• Risk of nuclear arms use highest in decades – watchdog

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 11:48am EDT (Archive)

    Global stockpiles are expected to begin growing again as countries expand and modernize their arsenals The risk of nuclear weapons being used is higher “than at any time since the height of the Cold War,” the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a leading weapons watchdog, has warned. The shrinking global stockpile of nuclear weapons […]

  • New angle shows sickening KO of women’s UFC icon (VIDEO)

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 11:26am EDT (Archive)

    Zhang Weili ended Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s career with the brutal spinning back fist knockout A new angle has highlighted just how sickening Zhang Weili’s shocking KO of Joanna Jedrzejczyk in the Singapore Indoor Stadium at UFC 275 last weekend was.  The pair were running back their epic 2020 Fight of the Year clash for the strawweight title […]

  • NRA responds to gun control deal

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 11:14am EDT (Archive)

    US gun rights group encourages ‘real solutions’ to ‘stop violence’ following Congress’ bipartisan reform package The National Rifle Association (NRA) has vowed to “continue to oppose any effort to insert gun control policies” in response to the bipartisan “framework” passed by both houses of Congress over the weekend. The American gun rights group said in […]

  • CIA man’s ‘tell-all’ book reveals more about internal agency incompetence than Russian malfeasance

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 11:00am EDT (Archive)

    In ‘The Fourth Man’, former CIA officer Robert Baer crafts a narrative full of speculation and short on facts In 1984, the CIA and the FBI were riding high. Each of these powerful organizations were managing portfolios of Soviet agents who were ostensibly doing their bidding, spying against the USSR, and providing the United States with […]

  • Ukrainian mayor changes sides

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 10:40am EDT (Archive)

    Vladimir Bandura has appeared in a video, claiming Ukrainian forces had killed monks and set fire to an Orthodox monastery The former mayor of the previously Ukrainian-occupied town of Svyatogorsk, Vladimir Bandura, has crossed over to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Last Tuesday, the official appeared in a video, accusing the Ukrainian military of murdering […]

  • Largest crypto exchange halts Bitcoin withdrawals

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 10:38am EDT (Archive)

    Binance says the measure is temporary and caused by a transaction getting stuck The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has temporarily halted Bitcoin withdrawals “due to a stuck transaction causing a backlog,” CEO Changpeng Zhao said in a tweet on Monday. Zhao tried to reassure users that their funds were safe and the problem was […]

  • ESPN duo apologize for mocking clip of boxer who died

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 10:15am EDT (Archive)

    Timothy Bradley and Joe Tessitore had to apologize on-air for their gaffe Two lead ESPN boxing broadcasters, Timothy Bradley and Joe Tessitore, laughed about the viral video of South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi before apologizing on-air upon learning that the fighter had died following his ill-fated bout. Ex-two weight champion Bradley brought up the video after Tessitore […]

  • UK fuel prices hit new high

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 10:12am EDT

    Experts say new fuel tax cut is overdue to keep prices from soaring further Fuel prices in the UK have risen to new highs, according to data tracked by the roadside assistance company the RAC. The average price of diesel jumped to a record 190.92 pence per liter, while gasoline reached 185.04 pence.RAC calculations show […]

  • New York spent huge sum on drag queen shows for kids – media

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 9:57am EDT (Archive)

    Parents say they weren’t given the chance to opt their kids out of the performances New York City Council has spent more than $200,000 in taxpayer money on drag queen shows at city schools since 2018, the New York Post reported on Saturday. The shows featured cross-dressing performers interacting with kids as young as three, […]

  • France entered ‘war economy’ – Macron

    RT - Jun 13th 2022 9:35am EDT (Archive)

    The French president wants to boost military spending in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict France will adjust its six-year military spending plan in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday. Macron said he instructed the government to “carry out a reassessment of the military spending program in the coming weeks, in the […]