• Tranny Veterans Suing Government to Pay for Genital Mutilation

    Daily Stormer - Jan 26th 2024 6:30pm EST

    JUST IN: Transgender veterans are suing the federal government for sex-change operation costs. The lawsuit demands the Department of Veterans Affairs cover surgeries costing up to a whopping $130,000. Plaintiff Natalie Kastner’s self-castration attempt with scissors serves as… pic.twitter.com/Q9Jh1DOea1 — Hank (@GCapital_LLC) January 26, 2024 The strange thing is that so many former military are […]

  • Study Says 28% of Gen Z are F****ts/Trannies/Etc.

    Daily Stormer - Jan 26th 2024 6:00am EST

    If you thought millennials were a bunch of faggots, wait until you see the up-and-comers. This is an entire generation of anal cocksuckers. (Actually, considering the extent to which the media and the government push the anal agenda on kids, you’d think the situation would be a lot worse.) CNN: Nearly a third, or 28%, […]

  • LA Times Losing Diversity After Korean Billionaire Owner Does Biggest Layoffs in History

    Daily Stormer - Jan 25th 2024 5:31am EST

    Journalists are completely obsolete. These people are obviously going to be replaced with AI, but no one wants to say they’re doing that. You can’t prove it’s being done, so there is no reason to say that you’re doing it. With AI, all you have to do is enter in the basic facts about a […]

  • That B***h Who Murdered Her Boyfriend Sentenced to Two Years Probation

    Daily Stormer - Jan 25th 2024 12:21am EST

    Bryn Spejcher Women live their entire lives on tutorial mode. They can literally just go around stabbing people, and face virtually zero consequences. It wouldn’t be so outrageous if they didn’t constantly complain about how hard their lives are, and how they are such victims. That complaining really just makes men want to rape them […]

  • Oklahoma Senator Proposes Making Watching Porn a Felony, Ban Unmarried Sexting

    Daily Stormer - Jan 24th 2024 5:30am EST

    “I want to see pornography abolished. I want to see no-fault divorce come back to at-fault in divorce. I want to see abortion abolished.” — @DustyDeeverspic.twitter.com/bxOMC3toVJ https://t.co/g6K2fZzCrO — Ben Zeisloft (@BenZeisloft) January 19, 2024 I’m not clear on what a ban on unmarried sexting would look like. Actually, it seems like something that some Jew […]

  • Nimrata Randhawa Won 43% of the Vote in New Hampshire

    Daily Stormer - Jan 24th 2024 5:00am EST

    More than 4 in 10 Republicans in New Hampshire, a state that allegedly loves freedom, voted for her. This is sickening and shocking. (I mean that sincerely – this is actually shocking.) RT: Former President Donald Trump has won a commanding victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary, scoring an easy win over his only […]

  • Immigration Now Voter’s Top Concern, According to Poll

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2024 4:00am EST

    #BREAKING: ARIZONA BORDER CRISIS INTENSIFIES. THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS CHANGE CLOTHES TO EVADE IDENTIFICATION BY U.S. SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS. STRATEGIC MOVES TO AVOID RECOGNITION ALONG U.S.-MEXICO BORDERLINE. SITUATION ESCALATES. #BorderCrisis #Arizona #migration pic.twitter.com/O3UaQd6AEc — Genius Bot X (@GeniusBotX) January 22, 2024 It’s the number one issue in America, but the government has said we have no way […]

  • Stupid Headlines About the Downfall of “The Misshapen Meatball Man”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2024 2:50am EST

    Ron DeSantis’ last campaign rally was held in some random stranger’s kitchen in Idaho. Only two people attended, both of them people who live in the house. DeSantis allegedly gave them an entire crate of Snyder’s of Hanover classic hard pretzels that he claimed had “fallen off of the back of a truck” in exchange […]

  • Mother of Woman Raped and Killed by Migrant Suing Homeland Security

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2024 8:30pm EST

    A mother is filing a $100 million lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security after her daughter was brutally r*ped and m*rdered by an MS-13 gang member who entered the U.S. illegally through the southern border. Tammy Nobles, the mother of Kayla Hamilton, asserted that… pic.twitter.com/jPDIqTVvTs — RedWave Press (@RedWave_Press) January 22, 2024 “If we […]

  • As the Earth Continues to Heat Up as a Result of Food Farms, Dozens of Americans Die of Cold

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2024 7:57am EST

    Imagine dying of cold while the entire planet is being destroyed by global warming. Nigga, you like going to a brothel and not getting laid! Nigga that’s like some Atlantis Morriset type shit. Bitches is heating out, tornados everywhere out this bitch, muthafuken earfquakes out there, and your goofy as dying from cold? Bitch, did […]

  • Ron DeSantis Surrenders, Endorses Trump

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2024 4:00am EST

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill pic.twitter.com/ECoR8YeiMm — Ron DeSantis (@RonDeSantis) January 21, 2024 I definitely was not expecting this today. I’ve mostly been thinking about Palworld, an AI-generated Pokemon game where you kidnap and enslave cute Pokemons and humans and breed […]

  • Brute Shoplifters Kill Texas Convenience Store Worker Over Bag of Chips

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 11:00pm EST

    Some people don’t understand: niggas out here gotta eat. You’ll whites and people done came from other countries has all the food and try to keep it. What for you need all that food in the whole store? Bitch, you ain’t gonna eat all that food in the whole store. And you gonna go and […]

  • Abortionists Want to Go Further Than Bringing Back Roe, Push for Limitless Abortions

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 9:00pm EST

    I thought they already had limitless abortions with Roe? They want even more extreme abortion? It’s almost like white women simply enjoy murdering children. They act like a bunch of Jews, frankly. The Guardian: Since the devastating loss of Roe v Wade, the abortion rights movement has seen historic levels of support for its cause, […]

  • US Planning “Sustained Campaign” Against Yemen

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 8:45am EST

    The US is too incompetent to respond strategically to anything. You can count on them to do the most obvious thing possible, in every situation. Not a very good enemy. “Sustained campaign” is the best ever euphemism for “war.” RT: The US is preparing for a “sustained” bombing campaign in Yemen after ten days of airstrikes failed […]

  • Florida: Based Tranny Wins Major Biofronthole’s Golf Tournament

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 8:16am EST

    I bet you bigots can’t even tell which one’s the non-biofronthole Men win again, sluts! You can’t compete! JUST GIVE UP ON LIFE. Washington Examiner: The single transgender golfer at the NXXT Women’s Classic tournament in Florida won first place on Wednesday. Hailey Davidson, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, shot at […]

  • Zelensky Shill Claims Funding the War is a Really Good Deal for the US

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 1:15am EST

    Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba knows how to sell the proxy war to NATO: – “We offer you the best deal: you don’t sacrifice your soldiers, give us weapons and money, and we will finish the job” pic.twitter.com/EB4lWEgVId — Glenn Diesen (@Glenn_Diesen) January 21, 2024 Everyone was like “wow, Zelensky didn’t even beg for money at […]

  • Chair of Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Accused of Antisemitism for Stating Facts

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2024 1:00am EST

    Background on Derek Penslar, Harvard professor named today by interim president Alan Garber as co-chair of an antisemitism task force. I think Penslar is a terrible selection to co-chair this task force. Here is why: 1) Signed August 4, 2023 “Elephant in the Room” letter about… — Ira Stoll (@IraStoll) January 19, 2024 America would […]

  • Palestinian with American Citizenship Killed by Jews in West Bank

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2024 7:48am EST

    I don’t think someone is “an American” because they have US citizenship. But that is the policy of the US government, which gives citizenship out to random people. According to that policy, this teenager has all the rights of any American citizen, and killing him is no different than the Jews killing any other American. […]

  • Bloodsucker Fatmerica Claims “No Evidence” of Jew War Crimes in Gaza

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2024 4:11am EST

    When I was a kid, Kirby was a happy marshmallow creature who sucked in air to fly. Now it’s this. Insofar as “international war crimes” is a valid concept, Israel has obviously committed the most egregious war crimes ever in human history over the last three months. No one has ever done anything like this, […]

  • Bibi Says He’s Already Attacking Iran – US has No Choice But to Go Along for the Ride

    Daily Stormer - Jan 19th 2024 12:21pm EST

    The deal is, at any point, Israel can attack Iran and the US has to defend them. No one can explain how this agreement came about. RT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel is already carrying out direct attacks on Iran and is making every possible effort to prevent Tehran from attaining nuclear […]

  • NATO May Fight Russia in the Next 20 Years, Top Official Announces

    Daily Stormer - Jan 19th 2024 10:41am EST

    NATO Admiral Rob Bauer warns: “Peace is not guaranteed. We are preparing for a war with Russia and its terrorist groups. Maybe not tomorrow but certainly within the next 20 years. People should be prepared for the first 36 hours”#NATO #Russia #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/OrNssDs6il — KimJongWins (@KimJongwins) January 19, 2024 Previously: NATO Starts Biggest Drills Since […]

  • Connecticut: Catholic University Hired Deformed Freak as “Manager of LGBTQ+ Affairs”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2024 8:39am EST

    People now perceive the Catholic Church as a completely homosexual organization. Campus Reform: One Catholic university has proudly instituted a new administrative role as part of its journey to achieve “inclusive excellence”– a manager of LGBTQ+ affairs Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut recently highlighted its hiring of an inaugural manager of LGBTQ+ affairs. Kyle […]

  • Thousands of American Cities to Become Ghost Towns Over the Next 80 Years, Researchers Say

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2024 8:36am EST

    Well, this is obviously just propaganda designed to justify mass immigration. New York Post: A new study using existing trends from over the past 20 years predicted population decline in thousands of American cities over the next 80 years. Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago used population projections to find that, by the year […]

  • Ohio Governor Wants to Stop Disqualifying Tranny Candidates for Using Wrong Name

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2024 8:32am EST

    Previously: After Vetoing Bill Banning Injections for Kids, Ohio Governor Bans Tranny Surgery for Under-18s Governor DeWine is such a sickening welp. He went insane over the coronavirus hoax, now he’s devoted himself to defending trannies. He recently stopped a ban on hormone injections for kids. Now this. AP: A second transgender candidate running for a […]

  • Watch: Brutish Female Coffee Shop Employee Jumps Over Counter, Fights Manager

    Daily Stormer - Jan 18th 2024 3:41am EST

    NEW: Atlanta Airport barista Shacoria Elly has meltdown after reportedly getting into an argument with co-workers about espresso shots. At least she’s passionate! Elly smacked one of the workers in the face, got dropped and smacked another in the head with a metal pan all in… pic.twitter.com/xj7Hcv562w — Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) January 17, 2024 Aw […]