• Delusional Nikki Haley Vows to Stay in the Race Despite a Likely Saturday Loss in Her Home State of South Carolina

    Laura Loomer - Feb 20th 2024 7:21pm EST

    Many thought Nikki Haley’s Tuesday afternoon announcement would be her stating that she is dropping out of the race. Sadly, this is not the case for the millions of Americans hoping Haley will disappear from public life. Haley instead stated Tuesday that she will stay in the race beyond South Carolina. Polling shows Haley is […]

  • The Media-Run State

    American Renaissance - Feb 20th 2024 1:03pm EST

    Journalists try to indict white America for Kansas City shooting, even as Trump gets convicted by the courts for the crime of being Republican. Subscribe to View From the Right on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post The Media-Run State appeared first on American Renaissance.

  • Fani Willis’ Testimony Evokes Long-Standing Frustrations for Black Women Leaders

    American Renaissance - Feb 20th 2024 12:58pm EST

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is used to prosecuting high-profile, challenging cases. But as she parried questions about her own personal conduct from the witness stand against the legal teams for defendants her office has accused of election interference, many Black women recognized a dispiriting scene. “It absolutely feels familiar. There is no secret […]

  • Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 9th 2024 12:12pm EST

    Trump also won the Virgin Islands Caucus. Nikki Haley has claimed Nevada “doesn’t count” because she did not compete there.

  • Supreme Court Appears Poised To Keep Donald Trump On 2024 Ballot

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 8th 2024 3:09pm EST

    Consensus on CNN after SCOTUS arguments in Trump ballot case: A majority of justices “are looking for an off-ramp, are looking for a reason to not uphold what the Colorado Supreme Court did.” pic.twitter.com/QcJ4jmCv8c — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) February 8, 2024 MSNBC’s @MitchellReports: “There was broad agreement, across the usual political division lines, that there […]

  • The Supreme Court Won’t Ban Trump From Running

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 8:32am EST

    What is going on here? The media is hyping this all up, but it’s just stupid to suggest the Supreme Court will ban Trump from running. They will ban him from getting elected if they’re asked to side with vote fraudsters, but they won’t ban him from running. BBC: The US Supreme Court will wade […]

  • Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Primary To “None of These Candidates”

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 7th 2024 10:38am EST

    BREAKING: Decision Desk HQ projects “None of These Candidates” as the winner of the Nevada Republican primary. — InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) February 7, 2024 Political analyst Steve Kornacki explains how Democrat voters are propping up Nikki Haley’s campaign: “She’s really getting clobbered with Republican voters…Trump isn’t even on the ballot and she loses…It’s Independents and Democrats […]

  • Federal Appeals Court Rules Donald Trump Does Not Have Presidential Immunity From Prosecution

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 6th 2024 10:06pm EST

    A few days ago, it looked like the fog of bullshit was clearing, but this is a setback for Trump. I will just say that an election decided by lawfare will obviously generate the most instability.

  • D.C. Circuit Court Ruling on Presidential Immunity Opens the Door for Biden and Obama To Face Criminal Charges

    Laura Loomer - Feb 6th 2024 3:35pm EST

    The Democrat-dominated D.C. Circuit Court ruled with Jack Smith on Tuesday, stating that Presidents aren’t immune from prosecution once they are citizens. Suppose the Supreme Court of the United States upholds this ruling. In that case, it opens the door for Barack Obama to face charges for spying on Trump’s campaign or lying to Americans […]

  • James Lankford’s Disastrous National Security Policies Made Him the Perfect Negotiator For the Biden-McConnell Backed Immigration Bill

    Laura Loomer - Feb 5th 2024 3:08pm EST

    Oklahoma United States Senator James Lankford’s policy history of supporting Ukraine funding with a blank check while opposing President Trump’s tariffs on China, combined with his creepy history of making statements that 13-year-olds can consent to sex, made Lankford the obvious pick for Mitch McConnell to lead border bill negotiations. Lankford accomplished what McConnell wanted […]

  • Donald Trump Gets Good News

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 3rd 2024 9:36am EST

    ? Trump responds to the fall of Big Fani Willis pic.twitter.com/VpwXfcBOyV — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 2, 2024 Before Big Fani Willis came clean and admitted she was committing adultery with her ‘special’ prosecutor she called Republicans and Trump racist for suggesting it was a conflict of interest. pic.twitter.com/7eihHH262t — @amuse (@amuse) February 3, 2024 […]

  • Poll Watch: Border Chaos Lifts Trump Above Biden In Key Swing States

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 31st 2024 10:56am EST

    BIDEN ON THE BORDER CRISIS: “I’ve done all I can do! Just give me the power! Give me the border patrol, give me the people, the judges. Give me the people who can stop this” pic.twitter.com/VhbQFzhhmc — ALX ?? (@alx) January 30, 2024 ? Donald Trump in Las Vegas: “Within moments of my inauguration, we […]

  • NY Post Says Trump Wanted RFK Jr. as His VP

    Daily Stormer - Jan 29th 2024 10:19am EST

    Maybe Trump is reading the Daily Stormer. This was my stated dream team. Even though Kennedy’s positions on Israel are arguably even worse than Trump’s… Well, I guess I just thought it would be funny. RT: Representatives of Donald Trump unsuccessfully tapped Robert F Kennedy Jr to be his vice-presidential candidate ahead of a likely […]

  • Jury Rules Trump Must Pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million In Damages For Defamation

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 27th 2024 11:44am EST

    Are you looking for a reason to support The Revenge Tour? CNBC: “A federal jury on Friday said Donald Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll a total of $83.3 million in damages for defaming her in statements he made as president after the writer said he had raped her in a New York department store in the 1990s. The massive civil verdict — which […]

  • Donald Trump Calls For Republican Governors To Deploy National Guard To Texas

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 25th 2024 5:45pm EST

    BREAKING: Trump calls for all willing state governors to deploy their national guards to Texas and to remove the illegals back across the border pic.twitter.com/uM4RJ0z5Ug — Jack Poso ?? (@JackPosobiec) January 25, 2024 This map shows states whose Governors issued the Joint Statement Supporting Texas’ Constitutional Right to Self-Defense. Link to the statement follows… pic.twitter.com/Hh5nl3HGDF […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Global Elites Still Donating to Nikki Haley After Her Poor Iowa and New Hampshire Finishes as She Embarks on NYC and California Fundraising Tour

    Laura Loomer - Jan 24th 2024 6:36pm EST

    The global elites, like Nikki Haley, are delusion. Despite Haley getting crushed by President Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire, global elites plan to throw Nikki Haley multiple fundraisers in New York City and California in the lead-up to the South Carolina Primary, a race that polling shows President Trump beating her by 40 plus […]

  • Some Thoughts on Trump Being Back

    Counter Currents - Jan 24th 2024 4:10pm EST

    1,446 words One can’t help but feel cheated by this year’s primary season. As a political spectacle, primaries are almost always more fun and interesting than general elections. For one, you are also more likely to hear a candidate say something interesting in the primaries given that they are appealing only to their base, and […]

  • Nimrata Randhawa Won 43% of the Vote in New Hampshire

    Daily Stormer - Jan 24th 2024 5:00am EST

    More than 4 in 10 Republicans in New Hampshire, a state that allegedly loves freedom, voted for her. This is sickening and shocking. (I mean that sincerely – this is actually shocking.) RT: Former President Donald Trump has won a commanding victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary, scoring an easy win over his only […]

  • Stupid Headlines About the Downfall of “The Misshapen Meatball Man”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2024 2:50am EST

    Ron DeSantis’ last campaign rally was held in some random stranger’s kitchen in Idaho. Only two people attended, both of them people who live in the house. DeSantis allegedly gave them an entire crate of Snyder’s of Hanover classic hard pretzels that he claimed had “fallen off of the back of a truck” in exchange […]

  • Ron DeSantis Surrenders, Endorses Trump

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2024 4:00am EST

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill pic.twitter.com/ECoR8YeiMm — Ron DeSantis (@RonDeSantis) January 21, 2024 I definitely was not expecting this today. I’ve mostly been thinking about Palworld, an AI-generated Pokemon game where you kidnap and enslave cute Pokemons and humans and breed […]

  • Americans are Too Fat to “Unleash Chaos and Bedlam”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2024 5:43am EST

    JUST THINK OF IT—I would now be getting ready to leave government, and now they’ve got me for 4 more years!!! pic.twitter.com/uhmeyRuZuu — Donald J. Trump Posts From His Truth Social (@TrumpDailyPosts) January 20, 2024 The theft of the election, which happened right in front of everyone, did not unleash bedlam. Keeping Trump off the […]

  • A Strategy of Spite Could Work for Biden

    American Renaissance - Jan 17th 2024 6:41pm EST

    Credit Image: © Kyle Mazza/TheNEWS2 via ZUMA Press Wire During the 2022 midterm elections, President Joe Biden gave an angry speech with a menacing black-and-red background, calling his GOP opponents enemies of equality and democracy. It seemed like a sign of desperation — the tactic of a failing president trying to distract people from real […]

  • CBS News Analysis: Most Republicans Agree with “Poisoning the Blood” Language

    American Renaissance - Jan 17th 2024 2:01pm EST

    As Donald Trump dominates the GOP nomination race and some of his inflammatory comments find favor with the party faithful, CBS News measured how the public feels about his “poisoning the blood” language. A striking number of voters agree with this description of immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally, and among Republicans, associating the remarks with Trump himself […]

  • Fani Willis Tells Atlanta Church: My Critics Are ‘Playing the Race Card’ with Allegations of Corrupt Affair

    American Renaissance - Jan 16th 2024 2:35pm EST

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis claimed on Sunday that the allegations of a corrupt relationship with her top prosecutor investigating former President Donald Trump are based on racism. {snip} Willis’s comments came after a court filing by Mike Roman, a political operative and co-defendant of Trump in the Georgia election case, who alleged four explosive facts […]

  • Donald Trump Wins Iowa Caucus

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 15th 2024 8:35pm EST

    BREAKING: CBS News projects that Donald Trump wins the Iowa GOP caucuses pic.twitter.com/3W3WpDYa0z — InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) January 16, 2024 BREAKING: CNN Projects Donald Trump as Winner of GOP Iowa Caucus. pic.twitter.com/UlGsZBNHyW — InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) January 16, 2024 Iowa was the first stop on the Revenge Tour. It is already over. CNN and CBS have called […]