• 13 Schools in Baltimore Have 0 Students Who Can Do Math

    Daily Stormer - Sep 24th 2023 12:26pm EDT

    Based black guy owning the libs like he does Black people are not so much “stupid” as they are “very dumb.” Of course, we have to always remember: the reason black people cannot do basic math is… slavery, hundreds of years ago. New York Post: Something doesn’t add up. None of the students at 40% […]

  • Arizona: Nursing Students Told to Ask 3-Year-Olds If They’re Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 8:25am EDT

    This is happening and it’s not stopping. It’s only going to keep getting worse. If you have kids, or are planning to have kids, all of your resources need to be put into figuring out how to leave America (or at the very least figure out how to get to a rural area where you’ll […]

  • How Unions Make Diversity Inevitable

    Amerika.org - Sep 21st 2023 7:32am EDT

    Back in the 1980s, American carmakers found themselves in trouble: the union wages they paid made American cars cost twice as much to manufacture as the Japanese cars, which as it turned out seem to run longer and better anyway. The industry was headed toward extinction. Enter Lee Iacocca. He figured out that if you […]

  • UK: Town Gets Hideous Giant Sculpture Showing Woman in Hijab

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 7:03am EDT

    Why does everything have to be so ugly? Even if you were going to build a statue of a woman in hijab in Britain, why would it need to be this ugly? Doesn’t this just cause even more resentment? Like, if it was a traditional statue that looked nice, maybe people would be like “ah, […]

  • Germany: Fat Woman Minister Wants to Let Rapefugees Vote in Local Elections 6 Months After Arrival

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 8:30pm EDT

    Frankly, if we’re following the ideology of “citizenship is just a piece of paper,” then there is no logical counter to the notion that any rando who walks across the German border should be allowed to vote in elections. Of course, the left wants this because they know the immigrants will vote for them. But […]

  • UK: Blacks Built Stonehenge, Children’s Book Claims

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 4:19am EDT

    You might not want to admit it, but all of your “white history” was stolen from the blacks. They did everything that mattered, from the dawn of time. The Telegraph: Stonehenge was built by black Britons, a new children’s history book has claimed. The illustrated book entitled Brilliant Black British History, by the Nigerian-born British […]

  • Chicago Mayor Wants City-Run Grocery Stores After Private Stores Flee Blacks

    Daily Stormer - Sep 20th 2023 4:15am EDT

    There’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s cleaning up the mess that white people have made of Chicago. Brandon Johnson means business. He’s bringing back grocery stores in a big way. If white racist grocery store owners don’t want to serve blacks, then the state will do it. We will use the money of […]

  • D.E.A.D.S.

    Amerika.org - Sep 19th 2023 7:32am EDT

    The post-WW2 narrative held that we were good in the West because we were diverse and democratic; we were the anti-Hitler, doing the opposite of everything he did, and therefore we were so good that we could do anything we felt like doing because we had already proven that we were not Hitler, even a […]

  • Trudeau Goes Apeshit, Accuses Modi of Assassinating Sikh Leader in Canada

    Daily Stormer - Sep 19th 2023 6:39am EDT

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this just perfect? This is exactly what the US did to Saudi Arabia, which triggered a series of events that led to them basically abandoning the West as an ally. This is exactly what I wanted to happen with India, who has been fence-riding for too long. Obviously, it’s irrelevant whether […]

  • Afghan Former Student Sues Yale for $110 Million After Being Persecuted in Rape Hoax

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    Yale’s apparently been taken over by “extreme Jacobin leftists” People believe it because he’s Afghan, but go look at his picture. He’s (presumably) a Pashtun who basically looks like a white guy (Italian or something). This is just another standard rape hoax. Post Millennial: A former Yale student who was kicked out of the school […]

  • UK: Racists Whine After Resurfaced BBC Song Says Blacks Were Always in Britain

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 8:30pm EDT

    Some blacks can sing pretty well. This one ain’t one of them. There is no evidence Cheddar Man was even black. They admitted that at the time. They just came up with that out of thin air, based on nothing. In fact, the entire Cheddar Man thing could have been a hoax. It was all […]

  • California: Trannies and Women Protest Evil TERF Convention in San Francisco

    Daily Stormer - Sep 18th 2023 1:23pm EDT

    How many trannies are there in this country? Because it feels now like they are 80% of the population. ABC 7 News: There was a heated protest Saturday in San Francisco where opinions clashed over the issue of Transgender rights. At the demonstration, outside a hotel where a women’s rights group is holding its convention, […]

  • Retired White Cyclist Murdered In Las Vegas

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 16th 2023 10:56am EDT

    This retired police Chief (64) was run over “for fun” by two black guys last week, when he was out cycling. The victim’s name was Andreas Probst. His killers live-streamed their indescribably evil hit-and-run. Watching it will make your stomach turn, but because the victim is… pic.twitter.com/TpkmI3Dw0v — Eva Vlaardingerbroek (@EvaVlaar) September 16, 2023 If […]

  • Belgium: Moslems Vandalize, Burn Down Schools After “Sexual Education” Made Mandatory

    Daily Stormer - Sep 16th 2023 9:00am EDT

    “Four schools burned in one night” I’m really starting to think that an Islamic takeover of Europe may be the only solution. Just as long as I can still worship Jesus and import ultra-refined reposado, I don’t really see any downsides AP: Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Friday that he will seek […]

  • Canada: School Board Purges Library of All Books Written Before 2008

    Daily Stormer - Sep 15th 2023 1:12am EDT

    We’ve been saying forever that there will need to be a “year zero” for this revolution, because basically everything in history violates the current “universal morality” created by the “rules-based order.” That year is going to need to be a lot later than 2008. You could definitely still make tranny jokes, for example, long after […]

  • UK: Blacks Protest Racist Paki Shop Owners Not Letting Them Steal Stuff

    Daily Stormer - Sep 14th 2023 7:31am EDT

    White people are probably to blame for this, somehow After all that Pakistan has done to the Africans, it seems to me that the very least the Pakis could do is let the Africans steal from them. But of course, we’re not living in a fair world. We’re living in a world of hate, run […]

  • No-Go Zone: Africans Invade Italian Island, Sweden Spirals: 13 Year Old Boy Killed

    Red Ice TV - Sep 13th 2023 11:00am EDT

    We cover the invasion of Lampedusa by African migrants and how Sweden’s immigrant gang violence is spiraling out of control. No-Go Zone September 13, 2023. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetv or subscribestar.com/redice. Get full access to our […]

  • Italy: Neo-Nazis Attack Diversity After South American Fire Ants Found in Europe

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 7:24am EDT

    Since 2017, the fire ant population of Italy has been an absolute majority. Absolute majority. Folks like me, of black ant descent, are going to be an absolute minority. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s the source of our strength. The Guardian: An invasive non-native ant species has become established in Italy and could […]

  • Rhode Island: Local Newspaper Demands Providence Erase All Mentions of Lovecraft

    Daily Stormer - Sep 13th 2023 5:52am EDT

    Old British man visiting Providence’s only tourist attraction It was only a matter of time before they came for Lovecraft. He didn’t really love black people or the Jews. The Post Millennial: Providence, Rhode Island has officially designated September 10 Edward Mitchell Bannister Day as a tribute to the trailblazing 19th-century African-American painter. While some […]

  • 9/11 Revealed America

    Amerika.org - Sep 11th 2023 7:32am EDT

    The attacks on September eleventh stand out in American history for two reasons: on the surface, where optics and politics rule, as an example of a devastatingly effective attack on our economy; below the surface, where intuition connects to nature, we know them as a screaming warning of imminent collapse. Americans of the era grew […]

  • Woman in a Coma Since She Was 3 Delivers Healthy Baby After Black Takes Advantage of Unused Womb

    Daily Stormer - Sep 10th 2023 5:04am EDT

    Previously: Good News! Woman in Vegetative State Gives Birth to Healthy Baby, We Don’t Need Them Conscious We REALLY Don’t Need Them Conscious: Experts Weigh in on Vegetative-State Pregnancy I’ve been talking for a long time about various ways to totally remove women from society while men maintain the ability to reproduce. Women – at […]

  • Minnesota: Indian Female Politician Who Wanted to Defund the Police Whines About Getting Carjacked

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 5:18am EDT

    Everyone knew that these dumb whores who were whining about the cops – demanding they be defunded – were going to start whining even harder when the blacks started victimizing them on the streets. It’s very funny. I mean… it’s racist for this privileged Indian to complain about being attacked by the blacks, isn’t? After […]

  • New York: Black Mayor Attacked for Saying Greatest Strength is Destroying His City

    Daily Stormer - Sep 8th 2023 5:09am EDT

    The dawn of the age of the based black guy has… begun. The Guardian: The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has said an increase in migration would “destroy” the city, seemingly blaming the Biden administration for failing to provide federal support as much as the Republican governors who have sent asylum seekers north. Adams […]

  • Why Your Governments Want Diversity

    Amerika.org - Sep 6th 2023 7:32am EDT

    In the past, it was assumed that the model of democracy involved active citizens paying attention to what government did. In reality, it turns out that they treat it like a sandwich shop: they demand special items, pay for the sandwich, and walk out without a second thought. This means that citizens to the five […]

  • UK: Government Withdraws 2 Million Pound Grant to Mosque Because Imam Does Actual Islam

    Daily Stormer - Sep 6th 2023 6:38am EDT

    Can anyone really argue that things would be worse in the UK if Moslems were enforcing Sharia Law? Is there even a single thing that would be worse? Inb4 “pork and alcohol” – Christians are allowed to eat pork and drink alcohol under Sharia law, they just have to pay extra taxes. The taxes, however, […]