• Criminal Chinaman Drives Jet Ski Hundreds of Miles Across Open Ocean to South Korea

    Daily Stormer - Aug 23rd 2023 5:58pm EDT

    Jet skis are awesome. This individual is clearly insane, and certainly involved in various criminal activities beyond simple “dissent.” However – driving a jet ski hundreds of miles across open ocean is pretty sweet. Some might take issue with calling the Yellow Sea “open ocean.” Okay. In the actual “open ocean,” he wouldn’t be able […]

  • Brian Costello Charts The CCP’s Infiltration Into Our Top Elites Through Sequoia Capital

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Aug 23rd 2023 12:29pm EDT

    Brian Costello a technology expert and entrepreneur joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to show the flow of money between the CCP and power politicians such as Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden and more. He points to Sequoia Capital and Crankstart as major  donors who have CCP links and have influenced specific areas of policy. […]

  • Japan: Government to Start Dumping Radioactive Water from Fukushima Into the Ocean

    Daily Stormer - Aug 22nd 2023 10:29pm EDT

    The Chinese are complaining about this, which is probably why the Japanese are doing it. BBC: Japan will start releasing treated radioactive water from the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday, despite opposition from its neighbours. The decision comes weeks after the UN’s nuclear watchdog approved the plan. Some 1.34 million […]

  • Jew Pressure Group Attacks China for Not Censoring Chinese Racial Supremacy Materials

    Daily Stormer - Aug 22nd 2023 5:48am EDT

    Oh noes! If I were the Jews, I would not be trying to provoke China. This seems intensely unwise. Chinese already have entire university departments devoted to studying how Jews control America, and therefore are behind the hostility towards China. The Jews must understand that there is zero chance they are going to listen to […]

  • BRICS Countries to Meet in South Africa to Plan Heterosexual World Order

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 10:00pm EDT

    What does BRICS mean for the world? The 15th annual BRICS summit takes place in South Africa later this month, and more countries are expressing their intention to join the bloc. Here’s a look at what BRICS means for the world. pic.twitter.com/NWRGouaj5B — Zhang Heqing (@zhang_heqing) August 14, 2023 There is a new world rising. […]

  • Jew Lunatic Yellen Admits to Eating Psychedelic Mushrooms in China

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 3:22pm EDT

    Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explains eating “magic mushrooms” in China: “I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties” pic.twitter.com/N2d5hEdhEj — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 15, 2023 What a weird story… RT: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNN on Monday that she inadvertently ate hallucinogenic mushrooms while on a recent trip to […]

  • Post-War Political Violence in Japan: A Harbinger of Things to Come?

    Counter Currents - Aug 15th 2023 11:18am EDT

    The creation of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in 1954 was an indication of the country’s sharp turn away from demilitarization as the US sought to turn Japan into a Cold War ally. 1,898 words I will be writing this story mostly as an ignorant Occidental. I freely admit there are important nuances of the following […]

  • Watch: Vivek Says All Commitments to Protect Taiwan With Military Force Will End in 2029

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 3:00am EDT

    Previously: Vivek’s Platform is Better Than Trump’s This is not actually offensive. He is openly saying that 5 years after he takes office, he will encourage China to invade Taiwan. This is actually really good. New York Post: Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy said Monday that he would be less attentive to China’s threat to Taiwan once he’s had four […]

  • Elon Suing CCDH, Anti-Whites Exposed, State Violence Overreach Against Undesirables – FF Ep223

    Red Ice TV - Aug 11th 2023 12:00pm EDT

    Henrik and Lana cover some of the latest news in Flashback Friday this August 11, 2023. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetv or subscribestar.com/redice. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. […]

  • Richard Hanania & the Limits of Race Realism

    Counter Currents - Aug 8th 2023 9:05am EDT

    1,833 words On Friday, the Huffington Post exposed Substack writer Richard Hanania, a prominent media personality in mainstream conservative/center-Right circles, as a “white supremacist” who wrote for several dissident Right websites, including Counter-Currents, in the early 2010s under the pseudonym “Richard Hoste.” “Hoste” wrote about race realism and human biodiversity (HBD), and advocated for eugenics […]

  • Russia and China Hold Joint Naval Operation Near Alaska

    Daily Stormer - Aug 6th 2023 1:22pm EDT

    Russian and Chinese warships have approached Alaska, causing tension in the United States. According to a report from Fox News Digital, Beijing and Moscow conducted a joint naval operation near the United States, which made the U.S. nervous. The Russian-Chinese armada came close… pic.twitter.com/js0xxvLIiK — Zlatti71 (@djuric_zlatko) August 6, 2023 Last summer the Chinese and […]

  • US Sending Reapers to Taiwan in the Name of Escalating Democracy to Maximum Levels of Complete Doom

    Daily Stormer - Jul 29th 2023 5:30pm EDT

    I couldn’t understand why they weren’t calling for Reapers for the Ukraine. I mean they were sort of, but the hype was around F-16s, which made zero sense. Reapers could actually take off and land in the Ukraine and no one could prove who was flying them. RT: The US will send Taiwan up to […]

  • Best Korea Does Cool Weapons Parade for Visiting Russian and Chinese Delegates

    Daily Stormer - Jul 28th 2023 11:34am EDT

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has showed off his country’s banned ballistic missiles to visiting Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. Shoigu is in North Korea for celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice pic.twitter.com/o2cIQSiS6h — Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) July 28, 2023 Why did Shoigu visit North Korea just now? Russia, it […]

  • Dr. Robert Malone: “We needed to protect the CCP, that was part of the logic in the cover up”

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jul 27th 2023 7:12pm EDT

    Dr. Robert Malone joins Steve Bannon’s War Room and drops a bombshell about the American intelligence community’s knowledge of an infectious mutation that the CCP attempted to cover up in November of 2019. Dr. Malone and Bannon layout the history of the convergence and corruption of the administrative state’s convergence with the intelligence community. The […]

  • Taiwan Simulates “Chinese Invasion” in Main Airport

    Daily Stormer - Jul 27th 2023 5:40pm EDT

    Happening now: Taiwan’s military simulates a helicopter attack on Taoyuan International Airport, as part of the third day of the annual Han Kuang military exercises. This is the first time the military has practiced defending the airport in almost 40 years of the exercises. pic.twitter.com/aTJAd0kP3O — TaiwanPlus (@taiwanplusnews) July 26, 2023 The #Taiwan military’s annual […]

  • Karl Haemers – The Covert Covid Culprits – Hour 1

    Red Ice TV - Jul 27th 2023 3:00pm EDT

    Karl Haemers joins us to talk about his book Covert Covid Culprits and present his findings on who used the Covid pandemic and then the vaxx against the rest of us, as a weapon, to take more control and benefit financially. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the […]

  • Viktor Orbán: World War III Is Coming

    Occidental Dissent - Jul 24th 2023 2:10pm EDT

    Incredible speech by @PM_ViktorOrban in Tusvanyos. No Western politicians speaks with such intelligence and insight. Terribly worrying, his forecast of coming war between China and the US. Here is the English translation: https://t.co/uBZFsanoBV — Rod Dreher (@roddreher) July 24, 2023 GDP, 2022. BRICS (??????????): $26 trillion G7 (?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??): $43 […]

  • Taiwan Creating Drone Army to Fight China and “Be Like Ukraine”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 21st 2023 11:26am EDT

    After Ukraine deployed drones to successfully offset Russia’s advantages on the battlefield, Taiwan’s leaders took note. But an internal report prepared for its leaders had a stark finding: In drones, Taiwan lagged far behind its powerful adversary – China https://t.co/qJ45XURLoZ pic.twitter.com/5mv4BE5nUd — Reuters (@Reuters) July 21, 2023 The Ukraine war alerted Taiwan’s leaders to the […]

  • Get Ready for the Dukh War

    Amerika.org - Jul 20th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Cynical realists recognize that politics is the surface form of power and that underneath the skin, economic needs drive change. We are not far removed from the apes who fight over territory in order to have access to food supplies, although now we fight over markets. WW3 is coming and it will be a new […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: July 9-15, 2023

    Counter Currents - Jul 17th 2023 11:10am EDT

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 2,571 words RFK, Jr. Floats Theory that COVID-19 Was Engineered to Spare Chinks and Jews In a 2024 presidential campaign that threatens to become a flabbier and more senile rerun of the 2020 contest, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is far and away the most intriguing candidate to have tossed his damaged […]

  • China and Russia Doing Joint Military Exercises in Sea of Japan

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 10:28pm EDT

    PLAAF fighter jets and Y-20 military transport aircraft with equipment and personnel have departed for Vladivostok to participate in the upcoming joint “Northern Union – 2023” military exercises with Russia in the Sea of Japan. #Russia #China pic.twitter.com/WLOfuJ0IhY — Venik (@venik44) July 16, 2023 I remember when people were saying “Anglin, you’re wrong – China […]

  • Xi Jinping Wants Solid Security Barrier to Keep Internet Working for the People

    Daily Stormer - Jul 15th 2023 8:10pm EDT

    Meanwhile, the Americans are trying to bring down our own internet! Internet is for the people, Jews! Reuters: Chinese President Xi Jinping said China must build a “solid” security barrier around its internet under the supervision of the ruling Communist Party, in his latest call to safeguard online data and information. China must persist in […]

  • China Calls Out Belligerent NATO F****ts as the Real Problem on Earth

    Daily Stormer - Jul 14th 2023 4:33am EDT

    No Chinaman ever called me “goy.” More and more, the group that I have the most disdain for are the conservatives who claim that China is a bad guy and somehow a threat. This mostly comes from retards who believe in the coronavirus hoax (“but what about losing my sense of smell??”) and the “spy […]

  • UK Claims Chinese an Existential Threat to Gay Anal Order

    Daily Stormer - Jul 13th 2023 5:42pm EDT

    China is “aggressively and prolifically” targeting the UK and its interests and has successfully penetrated every sector of the economy, the intelligence and security committee (ISC) said — The Times and The Sunday Times (@thetimes) July 13, 2023 It said that academic institutions — a rich feeding ground for the Chinese, particularly because of the […]

  • Bill Gertz: USA Projecting Weakness Oversees; China’s Drive to Take Over the World

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jul 12th 2023 10:19pm EDT

    Bill Gertz author and expert of China joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss China’s growing global dominance and failure of the United States to combat their takeover. Gertz shares concerns over the United States knowledge of China developing weapons of mass destruction including a brain control weapon that he discovered was being developed back […]