• The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism – Part 3 (Ep.82)

    Irida TV - Jan 28th 2023 1:41pm EST (Archive)

    We continue the discussion of Peter Zeihan’s book “The End of the World is just the Beginning”, focusing on his financial and demographic analysis of the current state of the disintegrating world of global trade, and delving into some observations regarding specific countries around the world. We also share thoughts as to how and why… […]

  • The Spontaneous Death Of Globalism – Part 2 (Ep.81)

    Irida TV - Jan 28th 2023 1:41pm EST (Archive)

    Nima & Dylan discuss the financial implications of current ongoing global demographic changes according to Peter Zeihan as per his book “The End of the World is just the Beginning”. Link to full playlist with all episodes from this series Notes: “The End of the World is just the Beginning”, by Peter Zeihan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_the_World_is_just_the_Beginning Find… […]

  • Douglas Murray: Right and Wrong on Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 23rd 2023 10:35am EST (Archive)

    Douglas Murray is wondering in National Review why his camp is losing the foreign policy debate on Ukraine on the Right. National Review: “Why has the debate on the Ukraine–Russia war become so fetid, especially on the political right? Why are members of Congress from the Republican Party the ones most outspoken against support for […]

  • Zelensky Declares War on Bloggers, Artists

    Daily Stormer - Jan 16th 2023 8:28am EST

    Everything is a threat to democracy. For democracy to thrive, you have to destroy freedom and free expression, you have to totally crush the human spirit. RT: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on Sunday, imposing personal sanctions on some 198 Russian nationals. The new list includes multiple prominent artists, journalists and other public […]

  • The Whole World is Joining Sino-Friendship as America Goes Ape for Anal

    Daily Stormer - Jan 15th 2023 1:26am EST (Archive)

    All of these countries, all over the world, are switching teams. China is offering trade and prosperity, while America demands total control of domestic politics. China is peaceful, whereas America wants to use war to force everyone on earth to have gay anal with children. RT: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has proposed establishing a new […]

  • US Intelligence Putting a “Deep Freeze” on Serbia in Response to Pro-Russian Sentiment

    Daily Stormer - Jan 14th 2023 6:46am EST

    The whole world is picking sides. You’re either with the rainbow flag or you’re not. It’s not a hard choice. RT: Washington is unhappy with Belgrade’s new choice of spy chief and intends to suspend intelligence cooperation until Serbia rethinks its “personnel solutions,” local CNN affiliate N1 claimed on Friday, citing unnamed diplomatic sources.  Aleksandar Vulin was […]

  • Russia Sends High-Ranking General and Defense Ministry Officials to Belarus

    Daily Stormer - Jan 13th 2023 4:18pm EST

    General Oleg Salyukov arrives in Belarus. It sort of looks like Russia is planning to hit Kiev from Belarus. RT: The Russian Ground Forces commander-in-chief, General Oleg Salyukov, arrived in Belarus on Thursday with a group of Defense Ministry officials on a “working trip,” the ministry said in a Telegram post. Saluykov visited a military range where Russian troops […]

  • Poll Watch: Republican Voters Oppose Further Ukraine Funding

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 12th 2023 10:30am EST (Archive)

    According to Mitch McConnell, standing with Ukraine is the top priority of Republican voters. Washington Post: “A new CBS News/YouGov poll this week — the first to test the issue since Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before Congress in December — is the latest to illustrate that drift. And despite Zelensky’s plea for American resolve, it shows […]

  • Poland Creating New Infantry Division With Modern Hardware to Fight Russia

    Daily Stormer - Jan 10th 2023 10:00am EST (Archive)

    The Minister explained the need for its creation by the fact that behind Poland’s eastern border there is an “attempt to restore the Russian empire,” which he called “an evil empire” – regardless of whether it is “white, red or – as now – Putin. 2/2 — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) January 9, 2023 Previously: Eastern Europe’s […]

  • Putin Thanks Christianity for Unifying Society and Strengthening Family Institution

    Daily Stormer - Jan 7th 2023 10:25am EST (Archive)

    Previously: Putin Declares Ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas, Jewish Actor Zelensky Doesn’t Care The war in the Ukraine is a satanic war against God and nature coming from the Great Satan, America, which is the main base of global Jewry. Jewry is a satanic cult based on the murder of Jesus Christ. Related: Putin Condemns Satanic […]