• Ursula: Give Third World Countries Better Deals So They Stop Siding with China

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2023 8:44am EDT

    Ursula von der Leyen, an otherworldly creature of extreme offense, is in talks with Universal Studios to build a terrifying theme park ride based on her hideous likeness. Way, way too late, one of the top figures running the West into the ground is coming out and noting that every third world country is switching […]

  • China Summons Nip Ambassador After Bizarrely Menacing G7 Event

    Daily Stormer - May 22nd 2023 7:58am EDT

    The G7 got together over the weekend and issued wild and confounding threats to their enemies, threatening war and destruction against Russia and China, nations they claim are not allowed to exist without the express permission of ZOG. Chinese people are tired of being pushed around by the whole world, hence their diplomats now taking […]

  • Bannon Calls out Veiled CCP Takeover Through Musk’s Cybernetic Collective Mind

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 17th 2023 2:35pm EDT

    Steve Bannon host of War Room reacts to Elon Musk’s recent CNBC interview and explains why Musk is not a part of the MAGA movement. Bannon speaks to the danger of cybernetic collective mind and the government’s involvement with Twitter. He also points out that Musk’s financier is the Chinese Communist Party, a issue that […]

  • Bannon: The CCP’s Playing Smash-Mouth while The U.S. Rolls Over

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 12th 2023 1:13pm EDT

    Steve Bannon host of War Room delivers remarks regarding historic catastrophic economic conditions with 1.1% growth, low tax revenue, and a trillion dollar deficit within the first 7 months of 2023. He breaks news about China is working with Russia and Ukraine on a peace deal and breaks down the interconnectivity of the CCP and […]

  • Wang Says: “The US’ Place is in the Dock”

    Daily Stormer - May 11th 2023 5:41pm EDT

    These statements are getting more aggressive – and more true. RT: The US has blatantly violated international law while imposing its own rules upon the world by force, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has claimed. The comments followed reports that Washington and its allies are planning to use an upcoming G7 summit to demand […]

  • Frank Gaffney: “We are at war with the CCP, and it’s a war that has been going on for decades”

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 8th 2023 10:08pm EDT

    Frank Gaffney host of Securing America joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to break down how we are already at war with the Chinese Communist Party and how they are using unrestricted warfare against us. Gaffney explains how many Americans have enabled the CCP to gain power though corruption and legislating in favor of the United […]

  • As Evidence Emerges In Hunter Biden Probe, Investigators See A Political Protection Racket

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 3rd 2023 3:39pm EDT

    John Solomon co-host of Just The News, No Noise joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the multitude of incriminating evidence that has emerged out of the Hunter Biden probe. Now there appears to be what Bannon describes as a “racketeering effort to protect” Hunter Biden. “Two things are happening, were getting a sense of […]

  • Marcos Says the Philippines Won’t be a Staging Ground for US War Against China

    Daily Stormer - May 1st 2023 11:37am EDT

    Does Bongbong have his father’s balls? We’re going to find out! The Telegraph: Ferdinand Marcos, the president of the Philippines, has said he will not allow his country to become a “staging post” for military action ahead of a four-day official visit to Washington DC for security talks. Mr Marcos’s official visit will be the first by […]

  • Irida TV Guest Appearance: Tommy Nation Politics (Ep.97)

    Irida TV - Apr 29th 2023 6:47pm EDT

    Dylan Moore from Irida TV joins Tommy Nation Politics to discuss where the right and the left have a lot less to fight about than they think they do. Economics, Trump 2024, why the far right are a bunch of LARPers, why there is no silver bullet, Dominian lawsuit settlement and why voting machines violate… […]

  • Argentina Officially Switches to Yuan in Trade with China

    Daily Stormer - Apr 28th 2023 10:30am EDT

    Argentina’s president Alberto Fernandez with Sino-Friendship Champion Xi Jinping Are you okay, America? You seem to be losing friends at an alarming rate. Maybe try changing up your style a bit? RT: Argentina will aim to pay for the bulk of its monthly imports from China in yuan rather than US dollars, Economy Minister Sergio […]