• Oregon: Woman Convicted of Hate Crime for “Misgendering,” Shoving Tranny

    Daily Stormer - Mar 12th 2024 7:59pm EDT

    This is the tranny. He’s insane by his own account. So, I guess we’ve already just totally bypassed the First Amendment, and we’re doing hate speech laws now. Interesting. Fox News: An Oregon jury convicted an off-duty bartender of a hate crime for misgendering and shoving a transgender customer who had used the women’s bathroom. […]

  • Court Upholds Town Ordinance Banning Tobacco Sales to People Born in 21st Century

    Daily Stormer - Mar 11th 2024 10:34pm EDT

    The same people who have been: Feeding you processed food they know causes obesity Filling you full of microplastics, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals Shooting you with experimental gene therapies and feeding massive quantities of dangerous pharmaceuticals Legalizing marijuana Effectively legalizing fentanyl Are very concerned about the dangers of cigarettes. Does that make sense?  AP: […]

  • America Faces a Fragile World Order, Intelligence Agencies Say

    Daily Stormer - Mar 11th 2024 9:06pm EDT

    “West will never dominate the world again. What we are seeing is the manifestation of this agony.” Legendary diplomat, Russian foreign minister Lavrov. Hello, multipolar world!#geopolitics pic.twitter.com/VMwdJAYA4X — S.L. Kanthan (@Kanthan2030) March 5, 2024 It’s impossible for any serious person to believe that this US global dominance situation is going to go on much longer. […]

  • Pentagon Trying to Develop Low-Cost AI-Guided Drones

    Daily Stormer - Mar 11th 2024 9:11am EDT

    The U.S. military and its allies shot down a flurry of at least 28 drones in the Red Sea fired by Iranian-backed Houthi militants in Yemen today, the Pentagon said. pic.twitter.com/4gvKEsf03s — Breaking News (@TheNewsTrending) March 10, 2024 The Houthis delivered a serious blow to the Pentagon with homemade drones. More than two months of […]

  • Brandon: “We Shouldn’t Have Gone Into Ukraine”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 11th 2024 2:07am EDT

    Joe Biden confuses Ukraine and Iraq (again) “America made a mistake, we went after bin Laden until we got him. But we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine – I mean the whole thing in Iraq” pic.twitter.com/mwRVbqCTo2 — HOT SPOT (@HotSpotHotSpot) March 10, 2024 This is being framed as “yet another gaffe.” But could it be […]

  • Is Elon Musk Using His Robot Cars to Murder Family Members of His Enemies?

    Daily Stormer - Mar 10th 2024 6:32am EDT

    If Elon Musk started programing his cars to murder the family members of his enemies, I would offer him my full support. Programming robot cars to kill people is awesome. New York Post: Angela Chao, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s billionaire sister-in-law, spent her last minutes alive frantically calling her friends for help as her Tesla slowly […]

  • Woman Pushed Onto Train Tracks by Boyfriend Won’t be Walking All Over Men in the Future

    Daily Stormer - Mar 10th 2024 4:51am EDT

    “That bitch just won’t stop, will she? Let me help you out with that, brother.” Sometimes, what happens, is that men are abused by their “girlfriends” for so long that they just can’t take it anymore and snap. People: The NYPD said the 29-year-old woman was found “conscious” and “responsive” on the tracks and was […]

  • Boeing Plane Veers Off Runway and Rolls Onto Grass

    Daily Stormer - Mar 9th 2024 10:42am EST

    Boeing’s week in review – Monday: 737 engine catches fire mid-flight – Thursday: 777 loses wheel after take-off – Friday: 737 rolls off runway in Houston It’s getting hard to keep up pic.twitter.com/9fYGYVzSlL — Morning Brew (@MorningBrew) March 8, 2024 BREAKING: A Boeing, $BA, 737 rolled off the runway in Houston this morning after issues […]

  • Boeing Plane Arrives With Cargo Door Open While Transporting Passenger’s Pets

    Daily Stormer - Mar 9th 2024 10:42am EST

    Daily Stormer is going to need to be renamed “Boeing Watch.” New York Post: Embattled Alaska Airlines is at the center of a second aviation drama after a plane arrived at an airport gate in Portland, Ore. last Friday with its cargo door open. The cargo hold was stowing passenger’s pets, according to local TV […]

  • Texas: Federal Judge Rules Minority Business Agency has to Work with White People Too

    Daily Stormer - Mar 8th 2024 1:04am EST

    Whites win again! Just joking. This means literally nothing. We are losing, really badly. Reuters: A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, founded during the Nixon administration, must avail itself to disadvantaged entrepreneurs of all races and ethnicities, including whites. The summary judgment rendered on Tuesday by U.S. […]

  • New York: Governor Vagina to Deploy National Guard to NYC Subway to Make People Feel Safer

    Daily Stormer - Mar 8th 2024 1:01am EST

    Soldiers on the subway. Yep, that’s utopian alright. It reminds me of the utopian video game “Half-Life 2.” Reuters: New York Governor Kathy Hochul will deploy 750 soldiers from the state’s National Guard to help New York City police check commuters’ bags in the busiest stations in the city’s sprawling subway system, she announced on […]

  • Watch: Tire Falls Off Boeing 777 During Takeoff! WHAT?

    Daily Stormer - Mar 8th 2024 12:15am EST

    BREAKING: United Airlines Boeing 777 loses tire while taking off from San Francisco, crushing cars on the ground, per BNO: pic.twitter.com/PpQPgqIuQu — unusual_whales (@unusual_whales) March 7, 2024 Previously: United Airlines’ Boeing Plane Catches Fire Minutes After Takeoff Wait, the tire fell off? Bitch, what? Why are they doing this??? Just apologize to the white men […]

  • California: Chinese Google Employee Accused of Stealing AI Tech, Sending It Back Home

    Daily Stormer - Mar 7th 2024 10:54pm EST

    I’m not going to accuse this guy of being guilty. You know, who knows? What I will do is take this opportunity to point out that white people have no ability to conceive of Chinese racial loyalty. In fact, white people have no ability to conceive of anything about the Chinese. White people think that […]

  • Most Americans Don’t Want Country to Get More Involved in Current Wars

    Daily Stormer - Mar 7th 2024 1:41am EST

    The media and the government say that the only reason America exists is to fight wars in order to force “our values” on foreign peoples. Strangely, the population believes the exact opposite, and believes that the government should instead be addressing the problems facing the American people. In particular, people are concerned about the fact […]

  • US to Get First Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill This Month

    Daily Stormer - Mar 7th 2024 12:35am EST

    The US government, while flying millions of non-whites into the country, is also trying to come up with more creative ways to prevent whites from breeding. This does meet the definition of genocide – replacing us while actively taking all measures to prevent breeding. All women could already get birth control pills from their general […]

  • Hillary Tells People to Just Accept Brandon is Ancient, Shut Up and Vote for Him

    Daily Stormer - Mar 6th 2024 11:50pm EST

    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton says to move on from Biden’s age: ‘Let’s go ahead and accept the reality’ that he’s old. pic.twitter.com/9CUK7FTKSD — The General (@GeneralMCNews) March 5, 2024 Just shut the hell up and vote for the old bugger. It doesn’t matter if he’s senile anyway. He’s not making any decisions. It’s actually more practical […]

  • United Airlines’ Boeing Plane Catches Fire Minutes After Takeoff

    Daily Stormer - Mar 6th 2024 11:30pm EST

    Grateful to be safely on the ground @united flight 1118 left jet fire over the Gulf of Mexico pic.twitter.com/gy8coL8pjZ — Jonathan Boulahanis (@jboulah) March 5, 2024 What the shit? How does this keep happening? Why don’t they just fire the women and blacks and apologize to the white men they ran off? Is the entire […]

  • Kentucky Passes Bill to Let Women Retroactively Seek Child Support for Pregnancy Expenses

    Daily Stormer - Mar 6th 2024 7:30pm EST

    See: South Korea: Birthrate Continues Free Fall Collapse Despite $270 Billion in Incentives Like the over-the-counter birth control story today, this is yet another way to discourage white people from breeding, as the government continues to overwhelm up with foreign hordes. The Guardian: The Republican-led Kentucky senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to grant the right […]

  • Missouri: Jews Crack Down on Girl Scout Troop for Raising Money for Palestinian Children

    Daily Stormer - Mar 6th 2024 1:53am EST

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! THE GIRL SCOUTS ARE A TERRORIST GROUP! Be careful not to overreach, Jews! You’ve done this several times before, and it really didn’t work out well for you! The Guardian: At the height of cookie season, a time when Girl Scouts across America fundraise by selling their famous Thin Mints, Caramel deLites and shortbread, […]

  • This Week’s Top Headline, Explained

    Daily Stormer - Mar 5th 2024 5:00am EST

    I don’t think anyone needs this headline explained to them. We all get it, instinctively. Ironically, I start blasting this song when I want my wife to get lost, as she knows all too well this is my “slap a bitch around” song.

  • Supreme Court Temporarily Stops No-Legs Greg’s F****t Fake Anti-Immigration Scheme

    Daily Stormer - Mar 5th 2024 12:00am EST

    Each year of Joe Biden’s Residency has set new records of ILLEGAL border crossings. During these record breaking years everyone in the Biden administration looked into the camera and continually said “THE BORDER IS SECURE”. THREE YEARS of RECORD encounters but it wasn’t until it… pic.twitter.com/zAy7VopoVc — David Gray (@DGrayTexas45) March 4, 2024 You remember […]

  • Sickening Homosexual Josh Hawley Gaining Support for His Mass Internet Censorship Law

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 11:35pm EST

    Previously: “Kids Online Safety Act” is Yet Another Gay Internet Censorship and Spying Program I have no interest in knowing the details of the sickening acts of sodomy that Josh Hawley has doubtlessly engaged in with both men and young boys. However, I can tell you: nothing Hawley has done to a young boy is as […]

  • Ancient Hindu Demon Goddess Nimrata Randhawa Wins DC Primary

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 11:10pm EST

    Of course she would win the DC primary. It doesn’t mean anything. But the media acts like it means something. RT: Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley defeated former US President Donald Trump in her party’s Washington DC primary on Sunday. While the win denies Trump a clean sweep of the primaries, her path to the […]

  • “More Than 8 Million Migrants to be Living in America Soon” (???)

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 1:21pm EST

    CNN: “Is it the policy of the Biden administration to allow as many migrants to come across the border in order to change the political dynamics, the electoral dynamics, of America?” MAYORKAS: “Of course not!” pic.twitter.com/eINlKtJRMn — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 3, 2024 This is some real deceptive language. Maybe it’s an accident. There were […]

  • Border Patrol Kills Evil Bandit Who Robbed Future Americans Near Border

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 8:39am EST

    The Border Patrol will do nothing to stop the invasion, and in fact helps the invading army enter into our country. But they will kill people who they view as posing a risk to their precious migrants. New York Post: An accused bandit was shot and killed by US Border Patrol’s elite tactical unit in […]