• Rutgers University to Disenroll Students Who Aren’t Vaxed from Upcoming Semester

    Daily Stormer - Aug 21st 2023 10:00pm EDT

    There’s a lot of universities still doing this Oh, so we’re doing forced vax again? Interesting. Washington Examiner: Rutgers University students are faced with disenrollment for the upcoming semester if they do not submit to the school’s vaccine mandate. Rutgers became the first school in the country to mandate the vaccines for students in late […]

  • Female Car Plows Into at Least Seven Pedestrians at NYC Crosswalk

    Daily Stormer - Aug 21st 2023 5:02pm EDT

    Just stop and think about this for a second: Why are women allowed to drive?  Why would anyone think that is a policy that makes sense? New York Post: A vehicle plowed through seven pedestrians at a Midtown Manhattan crosswalk late Sunday, leaving at least one critically injured, according to police and law enforcement sources. […]

  • Brandon to Urge Fatmericans to Get Deadly Boosters as Media Hypes Up “New Variant”

    Daily Stormer - Aug 21st 2023 10:25am EDT

    Previously: Media Starts Pushing New Coronavirus Variant Welp. Reuters: The Biden administration plans to urge all Americans to get a booster shot for the coronavirus this autumn to counter a new wave of infections, a White House official said on Sunday. The official said that while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reporting an increase […]

  • Georgia School Fires Female Teacher for Reading F****t Book to Fifth Graders

    Daily Stormer - Aug 21st 2023 2:00am EDT

    Cobb County, Georgia teacher Katie Rinderle was just fired for reading a book about gender identity to her 5th grade students back March. It’s an astonishing miscarriage of justice that it took so long and she wasn’t fined nor will she serve any prison time. Do better Georgia. pic.twitter.com/IRCRXGMPgr — Expose Them (@ExposeDarkDeeds) August 19, […]

  • Nick Sandmann Can’t Sue Media for Defamation, Judges Decide

    Daily Stormer - Aug 20th 2023 10:00pm EDT

    This was 4 years ago Well, at least he already settled with CNN and the WaPo, and though it wasn’t public, presumably ended up with around $10 million. I guess they’re wishing they would not have settled. It was actually surprising that some of the outlets went to court and some settled. Quite frankly, I […]

  • California: Woman Shop Owner Shot to Death for Flying F****t Flag (ORLY?)

    Daily Stormer - Aug 20th 2023 12:37pm EDT

    No one got killed for flying a faggot flag. Remember when they said they dragged Matthew Shepherd behind a truck until he died because he was gay, then it turned out the killers were also gay and the incident was about a bad meth deal? They still pretend the Matthew Shepherd hoax was real, just […]

  • Hot Air Balloon Driver was High on Cocaine When He Crashed and Killed Five People

    Daily Stormer - Aug 20th 2023 12:00pm EDT

    The hot air balloon driver just needed…. a little pick-me-up. AP: A mistake made by a hot air balloon pilot who had drugs including cocaine in his system caused a crash in 2021 in New Mexico that killed all five people on board, investigators have determined. The National Transportation Safety Board said in its final report […]

  • Chicago Blacks Asked to Not Shoot Each Other During Daytime

    Daily Stormer - Aug 20th 2023 12:00am EDT

    Based black guy has a based take If you’ll niggas can cheel, that be coo. Aite? The Post Millennial: A community group has asked Chicago’s many gangs to refrain from engaging in gunfights during daylight hours. Rogers Park based Native Sons urged would-be shooters to hold off on pulling the trigger between 9 am and […]

  • California: School Removes Minuteman Mascot Because He has a Musket and a Dick

    Daily Stormer - Aug 19th 2023 12:53pm EDT

    So, so gay… People don’t know what the Minutemen were. They don’t know understand the concept of having national myths and national hero figures. Probably, because the United States is no longer a “nation,” by any normal definition of the term. It’s a “nation-state” in a “rules-based order.” Breitbart: The Mount Diablo Unified School District […]

  • 6-Year-Old Kids Arriving in the ER Talking About Committing Suicide as Mental Health Crisis Worsens

    Daily Stormer - Aug 19th 2023 4:25am EDT

    This person is currently a middle school teacher. What would you do if “xe” taught your kid? pic.twitter.com/xHES9XeSrK — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 17, 2023 I make a lot of jokes about how liberals think we’re living in a utopia, because blacks are allowed to commit crimes freely, men can be put in prison […]

  • Good for Post Malone. 60 Pounds is No Joke. You Know What Else Isn’t a Joke? Bloodsucking Jew Bankers.

    Daily Stormer - Aug 18th 2023 12:22pm EDT

    It’s good to lose weight when you’re already at the point where you can have sex with any woman you want. It shows self-respect. He still has face tattoos, however. New York Post: Say “congratulations” to Post Malone on his body transformation. The rapper, 28, recently lost 60 pounds and finally divulged the secret behind […]

  • Colorado: Catholic Preschools Banned from Funding Over Anti-Anal Policies Sue State

    Daily Stormer - Aug 18th 2023 4:00am EDT

    You gotta have anal at the pre-school. Parents are often uncomfortable speaking to their 5-year-old sons about how to get fucked up the ass. So the school has to teach it. Being religious is no excuse for blind hatred. The Bible might say little boys shouldn’t be fucked up the ass, but it also says […]

  • American Drinking Water Contaminated with Dangerous Levels of Toxic Chemicals

    Daily Stormer - Aug 17th 2023 4:06pm EDT

    They’re not just finding out about this now. We’ve been talking about PFAS since the site was founded in 2013, and Andrew Anglin was talking about it before that. The easy explanation is that they don’t care if you get poisoned. But the more you look into it, it actually starts to seem like they’re […]

  • Idaho: Professors Sue State, Demand Right to Promote Abortion in Class

    Daily Stormer - Aug 17th 2023 5:50am EDT

    They say “universities are not leftist indoctrination centers.” They call you a conspiracy theory for thinking that. Then the professors sue the government for the right to promote abortion to students. Remember that: these people do not feel any obligation to consistency, and will call you a crazy kook for simply describing what they are […]

  • Trump’s Free Speech Defense in J6 Case Threatens Democracy, Experts Say

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 8:01pm EDT

    This never happened I’m totally exhausted by this. The Guardian: Donald Trump’s dubious defense that he was exercising his free-speech rights in response to a four-count federal criminal indictment charging him with pushing illegal schemes to overturn his 2020 election loss is prompting ex-Department of Justice officials and scholars to criticize such claims as bogus […]

  • Racist Storms and Cyclones Focus on Places with More People of Color, Study Finds

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 6:23pm EDT

    I’ll never understand why the weather hates people for the color of their skin. Can’t the weather see that we all bleed red? The Guardian: Atlantic storms have become deadlier as the planet warms – and are disproportionately killing people of color in the US, a landmark new study has found. About 20,000 excess deaths […]

  • Based Schizo Negress Holds Gun to Her Head in Street – Racist Cops Hit Her With Car

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 6:26am EDT

    Is there a mental health crisis in America? Woman gets hit by cop car while pointing a gun at her head in NY. Asking for a friend.pic.twitter.com/njyecD85YR — Elon Musk (Parody) (@ElonMuskAOC) August 15, 2023 Oh, so it’s illegal to be schizo in America now too? Is anything legal in this faggot country? New York […]

  • Montana: Kids Win Lawsuit Against State for Not Defending Them From Global Warming

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 6:19am EDT

    I don’t even understand what this means. France 24: District Court Judge Kathy Seeley said a state law preventing agencies from considering the impacts of greenhouse gases when issuing permits for fossil fuel development was unconstitutional. The case, Held v. State of Montana — brought by 16 plaintiffs ranging in age from five to 22 […]

  • Georgia: Sheriff Says Trump is Required to Show Up at Jail for Booking

    Daily Stormer - Aug 16th 2023 12:45am EDT

    I keep saying that Trump needs to show up and get handcuffed and put in a cell. That would be the greatest photo-op ever, and would ensure that short of assassination, he’d win the GOP nomination, even if he won from inside the jail. RT: Former US President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants in his […]

  • San Francisco: Hundreds of Federal Workers Allegedly Told to Work From Home to Avoid Crime

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 10:00pm EDT

    In a utopia, everything is perfect, and it is nothing but endless happiness. The blacks run loose, unoppressed. Drugs flow freely, so that victimized addicts don’t have to worry about getting arrested simply for feeding an addiction they have no control over. However, in such a utopia, you may want to be careful on the […]

  • Jew Lunatic Yellen Admits to Eating Psychedelic Mushrooms in China

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 3:22pm EDT

    Biden Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explains eating “magic mushrooms” in China: “I was not aware that these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties” pic.twitter.com/N2d5hEdhEj — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 15, 2023 What a weird story… RT: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNN on Monday that she inadvertently ate hallucinogenic mushrooms while on a recent trip to […]

  • Police Arrest “Philadelphia Teenager” Over Terrorist Bombing Plot

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 10:48am EDT

    Today, #FBIPhilly SAC Maguire and DA Krasner announced the arrest of a 17-year-old city resident charged in connection with a federal terrorism investigation. Learn more about the case and the charges filed via @philadao: https://t.co/VYPGHrIsk4 pic.twitter.com/HCXqo10AcB — FBI Philadelphia (@FBIPhiladelphia) August 14, 2023 See: “Boston Doctor” Arrested for Masturbating on Plane Next to Teen Girl […]

  • Georgia: Savannah Renames Square Named After Former Vice President, No White Men Considered

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 6:17am EDT

    They should rename the park “Give Me That Shit, Bitch” or some such. How about “I’ll Kill All Y’all Muthafukas” Square. AP: Nine months after leaders of Georgia’s oldest city stripped the name of a pro-slavery U.S. vice president from one of its public squares, nominees being considered for the green space’s new name include […]

  • Watch: Vivek Says All Commitments to Protect Taiwan With Military Force Will End in 2029

    Daily Stormer - Aug 15th 2023 3:00am EDT

    Previously: Vivek’s Platform is Better Than Trump’s This is not actually offensive. He is openly saying that 5 years after he takes office, he will encourage China to invade Taiwan. This is actually really good. New York Post: Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy said Monday that he would be less attentive to China’s threat to Taiwan once he’s had four […]

  • Georgia Files Those Charges Against Trump

    Daily Stormer - Aug 14th 2023 7:17pm EDT

    It’s funny that it took these courts nearly three years – all the way to the primary season for the next election – to file these charges. But it must be an honest mistake. I mean, I know it’s honest, because we live in a vibrant democracy, not some tinpot dictatorship where the ruling party […]