• Microplastics Can Give You Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Daily Stormer - Apr 2nd 2024 3:00am EDT

    Yes, yes. Whatever. The real environmental crisis is that cow farts are changing the weather. Microplastics in your body are simply part and parcel of living in a utopia. Nordic Times: Nearly 60% of patients had microplastics in their arteries, according to an Italian study. At the same time, researchers found that microplastics in the […]

  • Study Claims Two Nights of Low Sleep “Makes People Feel More Than Four Years Older”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 27th 2024 1:04am EDT

    Sometimes, I go long periods barely sleeping at all. It makes you feel like you’re in a war. Still, scientific studies are often retarded. The Guardian: Two nights of broken sleep are enough to make people feel years older, according to researchers, who said consistent, restful slumber was a key factor in helping to stave […]

  • Nationalists Jailed, Pedophiles Bailed W/ Laura Towler & Our Diseased World W/ Adam Green – FF Ep250

    Red Ice TV - Mar 8th 2024 12:00pm EST

    Laura Towler joins Henrik in the first hour to talk about her husband Sam Melia’s incarceration for ‘racist stickers.’ In the second hour Adam Green joins us to talk about health, our sick world, Trump’s re-selection and more.

  • Hold On To Your Stomach… (The Truth About Antacids)

    The Conscious Resistance - Mar 4th 2024 8:55am EST

    Harvey and Marilyn Diamond made waves when they first introduced the masses to the concept of food combining in the 1985 smash hit Fit for Life – turns out applying this knowledge rather than taking pills could save you from dementia!   Well, I was rolling around gripping my stomach on my friend’s bed, trying desperately […]

  • Pictures of a Young Superman Show What a Healthy Man Looks Like When He’s Not on Steroids

    Daily Stormer - Jan 27th 2024 3:41am EST

    Most movie stars these days are on steroids. It’s an abysmal situation for young men, who look at these stars in the comic book films and think that’s what men are supposed to look like. The reason it is truly abysmal is that women watch these films and then expect men to look like that. […]

  • Breaking Points: Case Closed: Docs Prove Wuhan Lab Leak

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 25th 2024 4:43pm EST

    Well, this explains a lot.

  • News Flash: Pharmaceuticals Don’t Cure Diseases

    The Conscious Resistance - Dec 13th 2023 1:39pm EST

    What’s more – Doctors Don’t Even CLAIM That They Do! That’s why they always use the term “treat” disease.   Pharmaceutical medications don’t usually cure diseases, they only mitigate symptoms. For the main part, medications are palliatives designed to comfort the patient rather than cure their condition. Hypertension is not cured by mainstream medications but […]

  • Don’t Badger Your Family

    Daily Stormer - Nov 22nd 2023 12:48pm EST

      You’re lucky you’re not at my Thanksgiving. We’re talking about the Jews, but we’re all drunk, smoking two cigarettes and once, gritting our teeth, men are doing cocaine and pointing guns at each other, everything feels inexplicably thick and damp, a guy calls for hookers and you’re just hoping he won’t choke one to […]

  • Tubes In Trouble

    The Conscious Resistance - Nov 10th 2023 10:39am EST

    When you look at it, the human anatomy is all just a series of flowing tubes: the blood vessels, the lungs, the nerves, the alimentary canal, and what have you – each of the vital organs are also made of tubes. The liver is a tube, the stomach is a tube, the bladder is a […]

  • 14% of Adults are Addicted to Ultra-Processed Edibles, According to Global Study

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2023 9:33am EDT

    Related: FDA Warns Weight Loss Drug Ozempic Can Result in Intestinal Blockage There is a related study that shows 100% of these retards are addicted to fake food. The Guardian: One in seven adults and one in eight children may be hooked on ultra-processed foods (UPFs), experts have said, prompting calls for some products to […]

  • 14% of Adults are Addicted to Ultra-Processed Foods, According to Global Study

    Daily Stormer - Oct 10th 2023 9:33am EDT

    Related: FDA Warns Weight Loss Drug Ozempic Can Result in Intestinal Blockage There is a related study that shows 100% of these retards are addicted to fake food. The Guardian: One in seven adults and one in eight children may be hooked on ultra-processed foods (UPFs), experts have said, prompting calls for some products to […]

  • More Care IS NOT Caring More; Public Health vs. Sickcare

    The Conscious Resistance - Sep 22nd 2023 5:44pm EDT

    In the 1900s infectious diseases were rampant in New York City because New Jersey, just across the Hudson River, was basically a swamp that bred mosquitos. Every summer, the mosquitos would just fly across the river and start infecting people with malaria and yellow fever. Everyone but the rich people, of course. They would just […]

  • Alex Jones: The 2024 Election Variant

    Occidental Dissent - Aug 23rd 2023 8:24am EDT

    BREAKING: Alex Jones says a TSA whistleblower has told him TSA employees were instructed on Tue that masks are coming back by October for travelers & full Covid restrictions/lockdowns by December due to a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada. pic.twitter.com/sw4b2XYuoh — Melissa Tate (@TheRightMelissa) August 19, 2023 The Hollywood Experts are back pic.twitter.com/X4X8Jqbfe6 — […]

  • The Science Says Defeating Cow King and Genociding Bovine Army Key to Saving Planet

    Daily Stormer - Aug 19th 2023 7:53pm EDT

    We all remember the first time this happened. That is to say, all of we cringe millennials remember. Gay zoomers probably don’t – just like they don’t remember Nirvana Unplugged or Vanilla Pepsi. “Big Cow is trying to do global warming” is a retarded conspiracy theory on its face. They used to say “Big Oil […]

  • Global Study Links Air Pollution to Increase in Antibiotic Resistance

    Daily Stormer - Aug 7th 2023 8:30pm EDT

    A new study finds an association between air pollution and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. https://t.co/aM9XytsHjG pic.twitter.com/BEg2O9z0A3 — Benjamin Ryan (@benryanwriter) August 7, 2023 Who would have thought that air pollution would affect antibiotic resistance? (Seriously, I would not have ever thought of that.) The Guardian: Air pollution is helping to drive a rise in […]

  • Nietzsche and the Psychology of the Left, Part One

    Counter Currents - Aug 4th 2023 8:05am EDT

    3,604 words 1. Introduction: An Extremely Impious Book Perplexed, as so many of us are, by the utter mindlessness and malevolence of today’s Leftists, I decided several years ago to undertake an ambitious project: developing a comprehensive theory of their psychology. I assembled an extensive reading list, including Dostoyevsky’s The Devils (which delighted me). When […]

  • Karl Haemers – The Covert Covid Culprits – Hour 1

    Red Ice TV - Jul 27th 2023 3:00pm EDT

    Karl Haemers joins us to talk about his book Covert Covid Culprits and present his findings on who used the Covid pandemic and then the vaxx against the rest of us, as a weapon, to take more control and benefit financially. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the […]

  • RFK Jr Vows to Defend Bitcoin, Does Shirtless Pushups, Trains to Avenge Father and Uncle

    Daily Stormer - Jun 28th 2023 11:39pm EDT

    As president, I will make sure that your right to use and hold Bitcoin is inviolable. Bitcoin is not only a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply, it points the way toward a future in which government institutions are more transparent and more… pic.twitter.com/rPkMARieYu — Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) June […]

  • American Medical Association Says BMI is Bad Because It’s Racist or Something

    Daily Stormer - Jun 20th 2023 4:40am EDT

    Black bitches have a right to be fat! Stop talking out against it, bigot! Daily Caller: The American Medical Association (AMA) voted last week to recommend against using body mass index (BMI) as the sole measure for healthy body weight partly due to its alleged “racist” past. The organization claimed that BMI had caused “historical […]

  • WHO Says New Obesity Drugs Like Wegovy Not a “Silver Bullet,” Revises Guidelines

    Daily Stormer - May 13th 2023 12:49pm EDT

    So the plan is that these people are going to take drugs for the rest of their lives to not be obese? We’re doing that instead of having some basic expectation of self-control? Reuters: New highly-effective weight loss drugs such as Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy are not a “silver bullet” for addressing the rapid rise in […]

  • Common Products Poisoning People With Toxic Chemicals, Research Shows

    Daily Stormer - May 3rd 2023 12:57pm EDT

    But global warming tho. The Guardian: Some of the most common consumer products probably release 5,000 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in American homes annually, new research on the dangerous class of chemicals finds. The research, which analyzed ingredient lists across dozens of product categories, found the most concerning levels in general purpose cleaners, […]

  • Red Meat and Other Animal Foods are Essential for Human Health, Hundreds of Scientist Say

    Daily Stormer - May 1st 2023 11:18pm EDT

    Click on the image to view the full-sized version Everyone knows this and they’ve known it since the beginning of time. The vegan thing turned out to be a bust, creating the most unhealthy people on the planet who don’t even barely have the energy to move, and can only sit around watching Netflix. The […]

  • Toxic Chemicals from Food Packaging End Up in Food, Shocking Study Reveals

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2023 8:06am EDT

    Paper and cardboard food packaging treated with PFAS chemicals to make it grease-proof. You’re basically just eating nothing but poison. You live in hell, and in hell, people eat poison. The Guardian: A group of toxic PFAS chemicals that industry has claimed is safe to use in food packaging are concerning and present a health […]

  • What Is The Coronavirus Vaccine Doing To People’s Blood?

    Roosh V - Mar 13th 2023 10:00am EDT

    A recent documentary titled Died Suddenly confirms what many of us already know: the coronavirus vaccine is deadly. The documentary shows that the likely mechanism by which it causes injury and death is by befouling a person’s circulatory system. I can conclude with a clear conscious that the vaccine is a blood and heart toxin. […]

  • Universal Healthcare Debate – Progressive VS Libertarian Solutions (Ep.88)

    Irida TV - Jan 31st 2023 9:04pm EST

    We debate the topic of Universal Healthcare with our friend Tommy From Tommy Nation Politics. Can the US Treasury afford such a massive spending program? Would it solve systemic corruption and inefficiencies in the US healthcare system? These and many more questions are debated. Notes: World Health Organization’s definition of Universal Healthcare https://www.who.int/health-topics/universal-health-coverage Tommy Nation… […]