• WEF: Angry Mommy Says America Will Soon Have Speech Crime Laws

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2023 11:42am EST

    Everything is going down at the WEF this year. As it turns out, we’ve got hate speech laws coming down the pipe in America. Who knew??? Washington Examiner: The world’s biggest advocates for censorship want to destroy the First Amendment in the U.S., and some Democrats are happy to help. At the World Economic Forum, […]

  • LA: Black Kid Seeks $50 Million After Police Stun-Guns His Dad to Death

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2023 10:15am EST

    A black kid with a father? Now I’ve seen everything! AP: Lawyers for the 5-year-old son of a man who died after repeatedly being shocked by Los Angeles police with a stun gun following a traffic collision filed a $50 million claim Friday for damages against the city. The legal claim is required before Keenan […]

  • US is Pulling Equipment from South Korea to Send to the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 5:00pm EST

    Russia has been making some pretty big wins. Whatever was left of the Ukraine military is gone. The good news is, the US is shipping more serious equipment to their Polish replacements. RT: The US has asked its forces stationed in South Korea to provide military equipment for Ukraine, the Department of Defense said on […]

  • Brandon is Apparently Going Down

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 4:54pm EST

    NOW – AG Garland appoints special counsel to take over Biden classified documents investigation, says an additional document has been found. pic.twitter.com/NODGQcHPfa — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) January 12, 2023 I haven’t written about it much because it’s all over the mainstream news and it really isn’t very interesting, but the Democrat Party and the Jewstice Department […]

  • Disneyland Employees Laughed at Fat Retard as She Fell Off Ride

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 1:01pm EST

    If Disney has to close the Jungle Safari over this, Ima be PISSED. I don’t know what you want. People can’t choose what they think is funny and a fat retard falling off a ride is funny. New York Post: Disneyland workers laughed at a 66-year-old disabled woman before she fell getting off the Jungle […]

  • DC Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto, Lightens Sentences for Black Criminals

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 4:28am EST

    The blacks are back, baby! INFINITE MAYHEM! UNLIMITED DEATH! ULTIMATE DOOM! Black people are so awesome. Washington Free Beacon: The D.C. Council on Tuesday voted to override Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser’s veto of an update to the district’s criminal code which will reduce sentences for carjackings, robberies, and gun-related felonies in the nation’s capital. The […]

  • Ohio: Neo-Nazi Parents Sue School District for Trannifying Kids, Talking About Anal

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 2:00am EST

    You have no right to be against you little children learning how to take a dick up their asses. This is a democracy, buddy. Little kids taking dick up the ass is who we are, because those are our values in a rules-based order. Deal with it! Cleveland.com: A lawsuit has been filed in federal […]

  • Marketing of Flavored Cannabis Targets Kids

    Daily Stormer - Jan 19th 2023 4:11am EST

    Remember when the government flipped out over testosterone-increasing and intelligence enhancing flavored nicotine vape juice, saying it targeted kids and claiming that was bad? They’re taking a different tact on kiddie weed. AP: When New York’s first licensed recreational marijuana outlet opened last month, the chief of the state’s Office of Cannabis Management, Chris Alexander, […]

  • Kissinger Reverses Position on Ukraine NATO Membership

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2023 10:03am EST

    Speaking at Davos, Kissinger backs Ukraine’s NATO bid and says the U.S. should intensify its military aid to Kyiv. pic.twitter.com/cMmzjNFBQw — Sampieri Franco (@SampieriFranco2) January 17, 2023 Henry Kissinger was one of the only top level statesmen in the Western world standing in opposition to the war in the Ukraine, and calling for an immediate […]

  • Folk Hero George Santos Waged a One-Man War Against Pit Bulls

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2023 9:54am EST

    Not all heroes wear green sweatsuits. Related: Pit Bull Enters Neighbor’s Yard, Mistakes 7-Year-Old Girl for a Bull George Santos is the only honest politician. Sure, he lied about being Jewish, but he had to do that to get into power so he can save America once and for all. He also lied about wanting […]