• Michigan: State Government Asks People to Bring Invaders in Their Homes, Find Them Jobs

    Daily Stormer - Feb 21st 2024 2:34am EST

    There’s no place to put all of these people that the Brandon Administration is flooding the country with. Rand Paul gave the number of 800,000 of them entering in the last two months. I couldn’t find the source, because search engines don’t work anymore, but he always uses conservative numbers. It could be twice that. […]

  • Michigan: State Government Asks People to Bring Invaders Into Their Homes, Find Them Jobs

    Daily Stormer - Feb 21st 2024 2:34am EST

    There’s no place to put all of these people that the Brandon Administration is flooding the country with. Rand Paul gave the number of 800,000 of them entering in the last two months. I couldn’t find the source, because search engines don’t work anymore, but he always uses conservative numbers. It could be twice that. […]

  • UK: Medical Trust Tells Doctors Chemically Induced Tranny Juice Just as Good as Breast Milk

    Daily Stormer - Feb 21st 2024 1:50am EST

    I was recently wondering if tranny juice is just as good as breast milk. I’m happy to hear that’s the case. Wow. GB News: An NHS trust has sparked fury after a leaked letter revealed drug-induced milk from transgender women who were born male is just as good for babies as a women’s breast milk. […]

  • Netherlands: Dozens Injured, Cars Torched After Vibrant Clashes Between Eritreans

    Daily Stormer - Feb 18th 2024 12:27pm EST

    One of the things I’ve always most respected about the Eritreans is their vibrant diversity, and the way they enrich our culture. AP: Rioting broke out between two rival groups of Eritreans in the Netherlands on Saturday night, police said. Officers used tear gas in an attempt to quell the unrest in The Hague as […]

  • Balancing “Racism” and Racial Self-Interest Against Monoculture

    Amerika.org - Feb 17th 2024 7:32am EST

    The more one looks at our modern world, the more it becomes clear that it has gone off the rails. People are not happy in a rat race where the goal is to gather enough money to escape, everyone is trying to use each other, and there is no loyalty to anything but ideology, laws, […]

  • Ireland: Small Town Manages to Fight Off Invader Center

    Daily Stormer - Feb 17th 2024 2:00am EST

    Video from a major protest a few days ago. This town only has around 13,000 people. Ireland is headed towards some kind of widespread civil violence. The situation is not calming down, and in fact, everything the government does is making it worse, while more and more people take to the streets to protest and […]

  • Germany: Berlin Film Festival Invites, Then Disinvites AfD Politicians

    Daily Stormer - Feb 17th 2024 12:00am EST

      In a democracy, the supposed ability of the people to petition grievances is via voting. This is different than in an “autocracy,” where you directly petition the government for policy change (like the Chinese did when they protested the lockdowns and Beijing said “yeah, okay”). An autocracy or a dictatorship or a kingdom or […]

  • Germany: Unbelievably Fat Cunt Says Everyone Who Disagrees with the Government is a Terrorist

    Daily Stormer - Feb 15th 2024 12:46am EST

    Nancy Faeser, Germany’s most prominent fat woman Do we have any heteros in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have any Christians in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have any gamers in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have […]

  • UK: Secretary of Defense Attacked for Trying to Slightly Roll Back Diversity Initiatives in the Army

    Daily Stormer - Feb 14th 2024 10:00pm EST

    It’s so funny that this weird nigger-worship religion is going to totally kill the ability of Western countries to fight all these wars they’re planning. Have you seen these ads the British run, showing the military filled with Moslems? This shit is bonkers. Before the British Army attempts to stem the catastrophic collapse in its […]

  • Australia: Government to Make Doxing a Crime Because Someone Did It to Jews

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 7:20pm EST

    It’s “doxxing” and Snake Baker is about to get fucking fired. Highlight the whole fucking article, shitty thumbnails, using extra long versions of every single article. It just never ends. But writing “doxxing” feels like we’re approaching the end. This is intolerable. AP: The Australian government said on Tuesday it will outlaw doxxing — the […]

  • France Plans to End Birthright Citizenship in Small African Island of Mayotte

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 5:20am EST

    Ironically, the blacks in Mayotte whine about other blacks coming over to live on welfare and commit crimes “Birthright citizenship” is a retarded idea to begin with, but putting it on a black island that is only by happenstance a part of France is an especially bitter action. The Guardian: French authorities have announced a […]

  • Hawaii: State Supreme Court Says Spirit of Aloha Supercedes 2nd Amendment

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 4:57am EST

    Making Hawaii a state was a stupid mistake. These savages should have been left to remain a poverty-riddled tourist destination like various other islands the US controls. But I don’t really care, actually. It’s just funny they are employing tribal law to override the US Constitution. The Guardian: Hawaii’s highest court, citing the state’s “spirit […]

  • Germany: Prosecutors Consider Charges of High Treason for AfD Members Who Attended Anti-Migrant Meeting

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 4:06am EST

    They’re still doing that protesting the opposition thing This was not a secret meeting. It was also not “high treason.” The German government has gone completely insane. Frankly, they’ve gone beyond the lunacy of the Americans or even the British. This situation is now totally out of control. Remix: Germany’s Federal Public Prosecutor General’s Office […]

  • Poland: New Government Says They’re Going to Imprison Heterosexuals for Complaining About F****ts

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 1:45am EST

    This was highly predictable. The Poles made a deal with the devil to fight their stupid faggot “I hate my daddy” war against Russia, and now they’re going to pay all the consequences for that. They’re going full anal and it won’t be long before they get ultra-flooded with infinity niggers. This is the bed […]

  • Ireland: Another Building Set on Fire After Rumors It Might House Invaders

    Daily Stormer - Feb 9th 2024 5:22am EST

    Ireland is effectively on the brink of some kind of civil war. These burnings of the invader centers are very serious business. Irish Examiner: An arson attack on a vacant building in Co Kildare that was falsely rumoured to be housing asylum-seekers in the future is the second incident at the property in a week, […]

  • Pursuing the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

    Amerika.org - Feb 8th 2024 7:32am EST

    Conspiracy theories exist to make sense out of the human tendency toward collective delusion that ends up pointing civilizations toward failure and making individuals go insane. We want to believe that there is some malevolent force controlling the whole mess for some comprehensible purpose. Instead the reality seems to be that when put in groups, […]

  • France: Study Finds People Not Having Sex Anymore

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 5:00am EST

    No white people are having sex anymore, including the French. It’s key to the collective racial death of white people. Daily Mail: France’s reputation as a nation of lovers is so renowned that they even have a kiss named after them. But research suggests the country is going through something of a dry spell – […]

  • Australia: Hapa Green Politician Apologizes for Saying Jews Have Tentacles

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 3:21am EST

    Stop what you’re doing and listen to the despicable remarks of @Greens MP @jennyleong , in which she accuses Jews of having “tentacles” which they use to try and influence power. Leong has plumbed new and dangerous depths by using one of the oldest and darkest antisemitic tropes… pic.twitter.com/P9LokLFQwU — NSW Jewish Board of Deputies […]

  • Pakistan: Based Moslems Ban Millions of S**ts from Voting

    Daily Stormer - Feb 7th 2024 9:50am EST

      SCMP: Perched on her traditional charpai bed, Naeem Kausir says she would like to vote in Pakistan’s coming election – if only the men in her family would let her. Like all the women in her town, the 60-year-old former principal and her seven daughters – six already university educated – are forbidden from […]

  • UK: Vibrant Stabber Too Crazy for Prison Entitled to Monthly Welfare Check

    Daily Stormer - Feb 7th 2024 5:01am EST

    Valdo Calocane, innocent victim of racism That nigga can’t go to prison. His ass is too crazy. He’s off the hook, dawg. We gotta give him that money. LBC: The 32-year-old was ordered to Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside instead of prison. He was sentenced for killing 19-year-old students Barnaby Webber and Grace O’Malley-Kumar as well […]

  • Ireland: 11 Arrested After Anti-Invader March in Dublin

    Daily Stormer - Feb 7th 2024 1:00am EST

    The pro-invasion protest was a lot smaller than the anti-invasion one, but you wouldn’t know it from the footage Eyyyyy. The Irish are going HARD. We’ve had enough of this shit. Irish Times: There was a large turnout of gardaí, including members of the public order unit, to police an anti-immigration march in Dublin on […]

  • South Dakota: Injun Tribe Bans Governor from Visiting Because She Opposes Illegal Immigration

    Daily Stormer - Feb 6th 2024 11:27pm EST

    So, the Injuns can ban people from entering their fake country, but the US government can’t do the same for a real country? The Guardian: A South Dakota tribe has banned the state’s Republican governor, Kristi Noem, from one of the US’s largest reservations after she spoke this week about wanting to send razor wire […]

  • UK: Football Club Bans Lesbian for Opposing Trannies on the Internet

    Daily Stormer - Feb 6th 2024 12:20am EST

    Linzi Smith, lesbian TERF Whether or not the right-wing should be allying with lesbians against trannies is not really an important question at all. The issue here is the question of how it is possible for a football club to be engaged in an intelligence operation against its own fans. What is the purpose of […]

  • Germany: Government Continues Organizing Protests Against the Opposition

    Daily Stormer - Feb 5th 2024 9:00pm EST

    Germany is the only country that I’m aware of where the ruling government organizes protests against the opposition party. It’s difficult to even think about the implications of this, because it is so far outside of what we consider to be the norm in society. The Guardian: About 200,000 people have taken to the streets […]

  • White People Need Psychological Safety in Order to Survive

    Amerika.org - Feb 2nd 2024 7:32am EST

    Robert Putnam demonstrated with Bowling Alone that modern civilization had become lonely; equality meant a lack of social order, which meant no way to meet people other than jobs, in a society where jobs move us around constantly and we have no real connection to any single piece of land. He followed it up with […]