• EPA Should Have Warned About Toxic Garlic in East Palestine, Watchdog Says

    Daily Stormer - Jun 13th 2024 8:30pm EDT

    Yeah. They sort of dropped the ball on this one. I think that’s fair to say. AP: The Environmental Protection Agency should conduct additional soil studies near the site of a toxic train derailment in Ohio and warn people it might not be safe to garden there after independent testing showed high levels of chemicals […]

  • Brandon Again Condemns Pro-Palestine Protesters as “Antisemites”

    Daily Stormer - Jun 13th 2024 4:39am EDT

    Biden’s Israel policy is almost as unpopular as his open borders policy. His solution, as usual, is to condemn people who disagree with him as evil. RT: US President Joe Biden’s administration has condemned a pro-Palestinian protest which was held outside a New York City exhibit commemorating the October 7 death of Israelis attending a […]

  • Florida: Federal Judge Bans State from Banning Child Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - Jun 13th 2024 4:27am EDT

    It’s unconstitutional to not cut your son’s dick off. That’s the law. The Post Millennial: On Tuesday, a federal judge struck down a law from Florida that bars minors from getting puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones for sex change interventions if a parent consents to treatment. He compared to law to discrimination against minorities and […]

  • Elon Musk Drops Lawsuit Against OpenAI Over Alleged Abandonment of Original Mission

    Daily Stormer - Jun 12th 2024 4:57am EDT

    Elon has infinity money to sue people, and yet he somehow manages to pick the stupidest possible targets and then lose. Reuters: Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Tuesday moved to dismiss his lawsuit accusing ChatGPT maker OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman of abandoning the startup’s original mission of developing artificial intelligence for the benefit […]

  • Hunter Biden Convicted on Trumped Up Gun Charges

    Daily Stormer - Jun 11th 2024 2:21pm EDT

    Hunter Biden is not a criminal. He’s an artist, he’s a partier, and he’s the last hope for this country. I don’t think this conviction means he shouldn’t run for president against his dad and Donald Trump. Even if he has to run from jail, he must run. Hunter Biden is the only man who […]

  • The Science Now Merging “Vaccines” for “Coronavirus” and “the Flu”

    Daily Stormer - Jun 11th 2024 3:16am EDT

    See: Doctors and Scientists Blaming Coronavirus for Vax-Induced Spike in Deadly Cancers Let’s make all the shots into a mega shot, and people have to get them every day or they go to prison? This will save humanity. CNN: There could be a combined Covid-19 and flu shot in our future, although it won’t be […]

  • Queens Residents Calling for City to Shut Down Migrant Shelter

    Daily Stormer - Jun 10th 2024 12:52pm EDT

    If the word “deportation” was spoken in their presence, what would their reaction be? ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Dozens of Queens residents called for the city to shut down an East Elmhurst migrant shelter where a Venezuelan national accused of shooting two NYPD cops was… pic.twitter.com/IzLupkjzQs — Crime In NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 10, 2024 New Yorkers were the […]

  • Washington: Electric Scooter Company Makes Its Vehicles Shut Down Near Anal Crosswalk

    Daily Stormer - Jun 10th 2024 12:32pm EDT

    Lime is a very faggy company, and they’re very proud of that fact. WJAR: Lime, a transportation company which rents electric scooters and bikes to pedestrians, is implementing a “no go zone” around a crosswalk painted with a large Progress Pride flag mural in Spokane, Wash., the company told The National Desk (TND) Friday. Police […]

  • AI Companies Threatening to Leave California Over Jewish “Kill Switch” Regulations

    Daily Stormer - Jun 10th 2024 12:31pm EDT

    If they’ll leave California because states are trying to put regulations on AI, they will leave America as well. These are not huge companies with massive numbers of employees that have to move large factories. They can move to some third world country with zero regulations if they have to. I’m sure most of these […]

  • Brooklyn Jews Say Councilman Trying to Push Them Out, “Worst Antisemitic Act Since Oct. 7”

    Daily Stormer - Jun 9th 2024 5:42am EDT

    Jews, you brought this on yourselves. White people would go along with your genocides. White people spineless cowards. But you brought all these brown people into our country, then gave them all this power, and they’re like “yo, Chaim, hol up, dawg.” You did this, Jews. New York Post: A religious war is erupting in […]

  • DOJ Indicts Doctor Who Blew Whistle on Secret Child Mutilation in Texas Children’s Hospital

    Daily Stormer - Jun 9th 2024 5:37am EDT

    Dr. Eithan Haim You can’t just go around like, telling people that hospitals are mutilating the genitals of children. These genital mutilations save lives. Which is why we must keep them secret and bury all data about their effects. Christian Post: The United States Department of Justice has indicted a surgeon who blew the whistle […]

  • Missouri: 25-Year-Old Pro Eggballer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Team Meeting

    Daily Stormer - Jun 8th 2024 8:15pm EDT

    It’s been known for a while now – like, at least two years – that professional athletes are some of the least healthy people in the world. The people who stay healthy stay on the sofa, they eat hot chip, they play they phone. No have problem. BBC: Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman BJ Thompson […]

  • France: Biden Publicly Apologizes to Zelensky for Delay in Weapons Delivery, Pledges $225M More

    Daily Stormer - Jun 8th 2024 2:36am EDT

    Finally, the Biden Administration is doing something to help the suffering people of the Ukraine, who need just a few more weapons before they can totally defeat the Russians and take back Crimea. With this $225 million, I would not be surprised if we see the Ukraine military surrounding Moscow by the middle of next […]

  • Actress Who Chopped Her Tits Off Narrates Nature Documentary About F****t and Tranny Animals

    Daily Stormer - Jun 7th 2024 10:10am EDT

    Murder, rape, and cannibalism are all much more common among animals than faggotry and “changing sex” is. Many animals eat their own infants. Why aren’t we legalizing those as well? If something is fine because animals do it, why pick and choose? Breitbart: Transgender star Elliot Page, formerly actress Ellen Page, is narrating a new […]

  • Report: Alex Jones Forced to Sell Infowars to Pay Sandy Hoaxsters

    Daily Stormer - Jun 7th 2024 10:05am EDT

    This is why they are going after Alex Jones. pic.twitter.com/4j3D2u6uQx — Shadow of Ezra (@ShadowofEzra) June 1, 2024 No one really knows what this means. In theory, Alex Jones will never be able to make money ever again, and will not be able to keep any of the money he has now. These people will […]

  • Arabian Florida Tire Shop Flying Nazi Flag to Protest Gaza Genocide

    Daily Stormer - Jun 7th 2024 2:05am EDT

      People should fly swastikas. Jews are a bunch of baby-killing monsters. The people are realizing that Adolf Hitler was right. New York Post: A Florida tire shop is under fire for flying a Nazi flag outside a busy highway on Wednesday, as the owner defended his actions by claiming it is meant to protest […]

  • Florida: 14-Year-Old Ukraine Skank Beats Poor Old Grandma to Death Over Confiscated Cellular Phone

    Daily Stormer - Jun 7th 2024 1:35am EDT

    Sofia Koval, 14, was arrested after her father came home to find his mother unconscious and covered in bruises. According to police, the teen told him the elderly woman scratched her, so she had to defend herself. Yevheniia Koval, 79, was pronounced dead at the hospital. pic.twitter.com/UHUXXLoXyN — Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) June 6, 2024 I […]

  • Washington DC Now Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in Local Elections

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2024 8:03am EDT

    I wonder which party the illegal immigrants will be voting for? The Post Millennial: On Tuesday, thousands of Washington, DC residents cast their ballots in the district’s local elections. For the first time, however, United States citizens were not the only ones allowed to do so after a new law that came into effect this […]

  • Two New Boeing Whistleblowers Denounce Serious Safety and Quality Issues

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2024 8:00am EDT

    The ceiling panel of a Delta Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft got detached on a flight from Honolulu to Minneapolis.#Boeing #BREAKING pic.twitter.com/XbyVSdjR0n — Target Reporter (@Target_Reporter) June 5, 2024 The craziest part about this whole Boeing thing is that there is still not any kind of serious government investigation into just what the hell is going […]

  • New Instructions for ICE Make Claiming Asylum Much Easier

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2024 7:10am EDT

    Previously: Biden Signs Executive Order to Set Maximum Number of Daily Border Invaders Allowed It was a big news story that Biden was going to allow fewer people to cross the border without “legitimate” asylum claims. He signed an executive order earlier this week. Then, immediately after that – on the same day, in fact […]

  • Georgia: Racist Court Bans Venture Capital Fund from Grant Program Only for Black Women

    Daily Stormer - Jun 6th 2024 6:51am EDT

    I guess blacks being forced to follow civil rights laws is a good thing? Not really though. It would be much better to just abolish civil rights laws completely. Reuters: Venture capital fund Fearless Fund cannot resume making grants to Black women-owned businesses, a divided U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday, siding with an anti-affirmative […]

  • Board Shuts Down Columbia Law Review’s Website Over Article Accusing Israel of Genocide

    Daily Stormer - Jun 5th 2024 9:12am EDT

    Columbia Law Review Board of Directors has taken down the entire website after @RabeaEghbariah’s article on Nakba went live. This is the second time Rabea has been censored by a prominent law journal which commissioned his work. @ColumLRev please explain how this is anything… pic.twitter.com/rkkyn9kcaM — Sarah Schwartz (@Sarah__Schwartz) June 4, 2024 Jews are are […]

  • Donald Trump Biography for Kids

    Daily Stormer - Jun 4th 2024 8:06pm EDT

    Donald Trump Biography for Kids Occupation: President of America and game show host Born: July 18, 1918 in New York, America Died: Still alive Best known for: Paying a hooker from the wrong bank account Biography: Donald Trump was a Casino owner leader in Amarica. He fought against immigration, a system where non-white citizens were segregated from whites and had special […]

  • Watch: Black Bashes NYC Store Worker With Helmet, Gets Stabbed, Throws Helmet, Bites Cop

    Daily Stormer - Jun 4th 2024 4:05am EDT

    NEW: Lunatic smashes a NYC bike shop worker on the head with a helmet before being stabbed by another man and biting a cop Police said the 35-year-old man got angry outside the Fly E-Bike shop He then smashed the 28-year-old worker on the head with the helmet and another person… pic.twitter.com/4jMCxSwtJ2 — Unlimited L’s […]

  • Jew-on-Jew Crime: Zelensky Condemns Israel in Singapore, Says He’ll Make Them Stop

    Daily Stormer - Jun 3rd 2024 8:14am EDT

    I don’t always do Horsey meme edits. But when I do, they are the most underrated memes on the internet It was always sort of a confusing thing to have Zelensky supporting Israel, while the general narrative among Western leftists is that “Israel is like Russia invading Palestine that is like the Ukraine.” But I […]