• The Counter-Currents 2022 Fundraiser Reasons to Give to Counter-Currents Now

    Counter Currents - Jul 29th 2022 6:06pm EDT (Archive)

    314 words This year, Counter-Currents is raising $300,000. Since our fundraiser started on March 10th, we have raised $107,184.60, which is 35.7% of our goal. I want to thank all of those who have given so far, and I want to share four simple reasons why you should give now: First, showing we can grow […]

  • Hunter S. Thompson: The Father of Fake News, Part 1

    Counter Currents - Jul 29th 2022 9:37am EDT

    3,214 words Part 1 of 7 David S. Wills High White Notes: The Rise and Fall of Gonzo Journalism St. Andrews: Beatdom Books, 2021 “He’s a drunk and he’s a doper who has got a style which is very dangerous for journalism students to pick up on.” — Harlan Ellison, 1979[1] David Wills comes not to bury […]

  • I Dream of Djinni: Orientalist Manias in Western Lands, Part Two

    Counter Currents - Jul 29th 2022 8:53am EDT

    Napoleon’s North African-attired Consular Guard: a hard look to pull off 4,571 words Part 2 of 2 (Part 1 here) 2. Rage Militaire: Franco-American Zouave-mania “His parents taught him to be a cavalier, but the life of the Zou-zou he much did prefer.” — anonymous Confederate verse “The city,” one Richmond, Virginia newspaperman enthused, “was […]

  • Announcing Another Paywall Perq: The Counter-Currents Telegram Chat

    Counter Currents - Jul 28th 2022 3:00pm EDT (Archive)

    228 words Dear Paywall Members and Valued Readers, The Counter-Currents team is excited to announce the launch of our private Telegram chat! As a thank you to you, our paywall members, we created this space where our loyal readers and listeners will be able to enjoy more in-depth conversation, and the opportunity to interact with […]

  • I Dream of Djinni: Orientalist Manias in Western Lands, Part One

    Counter Currents - Jul 28th 2022 12:56pm EDT (Archive)

    The Eunuch’s Dream, Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ, 1874 3,742 words Part 1 of 2 Called The Eunuch’s Dream and finished during the imperial golden age, the French painting displayed here is one of the most evocative examples of “Orientalism” that I’ve ever seen. It is a romantic image ripped from the pages of Scheherazade’s Arabian […]

  • The Great White Bird

    Counter Currents - Jul 28th 2022 11:20am EDT (Archive)

    Larry Bird & arch-rival Earvin “Magic” Johnson 2,244 words As the saying goes, “White men can’t jump.” That’s as may be, but black men can’t do math, yet you don’t see Hollywood filming a whole movie about it. I wish they would; it’d be hilarious. In the all-white, brick-and-cement neighborhood of my childhood, sports were […]

  • The Union Jackal, July 2022

    Counter Currents - Jul 27th 2022 11:51am EDT (Archive)

    England’s lily-white Lionesses women’s football team. 2,293 words Rampant lionesses tamed by BBC Women’s football — soccer to my American readers — is often scorned but is actually enjoyable to watch, provided you actually like the game and not just the tribal and commercial nonsense that nowadays comes with it. The female game is slower […]

  • The West Has Moved to Central Europe

    Counter Currents - Jul 27th 2022 10:11am EDT (Archive)

    9,635 words The following is the text of the speech that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered at the 31st Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp in Tusványos (Băile Tuşnad in Romanian), Transylvania, Romania last Saturday, July 23. The text is reprinted, with some added annotations, from the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 469 Pox Populi & the Dutch Farmer Protests on The Writers’ Bloc

    Counter Currents - Jul 27th 2022 9:54am EDT (Archive)

    Irish hurling 668 words / 2:28:04 Long-time friend of the show Pox Populi was the special guest on the latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc with host Nick Jeelvy to discuss the situation with the Dutch farmer protests, as well as answer your questions, and it is now available for download and online listening. Topics […]

  • Serviam: The Political Ideology of Adrien Arcand

    Counter Currents - Jul 26th 2022 3:19pm EDT (Archive)

    3,771 words Paul Beaumount, compiler Serviam: The Political Ideology of Adrien Arcand Antelope Hill Publishing, 2022 “Serviam,” or “I will serve,” was said to be the answer to Lucifer from the Archangel Michael when Lucifer told God that he would not serve. Serviam was also the motto of Adrien Arcand’s Christian national-corporatist movement before and […]