• This Week’s Top Headline, Explained

    Daily Stormer - Mar 5th 2024 5:00am EST

    I don’t think anyone needs this headline explained to them. We all get it, instinctively. Ironically, I start blasting this song when I want my wife to get lost, as she knows all too well this is my “slap a bitch around” song.

  • Supreme Court Temporarily Stops No-Legs Greg’s F****t Fake Anti-Immigration Scheme

    Daily Stormer - Mar 5th 2024 12:00am EST

    Each year of Joe Biden’s Residency has set new records of ILLEGAL border crossings. During these record breaking years everyone in the Biden administration looked into the camera and continually said “THE BORDER IS SECURE”. THREE YEARS of RECORD encounters but it wasn’t until it… pic.twitter.com/zAy7VopoVc — David Gray (@DGrayTexas45) March 4, 2024 You remember […]

  • Sickening Homosexual Josh Hawley Gaining Support for His Mass Internet Censorship Law

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 11:35pm EST

    Previously: “Kids Online Safety Act” is Yet Another Gay Internet Censorship and Spying Program I have no interest in knowing the details of the sickening acts of sodomy that Josh Hawley has doubtlessly engaged in with both men and young boys. However, I can tell you: nothing Hawley has done to a young boy is as […]

  • Ancient Hindu Demon Goddess Nimrata Randhawa Wins DC Primary

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 11:10pm EST

    Of course she would win the DC primary. It doesn’t mean anything. But the media acts like it means something. RT: Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley defeated former US President Donald Trump in her party’s Washington DC primary on Sunday. While the win denies Trump a clean sweep of the primaries, her path to the […]

  • “More Than 8 Million Migrants to be Living in America Soon” (???)

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 1:21pm EST

    CNN: “Is it the policy of the Biden administration to allow as many migrants to come across the border in order to change the political dynamics, the electoral dynamics, of America?” MAYORKAS: “Of course not!” pic.twitter.com/eINlKtJRMn — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 3, 2024 This is some real deceptive language. Maybe it’s an accident. There were […]

  • Border Patrol Kills Evil Bandit Who Robbed Future Americans Near Border

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 8:39am EST

    The Border Patrol will do nothing to stop the invasion, and in fact helps the invading army enter into our country. But they will kill people who they view as posing a risk to their precious migrants. New York Post: An accused bandit was shot and killed by US Border Patrol’s elite tactical unit in […]

  • NYC: Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in E-Bikes Now a Leading Cause of Fires

    Daily Stormer - Mar 4th 2024 5:26am EST

    Per FDNY Fire Marshals, cause of Saturday’s 2-alarm fire at an e-bike shop located at 119-07 Liberty Ave. in QNS was a lithium-ion battery. A DVR shows smoke coming from the battery – and within 20 seconds – you see a shower of sparks, flames, & explosions. We sped up the video. pic.twitter.com/aqouXmd2FV — FDNY […]

  • Watch: Actress Susan Sarandon Addresses Pro-Palestine Crowd in Washington Square Park

    Daily Stormer - Mar 3rd 2024 2:03am EST

    Susan Sarandon speaks at “Millions March for Palestine” in Washington Square Park pic.twitter.com/jH0ka2OfyO — katie smith (@probablyreadit) March 2, 2024 Susan’s all in. She needs to just start giving speeches in front of a giant swastika. At some point, these leftists are going to have to go all the way, and admit Hitler was right. […]

  • Brooklyn High School Students “Terrorizing” Jewish Teachers and Classmates

    Daily Stormer - Mar 2nd 2024 12:09pm EST

    Maybe if these rats don’t want to be terrorized, they should stop terrorizing people? Honestly, after that video of the Jews gunning down the people waiting for food, I’m surprised there are not pogroms all over the world. No one can tolerate that. It is intolerable. There is going to be blowback. New York Post: […]

  • Cops Find Two Severed Heads in a Long Island Park

    Daily Stormer - Mar 2nd 2024 10:03am EST

    Previously: Long Island Kids Find Disembodied Arm While Walking to School The authorities are going to cover it all up (of course), but this new phenomenon of body parts showing up everywhere in New York is almost certainly linked to the influx of hundreds of thousands of criminals from Central and South America. Dismemberment is […]

  • CDC Says People With Coronavirus But No Fever Can Return to Work or Regular Activities

    Daily Stormer - Mar 2nd 2024 9:55am EST

    Put every single one of these Bastards in Prison for Life. “It’s Official: We Can Pretty Much Treat Covid Like the Flu Now…” These Cunts forced our World to be injected with a ‘Experimental Vaccine’ for a fucking ‘Flu’? Noooooo fucking Amnesty. pic.twitter.com/fiMjyYO2e3 — Liz Churchill (@liz_churchill10) March 1, 2024 Oh. So it turns out […]

  • Florida: Female Juvenile Detention Officer Tries to Have Sex With 16-Year-Old Inmate

    Daily Stormer - Mar 1st 2024 5:18am EST

    Katelyn Gomez is going to give you a blowjob in the handcapped bathroom. Should you choose to accept it.  I can’t keep writing about this. I have nothing new to say. All women are doing this. A minority get caught, but they all do it. They have to be removed from public society. New York […]

  • MSNBC Legal Analyst Says First Amendment Makes America Vulnerable, Calls for Censorship

    Daily Stormer - Feb 29th 2024 11:30pm EST

    MSNBC’s Barbara McQuade: “Our First Amendment … makes us vulnerable to claims that anything we try to do to regulate speech is censorship.” pic.twitter.com/MvoxGQr2yz — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 29, 2024 There are all of these different explanations for censorship. When this first started, with me, in 2017, they said that saying mean things on […]

  • Tennessee: Vocalist Kicked Out of Punk Band for Secretly Trannifying Other Member to Steal His Fiancee

    Daily Stormer - Feb 29th 2024 5:25am EST

    The victim of secret trannification (left) and the motive for secret trannification (right) Well, this is a new sort of creative crime. I guess if you would have thought about it long enough, you would have figured out that the wide availability of hormones is going to lead to strange crimes. Obviously, we’ve all seen […]

  • Israel Indiscriminately Killing Civilians, CNN Investigations Reveals

    Daily Stormer - Feb 29th 2024 5:13am EST

    Roba Abu Jibba This is horseshit. They didn’t need an “investigation.” They could have reported this in October, because it was happening in front of everyone. Now, with everyone having adapted to the situation of an ongoing slaughter of women and children by the Jews, the Jew media decides to come out and say “oh, […]

  • F****t Left Fake News Outlets Suing OpenAI

    Daily Stormer - Feb 29th 2024 1:49am EST

    “Sir, we have a problem.” The New York Times is the big suit against OpenAI, but many other journo rat scum are joining the battle against robot freedom. The journalist agenda against the robots is very similar to when women got the right to vote and immediately banned men from marrying pubescent girls with their […]

  • OpenAI Accuses New York Times of Paying Someone to “Hack” ChatGPT

    Daily Stormer - Feb 28th 2024 4:37am EST

    They are not actually accusing them of “hacking,” they’re accusing them of manipulating the chatbot to give irregular responses that they will use in their case. The Guardian: OpenAI has asked a federal judge to dismiss parts of the New York Times’ copyright lawsuit against it, arguing that the newspaper “hacked” its chatbot ChatGPT and […]

  • Illegal Venezuelan Migrant Rapes Underage Teen in Virginia

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:33pm EST

    Renzo Mendoza A challenger appears! Blacks are not going to be the only group of rapists that they once once. New York Post: Authorities in Virginia are vowing to seek justice after a Venezuelan migrant in the country illegally was charged with sexually assaulting a child as young as 13. Renzo Mendoza Montes, 32, was […]

  • Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Co-Chair Resigns After University Refuses to Obey Jews

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:11pm EST

    Raffaella Sadun There’s just no stopping these antisemites who think Israel shouldn’t slaughter tens of thousands of children. They’re an unstoppable force. New York Post: The co-chair of Harvard’s new antisemitism taskforce abruptly resigned over the weekend — reportedly after she became frustrated that university officials refused to commit to making changes to make the […]

  • Chelsea: Brute Smashes Rando Woman’s Head With Baseball Bat (Race of Woman Unknown)

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:59am EST

    The thing about the blacks is that they will randomly attack you on the street for no reason. You gotta watch out. The best advice I’ve heard is “never relax.” Chelsea used to be nice, no? New York Post: A stranger bashed a 25-year-old woman in the head with a baseball bat in an apparently […]

  • Illinois Judge Expelled From Bench After Reversing Fake “Sexual Assault” Conviction

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 2:04pm EST

    The system doesn’t work. You are being controlled by the whims of out of work journalists on Twitter. That’s the situation. The Congress is broken, the executive is broken, the judiciary is broken. The entire system is destroyed. If you get a fair hearing before a judge, they will just fire the judge. New York […]

  • Black Mom of 10-Year-Old Kid Jailed for Public Urination Suing City for $2 Million

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 9:51am EST

    Latonya Eason and her son Quantavious. A kid’s gotta piss, mayne. What you do telling them they can’t be piss? What they supposed pop? Gotta piss. New York Post: The mother of a 10-year-old Mississippi boy arrested last year for public urination is now suing the city and several police officers for $2 million in […]

  • AI Generated “Misinformation” Threatening American Democracy by Making People Question Things

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 8:49am EST

    In order for democracy to function, all information consumed by the public has to be officially approved by the government. Without total information control, democracy, the perfect system of government, collapses. People think that just because democracy is perfect it must be strong. But no. It is so weak that it can be destroyed by […]

  • US Soldier Sets Himself On Fire While Shouting “Free Palestine” Outside Jew Embassy

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 4:49am EST

    Man sets himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in DC Allegedly he is a member of the US Air Force and shouted that he will “no longer be complicit with genocide” and repeatedly yelled “Free Palestine” after ignition He is currently in critical condition at a hospital pic.twitter.com/Eg9YcwDKgX — HOT SPOT (@HotSpotHotSpot) […]

  • Trump Beats Haley in North Carolina, People Act Like This is Some Huge Triumph

    Daily Stormer - Feb 25th 2024 8:45am EST

    I’m trying really hard but I can’t manage to give a shit. RT: Donald Trump has won the South Carolina Republican primary, comfortably defeating the state’s former governor, Nikki Haley, according to projections by multiple news agencies. Trump is leading with 60.1% of the votes with 60% of the ballots counted, according to the New […]