• North Korea’s Kim issues nuclear warning

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 11:26pm EDT (Archive)

    The supreme leader vowed to preempt any nuclear threat to his state North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to take preemptive action against any “nuclear threat” imposed by foreign powers, just days after saying Pyongyang would advance its own atomic arsenal “at the fastest possible speed.” Speaking after a meeting with senior officials involved […]

  • FBI spying on Americans nearly triples

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 9:22pm EDT (Archive)

    The FBI looked up almost 3.4 million Americans in 2021 under foreign surveillance powers The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) made queries into almost 3,4 million Americans between December 2020 and November 2021, the US intelligence community admitted in the annual transparency report released on Friday. The FBI said it was looking for foreign hackers, […]

  • UK seeks direct control of ex-colony

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 8:19pm EDT (Archive)

    Arrest of British Virgin Islands leader on US drug charges prompts London to act Shortly before the premier of the British Virgin Islands appeared before a US judge on charges of cocaine smuggling and money laundering, a commission of inquiry in London hurriedly published a report urging the UK to take direct control of the […]

  • Crisis in Ukraine result of US desire to build unipolar world – Russia

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 8:05pm EDT (Archive)

    Washington’s concept of a US-centric world is a neocolonialist project based on racism and American exceptionalism, Moscow believes The conflict between Moscow and Kiev, as well as the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, is the direct result of the West’s push to create a unipolar world, one which involved NATO’s unabated eastward expansion, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey […]

  • Israel put on notice Iran may ‘attack directly’

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 6:10pm EDT (Archive)

    During Beirut speech, Hezbollah leader warns Tel Aviv against continued attacks on Syria  If Israel continues attacking the Iranian presence in Syria, Tehran may retaliate directly, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday. He also warned Tel Aviv that the Shia militia will be on high alert for the upcoming Israeli military exercises near Lebanon. […]

  • EU prepares Russia oil embargo – media

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 4:35pm EDT (Archive)

    Brussels intends to reject a US tariff proposal and instead embargo oil imports from Russia, press reports claim Snubbing US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s proposal to impose tariffs and thereby mitigate a global price spike, the European Union is preparing to embargo all imports of oil from Russia sometime next week, the New York Times […]

  • Kremlin accuses US of trying to justify ‘expropriation’

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 2:14pm EDT (Archive)

    The White House’s plan to ‘streamline’ seizure of Russian private assets goes against all legal norms, Moscow believes Washington’s plan to expand its authority to “seize and forfeit” the assets of the Russian “oligarchs” to provide financial aid to Kiev is nothing but “expropriation” that tramples on the very right to private property, Kremlin spokesman […]

  • US should rejoin JCPOA if it really cares about a nuclear Iran

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 2:00pm EDT (Archive)

    The prospect of a nuclearized Middle East underscores the need for more diplomacy, not less The White House on April 26 expressed concern that Iran is allegedly accelerating its nuclear program, saying Tehran could obtain sufficient fissile material for one nuclear bomb within weeks. The remarks echoed those previously coming from the Department of State, […]

  • Ukraine lend-lease proposed before war

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 1:45pm EDT (Archive)

    US senators drafted a weapons scheme for Kiev weeks before Russia sent troops into Ukraine The scheme to send US weapons to Ukraine, using the “lend-lease” formula pioneered during WWII to skirt neutrality laws, was officially approved by Congress this week. However, it was put together all the way back in January – more than […]

  • Russian energy giant to quit foreign exchanges

    RT - Apr 29th 2022 12:59pm EDT

    Gazprom says it will delist its depository receipts to comply with a new law Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom said on Friday it was delisting its depository receipts from international stock exchanges after the Russian government refused to agree on their further circulation. According to a statement on the company’s website, holders will have the […]