• Niger Rising: Top Africa Analyst Describes General Tchiani as “Bob Seger But Better at Killing – And Black”

    Daily Stormer - Aug 4th 2023 2:15am EDT

    At this year’s People’s Choice Awards, General Tchiani was voted “The Number One Nigga You Don’t Want to Fuck Around With.” This comes after his high school year book noted that he was “the nigga that ain’t gonna play a game with you bitch ass faggots.”  You cocksuckers fled your embassy like cowards. You want […]

  • No- Go Zone: Gonzalo Lira’s Foiled Ukraine Escape, New Cold War Front In Coup Ridden Africa

    Red Ice TV - Aug 2nd 2023 12:00pm EDT

    Henrik cover some of the latest news in No-Go Zone this August 2, 2023. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetv or subscribestar.com/redice. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. Stream or […]

  • Mockingbird & Mockingbird 2.0 – Spygate, Russ1agate & More -Jay Dyer (Half)

    Jay Dyer - Aug 1st 2023 12:16pm EDT

    Today we will walk through one of the most important discoveries of the last several decades that helps understand the architecture of perception management: Operation Mockingbird. The C1A’s control of media didn’t stop with the original disclosures: it expanded to the cyber Mockingbird we have seen in the last few years of the Don’s emergence. […]

  • Medvedev Says if the Ukraine Offensive Ever Succeeded, Russia Would Just Use Nukes

    Daily Stormer - Jul 30th 2023 6:20pm EDT

    By repelling the collective enemy’s counteroffensive, our Armed Forces are defending Russian citizens and our land. It is quite clear to all decent people. Besides that, they are preventing global conflict. Just imagine that the NATO-supported ukrobanderovtsy’s offensive turned… — Dmitry Medvedev (@MedvedevRussiaE) July 30, 2023 This is that thing no one wants to talk […]

  • Russian MP Calls for Ban of Barbie, Says It’s Pushing America’s F****t Agenda on Children

    Daily Stormer - Jul 30th 2023 10:39am EDT

    The Barbie movie looked really cute from the advertising. As it turns out, the film is about pushing the faggot agenda on children. Ryan Gosling is a faggot in the film, and Barbie is a sick lesbian, and there is a tranny. Why should Russians allow this to be pushed on their kids? RT: A […]

  • Putin: “You Can Blame It All on Me, Terry, It Don’t Matter Anyhow”

    Daily Stormer - Jul 30th 2023 4:39am EDT

    You wanna play a game, Jews? Let’s play a game. RT: Russia is “always ready for any scenario,” President Vladimir Putin told journalists on Saturday, commenting on a potential direct confrontation between the Russian and NATO militaries. The president was answering a question about recent near-collisions involving Russian and American aircraft in Syria. “No one […]

  • Best Korea Does Cool Weapons Parade for Visiting Russian and Chinese Delegates

    Daily Stormer - Jul 28th 2023 11:34am EDT

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has showed off his country’s banned ballistic missiles to visiting Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. Shoigu is in North Korea for celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice pic.twitter.com/o2cIQSiS6h — Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) July 28, 2023 Why did Shoigu visit North Korea just now? Russia, it […]

  • Ukrainians Keep Sending Drones at Civilians in Moscow

    Daily Stormer - Jul 24th 2023 6:36am EDT

    Here’s the thing. Let me tell you about the thing. Russian and the Ukraine are at war. Therefore, it is technically within the rights of the Ukrainians to attack Russia. (I mean, I don’t think it was in the rights of the Ukraines to start this war in the first place, but within the context […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: RUBLEV (1966) Explained – Full Symbolic Breakdown with Andrei Tarkovsky Jr

    Jay Dyer - Jul 22nd 2023 12:41pm EDT

    Fr Vladimir & Jay Dyer are joined by the esteemed Andrei Tarkovsky Jr to do a full symbolic analysis and breakdown of the classic top rated film by Andrei Sr, Rublev. Premiers today! I will be doing a panel discussion and book signing at Heroes Force Gaming & Comic Con in Benton, KY with Game […]

  • Get Ready for the Dukh War

    Amerika.org - Jul 20th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Cynical realists recognize that politics is the surface form of power and that underneath the skin, economic needs drive change. We are not far removed from the apes who fight over territory in order to have access to food supplies, although now we fight over markets. WW3 is coming and it will be a new […]

  • China and Russia Doing Joint Military Exercises in Sea of Japan

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 10:28pm EDT

    PLAAF fighter jets and Y-20 military transport aircraft with equipment and personnel have departed for Vladivostok to participate in the upcoming joint “Northern Union – 2023” military exercises with Russia in the Sea of Japan. #Russia #China pic.twitter.com/WLOfuJ0IhY — Venik (@venik44) July 16, 2023 I remember when people were saying “Anglin, you’re wrong – China […]

  • Russia Breaks Through Crude Oil Price Cap, Officially Breaking the Petrodollar

    Daily Stormer - Jul 16th 2023 6:30am EDT

    The West failed to shut Russia out of the oil market. This means the petrodollar is doomed. RT: Russia’s flagship Urals crude breached the $60 price cap set by the EU and G7 countries this week for the first time since the mechanism was implemented in an attempt to curtail Moscow’s oil exports. The Urals […]

  • Are the Polish Literally Retarded, Or Just Very Angry? What is Their Problem?

    Daily Stormer - Jul 2nd 2023 6:41am EDT

    The Polish literally believe they are going to become an empire. It’s dumb. Firstly, if you want to be an empire, you have to basically have both economic and cultural relevance. The only empire that was ever built on pure violence was the Mongolian empire, and that’s a very specific instance of a group of […]

  • Matt Bracken – Collapsitarianism, Multigenerational Goals & Survival – Hour 1

    Red Ice TV - Jul 1st 2023 10:00am EDT

    Ex-Navy SEAL Matt Bracken joins Henrik to talk about conflict, war, chaos, civil war, survival, war in Ukraine and much more. We discuss deferred gratification and that we are in a fight that will most likely take many generations to win. If we want our children, grand children and their children to survive we must […]

  • Watch: Putin’s Public Appearance Makes Everybody Happy

    Daily Stormer - Jun 29th 2023 5:36pm EDT

    Days after Wagner’s brief mutiny, Russian President Vladimir Putin greets supporters during a rare public appearance#VladimirPutin #Russia #Wagner pic.twitter.com/qZorkK7ZrW — News18 (@CNNnews18) June 29, 2023 Russian President Vladimir Putin in a rare public meeting with supporters in southern Dagestan region pic.twitter.com/aZNIoXZi1d — TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) June 29, 2023 Could your President do this? #Putin […]

  • Taiwan Harasses Russian Ships, Claiming They are in “Taiwan Waters”

    Daily Stormer - Jun 28th 2023 8:58am EDT

    There is nothing suspicious about this, but the Western media will now act like Russia is joining China in their supposed plot to attack Taiwan. If there were a war in Taiwan, the US would start it. They arguably already have. Probably, Russia would back up China, just like China would back up Russia if […]

  • Thoughts on the Wagner Mutiny

    Counter Currents - Jun 26th 2023 7:00am EDT

    1,679 words First and foremost, I’d like to laugh at the Russia apologists who think they won something. Admittedly, a very bad situation for the Russian Federation was prevented from getting catastrophically worse. But overall, this has harmed Russia greatly and did not harm Ukraine at all. Now let’s go over some decades-old background to […]

  • Ukrainian Jews and Israeli Jews are Feuding

    Daily Stormer - Jun 26th 2023 5:00am EDT

    Israel and the Ukraine are obviously both Jewish states. However, their respective governments have some conflicting interests. This is fascinating, given that Ben Shapiro has claimed both that: America is not totally dominated and controlled by Jews, and All of Israel’s interests have a 100% overlap with America’s interests Meanwhile, other conservatives, such as Lindsey […]

  • Preliminary Autopsy of a Botched Coup in Late June

    Daily Stormer - Jun 25th 2023 8:29am EDT

    This was top tier lols for me after an extremely stressful 36 hours. Putting “go to Belarus” in quotes is killer lol for some reason, and then putting alongside the ad being ripped down quadruples the effect. In the final analysis, it seems that Prigozhin was drunk, and by the time he sobered up, he […]

  • Collapse of Russia Totally Canceled!?

    Daily Stormer - Jun 25th 2023 4:40am EDT

    The wackiest thing in history has just unfolded. 12:50 AM EST So, a few hours ago, I was pretty sure the Russian state was going to utterly collapse, that the Ukraine would push and seize Russian territory It now appears, by some fantastic twist, that this is actually not going to happen. I have zero […]

  • Prigozhin Agrees to Go to Belarus…? Apparently! I Guess It’s Over!?

    Daily Stormer - Jun 24th 2023 6:22pm EDT

    So, uh… RT: The criminal case against Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) founder Evgeny Prigozhin will be dropped and he will leave Russia, the Kremlin announced on Saturday evening. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed that Prigozhin, a Saint Petersburg tycoon who made his initial fortune in catering, “will go to Belarus.” He added that Wagner’s fighters will […]

  • Vladimir Putin Responds To Prigozhin’s “Stab In The Back”

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 24th 2023 10:20am EDT

    WATCH: Putin’s address to the nation, with English subtitles pic.twitter.com/KKZy2XQhK3 — BNO News (@BNONews) June 24, 2023 Wagner PMC Telegram channel: “One of the Wagner PMC convoys was attacked in the Voronezh region. The aviation is also working. The civil war has officially begun.” pic.twitter.com/4MLTX8JrvP — Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) June 24, 2023 This doesn’t look […]

  • Wagner is Staging a Coup

    Daily Stormer - Jun 24th 2023 4:07am EDT

    (I’ll keep this post updated. I might start more posts, but I’ll link them here.) 2:25 AM EST Quite frankly, as soon as I saw that video of Prigozhin yelling in front of a pile of corpses, I said “this guy is planning a coup.” You know, he’s half Jewish. After that, I kept my […]

  • Russia Crisis

    Occidental Dissent - Jun 23rd 2023 8:10pm EDT

    CRISIS IN RUSSIA– Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of Russia’s Wagner group– Claims his forces were attacked by Russia’s military– Hours after he said Ukraine war is based on lies– Russia’s defense ministry denies attacking Wagner– Prigozhin: “Not a military coup, it’s a march for… — BNO News (@BNONews) June 24, 2023 Open thread. I don’t what […]

  • The Golden One – Can We Reclaim Sweden? – Hour 1

    Red Ice TV - Jun 21st 2023 12:00pm EDT

    Marcus Follin AKA The Golden One joins Henrik to talk about the situation in Europe where we put special focus on the severe state of Sweden. Can we fix Sweden? Can we restore her to her former glory? This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. […]