• Hohols Signal Openness to Going to War with China

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 7:58am EST

    With this whole Russia thing pretty much wrapped up, and the Ukrainians surrounding Moscow, the brave fighters are looking forward to the next war for neo-Nazi anal supremacy. RT: Kiev is ready to assist the US in a war against any enemy, be it Iran, North Korea, or China, a senior Ukrainian MP has said, […]

  • Fall of Avdiivka

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 19th 2024 9:24pm EST

    I know all my rancher neighbors in Arkansas will be devastated to learn that Avdiivka is no longer controlled by Kiev. It weighs heavily on all our minds. https://t.co/VzV56Utdmb — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) February 7, 2024 Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled in Avdiivka. https://t.co/2k9NybXkxf — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) February 15, 2024 It has been a busy week […]

  • No-Go Zone: Maximum Propaganda & Billions More For Israel/Ukraine

    Red Ice TV - Feb 14th 2024 12:00pm EST

    Henrik cover some of the latest absurd propaganda in No-Go Zone February 14, 2024. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetvor subscribestar.com/redice or redicetv.locals.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. Stream or […]

  • Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 13th 2024 9:34pm EST

    The Senate understands the responsibilities of America’s national security and will not neglect them. And today, on the value of American leadership and strength, history will record that the Senate did not blink. My full statement: https://t.co/5sOkPQfWKF — Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) February 13, 2024 Senator Mitt Romney on the $96 billion foreign aid package: “Most […]

  • Interview with a Vladpire

    Counter Currents - Feb 9th 2024 11:53am EST

    1,709 words Do you remember when people were saying that Tucker Carlson was finished? He had been fired from FOX News, and although he appeared to enjoy a triumphant return on X, within a few months the excitement of his reappearance had worn off. Rather than creating must-see episodes, Tucker was interviewing weirdos with dirt […]

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 9th 2024 11:35am EST

    As various people have noted on Twitter, Vladimir Putin sounds like Klemens von Metternich compared to Joe Biden who can’t remember what he ate for breakfast.

  • Axios: Senate Releases New $118 Billion Package for Ukraine, Israel, Border

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 5th 2024 10:27am EST

    Motherfucking traitors. @SteveScalise @HouseGOP will own this. Every one of these anti-American politicians will be defeated sooner than later. https://t.co/iUFOg7bVJQ — Alexander S. Vindman ? (@AVindman) February 5, 2024 INVASION: TikTok giving migrants step-by-step instructions on how to illegally enter the U.S.pic.twitter.com/PMLJocKBks — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) February 5, 2024 This is the heart of the bill… […]

  • Japan: Ukrainian Woman Wins Miss Universe Japan Title

    Daily Stormer - Jan 26th 2024 8:00pm EST

    When the Ukraine sends women to Japan, they’re not sending their best She doesn’t have a single drop of Japanese blood in her veins, her last name is Shiino because her mother remarried a Jap. Reuters: The crowning of Ukrainian-born model Karolina Shiino as the winner of the Miss Japan contest this week has triggered […]

  • McConnell Signals Ukraine Aid Is Dead

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 25th 2024 10:46am EST

    ?? MCCONNELL BOWS TO TRUMP ON BORDER Last night, we scooped that MCCONNELL told Republican senators that time had essentially run out on trying to craft a Ukraine-border package. “We dont want to do anything to undermine [Trump],” said McConnell, who can barely utter the former… — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 25, 2024 A few […]

  • No-Go Zone: Major War Planned, Jewish NGO Overseeing US Migrant Invasion

    Red Ice TV - Jan 24th 2024 12:00pm EST

    Henrik cover some of the latest in No-Go Zone January 24, 2024. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetvor subscribestar.com/redice or redicetv.locals.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. Stream or download over […]

  • Washington Post: A MAGA Created Nightmare Is Unfolding For Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 19th 2024 11:46pm EST

    Sure, the Speaker of the House is a cringe AIPAC stooge, but at the moment I appear to be getting what I wanted in exchange for voting for the Republicans in the 2022 midterms. Ukraine aid has been stalled in Congress for months and appears to be dead in an election year. The foreign aid […]

  • Coach Red Pill Finally Dies in the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Jan 13th 2024 9:19am EST

    Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira, a US citizen, pick-up artist, and citizen journalist, has been confirmed dead in a Ukraine gulag, apparently due to a lack of medical care. He was arrested for illegal speech against the Zelensky regime, which he had posted regularly to Twitter. He had been previously arrested, and was out […]

  • Coach Red Pill Has Died In Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 12th 2024 5:03pm EST

    ?? Apparently as an official Ukraine spokesperson, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo made a bizarre video implying that we haven’t heard from Gonzalo Lira because he was captured by the SBU trying to escape into Hungary pic.twitter.com/fdm1PAfRC0 — What the media hides. (@narrative_hole) August 2, 2023 Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a […]

  • The Ukraine Shifting to Defense as Government Looks for More Boys to “Replenish” Army

    Daily Stormer - Jan 12th 2024 4:53am EST

    Looking for boys to “replenish their stocks” is what those Jews were doing in their secret tunnel system. It’s sickening, what the Jews do to boys. If the Jews won’t leave people alone, they should be forced to leave people alone. Reuters: Rows of white concrete barricades and coils of razor wire stretch across an […]

  • Washington’s Freaks, Goobers, and Diversity Retards Prep Another Disastrous War

    Counter Currents - Jan 10th 2024 3:12pm EST

    1,204 words From military illiterates in Congress and political generals in the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel of the Potomac we hear noises about an upcoming war with China. This war, it is thought, will be chiefly naval with America’s carrier battle groups doing the heavy lifting. The carriers, it is further thought, will strike terror into […]

  • The Ukraine Recruiting Staff to Contain Army’s Mental Health Crisis

    Daily Stormer - Dec 21st 2023 10:21pm EST

    Soldiers during a “stress control” session. It’s better to just not do this at all, and tell soldiers to “man up.” There’s a whole history showing that doing psychological work on your soldiers have a very negative affect on morale and fighting ability generally. This is just stupid, self-injuring poison, which is the defining variable […]

  • Israel Less Popular Than the Ukraine Among American Voters

    Daily Stormer - Dec 21st 2023 12:16pm EST

    Voting in the Senate on sending military aid to Ukraine has been postponed until next year Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the chamber will not vote on sending more aid to Ukraine and the main obstacle is strengthening border security with Mexico until early next year.… pic.twitter.com/T18RTL8HTu — S p r i n t […]

  • We, the Blood Bladder: America as Feeding Trough for Lampreys

    Counter Currents - Dec 20th 2023 2:54pm EST

    1,127 words I am communing in my office with a sufficiency of Wild Turkey, the whiskey of the great Hunter Thompson. With its help I think curmudgeonly thoughts about America, which is over, done, surrounded by feeding leeches, ticks, hag fish, lampreys, and corporations. And Joe Biden. I find this deeply satisfying. Here you have […]

  • Orban Blocks Aid to Ukraine, Says He’ll Block EU Bid

    Daily Stormer - Dec 15th 2023 4:22am EST

    #Ukraine’s swift accession to the European Union would have devastating consequences for European #farmers, the EU’s budget and European security. It serves the best interests of neither Hungary, nor the European Union, therefore we cannot support it! #EUCO pic.twitter.com/ddgKSPEqsX — Orbán Viktor (@PM_ViktorOrban) December 13, 2023 This is really the same thing as the Republicans […]

  • Zelensky Arrives In Washington To Beg For Ukraine Aid

    Occidental Dissent - Dec 12th 2023 11:21am EST

    It has been a dismal two months. As far as politics goes, I have been in a negative mood. My family life couldn’t be better though. I have spent the last few days in a rush getting everything ready for Christmas. I’m going to try to look on the brightside here. Unless a last minute […]

  • The Ukraine Training Soldiers to Shoot at Russian Drones With Old Guns

    Daily Stormer - Nov 26th 2023 9:08am EST

    Yeah, you can just shoot down drones with rifles. It’s so obvious. I wonder why they never thought of this before?? New York Post: Ukrainian soldiers in mobile air defense units have been training in a secret location in northern Ukraine as Russia continues to barrage the country with hundreds of drone strikes. In the […]

  • Ukraine: Win for Feminism as Women Finally Start Working in Coal Mines

    Daily Stormer - Nov 23rd 2023 9:52am EST

    Wow, this is really a big time win for women’s rights. I’ve been fighting to send these stupid whores down into the mines for decades, and they’re finally going to be hauling 16 tons. Ukraine truly is on the cutting edge of revolutionary liberation. Reuters: After more than a thousand of its workers went to […]

  • Time Running Out for US to Arm Ukie Terrorists!

    Daily Stormer - Nov 20th 2023 12:38pm EST

    Obviously, the Jews could get the money through if they wanted it through. Matt Gaetz is not Lord Zedd. Many of us wish he was. But this Johnson fellow will do what he’s told and sell it as “we needed the money for Israel and the border” if that’s what powerful people want him to […]

  • White Solidarity in Action: Ukrainian Refugees in Poland, Part 2

    Counter Currents - Nov 15th 2023 10:17am EST

    2,737 words Part 2 of 2 (Part 1 here) The recent change in Polish attitudes toward Ukrainian refugees The typical Polish strategy of dealing with unexpected crises is to make a quick decision based on one’s gut, dive headlong into the issue, and come up with solutions as problems arise along the way. This kind […]

  • Cannibal Trump Official Mike Pompeo Takes Corruption Seat on Ukraine Cellphone Board

    Daily Stormer - Nov 14th 2023 4:03pm EST

    Hey, remember that time the Trump administration made sure the Ukraine kept getting American weapons? Remember that? Veon Mobile remembers. RT: Telecom giant Veon announced on Wednesday that it has appointed ex-CIA director and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the board of directors of its Ukrainian subsidiary, Kievstar. Pompeo is joining the […]