• Greece Joins Hungary in Blocking New Sanctions Against Russia’s Trade Partners

    Daily Stormer - May 28th 2023 7:03am EDT

    The West is currently trying to sanction everyone who trades with Russia, which is the entire world save the so-called “international community.” They want to build a kind of “Iron Curtain” around the so-called “Anal Nations” and cut it off from the rest of the world, where so-called “boy-rimming” is frowned upon. This current round […]

  • Poll: 80% of Chinese Blame the US for the Ukraine War

    Daily Stormer - May 27th 2023 9:40pm EDT

    China is totally redpilled, and what’s more, they’re totally based. RT: Some 80% of the Chinese population think the US and Western countries are ultimately responsible for the conflict in Ukraine, according to a new study. Less than 10% blame Russia for starting the offensive. Published on Wednesday by the Center for International Security and […]

  • Fagmerica Whining That China Won’t Even Answer Their Calls

    Daily Stormer - May 27th 2023 11:48am EDT

    That gorilla Lloyd Austin and his faggot ass-pal Mark Milley are whining again. The Chinese are too busy to even respond to their request for further nigger-faggot shenanigans. RT: The Pentagon’s attempts to reach out to China’s military in recent months have been ignored or rebuffed, Ely Ratner, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific […]

  • Judea Declares War on Oreo Cookies

    Daily Stormer - May 27th 2023 4:02am EDT

    It’s not surprising that Judea is declaring war on Oreo Cookies. I’m always ready for Judea to declare war on anything, from rappers to cartoon frogs. The surprising thing here is that an American company has managed to operate in Russia through the sanctions regime and public pressure. RT: One of the world’s biggest snack […]

  • Post-Bakhmut Fiasco: Hohol Commanding Officer Shot by Subordinate for Ordering Unit to Go Die

    Daily Stormer - May 27th 2023 12:59am EDT

    The fallout from the lunatic bloodbath in Bakhmut has begun. It’s totally unclear why tens of thousands of “Ukrainians” were sent to die in a city that could not possibly be held. At least six and probably eight months before the Russians raised their flags on the last mid-rise tower in Bakhmut, it was obvious […]

  • Russia Responds to US and UK Threats on Iran, Tells Them to Go to Hell

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2023 11:18pm EDT

    Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin The entire US global project is falling apart before our eyes, and of course they are lashing out. Saudi Arabia was once a very trusted ally of the US, now they’ve allied with China, and have therefore cleared up the animosity with Iran. There is no longer any […]

  • Three Decades Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

    Amerika.org - May 21st 2023 7:32am EDT

    History is important and yet we always leave it to politicians and musicians to regale us about relevant but mostly unimportant events. The reason is mostly that important stuff is intentionally hidden from view; this appears to be a human condition. The best way to remember such things is by word of mouth among family […]

  • Obama, Other Politicians, News Hosts, Banned from Russia – Human Rights Abuse of 1/6 Heroes!

    Daily Stormer - May 21st 2023 6:06am EDT

    The human rights abuses of the January 6 heroes was not the only reason for the bans, but the fact that they cited this at all is really encouraging. Maybe they are finally listening to me. I have said since the Maidan that Russians have to play the same game as the US in terms […]

  • Vucic Declares Color Revolution Attempts Afoot in Serbia!

    Daily Stormer - May 20th 2023 2:35pm EDT

    Gee, what a shock. RT: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that his intelligence contacts tipped him off about the presence of foreign-sponsored revolutionaries at so-called anti-violence rallies in Belgrade. The West, he declared, has been “causing problems” for Serbia ever since Belgrade refused “to hand them Kosovo on a platter.” Thousands of protesters and a group […]

  • After Being Harassed by Annoying Rat Jew, Saudi Confirms Neutrality on Ukraine Issue

    Daily Stormer - May 20th 2023 2:43am EDT

    For those who don’t get it, “neutrality” means you’re on Russia’s side. This is also China’s position. RT: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has said that Riyadh and other Arab states are taking an impartial stance in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and want to maintain ties with both parties. He made his statement after […]

  • Moscow Lawyer Claims to be Building “Migrant Village” in Russia for Conservative White Americans

    Daily Stormer - May 13th 2023 2:51pm EDT

    I’ve been saying for years that Russia should do this, and I’m very happy to see the topic being discussed. Of course, it would be much better if it was Putin discussing it. RT: Construction of an “American village” for 200 families of conservative immigrants will start in Moscow Region in 2024. That’s according to Moscow-based immigration […]

  • Jew Who Ran Biden’s Psycho-Aggressive Agenda Against China Resigning – Will There be a Strategy Change?

    Daily Stormer - May 13th 2023 7:57am EDT

    Wendy Sherman You may remember that it was not too terribly long ago that China was considered something of an ally to the United States. We are now ostensibly planning some kind of massive war against them. How did that change happen? Well, in 2015, Xi Jinping engaged in a series of government reforms which […]

  • I’m Officially Declining to Comment on That Prigozhin Video

    Daily Stormer - May 5th 2023 3:14pm EDT

    I just wanted to go ahead and let everyone know (because a lot are asking): I’m not commenting on that video of Yevgeny Prigozhin yelling at the Russian defense ministry in front of a pile of corpses. If you don’t know what the video is, you can go ahead and search for it. It’s from […]

  • The Territory of the Former Ukraine Launches Big Offensive Against Long-Dead Russian Poet

    Daily Stormer - May 5th 2023 1:54pm EDT

    Is this the counteroffensive??? It’s against poor old Pushkin??? Well. That actually makes sense, quite frankly. The Guardian: The seated sculpture of Alexander Pushkin on Peremohy Avenue in central Kyiv is living on borrowed time – and not only because of the threat of Russian missiles. Unprotected by sandbags and hoardings, unlike the capital’s better-loved monuments, the […]

  • Russia Says Drones Just Tried to Kill Putin, Reserves Right to Retaliate

    Daily Stormer - May 3rd 2023 12:54pm EDT

    A video appeared, allegedly taken immediately after the attack of two drones on the Kremlin. Moment of impact pic.twitter.com/fI41gGaIV7 — Spriter (@Spriter99880) May 3, 2023 JUST IN – Russia says Ukraine tried to hit Kremlin with drones overnight in an assassination attempt on Putin.pic.twitter.com/xAS0BtTDzs — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) May 3, 2023 Immediately after the Kremlin’s statements […]

  • Media Announces Woman “Had an Orgasm” During LA Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Performance

    Daily Stormer - May 1st 2023 9:30am EDT

    I don’t have any idea what this means, but I can tell you I’m against it. New York Post: The ground really moved for one woman during the second movement of the LA Philharmonic’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony — when she experienced a “loud and full body orgasm.” Several concertgoers described the woman’s climactic […]

  • The Territory of the Former Ukraine Wins Big Victory Against Letters “Z” and “V”

    Daily Stormer - Apr 30th 2023 11:50am EDT

    People will be like “actually, the Ukraine is not winning, that is retarded nonsense from the US media that doesn’t even make any sense.” Well, what do you call this, vatnik? Brave Zelenskyite forces just won a decisive victory against TWO letters of the Latin alphabet. RT: Ukraine has restricted use of the letters ‘Z’ […]

  • Putin Should Probably Appoint a Successor, No?

    Daily Stormer - Apr 30th 2023 6:55am EDT

    Dmitri Medvedev, who served as interim president of Russia and is now one of the most powerful and influential members of Putin’s inner-circle, has declared that the Kiev Junta must be completely exterminated, and the criminals and drug addicts who run it not allowed to flee. This is really the only possible reasonable position to […]

  • Lavrov Meets With Psycho Murderers in New York, Lectures the Roaches

    Daily Stormer - Apr 25th 2023 8:32am EDT

    Sergei Lavrov, Russian Secretary of State, met in the city that never sleeps (with women) to denounce the warmongering agenda of the globalist elite. Honestly, I can’t even type on this fucking keyboard at this point. Not trying to whine here, but I got all kinds of problems, and it’s just not really the tip […]

  • Russia to Ban Changing Gender on Passports, Other ID Documents

    Daily Stormer - Apr 24th 2023 1:30pm EDT

    Was Russia allowing this in the first place? I’m pretty sure they were not, and they just look for various opportunities to come out and say “we’re not gay like you faggots.” RT: The Russian Ministry of Justice is to review national legislation in order to ban the changing of one’s gender in passports and […]

  • Russian Company Releases GigaChat AI to Rival ChatGPT

    Daily Stormer - Apr 24th 2023 9:15am EDT

    Beac presented its own GigaShat neural network, which at the first stage will be available in testing mode by invitation. She is able to answer users’ questions, maintain a dialogue, write program code, create texts and pictures based on descriptions within a single context. — Yaroslav Gavrilov  (@appletesterrus) April 24, 2023 network models and […]

  • Jason Bourne Films: What the Series is Really About – Jay & Jamie

    Jay Dyer - Apr 18th 2023 12:59pm EDT

    Another series requested for many years we are just now getting to is the Bourne franchise with Matt Dadbod…or Datt Mamon. Since we did his BAHSTAN BFF Ben Baffleck, we decided we would have to do Damon. I’m glad we didn’t do it previously because a lot of details in the Bourne plots would have […]

  • No-Go Zone: Why Everyone Hates Journalists & The Leaked Pentagon Documents

    Red Ice TV - Apr 13th 2023 12:46am EDT

    Henrik cover the latest stories about why journalists are almost universally hated. We also talk about the leaked pentagon documents and the West’s spiraling into the tranny abyss this April 12, 2023. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for […]

  • After Elon Says Putin is Not His Best Friend, Kremlin Issues Statement Saying Actually, Putin is His Best Friend

    Daily Stormer - Apr 12th 2023 1:30am EDT

    I’m told Putin called me a war criminal for helping Ukraine, so he’s not exactly my best friend. All news is to some degree propaganda. Let people decide for themselves. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 9, 2023 “The left” AKA “blood-guzzling Jew terrorists” attacked Twitter boss Elon Musk for refusing to delete a Twitter post […]

  • Yuan More Popular than Dollar on Moscow Exchange, Russian Citizens Increasing Yuan Purchases

    Daily Stormer - Apr 12th 2023 12:45am EDT

    Everything is fine in the American economy. There are no problems, because America is the king of the whole world, and they will be forever, because this is the end of history and so on. RT: The share of the Chinese yuan on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) hit an all-time high in March, the Bank […]