• Tucker Carlson slams US government over pedophile network scandal

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 7:37am EDT

    It’s ‘shocking’ that authorities did nothing in response to an expose by the Wall Street Journal, the former Fox News host says The US government’s failure to respond to the revelation that Instagram is hosting a vast network of pedophilia accounts indicates that the taboo surrounding child molestation in American society is about to crumble, […]

  • Making Sense of Sense

    Amerika.org - Jun 9th 2023 7:32am EDT

    As civilizations collapse, chaos will likely increase, but even though we anticipate it, this change will be disorienting to the individuals who experience it. The solipsistic fallacy causes us to see ourselves as eternal or disconnected observers instead of people subjected to changes in our world. This solipsistic fallacy insists that the self is greater […]

  • Russia-China trade booming

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 7:29am EDT

    The turnover between January and May surged over 40% year-on-year Trade between Russia and China has continued to accelerate this year after hitting a historic high in 2022, with both exports and imports surging at double-digit pace since the beginning of the year, Chinese customs data showed on Wednesday. According to the calculations, bilateral trade […]

  • Sanctions sped up Russia’s pivot to Asia – deputy PM

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 6:47am EDT

    Moscow to further boost cooperation with the “fastest-growing and most promising” energy markets of the East, Aleksandr Novak says Russia’s energy exports to the Asia Pacific region surged last year as Moscow was forced to shift its trade away from ‘unfriendly’ Western countries, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak stated, in an article he wrote […]

  • Saudi Crown Prince threatened to damage US economy – media

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 5:10am EDT

    Mohammed bin Salman privately pledged to retaliate in a row over oil production cuts, leaked documents reportedly show Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman privately threatened to harm the American economy after President Joe Biden warned Saudi Arabia of “consequences” for agreeing an oil production cut with Russia, the Washington Post reported, citing leaked material. The […]

  • Biden’s reputation hinges on Kiev’s counteroffensive – Politico

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 4:36am EDT

    The White House is anxiously watching the current round of fighting in Ukraine, US officials told the outlet Washington’s future military support for Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s reputation depend largely on the outcome of Kiev’s counteroffensive against the Russian forces, senior American officials have told Politico. The White House “anxiously watches” Kiev’s attempts to […]

  • Russian retaliation to EU assets seizure revealed

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 4:35am EDT

    It has emerged that Moscow froze billions of dollars in a tit-for-tat measure last year Russia froze the assets of international depositories last year in response to the seizure of its funds by Western financial institutions, it was revealed for the first time on Thursday. Moscow blocked 229.1 billion rubles ($2.7 billion) in assets belonging […]

  • Rogan: “When I go to Target I Don’t Want To See F***ing Tuck Pants”

    Infowars - Jun 9th 2023 2:54am EDT

    “That’s not normal, I don’t want that right in front of everybody. It’s weird.”

  • China’s Huawei faces EU restrictions – FT

    RT - Jun 9th 2023 2:20am EDT

    The technology company could be barred from the bloc’s 5G wireless infrastructure, the outlet reports The EU is considering a mandatory ban on member states using Chinese telecoms group Huawei’s equipment in their 5G networks, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing officials with knowledge of the discussions. There are growing high-level concerns in Brussels […]

  • Audio Book: Rise of Mankind #7 #8 by John Walker – Science Fiction Space Travel Aliens

    Colin Flaherty - Jun 9th 2023 2:15am EDT

    Audio Book Playlist https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/O5xcSONeinzB/ Rise of Mankind Books #7 and #8 by John Walker – Science Fiction Space Travel Aliens Battle War Fighters Shields Fire Missiles Pulse Blast – On the eve of Humanity’s first great journey beyond our solar system, tragedy strikes. Hostile ships arrive, attacking the fledgling fleet and decimating it with ease. […]