• Hamas-Israel War and the End of the Multicultural Dream

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 18th 2023 3:29pm EST

    Lots of Jews and Jewish allies like Jordan Peterson are reevaluating multiculturalism and cultural integration given all the pro-Palestinian sentiment, much of it the result of importing Muslims. This is not only a pivotal moment for Jewish power in the West, it’s a pivotal moment for the whole multicultural project. Here’s the situation in Denmark, […]

  • Candace Owens vs. Ben Shapiro

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 17th 2023 11:11am EST

    It turns out that Candace Owens is not quite the lapdog for Ben Shapiro that Jordan Peterson is. Surprising because her career has been boosted by Jews “Candace Owens Hits Back After Ben Shapiro Calls Israel Comments “Disgraceful”, Suggests She Quit Daily Wire” Shapiro was caught on a viral clip calling Owens “disgraceful” for her […]

  • Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: “Miracle of Stupidity”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 17th 2023 9:35am EST

    News outlets have recently come out with an interview that Jordan Peterson had with Camilia Tomney in which he described multiculturalism as “so puerile and moralising and unsophisticated that it’s kind of a miracle of stupidity” (Ben Chapman, GB News, 11/5/2023). Jordan further stated that “multiculturalism is unlikely to succeed due to differing characteristics of […]

  • Central Park Rape: The Secret Files

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 16th 2023 9:42am EST

    In an article about the election of Yusef Salaam, of the “Central Park Five,” to the New York City Council last week, The New York Times’ Jeffery C. Mays indignantly cited the full-page ad Donald Trump had taken out at the time, which never mentioned the Central Park rape but decried crime in the city and called […]

  • The Battle Between the Eternal Roman and the Eternal Jew: Selections from Ernst Niekisch’s Die dritte, imperiale Figur (The Third Imperial Figure) (1935), Part 2 of 2

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 15th 2023 11:13am EST

    Go to Part 1. Chapter 11 The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation had been the sword of the eternal Roman; it was the position of honour that was given to the Germanic barbarian for entering into Rome’s service. The coronation of Charlemagne in 800 in Rome had made visible the symbolic power; every […]

  • The Battle Between the Eternal Roman and the Eternal Jew: Selections from Ernst Niekisch’s Die dritte, Part 1 of 2 imperiale Figur ((The Third Imperial Figure) (1935)

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 11:27am EST

    Translated by Alexander Jacob Ernst Niekisch (1889–1967) was a German writer who first belonged to the Social Democratic Party of Germany and was vigorously opposed to the Western powers represented by the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Treaties. In his belief that the strongest opposition to the decadent West would be an alliance of […]

  • What is the reason behind the increased attention of the United States to Kazakhstan?

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 10:08am EST

    Kevan S. Recently, the White House has been intensifying its diplomatic work towards Kazakhstan, aimed at separating Astana from Moscow. Shortly after the C5+1 Summit in Washington (1), which was attended by the Presidents of the United States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of South and Central […]

  • Getrennte Wege: Jüdischer Vater und sein Antifa-Kind

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 8:24am EST

    12. NOVEMBER 2023 Der israelische Einmarsch in Gaza ist ein weiterer Beweis dafür, daß die Geschichte kein Ende kennt und daß die Grenze zwischen Freund und Feind immer wieder neu gezogen werden muß. Nach dem israelischen Angriff auf Gaza muß nicht nur das Gründungsjahr des Staates Israel überdacht werden, sondern die gesamte antifaschistische Geschichte nach dem […]

  • Updated: “Britain’s Synagogues Have Never Been Fuller,”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 13th 2023 11:40am EST

    An article with this title was previously posted by mistake. I wanted to emphasize that Jewish ethnocentrism increases dramatically when there is perceived danger to Jews, and to Israel first and foremost, but also in the diaspora in the West because of all the pro-Palestinian protests and even attacks on Jews during the protests and […]

  • “Britain’s Synagogues Have Never Been Fuller”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 12th 2023 9:54am EST

      American Jews are giving mightily to Israel. Is there enough giving left to go around? – Jewish Telegraphic Agency (jta.org) Our lives have changed forever. We have had to change not just the way we think of Israel but how we think of Britain. The past month has exposed an ugly underside. We once […]

  • Parting Ways: Jewish Father and his Antifa Brainchild

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 12th 2023 9:47am EST

    The hero Cadmus and his wife the goddess Harmonia turned into a snake. Illustration for Ovid’s Metamorphoses 1619. The Israeli invasion of Gaza is yet another proof that history knows no end and that the line between friend and foe always needs to be redrawn anew. Following the Israeli incursion in Gaza, not only the […]

  • The End of Cash and the Rise of Potemkin Democracies

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 11th 2023 3:14pm EST

    Relax. We’ll still have a president, a Congress, a Supreme Court, and elections. From Google translate of: “No More Cash in the EU.” The struggle of globalism against democracies I didn’t know it was already forbidden to use cash for payment of over 1000 dollars. Christine Lagarde says on the phone that it should go […]

  • “Cursed Be He”: Divine Wrath and the Lying Jewish Ideologies of Transgenderism and Trans-Westernism

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 10th 2023 10:54am EST

    “Why do they all look like that?” asks Mark Steyn’s resident Jewish mother, the highly ethnocentric Laura Rosen Cohen. She’s talking about a translunatic pediatrician in California who “proposes renaming …  clitorises as ‘dicklets’” and who claims that puberty-blockers are “fully reversible.” Sure enough, the pediatrician in question looks both demented and depraved in typical […]

  • Revealed! Nikki Haley’s Husband and His Djibouti Call

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 9th 2023 10:44am EST

    Will Republicans ever rebel against the execrable primary debates foisted on us every four years? Vetting presidential candidates is one of our most important civic duties, but the Republican National Committee offshores the job to journalists who pretend to be neutral — the better to slay Republicans on behalf of the Democrats — and inject […]

  • Tucker Interviews Glenn Greenwald

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 7th 2023 9:40pm EST

    This is the sort of interview that probably could never happen if Carlson had stayed on Fox. Ep. 37 The two defining tragedies of our time — the war in Ukraine and the presidency of Joe Biden — are both finally coming to an end. TIMESTAMPS: (00:17) Glenn Greenwald joins (05:41) Will the Ukraine War […]

  • Will the Gaza War Threaten Jewish Power in the U.S. and Their Status as Occupying the Moral High Ground?

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 7th 2023 2:44pm EST

    Jewish Power in the U.S. Is on Full Display The Gaza war is bringing us an awesome display of Jewish power over the US media and political culture. It’s a display that could effectively wake Americans up to how deeply entrenched Jews are in the American power structure. Even the mainstream media is featuring images […]

  • Expulsion is on the table

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 5th 2023 4:55pm EST

    I’m thinking that Israel wants this war to be a final solution to their Palestinian problem. They can’t kill 2.1 million Gazans (although a minister was recently put on leave for suggesting it), but they would love to export them. How long can the West resist the Israelis? “Israel quietly pushed for Egypt to admit […]

  • Jews Declare War on America

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 5th 2023 9:31am EST

    We face an unprecedented and revolutionary situation.  The Jews have declared war on America. This is a disaster for America, and may also be a disaster for the Jews. A little background. At a moment when Israel is fighting for its very life (if one is to credit the analysis of Scott Ritter (Scott Ritter, […]

  • A 2000-Year-Old Rabbinical Psyop: Did Jews Invent Christianity to Deceive Gentiles?

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 3rd 2023 12:33pm EDT

    Anyone reading White Nationalist literature is bound to come across articles hostile to Christianity. The foremost claim appears to be that Christianity itself was invented by Jews (whether by Saint Paul or some unknown rabbinical cabal) for the purpose of deceiving gentiles. Christianity was devised by Jews, then, as a way of conditioning gentiles to […]

  • Nightmare on Martha’s Vineyard

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 2nd 2023 9:55am EDT

    Based on MSNBC’s recent special, “Martha’s Vineyard v. DeSantis,” even award-winning documentarians cannot produce a propaganda film about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “political stunt” of sending illegals to this wealthy liberal redoubt without the residents coming across as clueless, entitled douchebags. The documentary is the celluloid equivalent of stepping on a rake and having the rake hit […]

  • Why Are Jews So Influential?

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 31st 2023 11:10am EDT

    Jewish populations have always had enormous effects on the societies in which they reside because of several qualities that are central to the Jewish group evolutionary strategy and likely have been under genetic selection in Ashkenazi Jewish groups: First and foremost, Jews are ethnocentric and able to cooperate in highly organized, cohesive, and effective groups. […]

  • At the end of the day, it’s all about the Benjamins

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 29th 2023 2:35pm EDT

    The atmosphere in elite Jewish circles right now can best be described as “Blood lust.  Kill all the Palestinians.  Punish the universities and pro-Hamas protesters for allowing anti-Israel speech.” Nikki Haley was the star of the Republican Jewish Coalition convention over the weekend, Ramaswamy was the villain, with the Never-Trumpers in the driver’s seat: Republican […]

  • Precious Jews, Worthless Whites: How Murder, Torture, and Rape Only Matter in Far-Off Israel

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 29th 2023 10:18am EDT

    Here are two stories from modern London. A pair of Blacks are found guilty of torturing and murdering an elderly White woman, who was almost certainly raped by one of the Blacks before the murder. At the same time, a pair of Blacks are filmed ripping down posters of kidnapped Jews. Can you guess which […]

  • The New Speaker of the House

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 27th 2023 3:03pm EDT

    Full clip of the new GOP speaker saying that George Floyd was murdered and we need systemic changes to fix the racism in our country pic.twitter.com/vup6jX69KL — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) October 25, 2023

  • Kiev Will Be Taken in Just Two More Weeks. … This Time For Sure!

    The Occidental Observer - Oct 27th 2023 2:51pm EDT

    Time for yet another Slavlands Civil War recap My last major recap was in March of this year. Many events have occurred since then, but the overall situation has not changed much. Kiev + Washington continue to dictate the pace of this war and Moscow continues losing slowly and with as much face-saving grace as possible […]