• 31-Year-Old Black Singer Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2023 3:44am EST

    Imagine you just be at you crib, you just be chilling like a muffuggah in dis bitch, then it be like, you just be like, “ay yo nigga I be dying out da muffagguh, dis shit be whack-ass.” Such is the life for dem niggas done got jabbed. NBC News: C.J. Harris, the former “American […]

  • Bolden Pronounces “Kamala” Wrong, Apparently

    Daily Stormer - Jan 17th 2023 9:38pm EST

    Biden calls Kamala Harris “Camel-a”pic.twitter.com/sdtlHzqjfp — Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) January 17, 2023 Fake President Jim Bolden falsely pronounced Kamala Harris’ name, apparently. I still don’t really understand how “Kamala” is pronounced, and I actually think it is sick to bully people about how it is pronounced. This bitch releases advertisements lecturing Americans on how to […]

  • Saudi Arabia Confirms They Will be Trading in Non-US Dollar Currencies! Total End of US Dominance!

    Daily Stormer - Jan 17th 2023 9:04pm EST

    I’ve been warning about this. I was told this will never happen. People literally unsubscribed as a result. They literally tell us their plans. Just pay attention!#wef #saudi #china pic.twitter.com/hzFtCmfxnP — The Money GPS (@themoneygps) January 17, 2023 I am behind on work today, and I’m posting this at night because I had some stuff, […]

  • “Non-Binary” Man Tells Women to Stop Whining About His Tampon Sponsorship

    Daily Stormer - Jan 16th 2023 6:02am EST

    Sorry, ladies. I’ve been inundated with vaginal propaganda and vaginal control since I was a wee lad. I am not going to defend you whores from this monster you created. You deserve this. Reduxx: A controversial male social media influencer is sparking backlash after an Instagram video he made scolding women began to circulate on […]

  • BREAKING NEWS: Black Male Does a Murder…!

    Daily Stormer - Jan 16th 2023 3:21am EST

    I see this boy’s picture, I look into his eyes and see into the heart of his soul, and I feel to myself: “that is a very good boy.” It’s a real shock he would put an end to a sultry trollop. New York Post: A University of Alabama basketball player was arrested for the […]

  • Experts Whine People Not Taking Boosters, Ignoring Coronavirus Hoax

    Daily Stormer - Jan 15th 2023 3:29pm EST

    These virus people are behind the times. Viruses are so 2021. Pfizer needs to invent a vaccine for Russian propaganda. People would eat that up and force everyone to get it in order to enter Walmart. The Guardian: In the fourth year of the pandemic, Covid-19 is once again spreading across America and being driven […]

  • Boomer Woman Stabs 18-Year-Old Girl in the Head Multiple Times “for Being Chinese”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 15th 2023 1:02pm EST

    Billie Davis, 56 The media is responsible for whipping boomers into a frenzy. New York Post: An unsuspecting Indiana University student was repeatedly stabbed in the head on a bus Wednesday for “being Chinese,” police said. Billie Davis, 56, allegedly told cops she targeted the student in Bloomington for no other reason than her race. […]

  • The Science Can Now Make You Age Prematurely or Rejuvenate You

    Daily Stormer - Jan 13th 2023 6:17pm EST

    Photo is misleading. Caption in the article reveals the old mouse is the altered mouse. — Michael Prewitt (@SodiumPowered) January 12, 2023 You people don’t think that the World Economic Forum is trying to wipe out the global population with fake vaccines because they have a plan to live forever, but they do. They’re going […]

  • Elvis Presley’s Daughter (Non-Fat) Dead at 54 After Cardiac Arrest

    Daily Stormer - Jan 13th 2023 3:36am EST

    Oh dear. @Pfizer, how is that commotio cordis vaccine coming? It’s time to skip all safety trials and get this life-saving medicine on the market. pic.twitter.com/2ZOrf7fEHP — Andrew Anglin (@WorldWarWang) January 13, 2023 The celebrity death march continues unabated. The conspiracy theorists continue to spread totally baseless and anti-Science theories about safe and very effective […]

  • Wisconsin: 14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Girlfriend Three Times in the Head Over Breakup

    Daily Stormer - Jan 13th 2023 2:03am EST

    The teenager miraculously survived the shooting after begging for her life according to what she told prosecutors. Jazlene Jones continues to recover. The 14 year old suspect faces attempted murder charges and he remains in the juvenile detention center. pic.twitter.com/t2QziLqn7I — Hillary Mintz WISN (@WISN_MINTZ) January 11, 2023 #WalkingMiracle: 14-year-old Jazlene Jones is defying the […]