• Gays, You’re Not Black

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 17th 2022 10:30am EST

    To make up for slavery and Jim Crow, we abrogated constitutional provisions about freedom of association, freedom of contract and freedom of speech. We tossed out basic rules of fairness to allow (temporarily) affirmative action, set-asides and quotas. Behemoth departments were created in Washington to stamp out the last vestiges of discrimination on the basis […]

  • Extremismo judeu: a quinta-coluna

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 15th 2022 11:10am EST (Archive)

    O perigoso extremismo de Israel não tem por fundamento nenhuma figura individual mais influente de sua política, não deriva de nenhuma eminência parda ou vermelha daquela sociedade, como bem escreveu Joshua Leifer no seu artigo intitulado Israel’s New Kingmaker Is a Dangerous Extremist, and He’s Here to Stay, publicado em The New York Times no […]

  • Life Without Jews: The Amazing Adventures of Israeli Trans-Pedophile and Tampon-Fetishist Jonathan Yaniv

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 15th 2022 11:00am EST (Archive)

    Does Clown World issue secret (and separate) awards for Jewiest Jew and Polymorphousest Pervert? If so, then I think one man may well have been bagging both awards for years: the polymorphous Israeli pervert Jonathan Yaniv (born 1986/7), who came to the fascinated and disgusted attention of millions of people around the world when he […]

  • New Address

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 14th 2022 11:40am EST (Archive)

    Some people are still mailing to the old address. So once again, here’s the new one: The Occidental Observer 285 W. Prairie Shopping Center PMB 115 Hayden, ID 83835 And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank people who are contributing. You make this effort possible!

  • The American Political System and White Racial Discourse

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 13th 2022 3:25pm EST (Archive)

    The American Political System and White Racial Discourse In the recent mid-term elections (this is being written in December of 2022), Democrats, apparently with a good amount of success, charged Republicans with being no less than a threat to American democracy.   My goodness—I guess hyperbole goes over big in this text-and-Twitter-depth age.  Whatever its success […]

  • James Edwards at the Counter-Currents Conference, Atlanta 2022

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 12th 2022 5:01pm EST (Archive)

  • To Vote or Not to Vote?

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 12th 2022 11:06am EST (Archive)

    Our once great nation seems to be coming apart right before our eyes. Americans are perhaps more divided on social and political matters than at any other time throughout its history. Not only are we experiencing a recession and a proxy war against Russia on behalf of Ukraine that’s costing taxpayers billions each month, but […]

  • Jan. 6 Trial Dismantles Jeffersonian Democracy, Corrupts Rule of Law

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 11th 2022 10:05am EST (Archive)

    Vestiges of Jeffersonian principles in our present out-of-touch and out-of-control federal government are rapidly being obliterated. No events signal their demise more dramatically than the recent shameful seditious conspiracy prosecutions of the Jan. 6 defendants. In the first of these, brought against five members of the Oath Keepers including its founder Stewart Rhodes III, a […]

  • Review: Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 9th 2022 3:25am EST (Archive)

    Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe Ephraim Shoham-Steiner Wayne State University Press, 2020. “Jewish scholars have deliberately disregarded some of the source materials I mine in this book, out of fear of its implications for the image of the Jews, and as part of a long tradition of apologetics. Indeed, I was advised by some […]

  • What Does Watching the Film “Shadowlands” Bring Up for You?

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 8th 2022 10:37am EST (Archive)

    This was posted a week ago for a day with comments put off until this re-posting—the writing gets into what that’s about.   If you missed this post the first time around and want to participate in the comments section, you have time.   This will be on the site a week or so before being archived.  *   *   * Much of […]