a hazard. Aided by traffic lights and signage, it allows the flow of traffic travelling in different, non-parallel directions, but the fact that these differing streams have to traverse common space is what gives it a greater element of […]