• Florida: Satanists Want to Become School Counselors Under New Law

    Daily Stormer - Jul 11th 2024 10:00am EDT

    It’s not really surprising to anyone that open satanists are now publicly demanding access to our kids. I don’t think that should surprise anyone. The Hill: Florida Satanists are volunteering to fill school counselor roles after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law allowing religious chaplains into public schools amid staffing shortages. “Nothing in the […]

  • Washington: “Ninja,” “Cakewalk,” “No Can Do,” Others on List of Words Banned by University

    Daily Stormer - Jul 11th 2024 7:33am EDT

    From the University of Washington’s inclusive language guide I thought this would be a cakewalk for a ninja, but no can do. Campus Reform: The University of Washington Information Technology department claimed in a recently-updated “inclusive language guide” that phrases like “ninja” and “no can do” are “problematic.” The inclusive language guide, which was updated […]

  • Beryl

    Amerika.org - Jul 10th 2024 9:57pm EDT

    Watching Hurricane Beryl hit Texas was interesting. It was not more extreme than our hurricanes in the 1970s and 1980s; in many ways, it was less of a storm. Houston got the worst of it, and as the most diverse city on Earth, Houston showed us what the future of diversity is. The storm did […]

  • Spain: Canary Islanders Protest Against Endless Invasion from Africa

    Daily Stormer - Jul 10th 2024 10:38am EDT

    Relative to its population, the Canary Islands got around as many illegals last year as the US did during the entire Biden administration It seems like the whole “if you’re against open borders you’re an evil racist who hates people because of the color of their skin” thing is over. That’s cool that’s over. That […]

  • Expecting People of Color to be on Time is Racist, Duke Medical School Says

    Daily Stormer - Jul 10th 2024 1:11am EDT

    I guess I sort of agree with this? I mean, if I heard someone say “we expect you black people to be on time,” I’d be like “wow, that’s pretty racist. They’re black.” New York Post: Duke Medical School claims it is “white supremacy culture” to expect people of color to be on time in […]

  • Norway: Obese Paki Culture Minister Shows Her Tits to Support F****try

    Daily Stormer - Jul 9th 2024 2:21pm EDT

    At least she didn’t show people her asshole. I think we are all really thankful for that. Daily Mail: This is the moment a Norwegian minister thanked a cheering crowd of people after she received an award at Oslo Pride last week… by flashing her breasts. Lubna Jaffery, the country’s Minister of Culture and Gender […]

  • FAA Orders Inspection of 2,600 Boeing 737 Planes Over Concerns Oxygen Masks Could Fail During Emergency

    Daily Stormer - Jul 8th 2024 8:17pm EDT

    Now that is one weird AI image. I kinda feel like this should be gtting better. There is a conspiracy theory that Boeing is doing this on purpose so that the cost of flights will shoot up and the government will tell the goyim “well, it looks like you just can’t fly anymore!” The WEF […]

  • France: Le Pen’s Side Gets Most Votes, Only Third Most Seats

    Daily Stormer - Jul 8th 2024 9:35am EDT

    Democracy is so retarded. We need autocracy. That’s the only way you get the will of the people, it’s the only way you get freedom. Breitbart: The French election results showed that the “alliance of dishonour” between President Emmanuel Macron and the far left effectively blocked the populist National Rally from gaining a majority despite […]

  • Germany: Bank Closes AfD Donation Account After Antifa Grannies’ Petition

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2024 7:41am EDT

    Video from a protest organized by Omas Gegen Rechts (Grannies Against the Right) They keep saying AfD is only the second most popular party, but most of the data shows they are actually the most popular. But the government treats them like a terrorist organization. Remember when they defined democracy for you, when you were […]

  • UK: Biofronthole Nurse Sues NHS After Being Suspended for Complaining About Tranny in Changing Room

    Daily Stormer - Jul 6th 2024 7:34am EDT

    It’s against the law to complain about men in the women’s rooms. This has been the law for like five years now. If women don’t want strange men in their rooms, they should stay at home. GB News: A female worker has announced she is suing a Scottish NHS board after being suspended from her […]

  • Ireland: Government Appoints “Irish-Nigerian” Woman as Racism Czar

    Daily Stormer - Jul 3rd 2024 12:54pm EDT

    The black bitch on the right is Ebun Joseph What is going on in Ireland? I may never have been there, but this is the homeland of my people. I won’t tolerate this. RTE: The Government has announced Dr Ebun Joseph as Special Rapporteur for the National Plan Against Racism (NAPAR) which was published over […]

  • UK: Newly Released Census Data Confirms Scotland is the Faggiest Place in the UK

    Daily Stormer - Jul 3rd 2024 12:00pm EDT

    This is perfectly normal I called this, by the way. Just joking. I would have thought it was somewhere in England. But I guess England is all Moslems, lol. Daily Mail: Scotland has the highest proportion of LGB+ people in the UK, a new census reveals. Four per cent of Scots described their sexual orientation […]

  • Canada: Vibrant Mob of Vibrants Beats Up Dyke Couple

    Daily Stormer - Jul 2nd 2024 11:29pm EDT

    A lesbian couple was brutally beaten in Nova Scotia by group of men that was described as “Middle Eastern” by one victim. pic.twitter.com/vpwzOu8NBL — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) July 2, 2024 Nooooo! Not our dykes! Anyway, it’s okay because the attackers are not white. LBC: Emma MacLean was walking with her girlfriend Tori in Halifax, […]

  • UK: Woman Prison Guard Arrested for Sex Tape with Inmate

    Daily Stormer - Jul 1st 2024 4:13pm EDT

    So basically, if you mix the sexes, women are going to have sex with whoever they are working with. The Taliban knows this. Apparently, no one else in the world knows this. People used to know it. The Guardian: A woman has been arrested after the emergence of a social media video apparently showing a […]

  • Germany: Entire Country in Hysterics Over AfD Conference

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2024 6:44am EDT

    Why are they even holding it in the western part of the country? AfD is probably the biggest party in Germany. But the government is still the government, and the government pays people to riot against AfD. They also organize the intelligence apparatus against them, the normal cops, everything. Does it seem like this whole […]

  • Georgia: Parliament Begins Legal Crackdown on Anal People

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2024 6:40am EDT

    Georgians are getting very tired of this These homos were asking for a pounding. It looks like they’re going to get their wish. Reuters: Georgia’s parliament on Thursday gave its initial approval to a set of bills containing sweeping curbs on LGBT rights, including bans on the “propaganda” of same-sex relationships and gender reassignment surgery. […]

  • South Africa: White Politician Getting Destroyed Because He Said Mean Words 16 Years Ago

    Daily Stormer - Jun 28th 2024 8:49pm EDT

    You can see his original video from 16 years ago here at 6:15. It sounds very different in context. Dude was literally a teenager when he said this shit. And it isn’t even a big deal. But it’s a big deal to the blacks. Or whoever is pulling their strings. I guess he’s going to […]

  • Germany: Black Accidentally Blows Himself Up Trying to Bomb Arab Restaurant

    Daily Stormer - Jun 27th 2024 7:01am EDT

    This appears to be an unpleasant way to die So the blacks are going after the Arabs now, huh? I guess that was inevitable. But I don’t think the Arabs have much to worry about. Apparently, they don’t have much to worry about. Remix: One person has died and four others were injured after an […]

  • Canada: Tommy Robinson Gets Arrested for “Immigration Offences,” Banned from Leaving Calgary

    Daily Stormer - Jun 27th 2024 6:50am EDT

    Tommy Robinson’s entire brand is going to various global locations and getting arrested. The Independent: Tommy Robinson was filmed being arrested after visiting Canada for a podcast tour. Officers in Calgary handcuffed the right-wing activist, 41, on suspicion of an immigration offence and led him into the back of a police van. Robinson, whose real […]

  • UK: University Gets £1.5 Million in Taxpayer Money to “Decolonize the White-Centricity of English Folk Music”

    Daily Stormer - Jun 24th 2024 11:00pm EDT

    Why aren’t there any Somali trannies in this picture? Many don’t know this, but English folk music was created and developed by a Wakandan native oof the British Isles named Cheddar Man. The very first English folk song, which Cheddar wrote on his accordion, was called “Bitch, Lemme Stab Them Guts.” Cheddar Man, true inventor […]

  • Germany: Woman Who Said Mean Things to Vibrant Gang Rapist Gets More Jail Time Than He Does

    Daily Stormer - Jun 24th 2024 10:52am EDT

    It’s funny. But… it’s not really very funny. The Publica: A 20-year-old woman in Hamburg, Germany, has been sent to prison after making “hateful” remarks towards a migrant who was involved in the gang rape of a child. The woman is just one of 140 people being investigated for making “harmful comments” towards the rapists. […]

  • Invasive Species And Diversity Are Both Genocides

    Amerika.org - Jun 24th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Many of us have been in the same position for years: we understand that diversity is fatal, but we are crap as “racists.” We just like people. We know people from all groups and levels who are good people. We are not interested in hurting them, either directly or through scorn. People like us do […]

  • Hungary: K**e F****t US Ambassador, Other Diplomats, Participate in Budapest Anal Pride

    Daily Stormer - Jun 23rd 2024 1:50pm EDT

    David Pressman, America’s Jew faggot ambassador to Hungary, participating at the anal parade. Please note he’s one of the few who decided against the nosejob. (They basically all get the nosejob.) Russia sends in cops with bats with faggots try to march. Faggots end up all bloody as they’re getting dragged off to jail. I’m […]

  • Boeing Delays NASA Astronauts’ Return to Earth Again as Time Running Out

    Daily Stormer - Jun 22nd 2024 11:45pm EDT

    Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft return has been delayed for a fourth time after NASA says it needs more time to review test data following helium leaks and thruster issues. https://t.co/h71HWgfnpH pic.twitter.com/Tqcm3p2LXR — ABC News (@ABC) June 22, 2024 What sort of retard goes into outer space? Don’t they know there is nothing up there? That’s why […]

  • UK: Crimes Involving Acid Increase 75% in One Year

    Daily Stormer - Jun 20th 2024 11:10pm EDT

    We’re not talking LSD here, lads. That would be sort of hilarious. No, no. We’re talking people getting hydrochloric acid thrown on their faces. It melts your face and leaves you permanently disfigured, like a character from a horror film, for the rest of your life. Even with modern plastic surgery, it’s basically impossible to […]