• A Call For White Identity Politics: Ed Brodow’s The War on Whites

    Counter Currents - Aug 25th 2023 11:39am EDT

    1,597 words Ed Brodow The War on Whites: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport Ed Brodow/TousDroit Publishing, 2023 When will white conservatives finally wake up? White racialists have been asking that question for decades now. The Democratic Party unabashedly practices identity politics in order to advance the racial interests of its black, […]

  • The Unpardonable Word

    Counter Currents - Aug 24th 2023 9:05am EDT

    Jekierin Walker 1,327 words / 9:27 Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one below or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” I live in greater Atlanta, which ranks second only to New York City among all American metro areas in having […]

  • Barking Up the Wrong Eritrea

    Counter Currents - Aug 23rd 2023 11:34am EDT

    Satyel Larson, an Assistant Professor at Princeton University, is offering a course that depicts blacks as disabled. Could she be on to something? 1,805 words Everywhere there are large numbers of blacks and other non-whites, chaos ensues. That is not news to Counter-Currents readers, of course, but I think it is important to reiterate this […]

  • Jonathan Bowden Biography Project

    Counter Currents - Aug 22nd 2023 2:44pm EDT

    220 words In June, Counter-Currents committed to publishing a biography of Jonathan Bowden. (Author to be revealed at a later date.) This biography will take some years to research and write.  But it is never too soon to begin collecting materials for such a project, for with each passing year, people die, memories dim, and […]

  • The Great White Power Shark: An Interview with Jim Goad

    Counter Currents - Aug 22nd 2023 9:33am EDT

    2,161 words Long-time Counter-Currents contributor Ondrej Mann recently conducted an interview with our most prolific writer, Jim Goad. Ondrej Mann: Do you believe in astrology and astrological signs? Do you have any experience with it? I was telling my girlfriend about you, your work, your interests, and your books, and she immediately said, typical Gemini. […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: August 13-19, 2023

    Counter Currents - Aug 21st 2023 10:48am EDT

    Tatiana Atkins 2,403 words Chicago Activist Asks Gangs if They Would Be Kind Enough to Please Only Shoot People at Night According to Chicago Police Department stats, last year yielded 695 homicides and 2,832 shootings in the Windy City. Assuming that not all of the homicides resulted from shootings and that there was at least […]

  • A Cow Named Jigaboo

    Counter Currents - Aug 20th 2023 10:32am EDT

    32 words / 10:09 Jim Goad has produced a short video to accompany his latest essay, “A Cow Named Jigaboo,” on the uproar over a cow that was presented at the Wisconsin State Fair. See below. https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/ACowNamedJigaboo.mp4 *  *  * Counter-Currents has extended special privileges to those who donate $120 or more per year. First, […]

  • Identidad versus Cultura

    Counter Currents - Aug 19th 2023 10:34am EDT

    José de Madrazo y Agudo, La muerte de Viriato, jefe de los lusitanos (1807) 2.209 palabras English original here En el estado de confusión actual, promovido por la tribu que domina los medios de comunicación, el pueblo ignora las diferencias de significado de estas dos palabras, y frecuentemente son empleadas como sinónimos, cuando en realidad […]

  • What Are We Doing Wrong?

    Counter Currents - Aug 18th 2023 4:31pm EDT

    345 words Counter-Currents, like all advocates of dissenting ideas, depends on the generosity of our readers and friends. This year our fundraiser goal is $300,000. Why should you give? Here are just a few reasons: Counter-Currents publishes established talents like Jim Goad, Spencer Quinn, Mark Gullick, Stephen Paul Foster, Collin Cleary, Jef Costello, Alex Graham, […]

  • Introducing the Homeland Institute

    Counter Currents - Aug 18th 2023 1:08pm EDT

    1,084 words I am pleased to announce the creation of a new public policy research institute, the Homeland Institute. The idea of the Homeland Institute began forming in 2018 and 2019 when I read Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin’s National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican, 2018) and Ashley Jardina’s White Identity Politics (Cambridge […]

  • Harry Richardson and Frank Salter’s Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred

    Counter Currents - Aug 18th 2023 10:29am EDT

    2,269 words Harry Richardson & Frank Salter Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred Social Technologies, 2023 White advocacy in literature can take many forms, both implicit and explicit. With Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred, authors Harry Richardson and Frank Salter choose the explicit — as the book’s title would suggest. Unlike other works in the dissident Right canon, […]

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Oliver Anthony

    Counter Currents - Aug 17th 2023 9:19am EDT

    Oliver Anthony 2,077 words “You know how to gain a victory; you do not know how to use it.” Those are the famous words Maharbal, a commander in the Carthaginian army, told Hannibal after they had achieved a momentous success on the battlefield at Cannae. Whether or not Maharbal really did utter the admonishment does […]

  • Bibby Stockholm Syndrome

    Counter Currents - Aug 17th 2023 9:10am EDT

    2,112 words Thou shalt have a fishy On a little dishy. Thou shalt have a fishy When the boat comes in. — Traditional English folk song Bibby Stockholm is not, as her name suggests, a 1970s Scandinavian porn star, but a barge which has recently arrived at the English port called, appropriately enough, Portland. This […]

  • A Cow Named Jigaboo

    Counter Currents - Aug 17th 2023 8:28am EDT

    The offending cow, Milgene Tatoo Jigaboo. 1,383 words / 10:02 Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one below or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” From the picture I’ve seen, the cow who unwittingly found herself being milked for yet another […]

  • American Renaissance 2023: Reasons for Optimism

    Counter Currents - Aug 16th 2023 11:18am EDT

    3,765 words I was down in the dumps last weekend when I headed once more to the annual American Renaissance conference. This year was a significant milestone for the organization, founded by Jared Taylor in 1990: It was the twentieth such conference. I was hoping that spending some time with fellow haters would perk me […]

  • Post-War Political Violence in Japan: A Harbinger of Things to Come?

    Counter Currents - Aug 15th 2023 11:18am EDT

    The creation of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in 1954 was an indication of the country’s sharp turn away from demilitarization as the US sought to turn Japan into a Cold War ally. 1,898 words I will be writing this story mostly as an ignorant Occidental. I freely admit there are important nuances of the following […]

  • Stalin the Disillusioner

    Counter Currents - Aug 15th 2023 8:52am EDT

    Nikita Khrushchev and Joseph Stalin in better times (at least for Stalin). 1,233 words To be men! That is the Stalinist law! . . . We must learn from Stalin his sincere intensity his concrete clarity . . . . Stalin is the noon, the maturity of man and the peoples. Stalinists, Let us bear […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: August 6-12, 2023

    Counter Currents - Aug 14th 2023 8:31am EDT

    2,395 words Say “Hi” to Gen Alpha, America’s First Majority Non-White Generation In his 1920 book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, Lothrop Stoddard warned that unless an immediate moratorium was placed on non-white immigration into white-majority countries, white dominance over geopolitical affairs would be lost amid a “tide” of non-white fecundity. Wikipedia’s […]

  • The Big, Fat, Stupid Alabama Riverfront Race Riot

    Counter Currents - Aug 13th 2023 10:32am EDT

    52 words / 11:08 Jim Goad has produced a short video to accompany his latest essay, “The Big, Fat, Stupid Alabama Riverfront Race Riot,” on whether the recent brawl in Alabama was yet another example of white supremacy in action, or was just a bunch of drunk, fat people with nothing better to do. See […]

  • The Counter-Currents 2023 Fundraiser: Help Us to Break Down the Citadel of Falsehood

    Counter Currents - Aug 11th 2023 1:04pm EDT

    773 words Like all journals of dissident ideas, Counter-Currents depends on the support of our readers. So far this year, we’ve raised $68,423.84 of our $300,000 goal. I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. (Please donate here!) This week, our long-time writer Morris van de Camp offers a few words on why your […]

  • The Big, Fat, Stupid Alabama Riverfront Race Riot

    Counter Currents - Aug 10th 2023 12:05pm EDT

    1,776 words Audio version: To listen in a player, use the one below or click here. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.” You may have heard that there was a little violent dust-up on a dock in Montgomery, Alabama last weekend. You may have also heard […]

  • Go Out and Do Something Good

    Counter Currents - Aug 10th 2023 7:59am EDT

    930 words I recently rewatched two older videos by YouTubers JD from The History Underground and Chris Mowery from Vlogging Through History about their Currahee clean-up project in 2021. They’re simply good for the soul — whatever your thoughts on the Second World War, Band of Brothers (“the men that saved the world” — seriously, […]

  • South Africa Discredits “Accelerationism”

    Counter Currents - Aug 9th 2023 9:59am EDT

    3,191 words The  following is reprinted from Endeavour‘s Substack. Check out his Telegram and YouTube channels as well. Author’s Note: I’m going to put the word “accelerationism” in quotes as to not give the idea more credibility than it deserves. Probably the most annoying argument I frequently hear from the online Right is that what […]

  • Two Fairytale Endings: Stuart Broad and Megan Rapinoe

    Counter Currents - Aug 9th 2023 8:17am EDT

    Stuart Broad 1,718 words Sports writers and commentators occasionally use the term “a fairytale ending” to describe a particularly exciting game won late in the day, or perhaps a sporting career which ends perfectly, as if it were scripted. It is a curious phrase, because if these writers and pundits were better acquainted with the […]

  • Come for the Giveaway, Stay for the Riot

    Counter Currents - Aug 8th 2023 12:28pm EDT

    Kai Cenat 1,061 words A self-proclaimed “lit content creator” named Kai Cenat caused a riot this past Friday. The obnoxious black hood rat, who has millions of followers on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, hosted a giveaway in Union Square in New York City. Did he follow the proper procedures to get a permit for such […]