• Trump Echoes RFK Jr. in Video Attacking Big Pharma, Defending Children’s Health

    Daily Stormer - Jun 7th 2023 1:05am EDT

    #AGENDA47: Addressing the Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses Once President Trump returns to the Oval Office, he will establish a special Presidential Commission charged with investigating what is causing the decades-long increase in chronic illnesses. pic.twitter.com/MZE6hHqn6Z — Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) June 6, 2023 Donald Trump released a good video this week attacking the pharma […]

  • YouTube Officially Announces That You Can Now Deny the 2020 Election on Their Platform!

    Daily Stormer - Jun 4th 2023 8:53am EDT

    What is the heck? RT: Video platform YouTube has reversed its controversial ban on questioning the validity of the 2020 and other US election results, acknowledging in a Friday blog post that the policy could silence legitimate political speech.  Effective immediately, the platform said, “content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches […]

  • Trump Pledges to End Birthright Citizenship on First Day in Office

    American Renaissance - Jun 1st 2023 1:22pm EDT

    Former President Trump is returning to his calls to remove birthright citizenship, with his 2024 White House campaign announcing Tuesday he would seek to end it via executive order on his first day in office. Trump announced his plan on the 125th anniversary of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, the Supreme Court case that established the constitutional […]

  • Meatball Ron Officially Throws His Hat in the Wind!

    Daily Stormer - May 25th 2023 8:46am EDT

    Ron DeSantis did his big announcement on a heavily watched Twitter space with Elon Musk last night, after a series of technical problems. If you were hoping that his big announcement would be that he bought a gym membership, you will be sadly disappointed. DeSantis doubled-down on fat by making no mention of his severe […]

  • No Brexit This Way

    Counter Currents - May 24th 2023 11:56am EDT

    2,185 words [C]onsistently and comprehensively they have been deceived. — Christopher Booker, The Great Deception: The True Story of Britain and the European Union We gotta get out of this place If it’s the last thing we ever do. — The Small Faces The two major Western political events of 2016 occurred in different countries, […]

  • The Barbarians Are Here, But There’s No Gate

    Counter Currents - May 14th 2023 5:16pm EDT

    59 words / 8:49 Jim Goad has produced a short video to accompany his latest essay, “The Barbarians Are Here, But There’s No Gate,” on the fact that Title 42, the law invoked by Donald Trump in 2020 to reduce immigration across the US-Mexico border in response to COVID, expired last week — and no […]

  • The Barbarians Are Here, But There’s No Gate

    Counter Currents - May 11th 2023 12:09pm EDT

    1,271 words / 8:43 Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one below or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” The United States is in the throes of another “border crisis,” a tiresome phrase which always refers to its southern border, because […]

  • Trump’s CNN Town Hall was Fantastic (Full Video)

    Daily Stormer - May 11th 2023 10:23am EDT

    Donald Trump appeared on CNN Wednesday night for a New Hampshire “town hall,” wherein he was harassed by some stupid bitch. It was awesome. Really, it felt like 2016 again. He didn’t miss a step, he did not seem old, he made great jokes about rape and black people. He said anyone who believes in […]

  • CNN: Donald Trump Presidential Town Hall

    Occidental Dissent - May 11th 2023 7:42am EDT

    It starts around 7:00. Note: I’m catching up. I missed it last night.

  • Axios: E. Jean Carroll Wins Lawsuit Against Trump

    Occidental Dissent - May 10th 2023 9:53am EDT

    For better or worse, we are stuck with Donald Trump. I’m hardly a Trump cheerleader. I just see the writing on the wall. I’m resigned to it. We’re going to be slogging through the Revenge Tour through at least 2025 and possibly through 2029. Axios: “E. Jean Carroll’s win in her lawsuit against former President […]