• Parting Ways

    Counter Currents - Nov 2nd 2022 4:25pm EDT

    3,359 words National divorce is the natural consequence of America’s highly politicized culture. Cable news channels routinely feature the term “civil war.” Average Americans divide along political lines in their personal and social lives, and nowhere is this more pronounced than on college campuses. America’s internal divisions are here to stay. No one uses the […]

  • Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.

    American Renaissance - Oct 25th 2022 10:30am EDT

    When Representative Troy Nehls of Texas voted last year to reject Donald J. Trump’s electoral defeat, many of his constituents back home in Fort Bend County were thrilled. Like the former president, they have been unhappy with the changes unfolding around them. Crime and sprawl from Houston, the big city next door, have been spilling […]

  • The Ukraine War, One Last Time

    Counter Currents - Oct 17th 2022 9:06am EDT

    1,582 words Author’s Note: This is my opening statement in my debate with Mark Collett on the Ukraine war hosted by Joel Davis on YouTube on Saturday, October 15th. I got cut off at the end. The last paragraph here was written for the very end of the debate, but by then the format had […]

  • Trump Puts American Jews On Notice

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 16th 2022 1:02pm EDT

    Apparently, Our King has been having second thoughts on Jexodus now that Sheldon Adelson is dead.

  • Mommy Merkel Defends Russian Gas Deal, Says She was Trying to Change the Weather

    Daily Stormer - Oct 15th 2022 10:13am EDT

    Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed she does “not regret decisions at all” on Russia policies. It was “very rational and understandable” to obtain pipeline-bound gas from Russia, she told journalists in Lisbon. pic.twitter.com/KuPFyH3g7N — DW News (@dwnews) October 14, 2022 The fat bitch known as “Big Mama” has once again confirmed that it was […]

  • Oily-Haired Jew Raskin Calls Donald Trump “Snowflake” in Hilarious Rant

    Daily Stormer - Oct 15th 2022 6:32am EDT

    “What kind of snowflake is Donald Trump?”: Rep. Jamie Raskin discusses Jan. 6 Cmte.’s unanimous vote to subpoena former President Trump’s testimony and next steps to enforce the subpoena. pic.twitter.com/EqZUg93Pgr — MSNBC (@MSNBC) October 14, 2022 Appearing on MSNBC with Chris Hayes on Friday, the ratlike Jew Jamie Raskin called Donald Trump a “snowflake.” Raskin, […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 495 The Writers’ Bloc: Stephen Paul Foster on Desolation’s March

    Counter Currents - Oct 13th 2022 8:52am EDT

    949 words / 2:09:17 Nick Jeelvy welcomed frequent Counter-Currents contributor Stephen Paul Foster back to The Writer’s Bloc to discuss his eerily predictive 2003 book Desolation’s March: The Rise of Personalism and The Reign of Amusement in 21st Century America. Topics discussed: 00:09:00 Stephen Paul Foster, “The Rise of the “Bubble People”” 00:11:00 Stephen Paul Foster, […]

  • The Stockholm Free Speech Book Fair

    Counter Currents - Oct 11th 2022 10:03am EDT

    2,088 words I attended the Stockholm Free Speech Book Fair back in August in order to network, sell Counter-Currents books, and report back to headquarters. I updated my online profiles to Director of European Operations for a high-profile publisher and took out my finest pointy shoes to look the part. Freshly inflated with importance, I […]

  • Donald Trump Calls for Immediate Peace Deal in the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Oct 9th 2022 12:19pm EDT

    The evil bigot Donald Trump is trying to sabotage Joe Biden’s brilliant democracy plan for a nuclear armageddon with a fascistic peace plan. RT: Former US President Donald Trump has warned that World War III could break out unless the conflict between Russia and Ukraine quickly ends with a peace settlement. He made the remarks […]

  • Fake Poll Released Showing Biden Would Beat Trump in 2024

    Daily Stormer - Sep 25th 2022 1:10am EDT

    Yeah, okay. People are really happy with the changes since Biden took over. Okay. New York Post: A 2024 rematch between President Biden and former President Trump would be a virtual dead heat, according to a new poll from Emerson. The survey published Friday found Biden with the support of 45% of potential voters, while Trump […]